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Page Fable V. The Bear in a Boat. To a Coxcomb, 122 Fable VI. The Squire and his Cur. To a Country Gentleman,

127 Fable VII. The Countryman and Jupiter. To Myself,

133 Fable VIII. The Man, the Cat, the Dog, and the Fly. To my native Country,

139 Fable IX. The Jackal, Leopard, and other Beasts, 145 Fable X. The degenerate Bees. To the Rev. Dr. Swift, Dean of St. Patrick's,

150 Fable XI, The Packhorse and the Carrier. To a young Nobleman,

153 Fable xil. Pan and Fortune. To a young Heir, 157 Fable XIII. Plutus, Cupid, and Time,

162 Fable XIV. The Owl, the Swan, the Cock, the

Spider, the Ass, and the Farmer. To a Mo

ther, Fable XV. The Cookmaid, the Turnspit, and the Ox. To a poor Man,

174 Fable XVI. The Ravens, the Sexton, and the Earthworm. To Laura,

178 Ay and No. A Fable,




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Printed for John Bell, British Library Strand, London,Decta

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