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The confidence of the troops, which his city of York, s boroughs that send members
graceful pleasing appearance bespoke to parliament, and several considerable
in his favour,

towns. To begin with the city.
He fecured

York, for its dignity, is generally esteem'd
By affability and humanity in private, the second city in England. It is fituale
Spirit and dignity in publick ;


on the river Ouse, which divides it into two Supporting discipline without rigor, parts, joined by a stately stone bridge. It Dispensing indulgence without remirness. is 150 computed, and 192 measured Hence be inspired that alacrity with which, miles diftant from London. It is 80on repeated

verned by a mayor, who has a title of Occasions, they followed him to glory lord mayor, like ihat of London, 12 and victory:

aldermen, 2 Meriffs, 24 prime commonParticularly at the battle of Ramillies, where

council men, 8 chamberlains, 72 eommon. at the the head of the grey dragoons

council men,

a recorder, town-clerk, alone, he pierced thro' both lines of the


rword-bearer, common serjeant, &c. and enemies cavalry; and tho' these lines sends 2 members to parliament. It enjoys again closed to bar his retreat, yet large privileges, and is a county of itself, Not knowing how to yield while he including 30 villages and hamlets under its could fight,

jurisdiction. It is an antient city, was He bravely cut his way back, to the af. famous in the time of the Romans, and the tonishment and admiration of both ap- emperors Severus and Conftantius Cblerus, plauding armies.

father of Corsantine the Great, both kept
After the battle of Detringen, where he their courts and died here. It is at present

commanded as lieutenant-general of C fair, large and beautiful, adorn'd with
cavalry, he received the order of the many splendid buildings, both publick

and private, very populous, much
As a mark of royal acknowledgment sorted to, and well inhabited by the gentry,
Of distinguish'd merit.

who are its chief support, irs trade being
He continued abroad in that station till the considerably declined. The city is walled,
Morning before the battle of Fontenoy, and has 4 gates and 5 porterns. It has 30
w en

parish churches and chapels, besides the A cannon bullet carried off his leg, and D cathedral, or minster, a most magnificent removed him from the field

ftru&ure. The archbishop of this city fora
To the army; a fatal presage of its ensuing merly contended for the primacy with him of

Carterbury, till the controversy was deter-
In the loss of one so capable to avert it; min’d by pope Alexander in favour of the
But to himself an event in this fortunate, latter. Here are 4 plentiful markets weekly,
As it prevented him from ever having viz. on Tuesday, Thursday, Friday and Se-

iurday. York has often given title of duke i
A British army routed :

princes of the blood royal, but to none else. An object, which tho' removed from


The boroughs are, i. Knaresborough, 14 his light,

miles N. W. of York, govern'd by a bailiff, Yet preyed upon his mind,

who with the burgesses elect the 2 parlia-
And halten'd that death which overtook ment-men. Its market is on Wednesday.
him three days after :

'Tis noted for medicinal springs, and the
For amidst the torture of pain, neighbouring fields abound with liquorice.
He felt for Nie publick more than for himself. Here's a dropping well, the most famous
As a fair example to pofterity this attempt in England for petrifying wood, which is

is made to perpetuate the remembrance f no sooner put into it, but 'tis crufted over
of virtues, which dignified the human with a stuny substance, and is by degrees

turn.d all into stone,

The ground upon

which it drops from a spungy rock, ab: ve A DESCRIPTION of the West Riding of 12 yards long, is all turn'd into stone, and YORKSHIRE,

the water that runs from it into the Nyd, N our Magazine for June laft, we gave has form'd a rock of some yards in length.

2. Aldborough, 6 miles N. E. of Kranel-
York, and a particular one of the East Riding, borough, a small town with a market, and
with a Map of the said Riding : We are now sends 2 members to parliament, cholen by
to give an account of that division called G the bailiff, and all that pay scot and lot.
the West Riding, of which we have here Roman coins and other antiquaries are found
likewise annexed a MAP.

The Wife Riding of Yorkshire is bounded 3. Boroughbridge, 5 miles N. E. of
by the Ous, by Lance jhire, and by the Knareflorough, has its name from a starely
routhern limits of the county, and lies to. ftone bridge over the Ure. 'Tis well built,
wards the fouth and west. It contains the


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and is a great thoroughfare on the north road. dermen. Here's a beautiful parish church, 'Tis govern'd by a bailiff, who with the bur- with a high spire, and the following odd gestes elect the 2 members of parliament. inscription on the tomb of one Robert Byrks, The market is on Saturday, and its chief who gave Roffin, oon Wood to the publick: manufacture is hard ware. In a field be. Howe! bowe! Wbo is beare yond the river are many stones, like pyra. I Robin of Doncastere, mids, thought to have been made up of an And Margaret my feare. artificial cement, and erected in honour of A That I spent tbat I bad, some heathen deities, or as a Roman trophy. That I gave ibat I bave, 4. Rippon, about 5 miles N. W. of Bo. 5

That I lefe ebat I loft. rougbbrie, is large, pleafant and popu- A. D. 1579. Rob Robertus Byrks, lous, and has a collegiate church with three wbo in this world did reign obreescore lofty (pires, govern'd by a dean and pre- years and seven, yet liv'd no one, bends. It was a corporation before the con- 5. Barnsley, 14 miles N. W. of Doncaster, quest, and ever since James I.'s time has is well built, has a market on Wednesday, been govern'd by a mayor, 12 aldermen and is noted for the manufacture of hard.

B and 4 affiftants. Its market is on Thurs- ware, c. days, and its chief manufacture is spurs. 6. Hutbersfield, 14 miles N. W. of Barn. It had formcrly a cloth-manufacture, but is Aey. now a staple for wool, which the clothiers 7. Wakefield, 11 miles N. E. of Hutberfof Leeds, Wakefield, Hallifax, &c. come to field, is ancient, large and neat, famous for buy every week. It

noted for a treaty the clothing trade, and has a None bridge betwixt commissioners from K. Charles I. over the Colder, on which Edouard IV. and others from the Scots, alter the second built a neat chapel, in memory of those rupture with that nation.

C who fell in the great battle here between the 5. Pontefrael, commonly called Pomfrer, houses of York and Lancaster. It has mara about 20 miles S. W. of York, was incor- kets on Thursday and Friday, and a har. porated by Ricbard III. and its privileges bour for barges. The adjacent country is confirm'd by succeeding kings. 'Tis go- called the lordship of Vakefield, of which vern'd by a mayor, annually chosen by the there is a seneschal or steward. burgesses, who elect the two parliament 8. Snarbe or Snairb, io miles E. of Porsa men. Here are the ruins of a castle tefract, has a market on Friday, and a hardestroy'd in the civil wars, where Thomas


bour for boats. Earl of Lantafler was beheaded by Edward 9. Tborn, 7 miles S. E. of Snarbe, has

7 II. and where Ricbard II. was barbarously also an harbour for boats, and a market. murder'd some years after he was depos'd. In the neighbourhood are those called the Here allo Ricbard III. murder'd iwo of Levels, or Marfoes, intermixed with turf, Edward V.'s uncles. In the neighbour- moors, arable and pasture grounds; but hood, there's plenty of liquorice and fair. drained of late : And upon digging the wort. It gives title of earl to the fami- drains, there were found gates, ladders, ly of Fermor, and has as good market on hammers, shoes, &c. and the body of a Saturdays.

E man ; so that it seems to have been over. The other towns are, i Sbeffield, on the flowed by some inundation. In other parts borders of Derbyshire : Its market is on of the drain are seen at low water the Tuesdays, and it is noted for the iron mines roots of trees, some standing uprighe, in its neighbourhood, and its prodigious others leaning Eastward, and some look as hard-ware manufacture ; it having been if they had been cut or burnt. Romas the staple town for knives above 300 years :

coins have also been found in the same Witness Chaucer,

drains. A Sheffield wbitele bare be in his bose. F 10. Hallifax, 14 miles N. W. of Wakee Here's a stately hospital, well endow'd by field, is a large, populous, rich, well-builc the Talbots, earls of Sbrewsbury, of whom town, on the steep ascent of a hal, has a there are many tombs in this place.

market on Thursday, and a great manufac. 2. Rotberam, 6 miles N. E. of Sbeffield, ture or cloth. ''Twas famous for a severe has a fine None bridge over the river Don, by-law against thieves taken in the fa&t ; and a market on Mondays.

according to which, they behcared them 3: Tickbill, 8 miles E. of Rotteram, has for any thing above 13c6 { in value, by a a market on Saturday, and a large old castle. particular machine contriv'd for that pur. 4. Doncaster, 7 miles N. of Tickbill, has G

pore, much like that called the Maiden in also a market on Saturday, and is noted for Scotland, of which see the figure in our Ma. a manufa&ure of gloves, stockings, knit gazine for 1747, p. 187. The criminal waistcoats and petticoats. It is ftuate on was first brought before the bailiff of the the river Don in the road between York and town, who presently summoned the frith. London. 'Tis a large, well-built, popu. burghers, within the towns of the forest ; lous towa, govera'd by a mayor and al.

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and if found guilty, he was brought to ex- Nil Tadcaffor babet mufis del cormine dignuit, ecution within a week. The axe was Prætir mugnificè fruétum fine flumine pontem. drawn up by a pulley, and fasten'd with a · Bur palling it again in winter, he recanted pin to the fide of the scaffold: If he had tole in the following lines: a horse, an ox, or any other beast, 'twas Quæ Tadcaster erat fine

flumine, pulvere plena, fasten'd hy a cord to the pin that stay'd the Nunc habet immenjuni fluvium, et pro pulvere block, and when the jurors held up one of lutum. their hands, the bailiff, or his servant A The town gives title of viscount to the whipp'd the heaft, which pull'd out the earl of Thomond in Ireland. pin, and execution was done immediately. 19. Wetberby, about 5 miles N. W of This town is remarkable for the largeness Tadeußer, a small town with a market on of its parish, which has u chapels, and 2 Thursday, and a good trade. of them parochial, and they reckon 2000 20. Otley, about: mies W. of Werberby, men in it. Here's a falary fix'd by one on the river Wharf, an ordina'y stoneperson for the preaching ministers of the built town, fituate under an high craggy chapelries, a free school, an hospital, and a cliff, that has a market on Tuesday. workhouse. This tuwn gives title of car!


21. Skiptor, about the same distance to a branch of the family of Montague, N. W. from Orlzy, a handsome, well-huilt

11. Leeds, about 1 miles. N. E. of town, surrounded with fteep precipices, Hallifax. an antient town on the north that has a very large market on Saturday. fide of the river Aire, over which it has a It lies in the hundred of Craven (which fair bridge. Here is an hospital, a free-school, gives title of earl the family of that a noblt church, and a stately market cross. name) and has a church with the monument The town is noted for a great manufacture of George Clifford, earl of Cumberland, the of woollen cloth, has a market on Tuesday C famous failor in queen Eliz bert's rime. and Saturday, and a harbour for boats. It His only child Anne, countess of Pembioken is a corporation govern'd by a mayor, 12 Dorset and Montgomery, was born in the castle aldermen, and 24 assistants; and gives in Ico, and died in tha . She was famous sitle of duke to the family of Osborne. for building or repairing 6 antient castles,

12. Bradforrb, or Bradford, 8 miles N. W. building 7 chapels and churches, and 2 of Leeds, has a market on Thursday, and a stately hospitals richly endowed. manufacture of woollen cloth.

22 Serile, about 12 miles N. W. of 13. Aber forib, or Aberford, about the same

D Skipron, has a market on Tuesday; distance N. E. of Leeds, has a market on 23. Ripley, about 5 miles N. W. of Wednesday, and is noted for pin-making. Knaresborough, has a bridge over the Nyd, 14. Sbirborn, or Sherburn, about 4 miles

a market on Friday, and is noted for liS. E. of Aberford, is a small but populous quorice. town, with a market on Saturday. It has 24. Burrfal, 6 miles N. of Skipton, on the an hospital and free-school for 24 orphans. Wharf, noted for a church, and a free-school Here are good stone quarries in the neigh. built and endowed by Sir William Craven, bourhood.

father to the first earl of Crauen. This 15. Bawiree, on the river Idle, near the E gentleman built 4 bridges, and a causeway borders of Lincolnshire, a small town, but in this county, gave

000!. to Cbrif's very much frequented, on account of its Hospital in London, and the royalties of bring a thoroughfare from London to Scor. of Creek, with the patronage, to St. Jobris land, standing upon the great poft-road, college in Oxford. and furnith'd with a large number of inns. Irs market is on Saturday.

TO 16. Selby, about 8 miles E. of Sberburn, has a market on Monday, and a harbour

Genuis irritabile vatum. Her.

F for boats.

F thou repent not of thy evil ways, 17. Cawood, 4 miles N. W. of Selby, And cease to censure what thou wilt not has also a harbour for boats, and a market

pra se ;

(black pumps, on Wednesday.

Thy scarler cloak, white flockings, and 18. Tadcaster, about 7 miles N. W. of

Will scarce preserve thee from poerick Cawood, has a maket on Tbursday. 'Tis

thumps :

(brains, fuppofed to be the Rorian Calcaria, which Thy essenc'd wig, and full devoid of had the name from the quantity of lime- Shall be the hum'rous subject of my stones in the neighbourhood. Roman coins G ftrains :

(word, and other antiquities have been found here. Take heed then, boy! nor disregard my It has an hospital and free-school, and a Left my drawn pen prove tharper than thy handsome none bridge over the Wharf, sword, which is so Thallow and dry in summer, Poole,

H. PRICE, that a gentleman paffing it then, made the following distich :




Borough Towns with the Member
of Memb!' they send to Parliam!
(by Sears.

Market Towns.
Greator Direct Post Roads .
Open or Heathy.
Princijal Croja Rouds.

Cross Roads
Parishes or Villages

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