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Jan. 1. ,

the army.

sperity of his fellow-citizens :-For his ex- 11. Thomas Jenour, Efq; in the comemplary publick spirit and independance, in mission of the peace for Middlesex. making the preservation of the laws and 12. Enlign Gardner, of col. Leigbton's liberties of his country, the constant and

reg. of foot. invariable rule of all his actions,

Mr. Elton, a common-council-man of MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

the ward of Farringdon Witbir, and deputy 1 Illiam Turnbull, Esq; of Hamp- to Mr. Alderman Blachford.

17. Mr. Chriftopber Hudfor, an agent of ment's-Inn.

2. Rev. Mr. Miller, to Miss Wat for, of 20. Master Scott, aged 5 years, son of Pall. Mall.

the Rt. Hon. the earl of Dalkeilb. 9. John Carmichael, Esq; to Miss Jenny Chrift.pher Jeffrefon, Esq; member for Grant, at Edinburgh.

Cambridge. jo. Sir Simon Metcalfe, of Richmond in John Stevenson, Esq; at Newton in Surrey, to Miss Arnold, of Fenchurch-Street. Cambridgeshire, in the commission of the

Sreward W1.fon, Esq; clerk of the peace peace for the said county. for Rutlandjhire, to Miss Spicer.

Sir Charles Tyrrel, of Thornton in Busks, 1. Thomas Brand, of lyfield in Elex, bart, whose family has been of knightly deEfq; member for Storeham, to lady Caroline gree ever tince the conquest, he being the Pierpoint, aunt to the duke of Kingston, 25th in descent from Sir Walter Tyrrel, who

12. Jejua Redshaw, Esq; an eminent is said to have thot K. William Rufus in the Portugal merchant, to Miss Porgy Cooling, New Foreft. of Stoke Newington.

22. Matthew Concannon, Esq; somo time James Harrison, of Chelsea, Esq; to Miss fince attorney-general at Jamaica, and auMargaret Carlton.

thor of several pieces of poetry. Randal Wilmer, of Staple's-Inn, Esq; to 23. Dr. John Conningbam, an eminent Miss Suger.

and learned physician. 14. Robert Lynch, Esq; eldeft son of Sir

25. James Lever, Esq; one of the diHenry Lynch, of Calle Carra in Ireland, rectors of the Bank. Bart. to Mifs Elizabetb Barker, an heiress

Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS. of 50,0col. fortune. 15. James Dubordieu, Esq; of Richmond,

R. Taylor, presented to the chapel in to Miss Pratton,

19.---Rifhbrook, Esq; an eminent bar- room of Dr. Wilson, who relign'd; and rifter at law, to Miss Edwards, of Savage

Mr. Downs, appointed affiftant preacher to Gardens, a 12,000 h. fortune.

the said chapel.-Mr. Gibbons, B. D. to the 13. The lady of Sir William Barrington,

rectory of Charlton in Eflex.-Mr. Thomas deliver'd of a son and heir.

Stringer Norton, to the rectory of Holswor14. The lady of the Right Hon. Henry

tby in Devonshire.-Yohn Jago, M. A. to Fox, Esq; secretary at war, of a son.

the rectory of St. Peter Tady in Devonshire. The lady of William Drake, Esq; of a son.

--George Henning, B. A. chosen minister of DEATHS.

Poole in Dorset fire.—Mr. George Greene, of Jan. 1. R. Ryan, sollicitor to the St. John's-college, Cambridge, choren diviAdmiralty.

nity professor in that university, in the room 4. Edmund Pike Heatb, Esq; a gentleman

of Dr. Wballey, deceased.--Hobr Carter, of a good Estate in Surrey.

M. A. presented to the rectory of Soutba The lady of Sir Hugb Dalrymple, bart.

cove in Suffolk.- Mr. Barker, to the rectory memb. for the thire of Haddington in Score

of Range in S:fix,Mr. Drake, to the land.

rectory of Bliecbing in Devonshire. - Mr. Charles Pilswortb, Esq; an eminent

May, to the rectory of St. Botolpb in Camcounsellor at law, memb. for Aylesbury in

bridge.-Dr.Creflet, made bishop of Llandef, the last parliament.

in the room of Dr. Gilbert, promoted to Rev. Mr. Inett, prebendary of Wincbefter

the fee of Salisbury,.- Joba Dallon, M. A. and Worcester.

made a prebendary of Worcester.-Abp. of 5. Barry Love, Esq; in the commision York, made his majesty's high almoner. of the peace at Yarmourb, and high sheriff PROMOTIONCivil and Military. of Norfolk in 1745.

IS grace the duke of Richmond, ap6. Henry Pye, Esq; father to Henry Pye Efq; memb. for Berkshire

the room of the late duke of Somerset.-Sic 8. Mr. James Mendez, a wealthy Jew

William Milner, Bart. made receiver gemerchant.

neral of the licences to publick houses, in Mr. Abrabam Francia, an eminent Jesu the room of William Poynez, Esq; deceased. wine-merchant.

Hon. Bryan Fairfax, Esq; uncle to the [Tbe arber Promotions and Bankrupts in lord Fair fax, and one of his majesty's com- our next.) muffioners of the cultoms,




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BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea 4 perCent.14 per Cent./Bank An.'3 per Cent. India Bonds|B.Cir.p. Wind at Weatber Bili of Mortality from
Stocx. StocE. STOCK. Annu.old Ann.new 1746. 1747

1748. B. Annu. præm.

1. 5. d. Deal. London. Dec, 27, ? Jan, 24. Sunday


Males 544)

2) 1 26


195 a 17 5 ds. by W. clo. mild Femal. 566) 100/100

178 a 19 1 5

S.W. Iclo. mild

S Males 933

18s a 22
S S.W.

Femal. 928 S
100 100 1

215 a 23

5 C

S.W. ain Died under 2 Years old 551 6

100 97


S.W. fair cool Between 2 and 5 187 7.

100 101

97 971 91 7 6 W. by N. fair cool

5 and 10 - 50 8 Sunday

S. hard cold rain

10 and 20 - 49 100 or 984 972 961 96

245 a 23

fair rain

20 and 30 147
97 97

o W.S.W. frain

30 and 40 - 224 173


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03. W. hard tormy

40 and 50 – 225
12 127


238 a 22 I TO o S. W. hardliair

50 and 60 13 1281

100 3 101 97 $97

1 10
W. fair

- 127
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91 1235 1 10 o W.S.W, fair clou.

70 and 80

91 15 Sunday

s. W. hard very wet

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97 97 91 238 olS. W. hard wind rain

go and 100 - 15 27 128

lol 99 97 97 238 a 24 I 12 6 w. by N. very fair

1861 99 98 97


6 97 235 a 24

N. E. fair cold

Within the Walls 179
19) 127


97 97 * 90

245 a 25 11 12 S.W. cold rain

Without the Walls 453


97 97 89 246 a 25

1 1 2
W. rain win.

In Mid, and Surrey 831
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* 248 a 25 1 15 W. hard wind rain 22 Sunday

W. fair

City & Sub. Weft. 398

100 ]

글 97 97

1861 248 a 25

115 ON. W. hard wirdy 24 127 174

1оноо 97

255 a 23 I 15

ow.n.w. fair frost Weekly Jan. 3 -461 174


228 a 23 I15 ol s. by W. snow

-470 127

235 a 24 I 15 o E. N. E. clo, cold

17 44+
96 971 97

89 245 a 25
I 15 N. E. deep snow

24 -486

99 97

245 a 25 115 N. by W. frost

1861 29 Sunday

N. N. E. sent. thaw Wheaten Peck Loaf 1s. icd, 30


235 a 24 is o N. thaw rain Wheat 28s. to 30s, por. Quan gil

99 97 97 1 97

245 a 25 ( 15 N, E. cloudy


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last year amounted to 9770, being 1347 in Friesland, the states of Holland more than the year 1747. issued two placaerts; by the first of which The evacuation of the towns in the Nc. they declared, That the duty on beer was therlands, was, for some reason or other, on not, as some people imagined, of the num- a sudden countermanded by the Frencb; la ber of chose duties, which were in June that a new convention became necessary, last suppretred, when the pachs were abo. and in consequence thereof the Asian lished, and therefore they renewed and

troops have since taken poffeffion of confirmed all the placaerts, by which those Tiri:mon! and Louvain, duties were imposed ; and prohibited the Paris, Dec. 39, N. S. The king has fetting up of any new brewhouses, or any made a promotion of 9: lieut. generals, 89 persons to brew that were not publick major-generals, 79 brig. generals of foot, brewers. And the other placaert is, for 43 of horse, and 7 of dragoons.--- The encouraging the brewery within that pro- pregnancy of madam the dauphiness is now vince, by reviving the duties upon beer publickly known, and that princess is in a imported, which ceased ever fince the abo.

perfect fate of health. lition of the pachts, and which are now Madrid, Jan. 7, N. S. In order to to be levied by collectors employed by the strengthen the good understanding between states.

their Britannick and Catholick majefties, a His serene highness the stadtholder re

scheme is on foot, according to which turned to the Hague from Friesland on the Great Britain is to restore Gibraltar, in 31st ult. N. S. late at night, after having consideration of an equivalent being given by his proclamations made several new re- to her in the Weft-Indies, which, 'tis said, gulations in that province, particularly one is to be the island of Porto. Rico. If this for restoring the nobility to all their antient scheme should take effect, the limits for the rights, and preventing any person's pre- navigation of the American seas will be tending to that rank, who cannot make much easier regulated. out his title ; and another for preventing Geneva, Jan. 12. When the young preall unlawful practices in the election of their tender arrived at Pont-Beauvoisin, he deputies to the states general : After which seemed to be taken very dangerously ill, a general indemnity, without any excep- and every body imagined he was so in tions, was published for all persons con- reality ; but after he was in bed, one of his cerned in the late commotions; and, in attendants assumed his place, and in the consequence thereof several persons, who morning early he flipt away drefs'd like a had been taken up on that account, were merchant, with one servant only, and made fet at liberty.

the best of his way on foot to Avignon, Since his highness's departure, the states where he arrived on the 24th ult. incog. of Friesland, by his advice, have itsued 3 Avignon, Jan. 5, N. S. His royal highplacaerts ; by the first of which they have ness the infant don Pbilip arrived here the re-established the revenues of the little seal; 31st ult. and on the ad inft. departed for by the second they have re-established the Aix. The young pretender has been here poll-tax, chimney-tax, land-tax, and the ever since the 24th ult, but continued intax upon horned cattle and horses ; and by cog. till the day of the royal infant's departhe third, to replace the abolished paches ture, when he made a publick entry. upon the necessaries of life, they have im- The congress at Nice still continues very pored upon all persons not reputed ab. busy about settling the affairs of Iraly ; but solutely poor, a monthly contribution, up- as a stop was put to the evacuations in Flan. on each person, in proportion to the ders, those in Italy were likewise counterquantities of those necessaries he usually manded, so that no one has yet been made consumes; all which taxes are to be levied either in Italy or Savoy. However, an exby collectors appointed by the states, and change of prisoners has been effected, and not farmed out to pachters as formerly, the Auftrians that were prisoners at Genoa, and each person's proportion to the last is to the number of about 1700, are re. to be settled by an officer appointed by his turned to Milan, as are the Genoefe hofta. serene highness; which gives him a sort of ges to Genoa ; all the other prisoners are unlimited power over the estate of every on both sides set at liberty, and returned to man in the province, and is worse than

their respective countries. the tax called the Taille in France, because Vienna, Jan. 4, N. S. In the night of the the nobility as well as the commons are sub- 14th ult. a large mountain cover'd with ject to it.

vines, in the neighbourhood of Foedwar, a. A most dreadful fire happened, the bout midway between Buda and Peterware beginning of this month, at Flufbing in Zea. dein, fell with a prodigious noise into the land, which consumed the arsenal, the prince Danube, in the midst of which river it now of Orange's house, the great church, and a forms two little hills, the pallage between confiderable part of the town.

them being equally dangerous and dreadful. The mortality bills at Amsterdam for


23. Lerbe


pr. is.

ten by a Peruvian Princess, price 68, CONTROVER'S Y and DIVINITY.

Brindley. 1. T 1. THE philosophical and theological 21. Coriolanus. A Tragedy. By the Works of y. Hutchinson, Esq; Vol. late Mr. Tbomson, pr. 15. 6d.

Miliar. II. pr. gs. in Boards. Hodges.

22. Catilina, Tragedie, par M. de Crie 2. Thoughts on the Hebrew Titles of the billon, pr. 15, 6d. Brindley. Psalms, and some of those in the Septuagint.

A dramatick Satire. By By G. Finwicke, B. D. Longman.

Mr. Garrick, pr. 15. Vaillant. 3. De Ulu Dialectorum Orientalium, O. 24. An Antidote against Melancholy ; ratio habita Oxon. à Tbo. Hunt, S. T. P. or, a Collection of 8 merry Songs, price Rivingtons.

Browne. 4. A Review of the History and Evi- 25. The Vanity of human Wishes ; bedence of the Resurrection of Jefus Cbrift. ing the tenth Satire of Juvenal imitated. By M. Pilkington, L. L. D. pr. 11. 6d. By S. Yobnjon, pr. 15. Dodfey. Rivingtons.

26. "The Teft of Love, pr. 6d. Sbeepoy. 5. The Sequel of the Resurrection of 27. A Naval Panegyrick, price 6d. Jefus, pr. 6d. Page.

Sbeepey. 6. The true and proper Priesthood of 28. The Hostages. An Historico-SatiriChrift. By D. Miliar, A. M. pr. 25. few'd, cal Poem, price 6d. Fox. Hett and Wird. 7. Second Thoughts concerning the Suf

MEDICINAL and MISCELLANEOUS. ferings and Death of Christ as a propitia. 29. The Young Gauger's Instructor. By tory Sacrifice, pr. 60. Noon,

1. Overley, pr. 55. Printed by C. and F. 8. Observations on Mr. Cbubb's posthu- Ackers in St. John's-Street ; and Sold by mous Works. By C. Fleming, price 25. R, Baldwin, jun. Reeve, and Wickfieed. Noon.

30. Oratio Anniversaria in Theat, Col. 9. The Promise of the Hundred-Fold, Med. Lond. à Tbo. Lawrence, M. D. pr, 15. Matt, xix, 29, explain'd in & Letter from a Wpiften. foreign Divine to one in England, pr. 6d. 31. An Account of the fore Throat at. R, Ballevir, jun.

tended with Ulcers. By J. Fotbergill, 10. Remarks on the full, true, and com. M. D. pr. 15.

Davis, prehensive View of Christianity, &c. pr. 35. 32. A Remonftrance against the misa Tew'd, or 45. bound. Auften.

chievous Abuse of Phlebotomy. By Tho. 11. A Letter to Mr. S. Cbar.dler, against Godman, Surgeon, pr. 6d. Owen. his Reflections in his Case of Subscription, 33. Reflections on antient and modern Er By J. Wbire, B. D. pr. is. Davis. Mafick, pr. 15. 6d. Cooper,

12. The Diffenting Gentleman's third 34. The surprizing Life and Adventures and last Letter to Mr. Wbite, price is. of the celebrated Dr. Sartorius Sine Gradi. Noon.

bus, pr. 6d. Dedd. 13. The Layman's Letter, proving the Efficacy of Christ's Death for the final Sal.

POLITICAL vation of all Men, pr. 15. Robinson.

35. The Definitive Treaty of Peace and 14. A Letter to a Fellow of a College ; Friendship. Publithed by Authority, pr. being the Sequel of a Letter to a young 25. E. Owen. Gentleman at Oxford. By Edward Ben- 36. The Advantages arising from the tham, B. D. pr. 15. Birt,

Definitive Treaty, demonstrated, price 6d.


37. An Examination of the Principles, POETRY.

and an Enquiry into the Conduct of the 15. A Collection of Novels and Tales two Bars, pr. 15. of the Fairies. Third Edition. In 3 Vols. 38. The Conduct of the two B--rs izmo. pr. 75. 6d. Brorberton, Meadows, vindicated ; in Answer to the preceding Ware, spicy, and Hodges.

Pamphlet, pr. 6d. Dodd, 16. The Governess ; or, Female Academy. By the Author of David Simple,

SERMONS. pr. 25. 6d. Millar,

39. A Sermon preach'd in the Cathedral 17. A Letter to a Lady, concerning the at Exon, at the Anniversary Meeting of Education of female Youth, price 6d. the Governors of the Devonshire and Exeter Balburjit.

Hospitals. By Jer. Milles, D. D. Sandby. 18. Remarks, on Clarisa, pr. 15. Ro- 40.

on the Death of Dr. Watts, binfun.

By D. Jennings ; with the funeral Oration 19. The Book of Fate. From the French at his interment. By S. Cbandler. Oswald of Voltaire, pr. 25. 6d. Brindley.

and Buckland. 20. Supplement to the Leiters, write 41. An Exhortation against quenching

the Spirit. By B. Wa!!!. Ward,

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.


1749.1 To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, iban any Monthly Book of ibe lame Price. ) 1. The JouRNÁL of a Learned and Poli- XIII, Inscription intended 1or the late Duke

tical ČLUB, Gc. continue : Containing of Arpyll. the SPEPCHES of Płocion and Æscbylus, XIV, Comical Story of a Couple of Fools. on the Question, Whether Pawnbroking XV. Three political Speeches in the Chaought to be established and properly regu.

racter of Romans. lated by a publick Law.

XVI. Gabagan's and Connor's Performances. II. The SPEECH of a GHOST, to a certain XVII. POETRY: The Judgment of Her. Club near St.-;'s.

cules ; Ifs, an Elegy ; Prologue and EpiIII. Substance of a remarkable political logue to Irene ; Answer to the Caveat to

; Pampliei, heing a pretended Fragment of the Fait-Sex ; to Prince George, by GaRoman History, with a Key to it.

bagan, and to the Dutchess of Queenfikiry, iv. Case relating to an Harbour near the by Connor, two condemned Malefaciors ; Dawn's.

the Art of Preaching, by the late kev. V. Petition of the Trees belonging to one of Mr. Pitt ; Sickness, an Ode ; to Fortinthe Inns of Court.

fia; to Mr. Garrick; on Mrs. Woffingren ; VI. A summary Account of the Novel of the Recovery, set to Mufick, &c. &c. Tom Jones, a Foundling.

XVIII. The Mo: THLY CHRONO OGER : VII. Prodigious Increase of the Family of Stafford Rioters fined ; Acts pailed ; Ser. Fools.

fions at the Old- Bailey ; Malefactors exVIII. Freedom of Speech the Bulwark of ecuted, &c. &c. &c. Liberty.

XIX. Promo ions ; Marriages and Births IX, An Astronomical Question proposed. Deaths ; Bankrupts. X. A Geometrical Question solved.

XX. Prices of Stocks for each Day. XI. A Relation of the Conduct and Pro- XXI, Monthly Bill of Mortality. ceedings of Sir Join Cope.

XXII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS. XII. Ceremony of proclaiming the Peace. XXIII. Catalogue of Books. With a most beautiful View of the South Prospect of the Town of NOTTINGHAM, neatly

engraved on Copper,

MULTUM IN PARV.C. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Prir.Nofte - Row. Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any fingle Month to complete Sers.

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