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No one, I hope, expects, that we these the most deserving of the notice can obtain it by favour, which is a of the publick is the bill wiiich was motive that is never of any weight intitled, A bintir limiting refpe&tive in negotiations between independent times, beyond dich no non-commision nations. In all such, fear or na- oficer or foldier now,

or who may tional intereft are the only two bereafter be fuch, in his majelly's motives of a publick nature that A land service, Jirall be compelled to prevail. But it is the national in. continue in the said service. tereft of France, and of Spain too, March .. The house having that during her union with France, neither day passed the mutiny bil, 7 komas to give us fatisfaction, nor to do us Pitt, Esq; ftcod up, and moved for justice. Fear then must be made to leave to bring in a bill for this puroperate upon both : Our minifters pole, and being seconded by Sir must threåter to renew the war, if B Francis Daliwood, his motion was they refuse to settle those points complied with ; whereupon the said to our fatisfaction. Can such threat. two gentlemen and implry Sydene nings have any effect, if they fup. ham, Elg; were ordered to prepare pose that there is like to be a dir. and bring in the same, March 14th, union between his majesty and his tre bill was presented to the houfa parliament? And if we should be by the faid Thomas Piti, and read less full or less dutiful in our ac. C the first time, and ordered to be knowledgments to his majesty than read a second time. The 17th it has been usual of late years, would

was read a second time, and comnot both the courts of France and mitted to a committee of the whole Spain have good ground for such a houle ; and it was resolved, that the fuppofition?

house would, on Tuesday three weeks, This confideration will, I hope,

relo se itself into a committee of Sir, induce even the Hon. gencle

D the whole house on the said bill, man himself to give up the critical re- but on that day it was adjourned for marks he has made upon the address: a week, and then, viz. April 19, proposed ; for that they'll have any upon reading the order of the day, weight with others, I do not in the the usual motion being made, thac least fear; but I should wish to see the speaker do now leave the chair, our address upon this important oc

it was carried in the negative by 139 casion unanimously agreed to, espe. E to 82; whereupon it was recolved, cially as what is now proposed is

that the house would on that day neither of a greater length, nor

two months resolve itself into a commore particular than what has been

mittee of the whole house upon ufual for many years.

the said bill; but before that day

the parliament was prorogued, and [This JOURNAL to be continued in

to the bill was no more heard of; our next.]

F tho' nothing could contribute more BOSS 888338988a998

towards rendering our militia useful,

than a well concerted bill of this A Summary of the most important nature; but as this would render it

Afuirs, chat happex'd last Seffione unnecessary to keep a great number of Parliament : Continued from p. of regular troops in continual pay,

it will always be difficult to get Tuch E come now to give some G a bill pasied into a law. account of the moit impor

The next bill of this kind we Mail take notice of, was,

bill tant bills brought in last seilion; which had not the good fortune to to regulate and resirain paper bills of be palled into laws, and among

credit in the British colonies and plan, September, 1749.




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tations in America ; and to prevent 10, the house, by order, resolved itthe same being legal tinders in pay. self into a comunitee of the whole ments for money, &c. February 16, house upon the said bill, as it did upon a motion made by Horatio likewise, May 30, when the bill Walpole, fen. Esq; it was ordered, was very much altered ; but difficul. that leave should be given to bring ties still appearing, notwithstanding in a bill for this purpose ; and that A these alterations, the bill was drop, the said Mr. Walpele, the lord Dup. and the house resolved to address his plin, Mr.alderman Baker, Baptist Le- majesty to give directions for laying vifon Gower, Esq: Francis Fone, Ela; before them, in the next seslion of John Pitt, Esq; Sir Thomas Robinson, parliament, an account of the tenor and James Grenville, Esq; should and amount of all the bills of credit, prepare and bring in the fame. which had been created and issued in March 3, the faid Mr. Walpole pre- B the several British colonies and plansented the bill to the house, when tations in America, as well those it was read the first time, and order- under proprietors and charters, as ed to be read a second time. In under his majesty's immediate comthis case it was plain, that nothing mission and government, that should more was necesary to be provided be then out-Itanding, distinguishing by law, than that no such bills should the amount of the same in each be made legal tenders in payments C colony or plantation, and the refor money; but as the bill contained

spective times when such bills so outan absolute prohibition to issue any standing were issued, with the amount paser bills of crcdit, of any kind of the laid bills in money of Great or denomination, or under any pre- Britain, both at the time when such tence whatsoever without his maje- bills were issued, and the time of sty's licence ; and as it likewise con- preparing the said account, and also tained a clause for subjc&ting our D the times fixed for the calling in, colonies and plantations to such or- finking and discharging fuch bills, ders and instructions, as Mould from and the funds appropriated for that time to time be transmitted to them purpose. froin the crown; it raised a general The next bill of this kind we opposition from our colonies and plan. Mall take notice of, was that for extations upon the continent of America, tending and improving the Trade to and petitions were presented againi E Africa. As this trade is of the utmost st by the agents for Connecticut, Pen- consequence to the trade, plantalvania, Rhode Illand, Massachus. tions, and manufactures of England, jits- Bay, South Carolina and Now. and as the company was in no conYork; and likewise one from a great dition to support their forts and setmany merchants and traders of Lon

tlements there, 10 early in the session don, concerned in the trade to our as the 22d of December, the comnorthern colonies ; all which were or- F pany presented a petition to the dered to lie on the table, till the house, setting forth a brief account 2d reading of the bill, and that the of their history and circumstances, petitioners should be then heard and praying the house, on behalf of by their counsel against the bill, if themselves and their creditors, to they thought fit. May 1, the bill take the premiffes into confideration, was by order read a 2d time, and and grant such lasting encouragethe counsel for the agent of Connec- G ment to the petitioners as might enoliwi heard next day: Next day the able them to pay their debts, and counfel for the age.it of Pensylvania to keep and maintain their faid forts was heard, and also the counsel for and calles in a defensible condition, thie agent of Now-York; after which for the protection of a free and Nie bill was commitied; and, Max


open trade of all his majesty's subjects or trading to Africa, and the British to the coast of Africa, or to grant colonies and plantations in America; the petitioners such other relief in setting forth, in a particular manner, the premisses as to the house should the great importance of the trade seem meet.

to Africa ; and that the said trade At the same time Mr. Chancellor could not be supported without of the Exchequer (by his majesty's A maintaining the company's forts and command,) acquainted the house, serilements; and therefore praying that his majesty, having been in the house to take the premisses into formed of the contents of the said their most serious confideration, and petition, recommended it to the to take such methods as they should consideration of the house.

judge most proper and effeétual for The petition, however, was only the preserving, extending, and pro. ordered to lie on the table ; and, B tecting this most valuable branch of January 19, the creditors of the the British trade and commerce. faid company presented a petition to This petition also was ordered to lie the house, representing that the vpon the table, and no one step made company's forts and settlements, in the affair till the 7th of March, which by farliament, and sundry when it was resolved, that the house resolutions of that house, had been would on the 16th resolve itrelf into declared necessary for the protection C a committee of the whole house, of the British trade to Africa, had, to consider of the late of the trade for many years laft pait, been in to Africa. In the interim, viz. Mlurch great measure supported and secured Toth, a petition of the merchants. by the stores, goods, and merchan- and others interested in the trade to dizes, supplied to the said company Africa from the port of Liverpool was. by several of the petitioners; that presented to the house, alledging, that the repeated aids granted to the faid D in the opinion of the petitioners, the company by the publick had proved best security and protection of our an inducement with most of the pe- trade to the coast of Africa, from pititioners to intrust them, which they rates or other enemies, must always would not otherwise have done ; and principally depend on his majesty's that the substance of the said com- Thips of war, frequently visiting, pany being reduced to the single pro properly stationed, and timely re. poriy they had in the said forts and E lieved on that coait ; and that, wheresettlements, the petitioners, whose as forts and settlements on that coast private fortunes had been thus em. were generally esteemed necefiary, ployed for the publick good, were as marks of sovereignty and polierin danger of losing their just demands, fion, to prevent our rivals froin the without the generous interposition pretence or claim of any exclusive and allistance of the legislature ; and right of trade, by reason of the therefore praying the house to take F forts and settlements they then had, their deplorable care into considera- or might afterwards be poffcffed of, tion, and grant them such relief

such forts and settlements, in the opitherein, as to the wisdom and equity nion of the petitioners, would prove of parliament should seem meet. a burchen and nuisance in the hards

This petition was likewise order. of any joint-stock company, whose ed to lie on the table, and no further private interest has and ever will notice taken of the afrair till the 9th G be found incompatible with the inof February, when a petition was tereft of the separate and open trader, presented to the house by several

and therefore praying, that our premerchants of London, American sent forts and settlements upon the planters, and others, wtereted in, African coaft might be taken into his majelly's immediate poffeffion, and

or power to trade as a corporation, supported by the publick for the ge- under proper regulations, and that neral good of the Britilla trade; or

or if the forts and settlements upon that this could not be obtained, that the coast be put under proper managecare of them might be committed ment and direction. to the merchants trading to that Pursuant to these resolutions, a coast, in such manner as to the house A bill was ordered to be brought in, should seem meet, not thereby to and Mr. alderman Bethell, the lord acquire any other advantage or right Duoplin, the lord Strange, George in the said trade, but what Thall be Ixtileron, Edward Southwell, Robert in common with all his msjelly's Hoblyn, Thomas Brereton, Richard, subjects.

Gilaart, Nicholas Facokelv, James This petition was referred to the Sbartkworth, Francis Reynolds, Jobu faid committee appointed to consider B Gore, and Robert Nugent, Esqrs. were of the fate of the trade to Africa ; ordered to prepare and bring in the and the same day a petition of the fame. like purport from the master, war

As the forming of such a bill dens, affiftants, and commonalty was a matter of some dificulty, it of the society of merchants adven. could not be got ready till the 4th turers within the city of Bristol, of May, when it was presented to under their common seal, was pre- C the house by Mr. alderman Bethull, sented to the house, and referred to read a first time, and ordered to be the same committee.

read a second time; and next day A very material circumstance in the Airican company presented a this trade being thus contetted, the petition to the house, fetting forth committee was pui off till the rith their right to the coast of Africa, of April, when the house resolved &c. and therefore the petitioners, itself into the said committee, as it D fully relying on the justice of the did again next morning, and on house, that they should not be dethe 13th Mr. alderman Bithell, the prived of their property without chairman, reported the resolutions an adequate consideration, prayed, of the committee, which were a. that they might be heard by themgreed to, and were as follow: selves or counsel before the faid bill

1. That the trade to Africa ought should pass that house. Which always to remain free and open to all E petition was ordered to lie on the his majesty's subjects.

table. 2. That it ought never to be May 9th, the creditors of the said taxed with any duties whatsoever, company presented a petition to the for the support and maintenance of houle, containing some complaints any forts or settlements there,

against the management of the com3. That British forts and settle

pany, and offering to surrender their ments on that coast are neceffary F right to whomsoever the wisdom of to be maintained, as marks of the parliament should judge fit ; and poffeffion of Great Britain in those praying, that their debts might be inparts, and may, under proper ma- quired into, and that the equivalent nagement, be rendered useful to

to be granted for the company's the traders in general.

posieflions might be secured and ap4. That in order to carry on the plied, in the first place, for their beAfrican trade in the most beneficial G nefit. Upon this petition, which manner to these kingdoms, all his was ordered to lie upon the table, majesty's fubjects whatsoever trading the house ordered the company to 10 Africa, be united in an open lay before it a list of their debts, with company, without any joint stock the times when contracted, together


with a copy of their charter, and two mittee on the said bill, as it did remonstrances from their creditors, again the next day; and on the 5th mentioned in the said petition. Mr. Hoblyn, the chairman, reported

May 12th, both the last mentioned the amendments made by the competitions were referred to the con- mittee, which were all but one fideration of a committee of the agreed to, with amendments to sevewhole house ; and it was resolved, A ral of them, and several clauses being that the house would on the Turfday then added to the bill, it was orsevennight resolve it self into the said

dered to be ingrossed. committee, which was instructed to June 6, the bill was read the 3d admit the company to be heard by time, and with one amendment pastheir counsel upon their faid petition, sed and sent to the lords; but in that if they thought fit. After which, house such weighty objections were the said bill for extending and im- B made to the whole scope of the bill, proving the trade to Africa was read that it was dropt, and in lieu of it, a second time, and committed to a their lordships resolved upon on adcommittee of the whole house for dress to his majesty, as follows, viz. that day fortnight.

That he would be graciously pleased May 2zd, the abovementioned to direct the commissioners for trade papers were laid before the house and plantations, to prepare a scheme by the company; and next day the C for the better securing, improving house, according to order, resolved and extending the trade to Africa, itself into a committee upon the com- and to lay the same before both houpany's faid petition, as it likewise ses of parliament, at the beginning did on the 26th; and on the 30th, of the next session of parliament; and Mr. alderman Bethell, the chair- in the mean time, to give such diman, reported the resolution of rections for preserving and securing the committee, which was agreed Dthe forts, castles and settlements upon to, and was as follows, viz. the coast of Africa, belonging to

That a reasonable compensation Great Britain, as his majesty, in his be given to the royal African com- royal wisdom, fhall judge proper ; pany, whenever they shall be di- and that his majesty would be pleafvested of their charter, lands, forts, ed to direct the commissioners for castles, slaves, and all other effects executing the office of lord high adthereunto belonging; and that such E miral of Great Britain to appoint compensation fhall be in the first proper persons to inspect and exaplace applied for and towards the mine into the state and condition of payment of the bona fide creditors the said forts, castles and settlements; of the said company.

and also of the military stores, caftleThe committee upon the said bill flaves, canoes and other vesels befor extending and improving the longing to the royal African compatrade to Africa, having been put off F ny, and to report, with all posible from time to time till the first of dispatch, how they should find the June, on that day the order for this same. purpose being read, the committee And June 13, his majesty's an. was by an inttraction impowered to fwer was reported, which was. That make provision in the said bill for he would give directions accordingly, examining into the state and con- The last bill of this kind we shall dition of the forts and settiements G take notice of, was a bill for the en. in poffeffion of the company on the couragement of tbe British rubite-ber. coalt of Africa, and for examining ring and cod-fisheries. This affair into the claims of the creditors was first introduc'd, Feb. 8, when a of the said company ; after which, committee was appointed to consider the house resolved itself into a com


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