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Such be the dog I charge thou meanst to train; His back is crooked and his belly plain,

70 Of fillet stretch'd, and huge of haunch behind, A tap’ring tail that nimbly cuts the wind, 'Truss thigh’d, straight hamim'd,and foxlike form'd his Large legg'd, dry sold, and of protended claw; [paw, His flat wide noftrils fnuff the fav'ry steam, 75 And from his eyes he shoots pernicious gleam; Middling his head, and prone to earth his view, With ears and chest that dah the morning dew: He best to Aem the flood, to leap the bound, And charm the Dryads with his voice profound, 80 To pay large tribute to his weary lord, And crown the sylvan hero's plenteous board.

The matron bitch whose womb shall best produce The hopes and fortune of th' illustrious houfe, Deriv'd from noble but from foreign seed, 85 For various nature loathes incest'ous breed, Is like the fire throughout; nor yet difplease Large flanks and ribs, to give the teemer ease.

In spring let loose thy pairs; then all things prove The stings of pleasure and the pangs of love; 90 Ethereal Jove then glads with genial show'rs Earth's mightywomb,and strews her lap with flow'rs; Hence juices mount, and buds embolden'd try More kindly breezes and a softer sky. Kind Venus revels. Hark! on ev'ry bough 95 In lalling strains the feather'd warblers woo;

Fell tigers soften in th' infectious flames,
And lions fawning court their brinded dames.
Great Love pervades the deep; to please his mate
The whale in gambols moves his monstrous weight;
Heav'd by his wayward mirth old Ocean roars, 101
And scatter'd navies bulge on diftant shores.

-All Nature smiles. Come now, nor fear, my Love!
To taste the odours of the woodbine grove,
To pass the ev’ning glooms in harmless play,

JOS And sweetly swearing languish life away. An altar bound with recent flow'rs I rear To thee, best season of the various year! All hail! such days in beauteous order ran So fwift, so sweet, when first the world began, IIO In Eden's bow'rs when man's great fire aflign'd The names and natures of the brutal kind; Then lamb and lion friendly walk'd their round, And hares undaunted lick'd the fondling hound; Wondrous to tell ! but when with luckless hand 115 Our daring mother broke the sole command, Then Want and Envy brought their meagre train, Then Wrath came down and Death had leave to reign; Hence foxes earth'd, and wolves abhorr'd the day, And hungry churls enfnar'd the nightly prey; Rude arts at first, but witty Want refind The huntsman's wiles, and Famine form'd the mind.

· Bold Nimrod first the lion's trophies wore, The panther bound, and lane'd the bristling boar:

I 20

He taught to turn the hare, to bay the deer, 125
And wheel the courser in his mid career.
Ah! had he there restrain'd his tyrant hand!
Let me, ye Pow'rs! an humbler wreath demand :
No pomps I ask which crowns and fceptres yield,
Nor dang’rous laurels in the dusty field; 130
Fast by the forest and the limpid spring
Give me the warfare of the woods to fing,
To breed ny whelps and healthful press the game,
A meán inglorious but a guiltlefs name.

And now thy female bears in ample womb 133
The bane of hares and trivniphs yet to come.
No sport I ween nor blaft of fprightly horn
Should tempt me then to hurt the whelps unborn.
Unlock'd in covers let her freely run
To range thy courts and bask before the sun.

140 Near thy full table let the fav'rite stand, Strok'd by thy fon's or blooming daughter's hand. Caress, indulge, by arts the matron bribe T'improve her breed and teem a vig'rous tribe.

So, if small things may be compar'd with great, And Nature's works the Muse's imitate,

146 Softretch'd in shades and lull’d by murm'ring streams Great Maro's breast receiv'd the heav'nly dreams; Recluse, serene, the musing prophet lay Till thoughts in embryo rip’ning burst their way. Hence bees in state and foaming coursers come, Heroes and gods, and walls of lofty Rome.




Muca had I heard of fair Francelia's name,
The lavish praises of the babbler. Fame;
I thought them such, and went prepar'd to pry
And trace the charmer with a critick's eye,
Resolv’d to find some fault before unfpy'd,
And disappointed if but fatisfy'd.

Love pierc'd the vafral heart that durst rebel,
And where a judge was meant a victim fell.
On those dear eyes, with sweet perdition gay,
I gaz'd at once my pride and soul away;
Allo'er I felt the lusčious poifon run,
And in a look the haily conquest won.

Thus the fond noth around the taper plays, And sports and Autters near the treach'rous blaze;. Ravilh'd with joy he wings his eager flight, Nor dreams of ruin in so clear a light; He tempts his fate and courts a glorious doom, A bright destruction and a shining tomb. 18



Lavish of wit, and bold appear the lines
Where Claudian's genius in the Phenix shines;
A thoufand ways each brilliant point is turn'd,
And the gay poem like its theme adorn'd.

A tale more strange ne'er grac'd the poet's art, 5
Nor e'er did fiction play fo wild a part.

Each fabled charm in matchless Celia mects,
The heav'nly colonrs and ambrosial sweets;
Her virgin bosom chafter fires fupplies,
And beams more piercing guard her kindred eyes;
O’erflowing wit th' imagin'd wonder drew,
But fertile fancy ne'er can reach the true.

Now buds your youth, your cheeks their bloom
Th’untainted lily and unfolding rose; [disclose,
Ease in your mien, and sweetness in your face, IS
You speak a Siren and you move a Grace;
Nor time shall arge these beauties to decay
Whilé virtue gives what years ihall steal away.
The fair whose youth can boast the worth of age
In age shall with the charms of youth engage;
In ev'ry change still lovely, still the fame,
A fairer Phenix in a purer flame.


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In utmost ocean lies a lovely ille
Where spring still blooms and greens for ever smile,
Which sees the Sun put on his first array,
And hears his panting steeds bring on the day,
When from the deep they rush with rapid force, 5
And whirl aloft to run their glorious course,

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