Letters written by Sir William Temple ... containing an account of the most important transcations that pass'd in Christendom from 1665 to 1672. ... Published by Jonathan Swift, .... Observations upon the united provinces of the Netherlands. Miscellanea. The first part. Miscellanea. The second part. Miscellanea. The third part. Memoirs. The third part. Memoirs of what pass'd in Christendom, from the war begun 1672, to the peace concluded 1679

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J. Round, J. Tonson, J. Clarke, B. Motte, T. Wotton, S. Birt, and T. Osborne., 1731 - 585 страници

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Страница 185 - Honour if there want Sense in Proportion to Money, or if Nature be not followed ; which I take to be the great Rule in this, and perhaps in every thing else, as far as the Conduct not only of our Lives, but our Governments.
Страница 186 - Moor-Park, when I was acquainted with it, and the sweetest Place, I think, that I have seen in my Life, either before or since, at Home or Abroad; what it is now I can give little Account, having passed through several Hands that have made great Changes in Gardens as well as...
Страница 249 - ... to the beholder nor the voyager in a calm or in a storm, but is so to both when a little agitated by gentle gales ; and so the mind, when moved by soft and easy passions or affections.
Страница 185 - ... it is long, but I need not make an apology to the reader for entertaining him with any other words instead of my own.
Страница 233 - ... does in his luxury, and would not pursue his business unless he were pleased with it, upon the last account of what he most wishes and desires, nor would care for the increase of his fortunes unless he thereby proposed that of his pleasures too, in one kind or other; so that pleasure may be said to be his end, whether he will allow to find it in his pursuit or no.
Страница 188 - For my own part, as the country life, and this part of it more particularly, were the inclination of my youth itself, so they are the pleasure of my age ; and I can truly say that, among many great employments that have fallen to my share, I have never asked or sought for any...
Страница 130 - Have I reason, madam, or good grace in what I do ? or would it become me better to eat of the rest that is before me, and think no more of what had happened, and could not be remedied...
Страница 283 - As diseases have changed vogue, so have remedies, in my time and observation. I remember at one time the taking of tobacco, at another the drinking of warm beer, proved for universal remedies; then swallowing of pebble stones, in imitation of falconers curing hawks.
Страница 157 - Drowths and great Plagues, much Plenty or much Scarcity of certain sorts of Fruits or Grain, not to mention the Magical Powers, attributed to several of them, to allay Storms, to raise Gales, to appease Commotions of People, to make Plagues cease...
Страница 186 - What I have said of the best forms of gardens, is meant only of such as are in some sort regular; for there may be other forms wholly irregular, that may, for aught I know, have more beauty than any of the others...