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part of the amendment, it was car- any debate, because gentlemen ried in the affirmative by 107 to 79. thought it needless to oppose the bill But the most remarkable thing that in general; but before the house went happened upon the report, was the into a committee on the bill, when leaving out that article of war for the several clauses were to be sepasubjecting the half-pay officers of the rately considered, the house addresled navy to the same discipline as if ac. A for copies of all the articles of war tually upon full pay. This had oc- made fince the beginning of K. Charles casioned a moft ftrenuous debate Ild's reign, and the following were in the committee, and a new one Jaid before them, viz. those made upon the report, but at laft some of from 1721 to 1749 inclusive, for the chief ministers yielded, and it our forces both at home and abroad; was agreed to be left out, without a and those of 1742,1743, 1744, 1745, division.

B and 1747, for forces employed in foApril 20, The house having gone reign parts ; all which were referred through the report, the bill was or. to the said committee, and on Feb. dered to be ingrossed; and on the 17 they went for the first time into a 24th, it was read a third time, and committee upon this bill, which took several new amendments made, after

up a great part of that day, and afterwhich it was pafied and sent to the wards of the 20th, the 22d, the 27th, lords, where it occasioned a debate C and March 1, in which time many. upon the general necessity and scope amendments were made, many of. of the bill *, but it passed that house fered and rejected, and there were with a very few amendments; and many divisions, some of which de. those amendments being agreed to serve a particuur notice. by the other house upon May 10, it Feb. 17, A motion was made, to received the royal afsent on the 26th insert in the first clause of the bill of the same month.

Dthese words, (or shall be found. The next bill we are to give an sleeping upon his post, or shall leave account of, was that usually called it before relieved) which being opthe mutiny bill, which, tho' an an- posed, it occasioned a debate ; but nual bill, and a bill formerly thought the question was at last carried in fainconsistent with our constitution in vour of the motion without a division. time of peace, has for many years Feb. 20, Upon the 4th clause of been paired without much oppo. E the bill, it was moved to insert after fition, but the bill brought in the word (tried) these words (nor this year, and the articles of war fhall any such court-martial be comlately made, having some extraor- posed otherwise than of such officers dinary clauses, it occafioned several then on duty in the respective redebates. Feb. 7, a motion was made giment, from whence they are fumby Mr. Secretary at War, and fe. moned, whose turn it may chance conded by Thomas Gore, Esq; for F to be at the time of the appointleave to bring it in, which was a- ment of such court-martial.) But upgreed to, and they were ordered to on the question’s being put, it was prepare and bring it in. As such carried in the negative by 223 to bills are generally prepared beforehand, Mr. Secretary at War presented Feb. 22, Upon the eleventh it the next day, when it was read clause, after the word (example) at a first time, and ordered to be read G the end of the clause, it was proa second time. The roth it was

posed to add these words (nor Åhall read a second time, and committed it be lawful for any commander in to a committee of the whole house. chief, or commanding officer, to So far the bill proceeded without

require See our Magazine for last Juney


require any court martial, or for third time, when several new amerdany court-martial lo required, to ments were made, and a new at. sevise or correct, on any pretence tempt was made to get the oath of whatsoever, a fentence legal accord- secrecy altered, by inserting the words ing to this act, and to the articles (unleis thereunto required by either of war, once given by such court- house of pa:liament;) but it was martial. Upon this too the question A again defiand upon a division by was carried in the negative by 211 to 101 10 68. 123.

The bill was then passed and sent And, Nierch 1, Upon the last to the lords, where it was read a clause of the bill, a motion was first :ime the next dry, and ordered made to amend it so as to render to be read a second time on the isih half-pay officers subject to the üli, the lords to be tunisoned, and the only in cale of actual war, insurrec B judges to attend. Alter the second tion, rebellion, or invasion ; but Teading, and the bill's being uderupon a division the motion was re- ed io be committed, there was a jclied by 203 to 137.

long debate upon a motion for an The commitree having thus gone

initruction to ite con mittee, to rethrough the bill, the lord Duplin, ceive a clause for refuaining courtstheir chairman, reported the amend- martial from inflicting any punishments to the houle on the 6th, when C ment affecting life or limb; but up. they were taken into consideration ; on the question's being put, it was and upon the oath to be taken by carried in the riegative by 88 1015. the members of the court marti.il, Then it was resolved, that the house as well as upon that to be taken by would go into a commitiee on the bill the judge advocate, a motion was the 17th, and the lords were ordered made for inserting the words (unless to be summoned and the judges to thereunto required by the courts of D attend. Accordingly on that day; justice in such cases, where they have as soon as the house resolved itself now by law a right to interfere, or into the said commitee, a question by either house of parliament ;) but was put to the judges, if the halfthe motion was on both rejected, on pay officers not being included in the the first by 153 10 126, and on the number of 18,857 efective inen, laft by 175 to 103. After which, mentioned in the preamble of the the farther confideration of the said E bill, could be deemed subject to it, report was adjourned until next day; or to any of the pains or punishments when a clause was offered for pro- mentioned therein, werc it not for viding, that no court-martial, after the latt claule contained in the bill senience once given, fall upon pre

then before the house and upon this te ce of revising or correcting the question the judges happened to be fame, or upon any pretence what- of different opinions. soever, render the sentence more F The committee then went thro fevere; but the cause was rejected the whole bill, except the lałt clanie, upon a division, by 140 to 103, which was adjourned till next day, And upon the last claufe in the bill when there ensued a long debate, a motion was made for subjecting whether the words of that clause rehalf

f-pay oflicers to the act, only lating to half pay officers Thould when his majesty Mouid illuc his stand part of the bill, and upon 3 soyal proclamation requiring their G divifion it was carried that they service; but this too was rejected by should, by 72 to 15.

After which 158 to 100; after which the bill a cizuie was offered for prevent. was ordered to be ingroilud.

ing any peer of the realm from March 9, The bili was read 2 being tried by a court martial, upon riusuli, 1749.





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356 Summary of the last Session of Parliament. Aug
which likewise there was a debate all the other forms without opposi-
and a division, the clause being tion, till the queflion came to be put
rejected by 73 to 12. Their lord.

for its being passed, when a debate
thips nad likewise a debate, but no enfucd, in which Mr. A-y G-,
division, upon the queltion, whether Mr. S rG-1, and counsellor
the revision of a fentence, as prac- H--y, spoke against the question ;
tised by courts martial, was not a A and N--s H-age, Efq; NI-
new trial : so that the bill part that R

-J', Esq; Sir W. mr.

-80, house with a few immaterial amend

-n Bd,

HF ments, which being agreed to by Esq; and W- mHM, Ésq; in fathe other house, on March 21, it vour of it; so that it was carried received the royal aslent the next without a division, and the bill sent day.

to the lords, where it met with no Feb. 3, A petition was presented B opposition ; for a noble lord, upon to the house of commons by the in- reading the title, and finding it to habitants of Scuthwark, &c, setting be a bill for the recovery of small forth, that the petitioners were under dibts, wittily observed, that it was a necesity of giving credit to a a bill which no way affected him. great number of persons for small However, their lord ihips made fome lums, and notwithstanding several amendments, which were on June 9, of their debtors were well able to C

agreed to by the other house, and piy the petitioners, yet they fre- the bill received the royal assent at quently refused so to do, preliming the end of the reflion. on the discouragements which the

As to the other bills passed last session petitioners lay under, from the un.

into laws, nothing very remarkable avoidable expence in suing for such happened with respect to any of them, debts, and the delays even after judg- therefore we shall take no particular ment; and that the giving trader D notice of them ; but there was one men an easy and speedy method for

road-bill past last session, which we recovering their juft debts, and at a

must give some account of, as folsmall expence, would greatly tend lows: to the promoting of industry, and

Jan. 24, There was presented to the fupport of uteful credit ; and the house of commons, a petition of therefore praying, that lenve might the trustees whose names were therebe given to bring in a bill, for the E unto subscribed, for putting in exmore eały and speedy recovery of ecution an act of the 12th of Q. Anne, {mall debts, within the said borough, and another of the 12th of K. George, Ec.

for repairing the road from the city This petition being referred to

of Worcefer to the borough of Droit a committee, Mr. Belchier, their

wich, &c. setting forth, among other chairman, reported their opinion to things, that the term granted by the the house on the 23d, and there. F said two acts was for 42 years, conupon leave was given to bring in a mencing the 14th of Juni, 1714; but bll as prayed for, and the said Mr. that the said term would not be sufBilckiir, Sir Peter Thomplon, Mr. ficient ; and therefore praying for a Alexander Hurre, and ivr. Hardinge were ordered to prepare and bring This petition was referred to a in the same. March 10, the bill

coinmittee, and on the 31st there was presented to the house by Mr. G was presented to the house a petition Bithicr, read a firit time, and or- of several of the inhabitants of the dered to be read a second time.

parı hes of St. Peter and Hanbury near The 16th it was reid a second time

Droiiwich, praying, that provision a.iù committed ; and it went through might be nude for amending and i


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new term.



keeping in repair the road leading Tho' every turnpike road be a tax from Droitwich through the faid pa- upon the subje&t, and hould not rishes to Bradley Brook in the road to therefore be established or continued Alcofter; which petition was referred without absolute nrcefity; and tho' to the same committee.

the facts set forth in this petition Fib. 6, Upon the report from this were so diametrically opposite ta committee, made by Mr. il innington, A those set forth in the first, yet the leave was given to bring in a bill for petition was only order'd to lie

upon further enlarging the term and pow- the table ; and the same day the bill ers granted by the faid iwo acts; and was read a second time, and comalso for repairing the road frcin mitted, without to much as referring Droitvich to Bredley Brook; and Mr. this last petition to the confideration ll'inrington and Mr. Sardys were or. of the committee. dered to prepare and bring in die B Mlor. h 2, Mr. Sardy reported the fame ; the bill was accordingly pre- amerdments made by the committee, fented by Mr. Wirnington, Fib. 14,

and several of them verergreed to by when it was re:d a first time, ard the house ; but it being proposed 10 ordered to be read a second time ; amend the clause for acerorising and but before it was read a second time, impowering persors 10 put the forviz. Feb. 21, there was presented io mer acts and this ac in exccution, the house a petition of the major C so as to exclude all those that had part of the trullees for putting in ex- been, or should be elected since ecution the said iwo acts, afcmbled, Grily 31, 1748, the bill was recomFeb. 6, 1748, at Dreiwil, purlu- mirred to the fainc comm..tce with ant to an adjouinment of the last respect to this clause; and on the assembly of several of the trustees, 7th it was ordered, that :! that affembled at the city of Worcfler ; came to the said coinmiitee thould setting forth, that several of the Dhave voices. trustees for putting the faid acts in March 13, There was presented execution had, in a cla..duitine and to the house a petition of the trusprivate manner, and without any tees, whose naines were thereunto publick assembly for that purpole, subscribed, for putting the tuo forand without previous notice to the mer acts in execution, asembled on faid petitioners, or so much as asking March 6, in the ciy of Wirefer, their consent or concurrence there. E pursuant to an adjournnient of the unto, petitioned the house for kave latt meeting ; fercing forth, that the to bring in a bill for enlarging the faid bil, if panied into a law as amend. term and powers granted by the said ed, would deprive them of a right acts; but in regard the laid roads which they were intitled to, under were then in good and suficient re. and by virtue of one of the said forpair, and for that the money borrow- mer acts of parliament; and thereed and secured, and then remaining F fore praying, that they might be due on the tolls thereof, would by heard by their coursel against the the same colls by paid off, long be- faid bill, or that they might have fore the expiration of the then fub- such other relief in the premises, as fifting term ; and as the ordinary to the house thould seem meet. Bur method prescribed by law, would for this favour was refused, and the pethe future amend and keep the re- tition orderd to lie on the table, spective roads in good and fufficient The lanie day Ivir. Tracey reportrepair, therefore praying the house ed from the committee, that they to take the premiles into considerati- had gone through the said cause, on, and not fuffer the faid bill to pass and had made an amendment thereinco a law.

unto, which they had directed}



upon the

to 44

10 report to the house ; and after the L-E -1, Ed P-ts, reading the report, the further con- Esq; H-y B-A, Efq; R--

Hy B -A sideration thereof was adjourned till N-, Esq; TSP, Edq;

os Pai the Thurflay following; when it was and Sir y-n H-DC. At again taken into consideration, and a lait the previous queftion was put, new amendment made to the above and carried in the affirmative by 85 mentioned clause; but a debate aris. A to 59; and then the main question ing, the further consideration of the being put, it was agreed to by 84 said report was adjourned till the to 59 ; alier which the said clause, Turday following. from which day as it had been amended, was agreed it was further adjourned to April 6, to; and that day as well as upon when a motion was made for ad- May 9, when the report was again journing it for two montis ; but the under confideration, there were sevequeltion was carried in the negative, B ral other debates and divisions ; but and then the party against the bill the only one we shall take partibegan to propose adding, by way of cular notice of was the last amendinent, the names of some of faid Muy 9, when a clause was of. their friends to this clause ; for by fered, for providing, that none should that clause was enacted, that a great act as truilees without the qualifinumber of gentlemen by name should cation therein mentioned; and the be joined with the trustees appointed C question being put, if the said clause in the recited acts, or eledled by au- hould be made part of the bill, it thority thereof at any time before was carried in the negative by 66 Yuly 3', 1748, to put the recited

The bill was then ordered acts and this act in execution. But to be ingroiled; and, Mry 23, it was as the gentlemen who have brought read a hird time, palied, and sent in the bill were resolved, that a to the lords ; where ro great oppomajority of their friends hould be Dsition was made to it either upon the appointed trullees, a negative was put first or second reading; but upon upon two gentlemen propoied by the the third reading there was an aother side, and then, to prevent their mendment offered, by moving, that being put to any more such trouble, in the abovementioned clause for apa motion was made for the house to pointing the trustees, the words (beresolve, not to appoint any persons to fore July 31, 1749) Thould be left be trustees for putting the said former Eout ; on which there was a fort aćts and this present act in execution, debate, and upon the motion's being but thole only who are named and refused, a protest entered in the included in this report from the journals of that houle*. However, committee to whom the said bill was the bill was pass'd by that house. recommitted. As a precedent for without any amendment; and receive this mocion, the resolution contained ed the royal assent the last day of in the journal of the house of Friday F the sellion. May 18, 1660, That no more names of commissioners be added in the or.

VOLPONE. A Modern Character. dinance for three months assessment F all evils that disturb and inwas read ; whereupon there ensued a terrupt long debate, in which the principal ety, there is scarce any one comspeakers for the resolution were Sir parable to a publick cheat and imJ--^ R -t, P-PG


postor. Men who make it their chief Efq; R

-y, Esq

Ełg; and study to deceive the world by fair -n, Efq; and the

appearances and a shew of honesty, pțincipal speakers again!t it were are of all the most detchable. Their

flat. # See Lond. Mag. for last month, p. 317.


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--- T ww IV.

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