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So said, a ponderous trap he brought, And in the fact


Puss was caught.
“ Smuggler, says he, thou shalt be made
A victim to our loss of trade.”

The captive Cat, with piteous mews,
For pardon, life, and freedom fues.
“ A sister of the science spare ;
One interest is our common care.

" What insolence! the Man reply'd; Shall Cats with us the


divide ? Were all your interloping band Extinguish'd, or expell’d the land, We Rat-catchers might raise our fees, Sole guardians of a nation's cheese !"

A Cat, who saw the lifted knife,
Thus spoke, and fav’d her sister's life.

“ In every age and clime, we see,
Two of a trade can ne'er agree.
Each hates his neighbour for encroaching :
'Squire stigmatizes 'squire for poaching ;
Beauties with beauties are in arms,
And scandal pelts each other's charms;
Kings, too, their neighbour-kings dethrone,
In hope to make the world their own :
But let us limit our desires,
Not war like beauties, kings, and 'squires;
For though we both one prey pursue,
There 's game enough for us and you.”








TIS certain that the modifh passions

the crowd like fashions.
Excuse me, then, if pride, conceit,
(The manners of the fair and great)
I give to monkeys, affes, dogs,

Fleas, owls, goats, butterflies, and hogs,
I say that these are proud: what then?
I never said they equal men.

A Goat (as. vain as Goat can be)
Affected singularity :

Whene'er a thymy bank he found,
He roll'd upon the fragrant ground,
And then with fond attention stood,
Fix'd o'er his image in the flood.

“ I hate my frowzy beard, he cries, 15
My youth is loft in this disguise..
Did not the females know my vigour,
Well might they loath this reverned figure."

Resolv'd to smooth his shaggy face,
He fought the barber of the place.
A. Alippant monkey, spruce and smart,
Hard-by, profess'd the dapper art:
His pole with pewter-basons hung,
Black rotten teeth in order ftrung,

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Rang'd cups, that in the window ftood,

25 Lin’d with red rags to look like blood; Did well his threefold trade explain, Who shav'd, drew teeth, and breath'd a vein.

The Goat he welcomes with an air, And seats him in his wooden chair:

30 Mouth, nose, and cheek, the father hides; Light, smooth, and swift, the razor glides.

“ I hope your custom, Sir, says Pug. Sure never face was half so smug !"

The Goat, impatient for applause, 35 Swift to the neighbouring hill withdraws. The shaggy people grinn'd and star'd.

Heigh-day! what's here without a beard ! Say, Brother, whence the dire disgrace? What envious hand hath robb'd your face ?” 40 When thus the fop, with smiles of fcorn, “ Are beards by civil nations worn ? Ev'n Muscovites have mow'd their chins. Shall we, like formal Capuchins, Stubborn in pride, retain the mode,

45 And bear about the hairy load ? Whene'er we through the village stray, Are we not mock'd along the way, Insulted with loud shouts of scorn, By boys our beards disgrac'd and torn?”

Were you no more with Goats to dwell, Brother, I grant you

reason well,” Replies a bearded Chief.

« Beside, If boys can mortify thy pride,




How wilt thou stand the ridicule
Of our whole flock : Affected fool!"

Coxcombs, distinguish'd from the rest,
To all bat coxcombs are a jeft.




WHO friendhip with a knave hath made,

Is judg'd a partner in the trade.
The matron, who conducts abroad
A willing nymph, is thought a bawd;
And, if a modeft girl is feen

5 With one who cures a lover's spleen, We guess her not extremely nice, And only with to know her price. 'Tis thus that on the choice of friends Our good or evil name depends.

A wrinkled hag, of wicked fames:
Beside a little fmoaky flame
Sat hovering, pinch'd with age and frost;
Her shrivel'd hands, with veins emboss'd,
Upon her knees her weight fuftains,

15 While palsy shook her crazy

brains :
She mumbles forth her backward prayers,
An untam'd scold of fourscore years.
About her swarm'd a numerous brood
Of Cats, who, lank with hunger, mew'd,


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Teaz'd with their cries, her choler grew,
And thus she sputter'd. “ Hence, ye crew!
Fool that I was, to entertain
Such imps, such fiends, a hellish train!
Had ye been never hous'd and nurs’d,

I for a witch had ne'er been curs'd.
To you I owe that crowds of boys
Worry me with eternal noise;
Straws laid across my pace retard,
The horseshoe's nail'd (each threshold's guard); 30
The stunted broom the wenches hide,
For fear that I should up and ride;
They stick with pins my bleeding feat,
And bid me show


secret teat.” To hear you prate, would vex a faint; 35 Who hath most reason of complaint ?" Replies a Cat. “Let's come to proof. Had we ne'er starv'd beneath your roof, We had, like others of our race, In credit liv'd as beasts of chace.

40 'Tis infamy to serve a hag ; Cats are thought imps, her broom a nag; And boys against our lives combine, Because 'tis faid your Cats have nine,"


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