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Extrae of a Letter from Keswick in Cum.

berland, Aug. 29.
N the 22d instant, in the

divifion of St. Jobn's,

they had a moít terrible 0 thunder - shower, which

lasted from fix tifi ten that night. At Armbo:b, the

family being in bed, were alarm'd with the noise of water in the house ; and the landlord, on getting up to see what was the matter, stepp'd midthigh deep in water ; and observing the water increase, he carry'd his wife up Itairs on his back to the loft, and the relt of his family into the barn: But suspelling that the house would fall, the husband and wife went waist-deep to the barn also ; where they had not been long before the water obliged the whole faraily to remove from thence likewise, to the tops of the hay. məws, till it abated. One Arras Dikinion had all the doors and door-cheeks of her house, barn, byre, &c. and fix trusses of hay in the bar, taken away by the water ; which also drove down a large orchard wall, swept away all the trees, and left the ground quite bare. Three fields near the fell bottom are torn up, two of which can never be call’d arable land again. Mr. Layeb's mill was beat to pieces, excepting the door-end. One of the mill. ftones cannot be found, and the other was carried off a good distance. Such a break of rocks was beat down upon the mill, that there are thousands of cart-loads of stones about it. Timotby Walker's house is ro shatter'd, that he is removed from it, and Jobn Walker had all his goods overset by the water, and lost a chest with iol. in it. All the walls and hedges adjoining to the sell were wash'd down. - In our neighbour hood the river had over-run and spoil'd all our fields. Extra&t of Letter from a Gentleman of

undoubted Credit near Cockermouth in Cumberland, datıd Sept. 3. The eruption of the mountain of St. Febr’s, near this place, is matter of great speculation to all the virucoli in These parts : It happen'd in the night between the 22d and 23d past, in the midft of the most terrible lightning and thunder that ever was seen or heard by the oldest man living ; a large rock near the top of the mountain being entirely rent asunder ; out of which came so great a deluge of water, and chat with such violence and rapidity,

as carried all before it, such as folid Tones of incredible weight, houses, barns, mills, &c. and even erazed their very foundations, so that you cannot now tell where they stood ; the mill-stones are carried some hundred yards from the mill, and toss'd upon the rubbish and fand, the quantity of which is so great, that it has laid waste a large tract of arable and meadow land, which will for the future be for ever spoiled, being as deep in some places as the tops of trees.

It would surpass all credit to give you every particular ciicumstance of this fur. prizing cataract, which still continues to discharge a large quantity of water of such a ftrange nature as to tincture all the river Derwert, quite down to the sea, which muit be near 20 miles.- -The damage done to the hay, corr., and proprietors of the neighbouring fields and houses, is computed at near 400cl. Extract of a Letter from Ratibor in Silesia,

Sept. 6, N. S. The locusts made their appearance yel. terday in these parts, and this morning a Swarm few over this town, extending a mile in breadth, and taking up fix hours in their passage : Their flight was directed towards Leobscutz and Cojelo We have just receiv'd advice, that those terrible inseats have entirely devoored, in the lordihip of Rubrig, a great quantity of oats, barley and millet, which was not yet got in. Letters from Greutsbourg and several other districts in Silefia, make mention of the like devas. tations ; but it is in Poland that this dread. ful plague falls heaviest, particularly in the neighbourhood of Ilulau, where the inhabitants are reduced to the extreamest misery by these inseals. Extraet of a Letter from Prague, Sept. 13,

N, S. We have receiv'd advice that 4 great swarms of locusts are ravaging the circle of Pilsen in this kingdom; and according to letters from Budweis, a prodigious quantity of those insects had infected all the country round about that city, the inhabitants of which, in conjunction with the peasants and a detachment of the garison, who took with them 8 field. pieces, did at last drive away the locusts, by firing upon them with those pieces, making a hideous clutter with kettles, frying pans, Sr. and ringing all the bells : But those troublesome guests did



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431 not remove far; for within a league of the by a sudden fquall of wind, and 5 of them, town they settled in such great numbers on viz. 4 men and a boy were drowned. the trees, that many of the branches broke

THURSDAY, 7. down under the load. All the following The parliament, which stood prorogu'd night the people burnt straw under those to Sept. 14, was order'd to be further protrees, by which means they destroy'd as rogu'd to Nov. 16. (See p. 382.) many of those insects as fill'd 160 lacks ;

FRIDAY, 8. but they might have spared themselves this Thomas Wallis, Esq; lately elected one Jabour, for it is next to attempting to drink of the theriffs of Lordon and Middlesex, up the sea. The next morning the same (see p. 382) having sworn off, and Thomas swarm came within half a league of the Corber, Erq; the other sheriff elect, having city, where they eat up two cart loads of been chosen under the denomination of hay in a trice, as one may say; after which falter, whereas it should have been, grocer, they took their flight by Frauenburg, to- a new election came on this day ; when wards Wodnian and Tbein.

S:epben Tbeodore Janssen, Esq; alderman

and stationer, and a worthy representative Extract of a Letter from Ratisbon, Sept. 15, in parliament of this city, and Thomas N. S.

Corber, Esq; citizen and grocer, We continue to receive from all quarters chosen by a majority of hands ; but a poll dismal news of the locusts, all the country was demanded and granted, in favour of round about us being overspread with them. William Whitaker, Ěrq; alderman and Bavaria has a great share of the desolation ; clothworker, against Mr. Corbei, which beand we hear from Aichach, that a great gan the next day, and ended on the 16th, (warm has pass'd by that place in 3 co

when Mr. alderman Wbitaker was declar'd lumns, each of which was 300 paces in duly elected, the numbers for him being breadth, and in the whole took up 3 hours 659, and for Mr. Gurbet 105. in their passage. This army was preceded

SATURDAY, 9. by a kind of van-guard or scouis, and took His excellency the earl of Harrington, its flight hy Blument bal, darkening the air lord lieutenant of Ireland, set out for to such a degree that one could not see the Chefter, in order to embark for that kingsky. Another large swarm has been seen dom. at Ir.golftadt, whose partage by that city

THURSDAY, 14. lasted an hour and a half, and they seem'd Was held a general court of the governor to direct their flight towards Neubourg. and company of the Bank of England, Letters from Francfort, dated Sept. 20,

when a dividend of 2 1- half per cent. for N. S. inform us, that the locusts were come

interest and profits for the half-year ending into Swabia and Franconia, making the at Micbaeimas, was agreed to: The warsame havock as they had already donc else. rants to be payable, the 16th of October where. (See our Mag. for 1748, P: 336, 384, 407 ; and a curious figure of ibis Jure The fesfions ended at the Old- Bailey, prizing creature, p. 342.)

when the following 19 criminals receiv'd On Aug. 29, an order was made out to sentence of death, viz. John Wilfin and the exchequer for remitting to Scotland the Bofoman Perlev, for a riot in the Strand, money certified by the lords of sefions, due (see p. 334.) John Collifon and George Alto the nobility and gentry, &c. on account driage, for stealing a gelding and a mare, of the heretable jurisditions in that king. the property of Thomas Paker ; James Art dom, abolith'd by act of parliament. (See 7:old, for airaulting and robbing Mr. Will Mag. for 1748, p. 189.)

liam Wbilebread of a silver watch ; Jobre The margrave of Anjpach, on being in- Muoney, for assaulting and robbing Mr. vested with the order of the garter, pre

Seymour Stocker of a gold watch : David sented to Sir Charles Hanbury Williams a Boyd, for assaulting and robhing Mr. Edmagnificent ring set with a large brilliant ; ward Neway of his wig ; Cornelius Don and to Mr. Anfis he made a present of 200 nevan, for assaulting and robbing Thomas ducats, besides the goid-hilted (word his, Bentley of a coat, a pair of 'filver noe highness wore, and 100 ducats more for buckles, and other things ; Thomas Robin his cloaths, which belonged to the king of Jon and John Cross, for assaulting and robarms by virtue of his office. (Se p. 252.) bing Henry Thompson and Elizabeth Knop SUNDAY, Sept. 3:

upon the king's highway; William Lacy, A terrible fire broke out at Newport in on the oath of Edward Anderson, for beSbropoire, which in about 2 hours time ing concerned with him in assaulting and consum'd near 20 hou'es.

robbing Henry Ajplan; yoba Grabam, for Between 2 and 3 o'clock in the afternoon, 'Toboing Mr. Nelson on Tower.Hill; John a boat going from Somerset-fairs 10 Cuper's. Alford, for robbing Mr. Lillwall on the Gardens, with 8 persons in it, was ovcilet high vay ; William Cavenagb, Tbo. Myrort,




and Thomas Haffeate, for sobbing Alexander put into it a penny-worth of oil of curpen, Baily of a silver watch, and other things; tine, and give it the beast.

James Maginais, for assaulting and robbing N. B. It should be given as soon as the Paul Gorobed on the highway ; Mary Dymer, beast finks of her milk, which is a certain for robbing capt. Harris of a filver watch ; symptom of the approach of the distemper; and Tbomas Crawfurd, for returning from but it hath answered when the diftemper transportation.

has been far advanc'd.

W. F.

From obe London Gazette, Sept, 26.

Aug. 26.

RS. Edmund's Hai, 0xford,

EV, , A. B. The king has been pleased to grant the dignities of a baron and earl of the king- to Miss Molly Walford. dom of Great Britain, unto his grace Al. Hon. Mr. Dawney, uncle to lord visc. gence duke of Somerset, by the name, Downe, to Miss Roundell, of Marston near ityle, and title of baron Warkwortb, in

York, a 30,000l. fortune. the county of Noribumberland, and carl of

Sept. 7. Rev. Mr. Willes, vicar of St. Nortbumberland : To hold the same to him, Bride's, to Miss Ladbroke, filter to Sir Robert and the heirs male of his body ; and in Ladbroke. default of such issue, to Sir Hugb Switblon, William Buckland, Efq; to Miss Prudence of Stanwick in the county of York, baronet, Bilbop, of New. Atreet, Covent Garden. (fon-in-law to the said duke of Summerfet) Dr. Lawfield, a phyfician in Long-Acre, and the heirs male of his body by the lady to Mrs. English. Elizabetb Smirbjon his present wife, (daugh- 9. Mr. Master, ironmonger, of Smitb. ter of the said duke of Somerset) and, in freid, to Miss Afgill

, of Red-Lion-Street, default of such issue, the dignkies of Clerkenwell. baroness Warkworib, of Warkworrb castle, Mr. Sindney, wine merchant, of Crutobed. and countess of Nortbumberland, to the said

Friars, to Miss Mofter, of Smirbfield, Jady Elizabetb Smitbjan, and the dignities 12. Nicholas Mattbews, of Lee in Kent. of baron Warkworib, and earl of Nortbum.

Esq; to Miss Isabella Oram, of the Grange, berland to her heirs male.

in Sourbwark. His majefty has also been pleased to 15. Rt. Hon. James lord Boyd, eldest grant unto his grace Algernon duke of So- ron to the late earl of Kilmarnock, to Miss merset, the dignities of a haran and earl Rebecca Lockbart. of the kingdom of Great Britain, by the William Monson, Esq; to Miss Rowley, name, style and title of baron of Cockermouth

a near relation to admiral Rowley. in the county of Cumberland, and earl of

28. Sir Boucbier Wrey, bart. member for Egremont in the said county of Cumberland; Barnstaple, to Miss Edwards, daughter of to hold the same to him, and the heirs male

Jobs Edwards, Erq; of the Old Jewry. of his body ; and, in default of such issue, Aug. 29. The lady of Sir Jeffery drcber, to Sir Cbarles Wyndbam, of Orcbard-Wynd. deliver'd of a ron and heir. bam in the county of Somerset, baronet, The lady of the Rev. Dr. Egerton, of 2 (nephew to the said duke of Somerset) and fon and heir. the heirs male of his body ; and, in default Her grace the dutchefs of Mancbefter, wife of such issue, to Percy Wyndbam Obrian, of Edward Husey, Esq; of a daughter, in of Sbore Grove in the county of Edex, Esq; Ireland. (brother to the said Sir Cbarles Wyndham, Sept. 12. The lady of Sir Francis Lowjon, and nephew to the said duke of Somerset) of a ron and heir. and the heirs male of his body,

14. The lady of Jobn Lewis, of Landi. THURSDAY, 28.

loe, in Monmoutbhire, of a fon and heir. Stepben Theodore Jardin, Esq; alderman 20. The countess of Berkeley, of a daughand stationer, and William Wbitaker, Esq;

ter. alderman and cloth worker, were sworn The lady of Tbomas Brand, Esq; memb. into the office of Theriffs for London and for Tavistock, of a son. Middlesex for the year ensuing, at Guildball, 21. The lady of Sir George Wbeate, barte and on Saturday, the zoth, they were sworn of a fon. in at Weftminfter. (See p. 431.)

23. The lady of William Bafl, Esq; of a FRIDAY, 29.

son. Sir Samuel Pennant, Knt. alderman of 26. The lady of Sir Willowgbby Afton, Bifhop/gete ward, was unanimously elected bart. of Wadley, near Farringdon, Berks, lord mayor of London for the year ensuing, filer of Henry Pye, Esq; knight of the shire A RECEIPT for diftemper'd Ca'tir. for that county, of a lon and heir. quarts of crab-verjuice," The lady the lord visc. Duncannon,

(one of the lords of the admiralty) and being first bruised, with rue, fringing net- daughter to the duke of Devonfloire, of a tles, and gill-run-by-ground, of each a fon and heir. handful: When Train's and cool enougli,


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T and boil win it three cloves of garlick;



Derbigbshire, bart. His death was occafAug, 25. Teat

' at Wallop in Hampshire, Homas ; at oned by a fall from his horse, which fractur'd

his skull, and he expired in two hours after. who had been steward to many of the no.

Ecclefiaftical PRLFERMENTS.
bility and gentry.
Jobn Crewe, of Crewe-Hall in Cheshire, H

Enry Fuller, M. A. presented to the
Erq; aged 68, great grandson and heir of

fbire. -Mr. Walker, chosen by the dean the Re. Hon. Sir Randolph Crewe, knt. lord

and chapter, a canon of Wells cathedral.chief justice of England in the reign of K.

-Waters, B. D. presented to the rectory Cbarles I. He represented the county of

of Syddington in Bucks. Mr. Wintoun, to Cbeffer in several parliaments, and his great

the rectory of All Saints in Lincoln.--Rev. eftate of 15,000l. per ann. devolves to his

Dr. Hume, to the rectory of Barnes in Surrey, eldest son yobon Crewe, Esq; one of the re

in the room of the late Dr. Baker. presentatives in the present parliament for

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Cbefter. 27. The Rt. Hon. the lord Carbery, of

TEUT. Col. Howard, made col. of the the kingdom of Ireland. Sepe. 1. Rev. Dr. Baker, canon residen

Sir Cbarles Howard his father, who resign'd tiary of St. Paul's, rector of St. Micbael's

in favour of his son.- Lieut. col. Gearge Cornbill, and of Barnes in Surrey, and uncle

Walsh, of Powlet's marines, reformed, to William Baker, Efq; one of the aldermen

made lieut, col. of the late Barrell's reg. of of this city.

foot, in the room of lieut. col. Robert Ricb, Jobn Grover, Esq; clerk of the committee promoted to be col.-Capt. James Thorne of elections, and clerk of the ingrossments

made major of that regiment. - Robert to the Hon. house of commons.

Payne, Esq; appointed agent for all the 2. Rt. Hon. the countels dowager of

troops in Nortb-Britain, as_allo deputy Uxbridge, aged near 100.

governor of Stirling cattle.--Ensign Robert 4. Jobin James Heidegger, Erg; who was Hamplos, promoted to be lieut, in col. De. a native of Switzerland, aged near 90:

jean's reg of foot at Minorca.-Mr. Robin. : Mr. Barton, mercer to his royal highness

fon, chosen apothecary to St. Baribolomeru's the prince of Wales, and one of the com

hospital. -Benj. Robbins, Esq; appointed by mon-council for the ward of Farringdon

the court of directors of the East India without.

company, their chief engineer of all their 5. Marmaduke Allington, Esq; barrister of forts, &c. in the Eap. Indies. law, and one of the benchers of Lincoln's Perfous declar'd BANKRUPTS. Inn.

Lexander Gillenders, of St. Joba Wap. 12. Rt. Hon the countess dowager of Pembroke, reli&t of the late ear!, and wife cbenor, in Sullex, blacksmith. William of the Hon. Jobn Mordaunt, Esq;

Tookey, late of Uppingbam in Ruslandshire, 13. The lady of Robert Bertie, of Ufing- mercer.-Ralpb Lifter, of Garifhead in ton in Lincolnshire, Esq; one of the daugh- the county of Durbam, merchant.-George ters of Dr. Mead.

Parker., late of Newcastle upon Tyne, brewer. 14. The Rt. Hon. Ricbard Temple, lord -Charles Giffing, of Eye, in Suffolk, grocer. viscount and baron Cebbam, col, of a reg. -William Jack, of Oaking bam, Berks, of dragoons, field-marthal, and ranger of thopkeeper. Jon Special, late of Miles Windfor forest, and one of his majesty's end, merchant.-Naiban Tiliotfon, lace of mort Hon privy council. His lordship Wbitecbapel, hosier, filversmith, and dealer dying without issue, the dignities of vis- in bottles.-Martin Mickey, of St. Martin countess and baroness Cobbam come to Mrs. is be Fields, vi&tualler.William Simmonds, Grenville, his lordship's second fifter, and of Holborn, vintner.-William Taylor, of mother of Ricbard Grenville, Esq; memb, London, warehouseman.-David Taylor, of parliament for Bucking bom.

late of Bristol, hair-merchant.-Joba 19. Hon. James Bruce, Esq; judge of Hornby, late of Helmfley Blakemoor, in Yorkthe court of common pleas in Barbadees. fbire, grocer, woolkn-draper, and dealer.

21. Robert Britiffe, Esg; at Norwicb, in -Josepb Fletcber, of Leadenball-freut, the 86th year of his age, an eminent copk. -Ricbard Oakes, of Prescot-freet counsellor at law, and formerly recorder of cornfactor and dealer.-William Lukin, of that city, which he represented in several the parish of St. George, Hanover - Square, parliaments.

goldsmith. --William Mayne, of the parish 23. Hon. lieutenant-general Charles of St. Bridget's, otherwise Bride's, London, Frampton, Esq;

chinaman and glass-seller. - Jobn Box, late 24. Tbomas Dummer, Esq; deputy master of Ramsgate in Kent, thopkeeper, and of the great wardrobe, and father of Tbomas dealer. Josepb_Poole, of Tower.fireet, Lee Dummer, Esq; member for Newport in oilman.-John Frier, of Mildenball in The Ife of Wigbe.

Sifolk, innkeeper,
Sir Watkin Williams Wynne, of Wynftay in




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Prices of STOCKS in SEPTEMBER, Bill of MORTALITY, &c.
BANK INDIA ,South Sea South Sea South Sea 4perCent. 4 per Cent.Bank An. sperCent., India Bonds/B.Cir.pl Wind al Wearber Bill of Morlality from
STOCK.STOCK. STOCK. Annu. old Ann.new 1746. 1747.

1748. B. Annu.


11. S. d. Deal. London, Aug. 22. !0 Sept. 26.
108 1073 105 104 1053106 105

ICO 588 a 60 5 17 6 N. W. fair


100 3) 59а бо 15 15

14.03 W. ol

3 Sunday

S. W. hard fair rain
41 140

Buried Femal, 134} 2729
106 104 105 } } 105 * 100% 595 a 60 15 17 6W.S. W. rain fair
116 107


à 598 a 62

S. W. fair Died under 2 Years old 1139


105 10; }

cos a 64
N. W.bw.fair warm Between

7 140 190 U16


100 635 a 64 16 0 o N. N. W. fair

s and 10 –

105 106 100 655 a 72 5 17 6 N. W. fair cool

10 and 20

76 9

106를 104 106 106 100 728 a 74 15 17

S. E. fair cool

20 and 30 -224
10 Sunday

S. E. fair

30 and 40 252 MI 190 107 104 105 106

106 100 1 745 a 76 15 17 6 S. fair rain

40 and 50 269 12:401398191

116 | 107
106 105
106 106
758 a 73 5 17 6 W. Imuch rain

so and 60 - 196
7os a 73 5 37 6W. N. W. fair

60 and 70 - 162
190 116

10; 106

S, W. fair rain

70 and so

107 191 116 117 107 1

106 105 106 100 * 725 a 73

S, W. fair

80 and go

44 16 191 1064 106 1100 738 a 74

S. W. fair rain

go and:00 17. Sunday

S. W. fair windy

2,23 18 1401391 190 191

106 106 s 106 1 100 745 a 73

S.S. E. cool fair

Within the Walls
107 108 106
106 106
728 a 74 5 17 6 S. E. rain



Without the Wails 66; S. W. 735 a 74


In Mid. and Surrey 1°42
190 117 107 тоб

106 106

738 a 74 15 17 6 N. N, E. fair
"39 190 117 107 106
106 106

City & Sub. Well. til

728 a 73 15 17 61 E. fair rain


106 į 100 101 745 a 75 5 17 6

N, E.

24 Sunday

N, E. fair Weekly Aug. 29

493 190 107

100 Ž 745 a 75 N. N. E. cloudy

Sept. 5


1oo101 745 a 75
N. N. E. cloudy


-552 190 106 105

106 1 Tor


19 -572
106 107 1058106

101 i 798 a 80
S. E. cloudy

26 -491

E. S, E, hazy 30


107 106 101 1

S. E. cloudy Wheaten Peck Loaf is. 106.

(Wheat 278, 10 301. fer war,

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