Morning Gravity

AuthorHouse, 22.11.2005 . - 216
Gordon Clearmans life is anything but clear. Having lost his father at a young age, Gordon attempts to replace him...but with what? When Gordons mother enrolls him in a Catholic high school, Gordon befriends the charismatic andhumorous Jack Boynton. Together, Gordon and Jack navigate adolescence,grappling with what to make of their futures. Gordons nightly visits from theVirgin Mary convince him that being a priest is in his future, but he is surprisedand confused by his burgeoning, hidden love for the beautiful Anne Claremont.Gordon must decide to accept his fathers death so that he can create a life ofmeaning and clarity.Morning Gravityevokes the splendor of the spiritualjourney from innocence to experience.





Gregory C. Maddigan grew up in Southern California. He attended Gonzaga University where he earned bachelors degrees in English and Theology. He taught high school English and U.S. History in Homer, Alaska for four years. Currently, he teaches at Chase Middle School in Spokane, Washington. He lives in Spokane with his wife and four children. Morning Gravity is his first novel.