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THE ranging Dog the stubble tries,

And searches every breeze that flies;
The scent grows warm ; with cautious fear
He creeps, and points the covey near ;
The men in silence, far behind,
Conscious of game, the net unbind.

A Partridge, with experience wife,
'The fraudful preparation spies;
She mocks their toils, alarms her brood,
The covey springs, and seeks the wood;
But, ere her certain wings she tries :
Thus to the creeping Spaniel cries :
“ Thou fawning slave to man's deceit,
Thou pimp of luxury, sneaking cheat,
Of thy whole species thou disgrace;
Dogs should disown thee of their race!
For, if I judge their native parts,
They're born with honest open hearts ;
And, ere they serv'd man's wicked ends,
Were generous foes, or real friends."

When thus the Dog, with scornful smile:
“ Secure of wing, thou dar'ít revile.
Clowns are to polish'd manners blind;
How ignorant is the rustic mind!



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My worth fagacious courtiers fee,
And to perferment rise, like me.
The thriving pimp, who beauty sets,
Hath oft' enhanc'd a nation's debts :
Friend sets his friend, without regard,
And ministers his skill reward :
Thus train’d by man, I learnt his ways;
And growing favour feasts my days.”

“ I might have guess'd, the Partridge faid,
The place where you were train’d and fed;
Servants are apt, and in a trice
Ape to a hair their master's vice.
You came from court, you say. Adieu !”
She said, and to the covey flew.

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RAKE, by every passion rul'd,

With every vice his youth had coold;
Disease his tainted blood affails;
His spirits droop, his vigour fails :
With secret ills at home he pines,
And, like infirm old


As, twing'd with pain, he pensive fits,
And raves, and prays, and swears, by fits, ,
A ghastly Phantom, lean and wan,
Before him rose, and thus began:

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My name, perhaps, hath reach'd your ear;
Attend, and be advis’d by Care.
Nor love, nor honour, wealth, nor power,
Can give the heart a chearful hour,
When health is loft. Be timely wise : 15
With health all taste of pleasure flies.”.

Thus faid, the Phantom disappears.
The wary counsel wak'd his fears.
He now from all excess abstains,
With phyfic purifies his veins;
And, to procure a sober life,
Resolves to venture on a wife.

But now again the Sprite ascends,
Where'er he walks, his ear attends,
Infinuates that beauty's frail,

That perseverance must prevail ;
With jealousies his brain inflames,
And whispers all her lovers' names.
In other hours she represents
His household charge, his annual rents,
Increasing debts, perplexing duns,
And nothing for his younger fons.

Straight all his thought to gain he turns,
And with the thirst of lucre burns.
But, when possess’d of Fortune's store,

The Spectre haunts him more and more ;
Sets want and misery in view,
Bold thieves, and all the murdering crew;
Alarms him with eternal frights,
Infests his dream, or wakes his nights. .40


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How shall he chace this hideous guest ?
Power may perhaps protect his reft.
To Power he role. Again the Sprite
Besets him morning, noon, and night;
Talks of Ambition's tottering feat,

How Envy perfecutes the great,
Of rival hate, of treacherous friends,
And what disgrace his fall attends.

The court he quits, to fly from Care,
And seeks the peace of rural air :

groves, his fields, amas'd his hours;
He prun'd his trees, he rais’d his flowers.
But Care again his steps pursues,
Warns him of blasts, of blighting dews,
Of plundering insects, snails, and rains,

And droughts that itarv'd the labour'd plains.
Abroad, at home, the Spectre's there;
In vain we seek to fly from Care.

At length he thus the Ghost addreft : “ Since thou must be my conftant guest, 60 Be kind, and follow me no more ; For Care, by right, fhould go before.”

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TWO formal Owls together fat,

Conferring thus in folemn chat.
“ How is the modern taste decay'd!
Where's the respect to wisdom paid?



Our worth the Grecian fages knew ;

5 They gave our fires the honour due; They weigh'd the dignity of fowls, And pry’d into the depth of Owls. Athens, the seat of learned fame, With general voice rever'd our name ; On merit title was conferr'd, And all ador'd th' Athenian bird.”

“ Brother, you reason well, replies The folemn mate, with half-shut eyes. Right. Athens was the seat of learning, 15 And truly wisdom is discerning. Besides, on Pallas' helm we fit, The type and ornament of wit : But now, alas! we 're quite neglected, And a pert Sparrow's more respected."

A Sparrow, who was lodg'd beside,
O'erhears them footh each other's pride;
And thus he nimbly vents his heat:

" Who meets a fool must find conceit.
I grant you were at Athens gracid,
And on Minerva's helm were plac'd;
But every bird that wings the sky,
Except an Owl, can tell you why:
From hence they taught their schools to know
How false we judge by outward fhow;
That we should never looks esteem,
Since fools as wise as you might seem.
Would ye contempt and scorn avoid,
Let your vain-glory be destroy'd :


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