The Vaccination Inquirer and Health Review, Том 3

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Страница 179 - ... we appeal to the testimony of the whole medical world ; and for a proof that the number of such cases bears no proportion to the thousands who have profited to the fullest extent of security, by its protecting influence, we appeal confidently to all who frequent the theatres and crowded assemblies, to admit that they do not discover in the rising generation any longer that disfigurement of the human face which was obvious every where some years since.
Страница 101 - Sir: I have received the copy of the evidence at large respecting the discovery of the vaccine inoculation, which you have 'been pleased to send me, and for which I return you my thanks. Having been among the early converts in this part of the globe to its efficacy, I took an early part In recommending it to my countrymen.
Страница 101 - Harvey's discovery of the circulation of the blood was a beautiful addition to our knowledge of the ancient economy ; but on a review of the practice of medicine before and since that epoch, I do not see any great amelioration which has been derived from that discovery.
Страница 18 - The noise and confusion this case has created are not to be described. The vaccine lancet is sheathed ; and the long concealed variolous blade ordered to come forth. Charming ! This will soon cure the mania. The Town is a fool — an idiot ; and will continue in this red-hot — hissing-hot state about this affair, till something else starts up to draw aside its attention. I am determined to lock up my brains, and think no more pro bono publico ; and I advise you, my friend, to do the same ; for...
Страница 63 - ... among ourselves, but in the first professional circles in Europe, and when it has been uniformly found in such abundant instances that the human frame, when once it has felt the influence of the genuine cow-pox in the way that has been described, is never...
Страница 52 - As to the sailor, when you look down from the quarter-deck to the space below, you see the utmost extremity of human misery: such crowding, such filth, such stench ! " BOSWELL.
Страница 171 - ... lesson, and there is need of it again, for yet another reason. Science, in the main most useful, but sometimes proud, wild, and erratic, is lately proposing a desperate device founded on an hypothesis clever and specious, but not yet gilded with wisdom or proof, for the prevention of these infectious perils. She proposes to prevent one peril by setting up another. She would inoculate new diseases into our old stock in the anticipation that thereby the new diseases will put out the old. This may...
Страница 234 - In course of time the question of vaccine compulsion came before the Reichstag, when a medical friend supplied me with a mass of pro-vaccination statistics, in his opinion conclusive and unanswerable. This awoke the statistician within me. On inspection I found the figures were delusive ; and a closer examination left no shadow of doubt in my mind that the so-called statistical array of proof was a complete failure.
Страница 79 - My opinion of vaccination is precisely as it was when I first promulgated the discovery. It is not in the least strengthened by any event that has happened, for it could gain no strength; it is not in the least weakened, for if the failures you speak of had not happened, the truth of my assertions respecting those coincidences which occasioned them, would not have been made out...
Страница 107 - BY INOCULATION, and who, from his great strength of mind, made the experiment from the Cow on his Wife and two Sons in the year 1774.