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W Williams

Thomas Cockram, E!q; of a large estate His manners, like his countenance, were in Cheshire, to Miss Fanny Spencer of Derby, open and undisguised. He was affable by

19. Rev. Mr. George Cooke, rector of nature. He knew how to condescend with. Cliff-St. Mary's, Devon, to Mrs. Sarah out meanness. He was munificent without Wyait, a 16,00ol fortune.

oftentation. His behaviour was so amiable, 19. Mr. John Darker, jun. hop-mer- as never to create a personal enemy. He chant and oilman, of St. John's Street, to was ever honoured, where he was not Miss Parker, of Retford in Nottinghamshire. beloved. In domestick life, he was the

24. Rev. Mr. Samuel Brewer, a diffent. kindert relation and the truest friend. ing minister at Stepney, to Miss Woolmer His house was a noble scene of regular, of Shadwell.

yet almost boundless, hospitality. His 28. Mr. John Keeling, brewer, of piety towards his Creator was remarkable Clerkenwell, to Miss Reynolds of the same in his constant attendance on the service piace.

of the church. He revered 'religion. He Sept. 24. The lady of Capt. John Dal- respected the clergy. He feared God. The rymple, of Stair, Esq; deliver'd of a son whole tenour of his conduct was one conand heir.

tinued series of virtue. So prepared, he 30. The lady of Velters Cornwall, Esq; had little reason to be afraid of a sudden knight of the mire for the county of Here- death. Every day of his life was a preford, of a lon.

paration for heaven. The loss of him will The lady of the Hon. Mr. Finch, of a be a lasting calamity to his country. (See p. daughter.

473, 475.) The lady of Missing Price, Esq; of a Sept. 13. Mr. Thomas Marshall, an daughter.

eminent Italian merchant. Oct. 13. The lady of Sir Matthew

16. George Mackenzie, Esq; of Bel. Spencer, Bart, of a son.

mucke in Scotland : He was attainted for DEATHS.

being concerned in the rebellion in 1715 ; E mention'd the death of Sir Watkin

but for some good services in the last rebelWilliams Wynne, bart. in our laft, lion, he obtained a suspension of prosecup.433. The manner of his death has been since

tion, and lived peaceably from that time. related thus : That he was riding out with 28. John Toll, of Spittlefields, Esq; who some neighbouring gentlemen, to look for a left his housekeeper above 10,000l, and hare; and that while he was going a foot- joool, to the London Infirmary. pace, one of the horse's legs, happening to flip Father du Halde, the jeluit, in France, into a rabbit-hole, he was thrown from well known for his hiftory of China. his seat, and pitching with his head upon O&t. 2. Mr. Hercules Simpson, an emi. a stone, had the misfortune to fracture his

nent Hamburgh merchant. fcull : He lived for several hours, but was

Hon. Alicia Wentworth, reli&t of the never able to speak afterwards. He was Hon. Thomas Wentworth, of Wentworth, born Feb. 19, 1692, and was steward of his

in Yorkshire, Esq; and mother of the most majesty's lordships of Bromfield and Yale in Hon. the marquess of Rockingham : She Denbighshire, which county he represented was grandaughter, by the mother's side, in several succesive parliaments, as he did of the learned Sir Robert Cotton, Bart. in the present.

He married first Anna founder of the Cottonian library. Josephina, daughter and coheir to Edward Rev. Mr. Traherne, minister of White. Vaughan, of Llwydiart and Llangedwynne chapel church. in the county of Montgomery and Denbigh, 3. Rt. Rev. Dr. Samuel Line, lord bishop

who died March 1748, leaving him of Norwich, to which see he was trans. no ifue. In July, 1748, he married

lated from that of St. Asaph, in 1747. Miss Fanny Shackerly, at the recommen- Col, Cockayne, col. of a regiment of dation and request of his then lately de. foot, and judge-advocate of the forces in ceased lady, by whom he had issue one son, the late war in Flanders. Charles Watkin Williams Wynne, born the 6. Mr. James Vincent, joint organist of 8th of April lart, who succeeds his father

the Temple church with Mr. Stanley, also in dignity and estate.

crgarist of St. Luke's in Old-Street. As a moft excellent character has been Rev. Mr. Wakefield, prebendary of drawn of the deceased gentleman, we Rippon and rector of Leffe near Thirik, think proper to give it our readers.-In his in Yorkihire. publick character, he was resolute, and im. Miss Sc!ater, fister to Mr, deputy Sclamoveable. In his private character, he ter, luddenly: She was to have been mar. was generous, and of exceeding good. ried in a few days to the Rev. Dr. Pickernature. He loved his country with a sin. ing, vicar of St. Sepulchre's. cerity, which seemed to distinguith him 1. Mr. Rogers, Jace a master builder from all mankind. His morals were un- and fus veyor, in Bond-Street, tainted. He had an unter deicftation to vice.



Edmund Ruffel, Esq; one of the pages Ireland.-Mr. Henry Rogers, son of the late of honour to the late Q. Anne.

capt. Rogers, made a lieut. in the said regi. 12. Mr. John Sowerby, a gentleman ment. The king has been pleased to grant well skilled in the mathematicks.

unto Henry Arthur, earl of Powis, the dig. 13. Mr. Richard Shergold, an eminent nity of a baron of the kingdum of GreatExchange-broker.

Britain, by the name, style and title of 15. Dr. Cockran, an eminent and expe- baron Herbert, of Cherbury and Ludlow; rienced phyfician at Edinburgh.

to hold the fame to him and the heirs male 16. Rev. Dr. Hudson, many years rector of his body ; and in default of such issue, of Stanmore in Middlesex.

to Richard Herbert, Esq; (brother to the 18. Mrs. Probyn, widow of the late said earl of Powis) and the heirs male of lord chief baron Probyn.

his body; and in default of such issue, to 19. Mr. Thomas Scott, the greatest Francis Herbert, of Ludlow, in the county brick-maker in England.

of Salop, Esq; and the heirs male of his 20. John Sheen, Erq; yeoman of the body.- The king has been pleased to appoint wine.cellar to his prosent majetty, and one Arthur Villettes, Esq; to be his majesty's of the patentee messengers to the lords of minister to the Swiss cantons.-The king the treasury : He was upwards of 40 years has been pleased to constitute and appoint domestick of the late earl of Wilmington. Charles Hay, Esq; commonly called lord

Sir George Kimberlin, at his seat in St. Charles Hay ; George Borcawen, Esq; and Jonston's, near Derry, in Ireland.

the right Hon. Francis earl of Effingham, 21. Sir Matthew Skinner, Knt. recor- to be his majesty's aids de camp.--Charles der of Oxford, chief justice of Chester, Buckland, Esq; made lieut. in the royal and premier serjeant.

reg. of North British fuzileers.-Hon. 22. Sir Charles Castleton, of St. Ed. William Noel, Esq; member for Westloe, mundsbury in Suffolk, Bart. fucceeded by made chief justice of Chester, in the room of his brother, the Rev. Mr. John Castleton, ferjeant Skinner,deceased. Rr. hon. George of Gorlston in the same county, now Sir Bub Dodington, Esq; late treasurer of the John Castleton, Bart.

navy, made treasurer of the chamber to General Bowles, at Bath.

his royal Highness the prince of Wales. 23. George Newland, L. L. D. profer- Persons declar'd BANKRUPTS. for of geometry in Gresham-College, and

DMUND Hanley, Francis Sherlock member of parliament for Gatton in Surrey. and John Carr, of Moor-Street, St.

Ecclefiaftical PRITERMENTS. Anne's, Soho,, victuallers, dealers and
R. Crisp, presented to the vicarage partners.--George Harris, of the parish of

St. Philip and Jacob, in Gloucestershire, Tire. - Dr. Terrick, preacher of the Rolls

drugget-maker, serge-maker, and stuffChapel and prebendary of Windsor, ap- maker.- Edward Alford, of Mere, Wilis, pointed by his majesty canon residentiary blacksmith.-William Buckle, of Norwich, of St. Paul's, in the room of the late

worsted-weaver. - Jacob May, of PelhamDr. Baker.---Mr. Peter Simon, presented Street, Spittlefields, Scarlet. Dyer.-- Wil to the vicarage of Welton in Yorkshire.- liam Taylor, of Paditow, in Cornwall, Mr. King, chaplain to the lord-mayor, taylor.- James Hamilton, late of London, chosen rector of St. Michael, Cornhill, by merchant.-Richard Giles, of Plymouth, the court of affistants of the drapers-com- shopkeeper.-Richard Amies, of Bowldon, pany. There were 7 candidates, who Salop, dealer in timber, Peter Rock, of were reduc'd to 2, and Mr. King carried Penryn, in Cornwall, merchant.-Sam. it by 21 against 6. Richard Newcome, Willis, of Maze Pond, Southwark, cornD. D, made a prebendary of Windsor in the factor.-William Roberts, of Poplar, Steproom of Dr. Terrick.-Dr. Samuel Ni.

ney, Ship-Caulker. Thomas Hadheld, chols, presented to the vicarage of North.

the younger, now or late of Ipswich, all in Middlesex, vacant by the death of merchant.-John Ball, late of Bath, meal. the bithop of Norwich. - Dr. Thomas

man.-Samuel Jeake,of Rye in Sussex, merHayter, made bishop of Norwich, in the hant.-Joseph Cohen of Plymouth, hoproom of the late bilhop Lille.-Mr. Lord, keeper.-Aaron Hart, of Woolpack-alley in presented to the living of Northiam in

Hounsdiech, jeweller.- John Spencer, of Suffex. -Anthony Weatherhead, M. A. Pancras, Middlesex, victualler.-George to the vicarage of Winterton in Lincoln.

Seddon, of Deptford, innholder.-Henry Thire.

Boyton, of St. Mary Magdalen Bermond. PROMOTIONS Civil and Military, fey, mariner. --- John Riviere, of ChurchOHN Collon, Esq; made a cornet in Atreet, in the parish of Christ-church, Mid.

the first reg. of foot-guards. - Hon. dlesex, weaver.-Hodgson Bailes, late of Col. Steuart, late major of marines, made Crutched Friers, Vi&tualker ; but now of lieut. col. of Whynjard's reg, of foot in Mark-Lane, Chapman,


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Sold by R. Baldwin Jun'at the Rose in Pater-Noster - Row.

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1. The River Avon...

5. The Bishop's Palace. 9.The College for 2. Harnam Bridge 6. Road to Dorrhaster.

12. The Work House... 16. The Rubbing House. 20.S.Edmondi Chur: 3. Nicholas. Tocmal 7. The Cathedral. wo. West Harman


Clergymens Widdo? 13. The Market House. 7. The Hare Warren 21. Road to Old Farum. Weniger rilevant 8. The RN.

The first? Well

14.The County Goal., 18. Fisherton Church. 29 London Road.

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an Or GENTLEMAN's Montbly Intelligencer.

For NOVEMBER,' 17+9.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, ( Greater Variety, and more in urnency, than any Monthly Book of the time Price. 1. Types of the Echiples of the Sun and XI. Citizens of London Toll-tree.

Moon, in December, 1749, with the XII. Bad Character of the late Mufti. Beginning, Middle and End, and Number XIH. A Description of the great River of St. of Digits eclipsed at London, Edinburgh John in America. and Dublin : As also fome curious Ro- XIV. Care of Penlet, lately executed. marks.

XV. Explanation of the Stationers Alina. II, A Letter to the Author, upon the Question, nack.

Whether a Divorce ought not to be allowed XVI. Explanation of the Oxford Aimanack. in Cafe of Defertion on either Side.

XVII. Dekription of Algiers. III. Scope of the Pamphlet, intitled, A Dir. XVIII. The King's Speech.

fertation on that Species of Milgoverna XIX. The Lords Addre:s. ment, call'd an Oligarchy.

XX. Th: Commons Address. IV. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- XXI. POETRY: On Friendihip; Conscience,

tical CLUB, 6c. continued : Containing an Ode; Verles on Cape, Grenville, and the SPEECHES of Decius Jubellius, Ser- Capt. Cornwall; the Rebus Riddle rolved ; vilius Priscus, and T. Sempronius Grac- to Miss D-- from Miss J-y Hon; to chus, on the Motion to address for all the Miss Sprightly ; to Celia ; Mrs. Hoper's Letters and Papers relating to Peace, pre- Prologue ; Prologue for the Italian Strol.

vious to the Treaty at Aix la Chapelle. lers; a Song; Epitaphs, Epigrams, &c. V. A Description of the County of Kent, XXII. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER: VI. A Differtation upon the Atmosphere, Rohberies; Executions, &c. &c. &c.

and some of the many Effects thereby XXIII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; produced.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
VII. American Insects, Birds and Plants, XXIV. Prices of Srocks for each Day.
VIII, Character of Don Lewis d'Achuna. XXV. Monthly Bill of Moriality.
IX. Description of the Scilly INands.

X. Of Ghorts and Apparitions.

XXVII. Catalogue of Books. With a new and accurate Map of KENT, drawn from an aclual Survey, and regulated by aftronomical Obfervations; as also a beautiful View of the North-Et Prospect of the City of SALISBURY, neatly engravid on Copper,

MULTUM IN PARDO. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the kile in Parer- Noter-Row. Of whom may bs had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitched,

or any fingle Morch to complete Scro.


511 D



TYPES of the lunar eclipse on Dec. 124 A description of the great river of St. with the beginning, middle and end,

John in America

508-510 and number of digits eclipsed, at London, A differtation upon the atmosphere, and Edinburgh, and Dublin,

487 some of the many effects thereby produced Types of the solar ecliple on Dec. 28. with

510 G, &c. the beginning, midale and end, and Wonderful structure of the eye of a cat number of digits eclipsed, at the afore. faid places

488 Citizens of London free from all toll, &c. Several ingenious remarks, concerning this with a remarkable certificate to that pureclipfe in other parts of the globe 489 pore

512 The crick and the gander, a feble ibid. D. On ghosts and apparitions

513 Bid character of the late Multi


Character of don Lewis d'Achuna, 515
A defcription of the county of Kent ibid. Description of Algiers
The cities of Canterbury and Rochester Strange insects, birds, and plants in Ame-
ibid, B, E. rica

ibid. The boroughs

ibid. G, 491

An account of the Scilly islands 517 I:s four cinque ports 091 The king's (peech

ibid. Other market towns, and places of nore, The lordo address

518, 519 491, 492 The commons address

519 A general idea of cinque ports

492 F.

Petition of the Middlesex jury in behalf of The JOURNAL of a learned and political the two rioters, Wilon and Penlez ibid. Club, &c. continued

491-505 Account of a pamphlet, entitled, A truc DEBATE on the motion to address for all state of the case of Bosavern Penlez, &c. the letters and papers relating to peace

520 and accommodation, previous to the treaty POETRY. The birth day ode

521 of Aix la Chapelle ibid. On friendfip

ibid. SPEECH of Decius Jubellius in favour of Conscience, an ode the motion

493 Inscription said to be intended for captain Of the terms offered at Hanau by the then Grenville's monument

523 eniperor Charles VII.

494 Inscription recommended for captain CornLiow these terms were rejected 495 wall's monument

ibid. The vast expence of the war lince, besides

A long

ibid. the loss of men

ibid. c

To Miss D-, from Miss J.-y Henibid, Speech of Servilius Priscus againit the To Miss Sprishily, with a cake 524 motion 497 To Celia, an Anacreontick

ibid. The late treaty of peace justify'd, and Mrs. Hoper's prologue to the town, by a reasons againit setting on foot an inquiry friend

ibid. about it.

498, 499 Prologue to the Italian ftrollers ibid. Reasons suggested for rejecting the treaty of The rebus riddle folved

525 Hanau

499, 500 Epitaph and epigramsfron Barbadoes ibid. SPEECH of T. Sempronius Graccius, in Epitaph on the culebrated Mr. Chrkopher favour of the motion

501 Shrider Why common fame is a sufficient founda

Another on a mayor of fxeter ibid. tion for a parliamentary inquiry ibid. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER Of the laws againit the spreaders of falle Robberies

526, 527 reports 502 Executions

526 What common fame says of the late defini- French comedians

27 tive treaty ibid. D Westminster election

ibid. Objections against an inquiry answered 503 Explanation of the Stationers and Oxford Anlwer to the reasons for rejecting the almanacks

ibid, treaty of Hanau

ibid. C
Marriages and birtlis

628 Of first-rate and second-rate ministers 504 Deaths

ibid. An inquiry further urged

504, 505
Ecclefiaftical preferments

$29 The question relating to divorces in care of Promotions civil and military

ibid. defertion, discutled 505 Persons declar'd bankrupts

ibid. Oi oligarciiicai goveinment, being some Prices of stocks ; wird, weat laer 5. 2Ccount of a pamphlet, entitled, A Monthly bill of niortality

ibid. diletation on that ipecies of mil. govern- FOREIGN AEFAIRS

53' ment, called an Oligarchy 907, 508

Catalogue of books




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In consequence of a letter from the author of tbe verses on Capt. Grenville, figniförg, ibar 1:9 were never designed for an infiription, bui as a tiftimony of private affcéton ; and complaining tbwitbey were printed in the publick papers from a false copy, and a gentleman's name pur to them, wil bout bis knowledge or leave; and huving wirbibe said letter received a correst copy of It'en! ; as lui part of our colle&tion was finished before we received it, our readers are defired to make the folowing corruiions, viz. In p. 523, 1. 10. of the Juid zerles, for fortes red eaceful; l. 12. for female r, virgin's; and dele ibe 4 last lines, with ine nianie.


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