The Works of the English Poets: Butler

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H. Hughs, 1779

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Страница 8 - He'd run in debt by disputation, And pay with ratiocination : All this by syllogism true, In mood and figure he would do. For rhetoric, he could not ope His mouth, but out there flew a trope : And when he happen'd to break off I' th' middle of his speech, or cough, H...
Страница 27 - Could tell what subtlest parrots mean, That speak and think contrary clean ; What member 'tis of whom they talk When they cry ' Rope,' and
Страница 32 - To those that dwell therein well known, Therefore there needs no more be said here, We unto them refer our reader ; For brevity is very good, When w
Страница 197 - Offender : But they maturely having weigh'd, They had no more but him o...
Страница 13 - For he was of that stubborn crew Of errant saints, whom all men grant To be the true church militant; Such as do build their faith upon The holy text of pike and gun ; Decide all controversies by Infallible artillery ; And prove their doctrine orthodox By apostolic blows and knocks...
Страница 305 - Nick Machiavel had ne'er a trick (Though he gave his name to our Old Nick) But was below the least of these 1.315 That pass i' th
Страница 233 - I' th' garb and habit of a dog That was his tutor, and the cur Read to th' occult philosopher, And taught him subtly to maintain All other sciences are vain.
Страница 102 - Have these bones rattled, and this head So often in thy quarrel bled ? Nor did I ever winch or grudge it For thy dear sake.' Quoth she, ' Mum budget.' ' Think'st thou 'twill not be laid i' th' dish Thou turn'dst thy back ?' Quoth Echo,
Страница 183 - The sun had long since, in the lap Of Thetis, taken out his nap, And, like a lobster...
Страница 12 - For his religion, it was fit To match his learning and his wit : 'Twas Presbyterian true blue, For he was of that stubborn crew Of errant saints, whom all men grant To be the true church militant...