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having soon after broke out and come City our Reader's mag fee an Account to a great head, four half-pay officers in our Magazine for May, p. 203. who had joined the rebels with the And as we gave a View of the king's commission in their pockets, Town of Nottingham, in our Maand

without having given any notice gazine for February : of the Town of their leaving the fervice, were of Reading in Berkshire, in Sep. taken at Preston : Then indeed peo. A tember ; of the City of Gloucester, ples zeal, or rather their resentment, in October; of the City of Salisbubeing raised to a great height, his late sy in Wiltshire, in November; and majeity was advised to issue orders of the City of Lincoln, ix Decemfor trying and punishing those officers ber ; we mall now give fome Acby martial law, and those orders count of those Places. were by me, as Secretary of war, TOttingham, the chief town in transmitted to the proper officer at B Preston : In pursuance of which the and 122 mealured miles N. W. from unfortunate gentlemen were tried by London, stands on the side of a hill, a court martial, and shot for derer

or steep sandy rock, near the contion. But what was thus done in flux of the Lin and Trent: It is the heat and hurry of a dangerous pleasantly situate, with large meadows rebellion, can never be an argument on one side, and hills of easy ascent for proving, that half-pay officers C on the other. 'Tis reckond one of were, or ever ought to be subjected the neatest towns in England, has 3 to martial law ; for at such times

handsome churches, a very fine and many illegal things are done, and

Spacious market-place, good houses, often must be done ; for which rea

fair streets, and the ruins of a castle fon an act of indemnity is always

on a steep rock. It gives title of passed, with respect to every illegal earl to the family of Finch. Its thing done for the king's service. D markets are on Wednesdays, Fridays

Thus, Sir, I have given you an and Saturdays, and its chief manuaccount of what was then done, and

fucture is weaving of frame hose, the small share I had in it, is so far

*Tis governed by a mayor, 6 alderfrom preventing my doing or saying

men, 2 coroners, 2 sheriffs, 2 chamwhat I think right upon this occasion, berlains, 18 of the senior council, 6 that I think myself obliged to de- of the junior council, and sends 2 clare the more openly the opinion I E members to parliament The Trent have since formed upon due conside

is navigable up to the town, over ration, and consulting with the best

which is a very large stone bridge, conflicutional lawyers in the king- with wide arches. dom; which is, that half-pay, officers

Reading, 32 computed and 40 never were subject to martial law till

measured miles W. from London, this last year, and that they ought reckoned the largest and most confinever for the future to be made fub- F derable town in Berk Mire, stands on ject to it; for which reason I am for the river Kennet, where it falls into leaving out of this clause the words

thie Thames. It has 3 spacious which my noble friend has proposed churches, and was formerly famoule to be left out.

for its fine abbey. 'Tis a large, [Ibis Journal to be continued in our Ma. wealthy and handsome-built town, gazine for January, 17;.]

and formerly much inhabited by clo. G thiers, but its chief trade now is in

malt and meal, of which great quanin our Magazine for Auguft we gave tities are carried to London. It lends

a beautiful Prospect of the City of a members to parliament, is goBath in Somersethire, of which verned by a mayor, 12 aldermen, &c.


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and has a large market weekly on Satur. days, and gives title of earl to the family day. Parliaments were formerly held of Clinton. Here is an ancient carle, here, and K. Henry I. and his daughter built by William the Conqueror, Nanding Maud were interr'd in the abbey here, on a hill, which over-tops the toivn, and which was founded by the said king.

was in those days impregnable. The forGloucester is a city and county of itself, tifications are now ruinous, and in the governed by a mayor, 12 alder men, 24. center there is a ban 'some modern fruccommon-council-men, 2 theriffs, a high- A ture for holding tlie aflizes. steward, and a recorder, and sends 2 members to parliament. It is fruate on the The WHIMSICAL PHILOSOPHER, &C. river Severn, over which it has a large

DISSERT. 11 *. ftone bridge, and before the civil war. hid 11 churches, 5 of which were then de

Upon the Redution of tbe Land Tax, ardobe molished. It is tolerally well built, tho'

Reduction of ibe Interest or Annuiries, plynot fine, and for its obtinate opposition to

able to the Propriesors of tbe Public Furcis. K. Charles I. has had all its walls and

HAT the neceffary pubiick expenca It is distant from London 8i computed,

which is least expensive in the collection, and 152 measured miles, and has markets

is a maxin which no one can cortrovert. on Wednesdays and Saturdays. Here are

That in a free country the neceffary puh12 parishes, thobut 6 parish churches,

lick expence ought to be raised by chat meand the cathedral,

thod which is of the least dangerous conreSalisbury, in Wiltshire, commonly called

quence to the liverties of the peopli, is New Sarum, which grew contiderable upon

another maxim will, I believe, be as little the removal of the inhabitants from old c controverted by any lover of focial liberty. Sarum, for want of water, and its being

From both these maxims it is evident, too much exposed to winds. It is 70 com

that the land tax cught in this country to puted, and 84 measured miles W. from be the first to be imposed or increased, and London, and is reckoned the second city

the last to be abolished or diarinilhed. in that part of England. It stands plea

The evidence of this proposition cannot santly in a vale on the river Avon, is po

be in direct terms denied, even by those pulous, and has 3 parish-churches, besides who have latent designs against our liberthe cathedral, a wonderful structure, which ties ; but they say, that every member of was a 3 years in building, and noted for its D the society ought to be made to bear his steeple 410 feet high. The city is very proportionable share of the publck exspacious, has one of the beit market places pence; and as this cannot be done by a in England, in which is the town-house, and land tax, or at least by our method of imevery street is supplied with a stream of poring and raising it, therefore the neceffa

It is governed by a mayor, high- ry publick expence, or the greatest part of steward, recorder, deputy recorder, 24 al.

it, must be raised by taxes upon cunsumpdermen, and 3- common-council-men, and

tion. fends a members to parliament. Its chief E

To this I answer, 1. That according manufactures are fine flannels and long to this argument, we ought to have no cloths, called Salisbury whites ; it has

land tax at all ; for the landholders pay markets on Tueldays and Saturdays, and

their proportionable share of all taxes upon gives title of earl to the family of Cecil. consumption, and over and above they pay Lincoln, 102 computed, and 128 mea

the land tax, by which they are made to fured miles north from London, a city and

contribute more than their proportionabia county of itself, whole jurifdich an extends

share of the pubiick experce. 20 miles sound, not to be equalled by any

2. That it is alle to say, That every sity in England. It is situate on the river F member of the fociciy ought to be made Witham, is ancient, very large, and built to bear his proportionable mh are of the puh. on the fide if a hul, where the river, fa- lick expence ; for the grearent number of mous for the best pikes in England, winds persons in every society neither cail, nis about towards the east, and being divided can be made to bear any fare of the pub. into 3 channels, over which are several lick expence : Such are all those who la5. ur bridges, waters the lower part of it. Here or serve for daily wages, and have no are 13 parish churches, beficies the cathe. greater wages than are harely furceni fur dral, a Kiely Gothick structure, beautiful G a scanty subfiflence; for if any tax he lit and lofty. The city is governed by a mayor,

upon what they are obliged to coniumt, 12 aldermen, 2 sheriffs, a recorder. 4 their wagas muit berniíed, and the toX CODchamberlains, &c. and above 40 common- fequently pait by thcfe chat employ them, council-men. It tends 2 members to par. 3. That in every focicty the publick exment, has markets on Tuesdays and Fri. pence mult neceliariy be borne by this Appendix, 1749

4 H

whore * Se Dileri, I, on Liberty, p.8c6.


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