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LX. « Which I, that was not bent to former love, “ As was my friend, that had her long refus'd, “ Did well accept, as well it did behove, “ And to the present neede it wisely usd “ My former hardnesse first I faire excusd, « And after promist large amends to make. 66 With such smooth termes her error I abusd, Tomy friend's good more then for mine owne sake, “ For whose sole libertie I love and life did stake.

LXI. “ Thenceforth I found more favour at her hand; That to her dwarfe, which had me in his charge, “ She bad to lighten my too heavie band, And graunt more scope to me to walke at large. ac So on a day, as by the flowrie marge “Of a fresh streame I with that elfe did play, “ Finding no meanes how I might us enlarge, " But if that dwarfe I could with me convay, “ I lightly snatcht him up, and with me bore away.

LXII. Thereat he shriekt aloud, that with his cry “ The tyrant selfe came forth with yelling bray, “ And me pursew’d; but nathemore would I “ Forgoe the purchase of my gotten pray, “ But have perforce him hether brought away." Thus as they talked, loe! where nigh at hand Those ladies two, yet doubtfull through dismay, In presence came, desirous t’understand Tydings of all which there had hapned on the land.

Where soone as sad Aemylia did espie
Her captive lover's friend, young Placidas,
All mindlesse of her wonted modestie,
She to him ran, and him with streight embras
Enfolding, said, “ And lives yet Amyas ?”
“ He lives," quoth he, “and his Aemylia loves."
«Then les se,” said he, “ by all the woe I pas,
“ With which my weaker patience Fortune proves ;
“ But what mishap thus long him fro myselfe re.

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Then gan he all this storie to renew,
And tell the course of his captivitie,
That her deare hart full deepely made to rew,
And sigh full sore, to heare the miserie
In which so long he mercilesse did lie:
Then, after many teares and sorrowes spent,
She deare besought the prince of remedie;
Who thereto did with readie will consent,
And well perform'd, as shall appeare by this event.

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The Squire of Low Degree releast
Poeana takes to wife;
Britomart fightes with many knights ;
Prince Arthur stints their strife.

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Hard is the doubt, and difficult to deeme,
When all three kinds of love together meet,
And doe dispart the hart with powre extreme,
Whether shall weigh the balance downe ; to weet,
The deare affection unto kindred sweet,
Or raging fire of love to womankind,
Or zeale of friends combynd with vertues meet;
But of them all the band of vertuous mind
Me seemes the gentle hart should most assured bind :

For naturall affection soone doth cesse,
And quenched is with Cupid's greater flame;
But faithfull friendship doth them both suppresse,
And them with maystring discipline doth tame,
Through thoughts aspyring to eternall fame :
For as the soule doth rule the earthly masse,
And all the service of the bodie frame,
So love of soule doth love of bodie passe, [brasse.
No lesse then perfect gold surmounts the meanest

All which who list by tryall to assay,
Shall in this storie find approved plaine;
In which this squire's true friendship more did sway
Then either care of parents could refraine,
Or love of fairest ladie could constraine ;
For though Peana were as faire as morne,
Yet did this trustie squire with proud disdaine
For his friend's sake her offred favours scorne,
And she herselfe her syre of whom she was yborne.

Now after that Prince Arthur graunted had
To yeeld strong succour to that gentle swayne,
Who now long time had lyen in prison sad,
Hegan advise how best he mote darrayne
That enterprize, for greatest glories gayne.
That headlesse tyrant's tronke he reard from ground,
And having ympt the head to it agayne,
Upon his usuall beast it firmely bound,
And made it so to ride as it alive was found,

Then did he take that chaced squire, and layd
Before the ryder, as he captive were,
And made his dwarfe, though with unwilling ayd,
To guide the heast that did his maister beare,
Till to his castle they approached neare :
Whom when the watch, that kept continuall ward,
Saw comming home, all voide of doubtfull feare,
He running downe, the gate to him unbard;
Whom straight the prince ensuing, in together far'd.

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VI. 'There did he find in her delitious boure The faire Poana playing on a rote, Complayning of her cruell paramoure, And singing all her sorrow to the note, As she had learned readily by rote; That with the sweetnesse of her rare delight, The prince half rapt began on her to dote, Till better him bethinking of the right, He her unwares attacht, and captive held by might.

VII. Whence being forth produc'd, when she perceived Her owne deare sire, she cald to him for aide; But when of him no aunswere she received, But saw him sencelesse by the squire up-staide, She weened well that then she was betraide ; Then gan she loudly cry, and weepe and waile, And that same squire of treason to upbraide ; But all in vaine; her plaints might not prevaile, Ne none there was to reskue her, ne none to baile.

VIII. Then tooke he that same dwarfe, and him compeld To open unto him the prison dore, And forth to bring those thrals which there he held : Thence forth were brought to him above a score Of knights and squires to him unknowne afore ; All which he did from bitter bondage free, And unto former liberty restore ; Amongst the rest that Squire of Low Degree Came forth full weake and wan, not like himselfe to


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