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Jold by R. Baldwin Jun. at the Rose in Pater Noster-Row.



River Kennet. Maple Durham. lood Conte Plump

4. The Fryers. 5. Can-sham Tonn. 6. S. Mary's Church .

7. S. Giles's Church, 8. S. Lanrence's Church. 19. The River Thame

10. The Lord Cadogans Seat. u. The Remains of the Abby. |12, Carsgu Hila

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monitbly intelligencer.

For SEPTEMBER,'1749.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantirya than any Monthly Book of tine lume Price.) 1. The JOUR N A L of a Learned and Poli- XIV. Surprizing Eruption of Water in C418tical Ć LUP., &c. continued : Containing

berland. the SPEECHES of C. Numifius, and 2419 XV. New Patent to the Duke of Somerset. tus Mucius, in a Debate on the Motion for XVI. Receipts for diftemper'd Cattle. an Address.

XVII. A Plan for recovering the Britijh Her. II. Summary of the most important Affairs . ring and Cod Fisheries.

in the last Session of Parliament, continu- XVIII. Curious Memoirs concerning the ed.

great Lord Bacon. JII. Abstract of Mr. Toll's Defence of Dr. XIX. POETRY, Ode on a Gentleman's BirthMiddleton's Free Inquiry.

Day ; Virtuous Love, a Song ; on Miss IV. Letter from one of the Setters in Nova Carier at Deal ; Hymn for Sickness; ill Scoria.

Habit, a Fable ; the Question, a Song; to V. The Characters of two Lord Chancellors. Butcher Geffe; the Surprize; the Cure, VI. Account of the Weekly Journals, on se- &c. &c. &c. veral Political Subjects.

XX. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOCER : ElecVII. Abstract of A Letter to a gou Lady tion of Lord Mayor and Sheriff's; general newly married, a satirical Piece.

Cout of the Bank; Sessions at the od
VIII. A Description of the Norib Riding of Bailey, &c. &c. &c.

XX1. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;
IX. solution of a Geometrical Question.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
X. Observations on Grief.

XXII. Frices of Stocks for each Day.
XI. Abstract of the Free and cardid Disquisi. XXIII, Monthly Bill of Mortality.

tions relating to the Church of England. XXIV. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
XII. Of private Revenge, and publick Justice. XXV. Catalogue of Books.
XHI. Devastations by Locons.
With a new and accurate MAP of the North Riding of Yorkshire, and a beautiful View of tite
South Profpect of the Town of Reading in Berkshire, curiously engraved on Copper.


LONDON : Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater.Nofter-Rozv. of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Scitch''.

or any single Month to complete Sets.



ABMiddieron's Free Inquiry, against Mr.

gion therein

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395, 396




of of did disquisitions relating to tbe church of

England, and the means of advancing reliDod vell. 391

417 Abftract of A letter to a young lady newly The characters of two lord chancellors, in

married, in France, a satirical piece 392 answer to the Wesimirsier Journal 419 Account of the several Weekly Journals 393 Some curious extraas from lord Bacon's life Cafe Biean given up too foon ibid.

419, 420 of the fire of London

ibid, Preamble to lord chancellor Harcourt's Character of Q. Elizabeth and Oliver Cromne patent for creating him a peer 421 well

394 Sir Jotn Davys's character of a good chanAffair of Algiers ibid. Celior

422 notes, Cale of the butchers ibid. Wire saying of Sir Ricbard Steel

423 Solution of a geometrical question 395 A plan proposed for the recovery of the A description of the Norib Ridirg or link- Brii herring and cod fi heries 423, phire

424 Sias burongb, and the other borouglis de POETRY. An ode on a gentleman's birth scribed

day in the Weft

423 The other market-towns

The surprize

ibid. Remarkables in Riebmandshire ibid.

The cure
The JOURNAL of a learned and political Wrote extempore on hearing the character
CLUB, Sc. continued
397--405 of a lady, lately decealed

ibid. DEBATE on the motion for an addreis Virtuous love, a song

ibid. ibid. Hymn for fickness

ibid. SPRECH of C. Numifius againft it 397 On miss Carter, of Deal SPEECH of Quintus Mucius, in favour of it The surprize, inscrib'd to miss of 401 Gloucefier

427 Of the late treaty of peace 397, 401, 66. Ill habit, a fable

ibid, Several paragraphs in the address ob. The wolf reform'd, a fable

428 jected to, and the objections answered The question, a long, to miss Eliza Tbo398, 403

ibid. A summary of the most important affairs Monsieur Voltaire, of the Newtonian philuso.

that happen'd lal felsion of parliament, ry phy, translated by Mr. Bancks ibid.

To butcher Goffe, extempore

429 Of bulls brought in, and not pafled into The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 430 laws


A remarkable storm, and surprizing erupThe bill for limiting the time of serving in tion of water in Cumberland

ibid. the army

ibid. Duvastations by locufis in Germany, Hungary The paper credit hill with repeat to the and Poland

ibid. American colonies and plantations ibid. G. Election of heriffs for London and Middle sex The African trade bill, and several petitiors

431 relating to it

406, &c.
General court of the Bank

ibid. The white-herring and cod fishery hill 409 Setsions at the Old Bailey

ibid. Of motions that did not go the length of Sheriffs sworn in

432 biliz

New lord mayor elected

ibid. Of ihe Iludson's Bay trade

ibid. A new patent to the duke of Somer sex ibid. of the motion relating to reamen

Receipts for distemper'd cattle ibid. and The motion for holding the summer aflizes. at Ipswich

ibid. Marriages and births Copy of a letter from one of the settiers in Deaths


433 Nova Scotia, giving an account of their

Ecclefiaftical preferments

ibid. arrival, of the country, and of their pro. Promotions civil and military ibid. ceedings there

Persons declar'd bankrupts

Observations on grief
415 Prices of stocks ; wind, weather

434 Of private revenge and publick justice 416 Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Abiti ad of a book, intitled, Free and can- FOREIGN AFFAIRS

435 Catalogue of bocks









Having given an Abstract of Dr. Middleton's centuries deserve as much credit as those of

Free Inquiry into the Miraculous Powers the first or second. of the Primitive Church *, and of Mr. Upon the first of the five heads of Dr. Dodwell's Free Answer thereto t, we M's. Inquiry, Mr. T. replies, that if thela fhall now give an Abstract of A Defence miraculous powers had no effect on the of the Free Inquiry, by Frederick Toll, conversion of heathens, it is not easy to A. M. Rector of Logmersfield, Hamp- conceive for what purpose they were contin Thire.


nued in the church; and if they bad, it is as

hard to conceive how all the writers for lo PON the point in questi- long a space of time could avoid taking par. on, as Aated by Dr. M. ticular notice of some of them ; especially,

and answered by Mr. D. as in th: vleis of tbe Apofles we find the perU Mr. Tol observes, that sons, time, place and occasion of every mi.

neither of the meanings B racle so circumftantially denoted. And as put upon the doctor's these miraculous powers have certainly

words by Mr. D. can be cealed long lince, without any writer's have the doctor's meaning. “ I suppose, says ing ever taken notice of the time when Mr. T. it will be admitted, that many they did cease, the event of their ceaning things may be possible to almiglity power, could appear no more extraordinary to the which are in themselves incredible : Incre- writers of the firit or second century, than dible, not because they are contrary to the

to those of any future century. ellabli med laws of nature, but because they As to the miracle at the martyrdom of are trifling, because ridiculous, because to C Pelgrarp, Mr. T. first gives his reasons for no manner of end or purpose. Several mi- dishelieving it, and then obf_rves, that supe racles of this character Dr. M. has produced posing it to be true, it proves nothing against in the course of his work, as deliver'd down Dr. M. who undertakes only to Mew, that to us from the earliest ages upon the autho- we have no good reason to believe, that rity of the fachers. To these inliances God Almighty did continue to work mira. therefore, and others of the like nature, his cles by the agency or instrumentality of meaning in the partage under consideration man, after the days of the apostles; but is in all fair and equitable confruction to be does not pretend to new, that God Alrestrained.”

mighty might not suspend, or reverse, the As to the credit due to church historians, laws of nature, upon any occafion that in Mr. T, admits it to be a question of great his wisdom he might think worthy of it. moment, but observes, that even Mr. D. Upon the second, as to the testimony of himself has confessed, that false miracles Irene!'s, Mr. T. obferves, that even Mr. D. might have been obtruded by wicked, and himéelf allows, that his expression or tefti. believed by weak men, without prescribing mony is to be understood in a limited senie; any rule for de:ermining which of the hifa and alterwards Mr. T. shews, that Ireliaus torians we are to give credit to, and to E himself had not the gift of tonques, which which we are not, except that mentioned of all others was the most necellary for the by Dr. M. which depends on the characters place of his million. And as to what St. of the personis atteiting, or the nature of the Paul says, in his epistles, Mr, T. intilis, things atteited ; and as to both mele, the ibat it is molt agreeable to reason to restrain biftorians of the 3rd, 4th, and following it :o a few of the most eminent disciples.

Ddd 2

Upon * See our Magazine for January, p. 17.

Sre Do. for July, p. 578.

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