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same footing and with the same preroBle .

the 31st uit. N. S. we are informed, gatives which he enjoys as governor of the that the proceedings on account of the late

East India company. conspiracy were terminated by a sentence There is a surmise in Hollar.d, as if the of outlawry, which the great council had Dutcb colony in the island of Batavia in passed against five of the accomplices who the East Indies had revolted, and set up a had escaped, two of whom they have government of their own, independent fince executed in effigy ; but not content of that their mother country. with this thew of an execution, they have Paris, Sept. 1. N. S. The zoth of last promised a reward of 1000 crowns .ro month we received letters from dvignon, whomsoever shall produce them living, and advising, that the young pretender had goo if dead, with an entire exemption suddenly made his appearance there again, from punishment, in care they kill them whild they thought him to be yet on the by any method or means whatloever ; frontiers of Poland. But if we may credit and it is said, that the regency will foon what is added in the said letters, he will publish an authentick account of this whole make no long stay at Avignon.-6. His affair. In the mean time several letters majesty has this day publimed an arret; from abroad give a different turn to this whereby all private persons are strictly affair, and one in particular, which seems charged not to establish any new religious to come from a friend of the conspirators, foundations ; nor even to leave any lega. has this remarkable conclusion, viz. · Very cies or donations in favour of any of our confiderable fums are from time to time convents, and moreover, that no religious drawn from the publick treasury, in order society or community whatsoever, thall to augment the income of the bailliages ; have the privilege of making any new that is to say, to encrease the appointments acquisitions.

All notaries likewise, are of the lucrative posts, which those families thereby prohibited, on fevere penalties, to (meaning those that have the government receive any free gifts or legacies in favour in their hands) look upon as part of their of any such societies. patrimony. Provided that an employment

From Madrid we have an account, pubbe not altogsther abje&, large appoint- lished by authority, of a revolt in the ments are annexed to it, and it is reserved Carraccas in America, headed by Don Jobre for one of the 200. The management Francis de Leon, a powerful and rich man of the money which particular persons of in that country : That they have drove the canton have in England, was hereto- the company's factors out of the country, fore an advantage to a merchandizing and obliged the Spanish governor to retire burgher; but for ten years past this has into the castle of Guiaro ; and that they been erected into a bailliage, in order to declare for a freedom of commerce. deprive the burghers of it. So that upon By the way of Lisbon we have an acthe whole, according to a moderate com- count from Algiers, that commodore Keppucation, the body callid the 200, have pel arrived there the gth ult. with seven a&tually bestowed upon themselves an in- English men of war: That the next day he come of the yearly value of a million of presented a letter from his Britannick malivers bernois, which divided in a juít pro- jesty to the dey, and strongly prefTed refti. portion would make every body easy. The tution of the effects taken on board the employments which by their meanness are Prince Frederick packet boat; but after not sought after by the people in power, staying ten days there, he re:urn'd again to amount to no more than 30,000 livres Portmobor without seceiving any proper saper annum,

The advantages of commerce tisfaction. (See p. 394.). and manufactures the per are deprived And by the way of Gibraltar we have an of by the uncommon policy of the regency, account from Tetuan, that Mr. Latron, the and they cannot now, as heretofore, make Britis ambassador to the emperor of Motheir fortune by arms, for they are for- socce, is decained prisoner, on account of bidden by a law of a new date to engage some deficiency in the payments, for the in any foreign service, and there is no body release of the English captives by the late promoted in their own but the princes of Mr. Zolicofre, who died a prisoner there on the blood, that is to say, the fons, grand- the same account. sons, and nephews, of the 200, (juit as From Naples we hear that four grenadier's it was in Holland before the happy revolu- of the regiment royal Italian having laft tion there.')

month deserted, and taken refuge in a Hague Sept. 2. The Wef India compa- country church within the diocese of the ny deliberated yesterday, and agreed to bishop of Venabro, the council of war orthe proposal for conferring upon the prince dered them directly to be taken out and put Stadtholder, tlie goveroment and general to death, which so enrag'd the bishop, that direction of that company and of all the he pronounced sentence of excommunicatiestablishments that belong so in upon the

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on against all those who fign'd that order ; of the squadron had made use of his thip to
but the king sent him express orders not reconnoitre in the night time the little island
only to annul his sentence, but to burn it, of Procida, in order to know whether the
and every other act he had made in conre. king was, or would be there, to take the
quence of it. Soon after his majesty had diversion of thooting pheasants, as his man
thus exerted his authority against that of jesty is accustomed to do in that season.
the church, he had like to have been kid. But luckily for him, he had been there, and
napp'd by the Algerines, who appear'd up-- was return'd to Naples before this squadren
on that coast, and very near the capital, arrived.
with a squadron of us ships, one of 40 The king of Denmark has not only re-
guns with 500 men, four of 30 guns with newed his subsidy treaty with France, but
350 men each, and the other fix from 18 also, if any credit is to be given to letters
LO 24 guns with about 250 men each. By from Hambourg, has set up a claim to the
the matter of an English Thip that had been islands of Scbetland and to an exclusive
detained two days by these corfairs, they right of fishing in the northern seas, espe-
were informed, that the chief commander cially about those islands.

The Monthly Catalogue for September, 1749.

12. A Letter to a young Lady newly HE private Chriftian's daily Walk married, in Frencb and English, pr. 6da

with God, pr. 6 d. bound. Ro. J. O foorn. (See p. 392.). binfon.

13. Great Merit triumphant over scan2. Arcana Cæleftia, quæ in Scriptura dalous Invectives : Or, The Characters of Sacra (eu verbo Domini funt, detecta : Pars two of the most eminent Lord Chancellors, prima, pr. 65, unbound. Lewis,

pr. 6d. Owen, (See p. 419.) 3. Discourses on Theological Subjects. 14. The Conspirators. A Tragi-Comic Yol. I. By James Foster, D. D. pr. 1CS. Opera. As it was acted in England and 6d, in Sheets. Noon,

Ireland, without Applause, pr. Is. Davis 4. Philosophical and Theological Works in Piccadilly. of yobr Hutchinson, Erq; in 12 Vols. Svo, 15. Folly A-la-Mode : Or, Madame pr. 21. 25. Hodges.

and the Valet de Chambre. A Letter, 5.

+ Meditations and Contemplations, pr. 6d. Day. in 2 Vols. By James Hervey, A. B. 6th 16. Characteristicks of Men, Manners, Edition, pr. 6s. Rivington.

Opinions, Times. By Anthony Earl of 6. The Principles of the Christian Reli- Sbaf foury. In 3 Vols, pr. 6s. bound gion. Translated from the French. By Nourse, Vaillant. the Rev. Mr. Lally, 3 Vols. 8vo, pr. 135. 17. Commentarius Medicus de Aphthis 6d. Nourse:

noftratibus, leu Belgarum SPROUW. Autore 7. A Defence of Dr. Middleton's Free Vincentio Ketclaer, M. D. pr. is. Cooper. Enquiry, against Mr. Dodweli. By Frede. 18. The Case of Cbarles Moore, late rick Toll, M. A. price is, 6s. Sbuckburgb. Master Cooper of the Vievalling-Office, (See p. 391.)

pr. 6d. The Author. 8. A Rational Concordance, or an Index 19. The new London Method of Arithto the Bible. By Maltbew Pilkington, metick. By Jobn Halliday, M. A. pr. 38. L. L. B. pr. 35. Rivin, con.

12mo. Davidson MISCELLANEOU S.

SERMONS. 9. An Essay, occasion'd by the conta- 20. A Sermon at the Triennial Vifita. gious Diftemper still raging among the tion of the Bilhop of Chefter, at Carmel in Cattle in many Parts of this Kingdom, pr. Lancashire. By youn Afhton, M. A. pr. 6d. Hitcb.

68. Tonson. 10. Characters in Dancing, drawn from 21. A Sermon before the Duke of New. real Life. Concluding with a Rhapsody in castle at the University of Cambridge, Yuly the Miltonick Stile, pr. 6d. Ower.

2, 1749. By Samuel Squire, D. D. pr. 11. Some Remarks on, The Entbufia[m 6d. Batburft. of Metbedifts and Papifts compared. By 22. Sermons on various Subjects. By Vin. Perronet, A. M. pr. ed. Roberts,

7. Fawcett, pr. 45.

Noon. for ibe Diftemper amongf tbe Carrle.


mortar till the mercury disappears; then add the following, all finely pounded ; ni. tre two ounces, roch-allum and nutmegs of each one ounce, Armenian bole as much as is fufficient to make the whole into 8 balls: Give the beast one every evening and morning, for prevention or cure. Let the regimen or diet be turnip-malhes. Laying all hypothesie and philosophizing aside, the honest unfortunate farmer is earnestly advised to try the foregoing, and he will not repent his labour. Eden's-Hill, Sept. 23, 1749.

7. R.

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. Vxford Road to London. 5.The Cathedral
Barnn'ood Church.

19 SC Michaels Church. 3.The River Severn
6. S. John the
Baptistă Church. |S. Bartholomen's Hospital. 4. S Mary de cripts Church

15. . Ahington Road to London. 7. Irinity Toner: u The Glass House.

16. Robin Hood's Hill. Nicholasshurch. 12 The West Gate Bridge

London Salary de Loades. Chueisheiche und Nicholas

17. Ihr Ruins oflantonr: Abh,

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T. Daria
Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

Foro CT Q BE R,' 1749.

To be Continued. "(Price' Six-Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in hranity, than any Monthly Book of tbe lim Prie. !
1. An Account of a Pamphlet, intitled, The XIV. Description of the Illand of Relian.

Wealib of Great Britain in ibe Ocean, &c. XV, The Duty of Government.
with many curious Observations on the XVI. Extract of a Letter from Nova Scotia,
Herring and Cod Filheries.

XVII, Medical Experiments of Electricity.
II. The Journal of a Learned and Poli. XVIII. Of one born with two Tongues.

tical CLUB, &c. continued ; Containing XIX. POETRY: On the Death of Sir Watkin the SPEECHES of C. Livius Salinaror and Williants Wynne; on bearing Mi's Serulins Prifcus, on the Motion for an fing in the Fields; Advice to a Lady on the Address.

Death of her Lover; a Calvin:fal ReIII. Summary of the most important Affairs fection ; on seeing thele Words on

in last Session of Parliament, concluded. Grave. Stone, As I am, l. jbalt stor be; the IV, A State of the national Debt.

Conflict; on Miss Henry H---; V. Produce of the finking Fund.

Wishing ; a Rebus Riddle; Ode to ly-
VI. A Collection of humorous Epitaphs. : Ibias; Panegyrick on a Louse ; the Fond
VII, A Description of Cornwall.

Shepherders, set to Mulick, &c.
VII. Extract from the Case of Mr. Moore. XX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER :
IX. Vulgar Notion of Witchcraft ex- Sertions at the Old Bailey; Malefactors

executed, &'c. &c. &c.
X. Character of Sic Walkin Williams Wynne. XXI. Promotions; Marriages and Births ;
XI. Abstract of free and candid Dafquifusions Deaths , Bankrupts.
relating to ibe Church of England.

XXII. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XII. Account of the last Number of the XXIII, Monthly Bill of Meriality.
Pbiloptical Transactions.

XIII. Extract of a Letter from Gibraltar, XXV, Catalogue of Books.
With a New and Correa MÀI of CORNWALL, and a View of the North Wifi

Prospect of the City of GLOUCESTER, curiously engravid on Copper.




LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun at the Rofe in Parco-Ncfter-Row.
QL whon may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this tune, really Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any fingle Month to complete Sets.

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