The Discovery of Guiana, and the Journal of the Second Voyage Thereto

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Cassell, 1886 - 192 страници

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Страница 191 - This preservation photocopy was made and hand bound at BookLab, Inc. in compliance with copyright law. The paper, Weyerhaeuser Cougar Opaque Natural, meets the requirements of ANSI/NISO Z39.48-1992 (Permanence of Paper).
Страница 11 - ... the manner is thus. All those that pledge him are first stripped naked and their bodies anointed all over with a kind of white balsamum (by them called...
Страница 54 - ... short and green, and in divers parts groves of trees by themselves, as if they had been by all the art and labour in the world so made of purpose: and still as we rowed, the Deer came down feeding by the water's side, as if they had been used to a keeper's call.
Страница 81 - ... every one as high over the other as a church tower, which fell with that fury, that the rebound of water made it seem as if it had been all covered over with a great shower of rain ; and in some places we took it at the first for a smoke that had risen over some great town.
Страница 84 - Ewaipanoma : they are reported to have their eyes in their shoulders, and their mouths in the middle of their breasts, and that a long train of hair growetb.
Страница 11 - And hereof it came that Martinez entered so far within the land, and arrived at that city of Inga the emperor ; for it chanced that while Ordas with his army rested at the port of Morequito (who was either the first or second that attempted Guiana], by some negligence the whole store of powder provided for the service was set on fire, and Martinez, having the chief charge, was condemned by the General Ordas to be executed forthwith.
Страница 53 - ... or go on, we began to doubt, suspecting treason in the pilot more and more : but the poor old Indian ever assured us that it was but a little...
Страница 49 - ... end. Every day we passed by goodly branches of rivers, some falling from the west, others from the east, into Amana; but those I leave to the description in the chart of discovery, where every one shall be named with his rising and descent.
Страница 11 - ... to burn. Finally, there was nothing in his country whereof he had not the counterfeit in gold. Yea, and they say the Ingas had a garden of pleasure in an island near Puna, where they went to recreate themselves when they would take the air of the sea, which had all kinds of garden herbs, flowers, and trees of gold and silver, an invention and magnificence till then never seen.
Страница 20 - I spake with a casique or lord of the people, that told me he had been in the river, and beyond it also. The nations of these women are on the south side of the river in the provinces of Topago, and their chiefest strengths and retreats are in the islands situate on the south side of the entrance, some sixty leagues within the mouth of the said river. The memories of the like women...