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AMONG the prospects of Peace, few are more pleasing to a true critic, than that of seeing literature flourish, the commerce of learning renewed, and security and leisure prepared for those on whom theMuses smile,or whom inventive Genius qualifies to increase the triumphs of art, or extend the boundaries of knowledge. That hope is now conceded to us, and we trust our future volumes will record as rea-lized, what we at present hail as probable. Yet there are enemies with whom, for the fake of public happiness and tranquillity, British Critics must not make even a moment's truce. These are, the assailants of religion, infidelity and impiety; or the disturbers of the state, faction and difloyalty j enemies, whose inroads called us from our voluntary studies, to a state of literary warfare; to wield the pen, and lhed the ink, which otherwise would have been quietly consumed, in defence of all that we hold sacred in religion, valuable in law, or useful in society. Those enemies, as we cannot hope to drive them from the field, we must always be prepared to combat: happy if we may at least preserve the status quo, prepared for us in church and state, by our honest, and judicious ancestors. Dulness, Ignorance, and their companion Impudence, we must also oppose; but not so much in the character of enemies with whom we are to contend, as in that of delinquents whom it is ouroffice to punish. Not that infidelity and sedition disdain even these associates; but still, what

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ever the main force may be, the parties that are formed of slaves may safely be encountered with whips instead of swords. In our Prefaces, however, we wage no hostilities; our business here is only to recount and pay honour to our friends.


Influenced by the importance of the work to theological study, we cannot hesitate to give the first place here to the elaborate Edition and Collation of the Septuagint, by Dr. Holmes*. Amidst the shades of difference to be found among the opinions of learned men, concerning the particular uses of this venerable version, all who are competent to judge, will pronounce it to be highly valuable j will fee with pleasure its advance through the three first books of Moses, and be ready, doubtless, to assist with patronage the completion of, a work so excellent. The friends of biblical criticism will receive also with peculiar satisfaction, a Version of the Prophet Hofta, produced by the labour, and illustrated by the sagacity, of the acute and learned Bi/liop of Rochester^. Our remarks upon this work have hitherto been only commenced; but even in the Preface there are instruction and ability enough to stamp its value, and to promise further satisfaction, in proportion to our further research. *£uch at least are our expectations, and by writers so established, they are not often frustrated. Besides these two works, we have several to mention that are good ; though none of equal importance. As an instance of ingenuity, conducted by found judgment, we praised, and recollect with pleasure, an anonymous Essay on the Plurality of Worlds\. It takes up the subject, as connected with the doctrine of Redemption, and tends to remove difficulties by

• No. V. p. 449. + NWI. p. 569. % No. IV. p. 405. Which many minds have been affected. As it is no longer anonymous to us, we should now perhaps impart our knowledge, were we not restrained by circumstances, temporary indeed, but of peculiar delicacy. Against an inveterate enemy of Christianity, Mr. Roberts* has stepped forth with a zeal well suited to the cause. His vindication of our faith, if not so animated as the attack, has sincerity and truth upon its side; and the weapons of truth are like

——— the sword
Of Michael, from the armoury of God,—

which, as our immortal poet feigns, with such propriety,

Was given him terriper'd so, that neither keen
Nor solid might resist that edge.

_ To the benefit of the Church, within itself, Dr. ftapleton has directed his judicious efforts; first, in advice to candidates for Holy Ordersf ; and, latterly, in Advice to a Minister of the Gofpel%: a tract, breathing the fame spirit with the former, and conducted with equal judgment. For the domestic use of all Christians, Mr. Talbot has drawn up his laborious and instructive Analysis of the Holy Bibles; a book of good arrangement and convenient reference, and calculated to augment, by very easy application, our stores of sacred knowledge. In his Export ion of the Commandments, Dr. Glaffe\ has also rendered service to the Christian student. His book, without affecting profundity, is accurate, and adds practical utility to pious knowledge.

From Scotland we received a small volume, which we thought worthy of particular notice; professing to contain A Layman s Account of his Faith and Practices in the Episcopal Church of that kingdom.

* No. IV. p. 337. + Noticed Brit. Crit. Vol. ?i. p. 2 Jj.

% No. I. p. 87. § No. L p. 88. , [| No. IL p. 203. 5 N«. VI. p. 597.

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