Memoirs of the life of the Right Hon. Warren Hastings, first governor-general of Bengal, Том 1

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Страница 262 - ... with the official reformation to resume and "complete; with the current trifles of the day, notes, "letters, personal applications; every man's business of "more consequence than any other, and complainants from "every quarter of the province hallooing me by hundreds " for justice as often as I put my head out of window , or ven"ture abroad...
Страница 106 - I passed a boat without one. By whatever title they have been assumed (for I could only trust to the information of my eyes, without stopping to ask questions), I am sure their frequency can bode no good to the Nawab's revenues, to the quiet of the country, or the honour of our nation...
Страница 366 - Our constitution is nowhere to be traced but in ancient charters which were framed for the jurisdiction of your trading settlements, the sales of your exports and the provision of your annual investment.
Страница 106 - Nabob's subjects to oppose them. This evil, I am well assured, is not confined to our dependents alone, but is practised all over the country by people falsely assuming the habits of our sepoys, or calling themselves our gomastahs.
Страница 250 - Bengal in 1764, I was engaged in a continued opposition to the interests and designs of that man, because I judged him to be adverse to the welfare of my employers ; and in the course of this contention I received sufficient indications of his ill will to have made me an irreconcileable enemy, if I could suffer my passions to supersede the duty which I owe to the Company.
Страница 249 - I depend for investigating the conduct of the latter, and by eradicating his influence for confirming the authority which you have assumed in the administration of the affairs of this country. The reward which has been assigned him will put it fully in his power to answer these expectations, and will be an encouragement to him to exert all his abilities for the accomplishment of them.
Страница 400 - Hindu laws with the best authority which could be obtained ; and for that purpose ten of the most learned pundits were invited to Calcutta from different parts of the province, who cheerfully undertook this work, have incessantly laboured in the prosecution of it, and have already, as they assure me, completed it, all but the revisal and correction of it. This code they have written in their own language, the Sanscrit.
Страница 267 - Council, that it was better to let them remain than to provoke an army of opponents against every act of administration, by depriving them of their emoluments. They continue, but their power is retrenched ; and the way is paved for their gradual removal ; and the Court of Directors have sufficient arguments furnished them to order their recall immediately.
Страница 469 - dreadful clog on the Government, but I thank God the head * of it is a man of sense and moderation. In all England a ' choice could not have been made of a man more disposed to do ' good and avoid mischief — which however is not wholly in his * power, and I am sorry for it.
Страница 397 - Among the various plans which have been lately formed for the improvement of the British interests in the provinces of Bengal, the necessity of establishing a new form of judicature, and giving laws to a people who were supposed to be governed by no other principle of justice than the arbitrary wills, or uninstructed judgments, of their temporary rulers...