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and the rest of them were hourly expected. I the form of a Venus with Pallas's mind ;


dead at the first fire, but ferjeant Hartley out and strongly gilded :, HIO DEfell on his back, and said, Lord bave mercy POSITUM EST, CORPUS JONATHAN on my soul ; whereupon another file of SWIFT, S. T. D. HUJUS ECCLESIA musketeers fired, and dispatch'd him. CATHEDRALIS DECANI, UBI SÆVA WEDNESDAY, 16.

INDIGNATIO ULTERIUS COR LACE, An express arrived from governor Corn.

RARE NEQUIT. ABI, VIATOR, ET walis, governor of Nova Scotia, by the IMITARE, SI POTERIS, STRENUUM:

PRO VIRILI LIBERTATIS VINDICA. way of Boffon, dated from Cbebusto harbour,

TOREM. June, 23, mentioning, that he arrived at that place the day before : And by another

The Reasonable Lover. A New Song, Sung by letter of the 28th, from the same place,

Mr. Lowe at Vaux-Hall Gardens, five of the transports, with the settlers on board, were safe arrived in that harbour,


Seek at a
This evening a gallery in Mr. Phillip's Let the girl that I love have but prudence-
booth in Bartholemew-Fair fell down, with

in view,

[her true : a great number of people in it, by which That tho' the deceive, I may Itill think accident Mr. String fellow, a goldsmith in Be her person not beauteous, but pleasing Aldersgate.fireet, and Thomas Hedges, a

and clean,

(mien ;
journeyman plaisterer in Golden-lane, were Let her temper be cloudless and open her
kill'd; several others were dangerously By folly, ill-nature nor vanity led, (red,
wounded, two of whom, who had their Nor indebted to paint---for white or for
limbs broke, were carried to St. Baribolo-
mew's hofpital.

May her tongue, that dread weapon in

most of the sex, [perplex ; Five of the 8 malefactors condemned at Be employ'd to delight us, and not to the allizes at Croydon were this day executed Let her not be too bold, nor frown at a jest, on Kennington-Common. Thomas Supple, a For prudes I despise, and coquets I deteft : notorious highwayman, was afterwards May her humour the taste of the company hang'd in chains on Gallows-bill, near


(wit. Kingston.

Not affectedly wise, nor too pert with her The companies of several ships waited Go find out the fair, that is form'd on my on his majesty with a petition, praying


[can. the payment of the prize money, due for And I'll love her for ever,--. I mean, if I prizes taken in the Mediterranean; when

MARRIAGES and BIRTHS. they received for answer, that it was put

Alpb Gowland, of Durban, in a method of payment, and they would receive all imaginable satisfaction in a few 27. David James of Ampthill in Bedforddays.

fire, Esq; to Mi's Knapp. SUNDAY, 27.

Oliver Tilsen, Elq; to lady Frances This morning, about half an hour after Brudenell, fister to the earl of Cardigan. three, a fire broke out at Mr. Harwood's Aug. 5. William Cooper, of Harring ferd. in Grocers. Alley in the Poultry, which burnt bury Park, Esq; to Miss Madan, eldest that house, and Mr. Medley's adjoining, daughter of col. Madar, and 3 other houses, and very much dama. Lord viscount Bulkeley, to Miss Rowlands, ged the Poulery-Compier, a lost belonging to an heiress. the right Hon. the lord mayor, adjoining 9. David Roberts, of Donbigbphire, Efq; to Grocers Hall, and several other houses. to Mrs. Buiperi. There were above 50 persons in the Compler Hon. Charles Dormer, Efq; to lady Mary for debt, &c. who were all set at liberty Talbot, fister to the earl of Shrewsbury. for fear of being burnt ; above 40 of them 10. Henry Shifner, Esq; a Riflia merafterwards return'd. The felons, 9 in chant, to Miss Brunsden, of Blackbectb. number, escaped at the same time, and 12. Capt. George Cole, to Miss Talbot of only one was retaken. The wifo of Mr. Enfield. Mears, lace-merchant, who had been ill Mr. John Wilfun, an eminent grocer in for some time past, died the same morning, St. Paul's Cbureb Yard, to Miss Kitty Crojs, of the fright occafion'd by this disaster. of Organ-Hall, in Hertfordsbire.

A monument of black marble was about Fufinian Nuti, Efq; commander of the this time erected in the great ine of St. Anfor man of war, to Miss Cook of Wine Patrick's cathedral at Dublin, to the me. cbefter. mory of the great and eminent Patriot Lord chief baron Idle, in Scotland, to doctor JONATHAN SWIFT, with the Mrs. Hop, lifter to Sir Ptilip Musgrave, of following inscription in large letters, deeply Cumberlund, baren

July 25.

25. R ; of .

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15. Rev.


TH ; a


ai lait obliged him to decr off, and faved Derenca, presented to the rectory of

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15. Rev. Mr. Wyndbam, a near relation Mr. David Gill, at Canterbury, in the of Sir Cbarles Wyndbam, bart. to Miss Tooth year of his age, who was in the proRafbout, of Kensington.

cefsion on Bougbion. Hill at the restoration 17. Mark Venables Smirbson, Esq; poffer- of K. Cbarles II. fed of a large estate in Warwickshire, to 12. Tbomas Sinclair, Efq; formerly in the Miss Franc s Evelyr, of Richmond.

commission of the peace for the county of 22. Thomas Laurence, Esq; of Abington, Berks. to Miss Harriot Burrougbs.

--- Howard, Efq; in the commission 24. Tbomas Barburf, Esq; eldest son of of the peace for Westminster, formerly » Benjamin Barburf, Esq; to Miss Fazakerley, col. in the guards, and some years lince an heiress of 30,000l, fortune.

governor of Jersey. Hug. 4. The lady of Sir- Sambroke, Tbeopbilus Barnes, Esq; at Greenwicb, bart. deliver'd of a fon.

well known for his skill in mechanicks, c. 17. The lady of Tbomas Frankland, Erg; 16. Mrs. Hollings, a widow gentlewomemb. for Tbirfk in Yorkshire, of a daugh- man, at Lamberb, aged 103. ter.

Cbarles Upton, Esq; a commander in the 21. The lady of - Berkeley, Esq; of a son. royal navy, son of the celebrated grammaDEATHS.

rian, the Rev. Mr. James Upton, who died July 250 HE lady viscountess Gage. a few days fince at Taunton,

22. Carbarine, countess dowager of Ege member in the last parliament, and formerly mont, reliet of John late earl of Egmont commander of an Eafl-Indiaman; who fome 29. Andrew Crole, of Clerkenwell-Close, years since, on his voyage to the Eaft- Indies, was attack'd by Angria, and fought him Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENTS. in a gallant manner for several hours, and R.

Twickenbam in Middlesex.---Mr. Prito his Tip and cargo, which was very valuable, cbard, to the vicarage of Borbill in Oxfordo for which bold action the E. India company poire. ---Mr. Apew, to the rectory of Bin. made him a present of 1000l. in money, don in Suflex.---Mr. Fane, B. D. to the and a gold medal set with diamonds of rectory of Sberton in Surrey.-.. Mr. Crowle, socl, value, as a reward for his bravery.' to the rectory of All Saints in Chester.--

Right Hon. Frances, countess dowager of Mr. Grisdale, to the rectory of Harion-Sole. Fingall, in Ireland.

field in Hampshire.---Mr. Tringley, to the Sir Jon Bingbam, bart. governor of vicarage of Wbuley in Oxfordshire. ---Mr. the county of Mayo, in Ireland,

Purdue, to the vicarage of Stanton-Bridge, 28. Hon. Cbarles Leigb, Esq; brother to in Elex.-.-Mr. Dubur dieu, to the rectory the late lord Leigh, of Store-Leigh, in War- of Harley in Kent. wickshire,

PROMOTIONS Civil and Military. Sir Wyndbam Kratcbbull Wyndbam, of UDLEY Baxter, Esq; made solicitor Merham-Harcb in Kent, bart. who lately to the excise.----Sir youn Ligonier took the surname of Wyndbam, pursuant made col, of the ad reg. of dragoon guards, to the will of lord Wyndbam, who left him in the boom of the late duke of Montage : a very large esate.

Earl of Efringbam, first lieut. and lieut. col. Aug. 8. Hon. Richard Temple, Esq; of the ad. troop of horfe guards : Cbarles eldest son to the lord visc. Palmerston, and Clarke, Esq; fecond lieut. and lieut, col. member for Dowion in Wiles.

and Henry Gore, Esq; cornet and major to Jobro Hucks, Esq; an eminent brewer, the said troop.---Sir Cbarles Howard, made and in the commission of the peace for governor of Curlife, and Cromwell Ward, Midlifex.

Efq; lieut. governor.---William Deane, Esq; Edward Folper, Esq; one of the direc- made lieut, gov. of Jersey ; John Barringtors of the Sun Fire Office.

ton, Esq; lieut. gov. of Berwick; lord 9. Hon. William Barrell, Esq; lieut. Robert Manners, lieut. gov. of Hall; and gen. of his majesty's forces, governor of Ricbard Bowles, Esq; lieut. gov. of PenPendennis-Castle, and col, of the king's own dennis-Cafile..--Sir Fobn Mordount, made reg. of foot. He serv'd his country with col of the reg. of horse, late Ligonier's in great honour upwards of 50 years, and Ireland ; major. gen. Ckolmendeley, col, of was present at most of the great actions the reg. of dragoons, late Mordauni's, in and sieges in Flanders during Q. dinne's war. Ireland ; Henry Conway, Esq; col. of the

10. Rt. Hon. Henry lord Colerare, baron reg. of foot, late Cholmondeley's ; lord visc. Colerane, in the kingdom of Ireland.

Torrington, co!. of the regi of foot, lace
Robert Uporn, of the island of Barbadoer, Conway's, in Ireland.--. Mr. Corvel, chofen
Ifq; in the 30th year of his age, a gen- surgeon in St. Tbomas's Hospital, in the
tleman of an exceeding good character. room of Mr. Girle, who resigned.
Mr. Tyler, one of the general accomp.

[Bankruptsioon warnar,
gangs of the excite.


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PRICES of STOCK S in AUGUST, Bill of MORTALITY, &c. BANK INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea 4perCent. 4 percent. [Bank An.(3perCent. India Bonds B. Cir.prl Wind ar Weber Bill of Mortality from TOCK. STOCK, STOCK. Annu.old Ann. new

1746. 1747 1748. B. Annu. præm. 1. 5. d.

Deal. London. July 25. !0 Aug. 22. 137 115 108

105 106 } 100 853 & 83 15 12 6 S. thunder


hrift. 108 ) 1c6 3 106 106 1 100 835 a 8.15 12

6 S, E. fair

Femal. 494

115 103 1

845 a 85 15 12
6 N. W.


Males 8903
137 1
13513-1115 108 i

838 a 85 15 12 6 N. by W.

? Femal. 88531775 185

105 105 106 106 100

848 a 85

S. W.

Died under 2 Years old 691

S. W. gloomy

Between 2 and 5 - 143
135 113


848 a 85 W. S. W. fair

and 10 -

108 106
105 106410-710611053) 100 1838 a 85 S 12 6 S. W.

fair rain

10 and 20 44 9 137

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845 a 82 S W. rain tair

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70 and so

52 35 138 1901 190 115 }

107 106 104 105 105 106 106 100 100 5-s a 62 5 12 N. fair hot

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381 113 18921993. 115 107 108 106

100 60s a 62 5 12
6 S. W. fair hot

Within the Walls 19 139

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100 595 a 62 5 12 6'N. E hy E. Eur sultry! 20 Sunday

N. E. air sultry

Without the Walls 430
1:8 39

In Miu, and Surrey 810
107 106 A 105

E. N. E. tair ul ry

City & Sub. Wif. 373 221 138190

1397 106 £ 104 106 105

sos a 59 5 12 6 E. N. E. fair fultry 1901391 23


104 106 588 a 60 5 12 6

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S. W.


24 119


S. by E. fair hot Weekly Ang.

47 1 25 139 140 189 1

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E. fair mild

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598 5 15 190

N. E. lair mild

15 442 27 Sunday

N. E. fair mild 28 140 141' 189 }

107 108 104 10} ot 595

E. N. E. fair
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$85 a 60

N. E. by E. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf 1s. jod. 39 140 1 ly

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fair Wheat 295, to 325, per Quare 311 140

106 106 106 100 578 a 59

N, E. fair

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Ince our last we have the following acS

June laft, N. S, the English had evacuated counts, viz. From flolland, That the

that island, and every place thereunto beftates general have resolved, that a species longing, and that his troops had thereupon of gold coin shall be struck there of the va. been put in poffeffion thereof; in confelue of 14 guelders, and one half of that va- quence of which his majesty had ordered lue ; and that the utmost p:ecaution shall the marquis de Puifieux to acquaint the earl be used by the work or milling on the edges, of Albemarle, that the lords Suflex and to prevent their being clipp'd or filed: And Cathcart, our hostages at Paris, were now that on the 19th inst. N, S. the baron de at liberty to go where they pleased. Borffelen had, by vir!ue of the full powers he From Madrid, That the agent of the had received from the prince stadtholder, commerce at Cadiz had made strong reprechanged the magistrates of Sluys; and next sentations at the court of Spain, of the daday set out for Sas-van-Gbent, to do the mage sustained by the commerce, by the fame there.

fleet from the Havanna's putting in at FerFrom Paris, That on the 7th inft. N. S. rol instead of Cadiz; his catholick majesty an edict was published, whereby the de- had thereupon declared, “ That roine parbates of his most christian majesty's coun- ticular reasons had obliged him, on this occil were supprest, and severe penaltles en- calion, to depart from antient custom, acted againit all printers, booksellers, and but the alteration thould not be made a others, that should presume to print, vend, precedent: Therefore the parties interested or privately diftribute, any copy or copies might rest ailured, that all other feels comof the said debates; but even in that arbi- ing from America, thall, as lieretofore, put trary government they allow the debates of into Cadiz, and no where else, and that or. their parliaments to be printed and published: ders in consequence have been already iffu. That the comptroller general had demand- ed in regard to the fleet, which is expected ed of the French clergy a particular declara- under the command of vice-admiral Spie tion of the amount of their several revenues, nola." His majesty's particular reasons, in order, it is raid, to subject that rich body probably, were, that as he was resolved to to the payment of the ewentieto penny, or make no reasonable concessions to us with one billing in the pound, equally with the rest regard to the freedom of our trade and na. of the nation : That a new method has vigation in the American reas, or with rebeen proposed to his majesty for increafing gard to our South-sea company, he was his revenue by prohibiting all persons from afraid of our resuming courage and recom. wearing a sword, except those who Mall mencing hostilities. prove their title of noblesse, or who are in From Lisbon, That towards the end of last his majesty's armies ; but that those who month his Portugueze majesty was taken ro have no sufficient title, may have permis. ill, that fearing he could not live the day out, fion to wear one, in confideration of a small all the sacraments were administered to him; sum of money paid yearly to his majesty : but having recover'd a little, his majesty sent That his most chriftian majesty, being de- for the prince of Brazil, and after a pathefirous to preserve peace in the church, hal tick exhortation upon the duties that would wrote circular letters to all the bishops of be incumbent upon him, when he mounted his kingdom, fignifying that, for the future, the throne, he gave him some instructions they must nut publith any mandates con- in writing, in which he particularly recomcerning any controverted points of religion, mended to him to keep in peace with all without his majesty's permission; and that potentates, and carefully to avoid entering they should be cautious how they refuse the into any engagements, that might oblige facraments to dying persons reputed Janse- him to take part in any quarrel, in which nifts; and to render those letters the more he had no particular concern. effectual, his majesty has by an ediet charge From Venice, That they had now been ed all printers not to print any such man- more cautious in their behaviour, than they dates without a licence from the court : were in the year 1735; for upon the late That on the zoth another of his majesty's second appearance of the young pretender edicts was registered, in parliament, by in their city, which did not less awaken which all monasteries of nuns are for- the attention of the British court than it bidden to take in any novices before the had done formerly, their behaviour towards age of 24 years and i day; and that no him was such, that, instead of being dirchild brought up in a nunnery shall be suf- satisfied with their conduct, as upon the fered to take the veil, till she has lived seven former occasion, that court had testified to years in the world, alter which Me may re- the doge and senate, that it took in good turn to the convent, if she likes it better : part the regard which they had now shewn And that on the 28th instant, N. S. his ma- for the king and royal family of Great Britain. jesty had advice by one of his frigates ar- From Genoa, That the malcontents of siy d from Caps-Breton, that on the 23d of Corfica being again in arms, and having pr. 1s.

even attack'd the French troops in the and therefore they begin to think in godd neighbourhood of Nebbio, the senate 'begin carnest to part with it, upon advantageous to be sentible of the impoflibility of keeping terms in favour of France, or in favour of that inand, the inhabitants whereof thew Spain, for the use of don Pbilip, duke of an invincicible averfion to their government, Parma, with the title of king.

The Monthly Catalogue for August, 1749. CONTROVERST and DIVINITY, &c. London. pr. '1s. 60. 7. Ofborn. a.* TXpoftory Notes, with practical Ob- 17. A concise System of Rhetorick, by

. Question and Answer, in Frencb and English. 72 Edition. By W. Burkilt, M. A. pr. Il. pr. 15, 6d. Recue.

18. An Enquiry into Dr. Ward's Practice 2. The Enthusiasm of Methodists and Pa- of Physick. pr. 6d. Humphrey. pists compar'd. Part II.

pr. 25. 6d. Knapton. 19. The Wealth of Great Britain in the 3. A Letter to the Rev. P. Doddridge, Ocean. pr. Is. Cooper, Owen. D. D. concerning his Life of Col. Gardiner, 20. Lettre a Monsieur de Buffon : par and the Accounts of the Family of Monros. M. Furin, Medicin de Londres. pr. 60. Holloway.

Manby and H. Cox. 4. An Answer to a plain Account of the 21. An Answer to two Anonymous Methodists, eco pr. 3d. Wirbers.

Epistles address'd to Mrs. Con. Pbilips. pr. 5. A full and particular Reply to Mr. 6d. Millan. Cbandler's Case of Subscription, &c. By yo. 22. Memoirs of the Life and Writings of Clarke, M. A. pr. 2s. 6d. Innys.

William Wbifton, M. A. containing alfo 6. A Letter to Dr. Addington of Reading, Memoirs of several of his Friends. Written on his refufing to join in Consultation with by Himself. 2 Vols. Svo, pr. 6s. In a Physician who had taken his Degree a. Sheets, or 75. in Boards. Wbision, broad. By R. Rulle, M. D. pr. 6d. Rafel.

POETRY. 7. The true Scripture Doctrine of Justi- 23. A Poetical Epiftle to Miss C fication. By D. Millar, A. M. pr. 15. pr. gd. Andrewus. Betr, Ward.

24. A Poem to the Memory of Isaac 8. An Account of a Medical Controversy a

Wars, D. D. by Jobs Milling. pr. is 6d. in the City of York, in which five Physicians are engag'd, and the remarkable Manner

25. An Epistle to a Gentleman of the of its being hitherto conducted. With two Temple, pr. Is. Spavan. Letters from Dr. Mead and Dr. Frewin. 26. Poems on several Occalions, from pr. 15. Dodfley.

genuine Manuscripts of Dean Swift, @c. 9. • The Use and Intent of Prophecy in

pr. is. Owen. the several Ages of the World, to which is 27. An Elegiac Poem to the Memory of added, an Enquiry into the Mofaick Account Dr. Watts. By Tbo. Gibbons. pr. 6d. Oswald. of the Fall. By Ibo. (Sherlock) Lord Bishop

SER MONS. of London. pr. 55. Whifton.

28. A Sermon on the general Thanks. 10. The divine Right of Infant Baptism, giving, April 25. at Urney in Derry. By examined and disprov'd. By Jobn Gill, W. Henry, M. A. pr. 6d. Jolliffe. D. D. pr. is. Ward.

29.- at Belfaf. By G. Kennedy, M. 1. A New Universal English Dictionary: A. pr. 61. Roberis. By Benjamin Martin. pr. 6s. Hodges, New- 30.

-before the Lords, on May. 29. bery, Ward.

ByEdward (Crefet] Lord Bishop of Landaff, 12. Edmundi Halleii, Aftronomi dom

pr. 6d. C. Davis. viveret Regii, Tabulæ Aftronomicæ. pr. 31. Two Sermons before the University Il. is, Innys.

of Cambridge, Mar. 16, and April 15, 1749. 13. Pbarmacopoeia Contracta; in Ulum

By B. Bennet, M. A. pr. 15. Beecrofi, Tonjon. Nosocomii ad pauperes e gente Lufitanica 32. Sermons on the Creation, Fall and curandos nuper instituti. pr. 15. 6d. Grif- Redemption of Man. By H. Felton, D. D. fiibs.

pr. 55. Clarke, 14. * A complete English Dispensatory in 33. A Sermon before the Lord Mayor, two Parts, Theoretical and Practical, by &c. at St. Paul's, June 11. By Tbo. Jobu Quincy, M. D. the 12th Edition in Wing field, M. A. pr. 6d. Clarke. 8vo. pr. ós.

34. Sermons on various Subjects, Vol. IL MISCELLANEOUS.

By Jobn Orr, M. A. pr. 6s. Millar, 15. A Particular and Iinpartial Narrative 39. A Sermon on the Death of Anibony of the late Mutiny and Running away with Walburge, Esq; by Ob. Hugbes, D.D. pr. the Cbesterfield Man of War. pr. 6d. Owen. 8d. Hett, Buckland.

16. • A compleal Guide to all Persons 36. Another on the fame Subject. By who have any Concern with the City of Thomas Newman, pr. 6d.


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