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Than all your covenanting Trustees;
Unless, to punish them the worse,
You put them in the fecular powers,
And pass their fouls, as fome demife
The fame eftate in mortgage twice:
When to a legal utlegation


You turn your excommunication,

And, for a groat unpaid that 's due,
Diftrain on foul and body too.

Thought he, 'tis no mean part of civil


State-prudence to cajole the devil,

And not to handle him too rough,

When he 'as us in his cloven hoof.

'Tis true (quoth he), that intercourse

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Right (quoth the Voice), and, as I fcorn

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The cock crows, and the morn grows on,

When 'tis decreed I must be gone;

And, if I leave you here till day,


You'll find it hard to get away.
With that the Spirit grop'd about
To find th' inchanted hero out,
And try'd with hafte to lift him up,
But found his forlorn hope, his crup,
Unferviceable with kicks and blows,
Receiv'd from harden'd-hearted foes.

He thought to drag him by the heels,
Like Gresham-carts, with legs for wheels;
But fear, that fooneft cures thofe fores,
In danger of relapfe to worse,



Came in t'affift him with its aid,
And up his finking vefiel weigh'd.
No fooner was he fit to trudge,
But both made ready to diflodge;
The Spirit hors'd him, like a fack,
Upon the vehicle his back,
And bore him headlong into th' hall,
With fome few rubs against the wall;
Where, finding out the postern lock'd,
And th' avenues as ftrongly block'd,



H' attack'd the window, ftorm'd the glafs,
And in a moment gain'd the pass;

Fore-quarters out by th' head and shoulders,

Through which he dragg'd the worsted foldier's

And cautiously began to fcout


[blocks in formation]

'He thought it was no time to stay,
And let the night, too, fteal away;
But, in a trice, advanc'd the Knight
Upon the bare ridge, bolt upright,
And, groping out for Ralpho's jade,
He found the faddle, too, was itray'd,




Ver. 1575.] Altered to the outer poftern, edit. 1710.

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And in the place a lump of foap,


On which he speedily leap'd up;
And, turning to the gate the rein,
He kick'd and cudgel'd on amain
While Hudibras, with equal hafte,
'On both fides laid about as faft,


And fpurr'd, as jockies ufe, to break,
Or padders to fecure, a neck:

Where let us leave them for a time,

And to their Churches turn our rhyme;
To hold forth their declining state,
Which now come near an even rate.





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