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fair rain

Prices of STOCKS in JUL Y, Bill of MORTALITY, &c.
BANKI INDIA South Sea South Sea South Sea 4per Cent. 4 percent. Bank An.13 percent. IndiaBonds{B.Cir.pl Wind at Wearber BILL of Mortality from
STOCK. STOCK.STOCK. Annu. old Ann. Aew 1746. 1747 1748. B. Annu.

præm. 11. S. d. Deal, London. June 27, 10 July 25.
| 136 /

106 g 107 106 $

8c8 a 79 15 0 S. E. fair lot


Christ. 2 Sunday

E. by N. very hot Femal. 522

1033 105 14

105 795 a 76 5

E. fair hot


Males 781) 106 105 105

775 a 79 150 S. W. fair hot

Femal. 8055 10; 101 1785 a 79 15

W. coolish Died under 2 Years old 539 136

105 | 101 798 a 80 5

N. W, cool wind Between 2 and 5--125 136 105

105 101 1 8os a 815 S. E.

5 and 10 - 49 106

105 105

818 a 84 5
o ofs. E. by E. cloudyhot

10 and 20- 52

E.S. E. cloudyhot

20 and 30 - 147 10 136

106 1 105 105 1101 845 a 85 15

S. E. moderate

30 and 40 si 136 106 1

845 a 81 5 .E. by N. sultry

40 and 50
12 136

106 107 107
105 10;

dos a 82 5

S. W.

rain sultry
13 136

815 a 82 15
S. W.

60 and

70 - IOI 14

107 107 105 { i) 105

818 a 85 15 10 S, W. faircloudy

70 and 8o

64 137

107 107

105 1845 a 83 5 10 S. W. fair hot

80 and go 24 Sunday

S. W. fa. windy 17 107

106 8;s a 84 5 10 S. W. fair rain

1586 38 137 115

106 106 101 ) 8.5 a 85 15 10 아

S. W. rain

Within the Walls 19) 137 1881189 116 į

101 855 a 86 5 10 0 S.W.by W. fair

20137 \ * 185

106 106

Without the Walls 374
100100) 855 a 88 S 10

o S. S. W, wind rain
21 137

885 a 20 5 10
S. W.

In Mid, and Surrey 730

fair 22 137


City & Sub. Weft. 367 895 a 90 5 10 S. W.

fair 23 Sunday

S. by E, fair 3241 185

108 107 106 106 100 gis a go5 126 S. E,

rain fair

Weekly. July 4 24 137 185

108 106 106 100 % gos a 885 126 S, W. fair

394 26 137 1 185 116 108 i 106 105 106 106 I 100

18 S. W. dos a 90 5 126


-4.22 27 137 108 106


885 a 82 5 12 6 S. fair


185 1 / 2

106 106

835 a 79 5 12 6 S. W. fair

1586 291 137 108

106 828 a 78 5 12 6 S, by W.


Wheaten Peck Loaf 15. rode 20 Surday

5 12

fair Wheat 295, to 315. per Quar, 311 137 185

106 1 106 835 a 79



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100 IS35 a 79

Our foreign Gazettes have not yet given general of the united provinces rerol. any certain account of the young pretender, ved to negotiate the sum of 7,500,000

but the most probable is that we had about
Florins by way of lottery, on account of a month fince from Bologna, of his being in-
the generality : This lottery is to confift

cog. at a country house between that city
of 7500 tickets, of 1000 Florins each, one and Ferrara, However, letters by the
half to be paid in ready money, and the last mail from Rome say, that he still con-
other in government bills for things sur- tinues incognito at Venice, and that the
nithed, or services performed for the state, pope had sent for the cardinal his brother,
since 1741 inclusive : The highest prize to and desire him to u'e his interest with
be 100,000 Florins, and the lowest icoo : his father, to manage matrers so as to get
The poffeffors to have ibree and a balf per him to return to Rome,
cent. interest, to commence the ift of From Malte we have an account of that
January next, and the principal to be paid Ifand's having been in the most imminent
in 34 years : And to encourage people to danger of being delivered up to the Turks,
become adventurers, the whole amount by a conspiracy among the Naves, set on
of the prizes is to be 8,000,000 of Florins ; foot and contrived by the Bajhaw of Rbores,
fo that the state must pay 5c0,000 Florins who has been for fome iime a prisoner
more than it receives; which thews, that there, but allowed to go at large upon the
the people of Holland are not such fools as solicitations of France. The conspirators
they are in other countries, where the had laid their plot to massacre the grand
adventurers often pay a premium for leave master, and the knights, upon the festival
to risk their money in a lottery.

of St. Peter and St. Paul, on which day
As the riotous spirit still continues among the inhabitants of Malta resort in great
the people in the united provinces, a dan- numbers to pay their devotions at Veletra, a
gerous insurrection happened the first of

place upon the isand celebrated on account this month at Holwert and Ternaard in of St. Paul's being lipwreck'd there, as Friesland, where a great number of the he was going to Rome ; so that the city common people assembled in such arms as Seems yearly on that day as if it were dethey could provide, with a design to set serted. The conspirators had, it seems, a aside the assessinent lately established

correspondence with the Ottoman port, and This infarrection was, it seems, designed expected that several Turkish armed vessels to be general all over the provjace, but it and a squadron of Barbury corsairs, would broke out at Holwer: three days before the by that day be hovering upon the coasts of appointed time, which gave the magiftrates that island to assist them in their design; an opportunity to prevent its coming to a but the whole was discovered by a Græcian head in any other place; and at Holwert it merchant, who gave private intelligence of was easily quelled by sending thither a de.

it to the grand master and by that means tachment from the garison Leewarden, all the conspirators were scized at once.

From Paris we hear, that his excellency And from Berne, in Swiserland, we the earl of Albemarle, the British ambassador, have an account of a dangerous conspiracy's arrived there the 25th inst. N. S. and from

having been lately discovered there, the dethe same place we have an account, that fign of which was to have overturned there is a prodigious scarcity of corn in all the present government, and, it is said, the southern provinces of France, where it to have murdered all the members of the has not for some time been under tex livres

prelent regency: It was to have been exa buhel, and that at Lyons it now sells for ecuted in this manner : In the night be22 ; but his most christian majesty has or. tween the sth and 6th inft. N. S. one dered his intentants to endeavour to furnih lieutenant Fouetter was to find access to them with such a quantity of all sorts, as the secretary who kept the keys of the city may supply their present necessities.

gates, whom he was to murder, and by From Spain we are advised, that his that means possess himself of the keys : catholick majelty has obtained from the After which he was to run directly and pope a bull. impowering him to raise three

open one of the city gates, to let in a numper cent, out of all church revenues in Peru

ber of armed peasants, who were to be ready and 11exico annually, which it's thought for that purpose, and being joined with their will add greatly to the publick revenue of associates in the city, they were to seize that monarchy : That his majesty has sent

upon and confine or murder all the present the strictest orders to all the governors in magistrates, and every one that offered America, to put an end to the illicit trade

any resistance : Then their chief leader, one carried on there by foreigners; and that capt. Herzi, was to have been proclaimed the rich feet under admiral Regio from the di&tator, consul, and deliverer of the reHavanna was arrived at Corrunna, with a

publick of Berne, as appears by a manifesto vait quantity of treasure on board, berides

they had prepared to publish, which has other valuable effects.

Di• See on Magazine for July lajt, p. 335; and tbot for January laff, p. 47.

been lince seized,

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pr. is.



The Monthly Catalogue for July, 1749.

18. A Letter from a Person of Diftinca tion, to the Right Hon. J- Eo of Egay

on the Gospel of St. Mstebew, and
the Apostolica) Epistles, pr. 15. Cooper.

19. The true and real Interest of Great 2. A short System of useful Informa.

Britain contider'd, with Regard to the imtions and Instructions, pr. 2d. Trye.

pending Rupture of the Noribero Powers, 3. A modeft Defence of Mr. Wing field's pr. is. Carpenter. Sermon. By Martin de la Garde, pr. 6d.

20 An Essay towards an History of the Wirbers.

English Tongue. Part 1. By J. Free, 4. A farther Enquiry into the Mosaick D. D. pr. Is. 60. Sandby. Account of the Fall. By Tbomas (Sberlock]

21. A free State of the Affair betwixt Lord Bishop of London, pr. 15. Wbifion.

the Bishop of Cork and Ross, and Marma. 5. The glorious Truth of Universal duke Dallas, A. M. pr. 6d. Owen, Grace and Atonement, exalted, in a Trea

22. British Liberty endanger'd. By %. tise concerning Election, Reprobation, &c. Burlon, M. D. pr. is. Webb. By J. Tbompson, pr. 3s. 6d. Ellis, Mea- 23. Tbeosebia. A Vision, pr. 6d. Owens dows, Baldwin,

24. A familiar Epistle to the most im6. A Letter in Desence of Dr. Middleton,

pudent Man living, pr. 6d. Millan, pr. 6d. Payne.

25. The Musick Speech at the Com. A Charge to the Clergy belonging to 7.

mencement in Cambridge, July 6, 1730. the Archdeaconry of Middlesex, By F.

By J. Taylor, L. L. D. now Chancellor of Allen, D. D. pr. 6d. Sbuckburgb.

Lincoin, pr. 6d. Cooper.

26. An Essay on Contentment, pr. 6d. Biography, History, and Heraldry.

Davidson. 8. * A Journey from Aleppo to Jerusa

27. A Charge delivered to the Grand lem at Easter, 1677, 7th Edition. By Henry

Jury of the City and Liberty of Wefminster. Maundrell, M. A. pr. gs. Meadows.

By H. Fielding, Esq; pr. is. Millar. 9. The Eloge of Professor Boerbaave. By

28. An Efay on the Power and Har. Mr. Fontenelle. 'TranNated into English by

mony of Prosaic Numbers, pr. ts. Cooper. William Burton, M. D. pr. 15. Lintot.

Some Reflections on profane Swear10. The Life of Cleopatra, Queen of

ing. Comyas. Egypt, pr. is. Cooper.

30. A Remonftrance of the Parliament 11. London and Middlesex illustrated ;

of Paris, against levying the Twentiethby a true and explicit Account of the

Penny, pr. 6d. Cooke. Names, Residence, Genealogy, and Coat

31. Aristarchus : Or, A Compendious Armour of the Nobility, principal Mer- and Rational Institution of the Latin chants, and other eminent Families : All

Tongue : With a critical Differtation on blazoned in their proper Colours, with Re- the Roman Clafficks. By T. Bowles, D. D. ferences thereunto. By Jobr. Warburton,

pr. 55. Boards. T. Payne. Esq; Somerset Herald, F. R. S. Printed by C. and y. Ackers, in St. John's- Street ;

Plays, Poetry, and Entertainment. and Sold by R. Baldwin, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Nofter-Row, pr. 25. 6d. stitched

32. The Cuckoldmaker his own Execu. in Blue Covers.

tioner, pr. Is. Freeman. GEOGRAPHY and PAILOSOPHY, &c. 33. Dalinda : Or, The Double Marri12. Harmoniacks : Or, The Philosophy

age : Being the genuine History of a very of Musical Sounds. By Robert Smith, D.D.

recent and interesting Adventure, pr. 35. F. R. S. pr. 6s. Wbifton.

Corbci, G. W'codfall. 13 A new Historical and Geographical

34. Ode perlormed at the Installation of Grammar. Illustrated with a Set of new

the Duke of Newcastle at Cambridge, July Maps. By Mr. Salmon, pr. 6s. Jobnfton.

1, 1746. By Mr. Mafon. Set to Mulick 14. The Projection of the Sphere, Or

by Mr. Boyce, pr. 6d. Dodsley. (See p. 329.) thographick, Stereographick, and Gnomy.

35. An Ode, occasioned by reading Mr. Dical. By W. Emerson, pr. 25. 6d. Innys.

Will's Translation of Pindar. By J. War15. * Phyfico. Theology. By W. Der

ton, pr. 6d. Uwer. ( Sre p. 333.) bam, D. D. In 2 Vols. on a fine Paper

36. James I. of Scotland: A Tragedy. and Elzivir Letter, pr. 3s. 6d. bound in

By the Author of Roderick Random, pr. 1s. Calf. Inny's.

64. 7. Oporn. MISCELLANEOUS,

Polly, an Opera ; being the Se,

cond Part of the Beggar's Opera. Written 16. Antient and present State of Mili- by Mr. Gar. A most beautiful Edition in tary Law in Great Britain, contider'd, pr. 410 and 8vo. with Mufick finely engraved Oven.

on Copper. Plates. (Formerly Sold for Six 17. Observations on a Pamphlet, enti- Shillings.) Now Republithed, pr. orly Isa tled, Remarks on tbe differers Conjho uctions of R. Baldivin, jua, Bridge', &c. pr. 6d. Owen,

37. *




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Sold by R. Baldwin Jun'at the Rose in Pater Noster Ron.



Beachen Chfi .. Donnerton Church . Kainsham ....

for Thrive the London Mogarinë

15. Mitton.

19. S?James's Church 6. Kelson.

10. Weston. 7. The Road to Bristol... 2. The Nen Square 8. The Navigable River Avon. 112. The Cathedral.

13.M"Zindsey's Long Room.
4. Harrison Walks
15. St Michaela Church

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