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Now Bacchus perceiving

The lady was grieving, He spoke to her civil, and tipp'd her a wink;

And the more that she frettede

He soother'd and petted,
And gave her a glass her own health just

to dhrink;
Her pulse it beat quicker,

The thrifle of liquor
Enliven’d her sinking heart's cockles, I

So the moral is plain,

That if love gives you pain,
There's nothing can cure it like taking to


A MOTHER came, when stars were paling,

Wailing round a lonely spring,
Thus she cried while tears were falling,

Calling on the Fairy King:
• Why, with spells my child caressing,

Courting him with fairy joy, Why destroy a mother's blessing,

Wherefore steal my baby boy ? “O'er the mountain, thro’ the wild wood.

Where his childhood loved to play, Where the flow'rs are freshly springing,

There I wander, day by day ;

There I wander, growing fonder

Of the child that made my joy On the echoes wildly calling

To restore iny fairy boy.
“ But in vain my plaintive calling,

Tears are falling all in vain,
He now sports with fairy pleasure,

He's the treasure of their train !
Fare thee well ! my child, for ever,

In this world I've lost my joy, But in the next we ne'er shall sever, There I'll find my angel boy.”


Caroline of Einburgh Town.
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Meet me by Moonlight alone,
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