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An Ode occafioned by reading Mr. West's So rapid Pindar flows. ---O parent of the
Translation of Pindar. By Joseph War.

ton, Rector of Winnade, Hampshire, Let me for ever thy sweet sons admire,

O antient Greece I but chief the bard, whofa
Lbion rejoice! thy fons a voice divine

have heard,

[pear'd! Sounded th' Olympick heroes matchless praise,
The man of Thebes hath in thy vales ap- And next, Euripides, soft pity's priest,
Hark! with fresh rage and undiminish'd Who melts in useful woes the bleeding


(king, The sweet enthufiaft smites the British | And him, who sung th' incestuous The sounds that echoed once on Alpbeus' While Aibens trembled at his string ; streams,

[Thames; Teach me to taste their charms refin'd, Reach the delighted ear of listening The richest banquet of th' enraptur' Lo! swift across the dusty plain

Great Theron's foaming coursers Atrain !

What mortal tongue e'er rollid along

For not the breath of balmy spring,
Such full, impetuous tides of nervous song? Nor Areains in summer murmuring,

Nor cooling dates to Indian swain, The fearsul, frigid lays of cold and creep- Who faintly treads the torrid plain, ing art,

(heart; Nor lofty mountain that appears
Nor touch, nor can transport th’unfeeling To ftarving, tempest-beaten mariners,
Pindar, our inmost bosom piercing, warms Such homesele joys bestow,
Wich glory's love, and eager thirst of (Hear this, dull pedantry and pride,

[ftrain, That dare the sacred muse deride)
When freedom (peaks in his majestick Nor feasts of joyous friends, nor circling
The patriot-passions beat in every vein :

(charms, We long to fit with heroes old,

Of blooming brides unlocking all their 'Mid groves of vegetable gold,

As from enchanting harps of fkiliul poets Where Cadmus and Aibilles dwell,

And Atill of daring deeds and dangers tell.


Was three o'clock, one night, at least,
Away, enervate bards, away,

Before I got one wink of reft ;
Who spin the courtly, filken lay,

And searcely had I clos’d my eyes,
+ As wreaths for some vain Louis' head, When Fancy bid this vision rise :
Or mourn some soft Adonis dead :

Light pinions on my Moulders grew,
No more your polish'd Lyricks boast, With which in air, aloft I few,
In British Pindar's strength o'erwhelm'd While free as air itself I rang'd,
and lost.

And oft my place and Nation chang'd ;
As well might ye compare

The wanton god pursu'd my flight,
The glimmerings of a waxen flame, With seeming kindness, and delight;

(Emblem of verse correctly tame) But when a proper time he found,
I To his own Arna's sulphur-spouting My feet in golden durance bound.

(raves, Attracted by the clogging weight,
When to heaven's vault the fiery deluge I funk from my etherial Rate.
When clouds and burning rocks dart thro' The vision well explains my heart,
the troubled air.

And is its faithful counterpart;

For oft by Fancy I've been led,
In roaring cataracts down Andes' hollow But ne'er before by love betray'd.

The fair and young I've oft approv'dy
§ Mark how enormous Orellana sweeps, But only blooming Myra - lov’d.
Monarch of mighty foods ! supremely


On tbe Duke of Montagu's Death, (p. 297.) Thund'ring from cliff to cliff he whirls TOW sweet the mem'ry of his grace is! Swoln with an hundred hills collected Who dy'd poffefs'd of goodness, and snows :


of pluces. Thence over nameless regions widely His places he has left behind, Round fragrant illes, and citron. And dukes enow to share them we shall find : groves,

But for the goodnefs that was in his breaft, Where still the naked Indian roves, And, with his soul, is gone to rest :

And safely builds his leafy bow'r, No candidate for ibar las put up one reFrom Navery far, and curft lberian pow'r :

queft. July, 1749.


THE * See rbe description of the fortunate islands in the second Olympic ode. Alluding to some French and Italian lyric poets.' Allading to Pindar's sublime defcription of tbe eruptions of mount Bina, in bis Pythian ode. $ One of the largest rivers in America. Sophocles, in bis Oedipus,

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Monthly Chronologer.

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allo, on the 5th, Henry Hains, the captain's Extrast of a Letter from a Gentleman now

cook ; but 5 others who were tried with making ibe Tour of the great Continent of him, 'were honourably acquitted, and Tufa America, dared March 5, 1748-9. fered to come on fhore directly. On the

Y first arrival was at Bola 7th Jobn Place, carpenter's male, was
son in New-England; this found guilty : The gunner swore, as he

is the largest city that be. lay fick in his cabbin, that he came to him
M longs to the Englift, it is with a drawn cutlass in one hand and a

very populous, and a place pistol cocked in the other, and swore he
of great trade ; Rbode- would murder him, if he did not deliver

Island is a fruitful spot, and him the keys of the magazine. A foremate New-York is polite ; this place hath lost man and a marine were tried the same day, part of its trade by some conveniences at- and found guilty.

Several others were tending the town of Amboy in the neigh. afterwards found guilty, and received lenbourhood. But what almost surpaffes be. tence of death, particularly 4 on the 10th, lief (when we contider that there were 4 on the 12th, and one on the 14th, scarce any houses there about go years ago)

SATURDAY, July 1. is the great extent of the city of Philadele. Two sailors thinking themselves ill used pbia in Pensylvania ; this hath, besides at a house, the sign of the Crown, near many others of near its length, one street of the New Church in the Strand, went out, above a mile long, and the buildings as close denouncing vengeance, and in a little time together as in most places in Londun; there. returned with a great number of armed lail. were built last year, between dwelling- ors, who entirely demolith'd all the goods, houses, ware. houses, and store-houses, cut all the feather-beds to pieces, and Itrew'd about 120. This prodigious increase is not the feathers in the street ; demolithed all to be wonder'd at, when we consider that the wearing apparel, and turn'd the women there arrives in this city yearly, between n3 they found in the house naked into the and 5000 Irish and Germans, the most no- street ; they then broke all the windows, table artificers of these staying generally and confiderably damag'd another house in this city, and the peasants retiring to adjoining. A guard of soldiers was sent the country. Such is the plenty of provi- for from the Tilt-Yard ; but they came too fons here, that I have reckoned 8o carcaf. late to prevent the defruction of every thing les of beef on one market-day, they having in the house. The next night the rioters two of a week. I have likewise numbered return'd, and treated two more houses in 60 country wasgons in town on the same the Strand much in the same manner; and market-day.

the day following made the same attempt A court-martial began to be held at on a house in the Old-Bailey, but it did not Porismouth, on ylne 26, Sir Edward Hawie

come up to that height as in the Strand, most prerident, and continued during tliat of the goods being removed before the atmonth, and several days at the beginning tack began. A guard of officers and 60 of this, for the trial of the officers and soldiers were 01 der'd to do duty near Temple men on board the Cheftrfield man of war, Bar, and at night a party of them did duty when she was run away with on the coast in the Old-Bailey, to prevent any more of Guinea. Firit contain Didie', who was riotous proceedings. Nine persons concaptain of the said thip, was tried for se- cern'd in these riots were committed to veral misdemeanors laid to his charge, and Niagate by justice Fielding. honourably acquitted. On the 28th lieut.

MONDAY, 3. Coucbınan was tried for being concern'd Murphy, Lee, Hayes and Rogers, four of in running away with the said Drip, who the 6 malefactors who receiv'd sentence of was found guilty, and sentenced to be shot; death at the seflions in Maylart, at the Old. as was also lieut. Morzar, belonging to the Bailes, (see p. 238, 239.) were this day marines, on the zoth, against whom the e- extcuted at Tyburn, vidence of his joining with Coucbman in all Camér dge, July 5. Saturday last, the int his measures, was very strong and fuil. instant, being the day appointed for the inOn Mon 'ay the 3d instant Mr. Knigli, Nallation of his grace the duke of Nawafile, carpenter of the Chedderfieid, was found chancellor elect of this univerfity, the renaie guilty and sentenced to be hang'd; as was ailembled at ten in the morning, and sent a



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deputation of their body (conffting of fix Sir George Saville, Sir Jok. Saville, Knt.
doctors of the several faculties, fix regent of the Barb, Sir William Calvert, Knt, lord
and fix non-regent masters,) to conduct mayor of London.
his grace from Clare- Hall io the senate

Masters of Arts.
house ; to which place he was accompanied Rt. Hon. lord viscount Dopplin, Hon.
by a very considerable number of nobility, George Townshend, Esq; Hon. Charles
bishops, and other persons of rank and Townshend, Eq; Hon. Horario Townshend,
distinction, most of whom had formerly Esq; Hon. William Morckson, Erg; Hon.
been members of this university.

Henry Vane, jun. Esq; Mr. Barnard, son of Dr. Chapman, master of Magdalen College, the right Rev. the lord bishop of Derry. and vice-chancellor of the university, pre- Yesterday the commencement ended, ceded by the 3 beacles, met his grace at and this day his grace left this place. the foot of the steps leading into the senate

MONDAY, 10. house, and being upon his grace's right

The feffions ended at the Old- Bailey, hand, conducted him to the chair, where when the 12 following malefacio:5 receiv'd his grace standing on the left hand of the sentence of death, viz. William Shepherd chair, and the vice-chancellor on the right, and Jobr

. Frier, otherwise Turpin, for Realthe vice-chancellor addieffed himself to him ing a filver tankard, value 81.-Margare! in ar. English speech ; after which he pre;

Harvey, otherwise Mason, on oath of Rosented to his grace the patent of office, bert Lane, for picking his pocket of a gold which was read aloud by the senior proctor. watch.-Valentine Godwine and James Jobn

The vice chancellor allo presented to his for, for robbing Henry Alspin in i bilechupel, grace the book of Itatutes; aud then taking of his hat, handkerchief, buckles, and his grace's right hand into his own, the se- some money.-Jobin Palmer, for ftealing nior proctor administered to his grace the out of the dwelling house of Mr. Richard oath of office ; which being done, the vice- Jackson, 3 flver castors, &c. --Uriah Creed chancellor placed his grace in the chair. and Ricbard Mapefden, for sinuggling. The Rev. Mr. Yonge, fellow of Trinity- Jobn Poe, for uttering a bill of exchange, College, and orator of the university, then knowing it to be false and forged. - Jobs made a speech, in Latin, to his grace, in Steward, for heing concerned with several the name of the whole senate ; to which, others in assaulting and robbing Mr. Diedie and to the vice chancellor's speech, his rich Jacob of his hat, cine, Sc.-John grace made an answer in English.

Gray, for alsauling his wife and cutting her After which, an ode, composed on the throat, of which the died, --sintbory Dunn, occafion by Mr. Mafon, fellow of Pembrokee on oath of Thomas Crockar, for aifaulting Hall, and set to musick by Mr. Borce, com- and robbing him of 30s. &c. poser to his majesty, was performed ; ( see

TUESDAY, 11. p. 329.) which being done, his grace the The company of clockımakers of the chancellor, vice-chancellor, and members city of London were heard before the court of the senate, with the nobility, bishops, of aldermen, upon their petition to be ad&c. walked in procession to Trinity-College, mitted on the livery; when it palled in the where an entertainment was provided for negative. There were present 20 aldermen, them. The whole was conducted with the 12 of whom voted againt their being ada greatest order and regularity.

mitted, 6 for it, and 2 were neurer. On Sunda; his grace went to St. Mary's

FRIDAY, 14. church in the morning and afternoon, with Mr. Couchman, late lieutenant of the the usual formalities ; the sermon in the Chesterfield, and Mr. Morgan, lieutenant of morning was preached by the Rev. Dr. marines, were shot to death, pursuant to Green, fellow of St. J'br's College, and re- their sentence, on board the Cbefterfield man gius professor of divinity; and that in the of war at Portsmoueb. afternoon by the Rev. Dr. Squire of St.

THURSDAY, 20. Jobn's College, archdeacon of Batb, and His excellency the mai quis of Mirepoix, chaplain to his grace.

ambassador extraordinary from the most On Monday the 3d instant, several no- christian king, had his first private audience blemen, and other persons of distinction, of lis majesty at Kensington, and delivered were admitted, by his grace and the fe- his letters of credence. nate, to the following degrees, vix,

A general court of the South Sea comD.Etor of Phyfick.

pany was held, when a dividend of 2 per His grace the duke of Riikmond.

Cint, for the half year on their capital ftuck Doflors of Law.

was declared to be payable the 8th of Au.
Earl of Dalkeitb, earl of Lincoln, earl of guft.
Tankerville, earl of Waldigrave, earl of

Ajhburnham, lord visc. Galway, lord Burgh. Daniel Collyer and Thomas Green, E'qr3.
ley, lord Onslow, lord Morfon, right Hon. This riffs elect of London and Middie ex,
Sir William Yonge, Hon. Philip Yorke, Esqi

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June 29. H foot-guards, to Mrs, Bulpin,

MARRIAGES, BIRTHS, Deaths, &c. July see p. 287.) paid their fine into the cham- duke of Portland, in Ireland, ber of London, to be exempted from serv. Sir Edward Pickering, bart, at his feat ing that office.

at Long-town in Leicestershire. MARRIAGES and BIRTRS,

Ralpb Hewson, Esq; aged 94, collector of FON, major Roberts of the

the excise during the reigns of K. William and Q. Anne.

Rt. Hon. lady viscountess dowager Ma.
July 1. Mr. Bennet, banker in Fleet-ftreet,

Zareene, in Ireland,
to Miss Frecbe, of Danbury Place in Elex.
2. Dr. ilandafyd, of Red-Lion-Square,

William Selwyn, Esq; counsellor at law,

solicitor to the excise, and one of the com-
an eminent physician, to Miss Toucbit, a

millioners of bankrupts.
pear relation of the lord Caflebaver.
5. Daniel Collyer, Esq; of Wroxbam in

5. This morning about one a clock, died

of a violent sever, at his house in Privy. Norfolk, one of the sheriffs elect for Lordon

Garden, in the 66th year of his age, tha and Middlesex, to Miss Anne Leeds.

most noble Joon duke of Montague, marquess
8. Mr. Robert Coxe, of Lincoln's-Inn,
and under sheriff of Middlesex, to Miss

of Montbermer, earl of Montague, viscount

Montbermer, and baron Montague of Bougba
Richard Thorpe, Esq; of Bromley in Keni,

ton, one of the lords of his majesty's most

hon. privy council, master-general of the to Miss Nicholjon, lately arrived from Bar

ordnance, master of the great wardrobe, badoes.

col. of the ad reg. of dragoon guards, gen. II. William Thornton, Erq; member of

of horse, one of the knights of the most parliament for the city of York, to Miss

noble order of the Garter, grand master of

the order of the Barb, lord lieutenant and
12. The hon. George Lyttleton, Esq; one
of the lords of the reasury, to Miss Ricb,

cuftos rotulorum of Northamptonshire and
daughter of Sir Robert Ricb, bart, a fortune of

Warwickshire, master of Geddington chace,

warden of the Wef bailywick in Rocking bam
15. Hon. Robert Fairfax, Erq; to Miss

Foreft, lord proprietor and captain general

of the islands of St. Lucia and St. Vincent in
Befl, fister of Tbomas Beft, Esq; member
for Canterbury.

America, and a brother of the Royal Society.
76. Sir Thomas Gerard, of Brin in Lan-

On 08. 20, 1715, at the coronation of his

late majesty, he was lord high constable tashire, bart. to Miss Tosburgb, an heiress.

of England, and carried the sceptre with 20. William Groves, Esq; to Miss Sarab

the cross at the coronation of his present Hopkins, of St. James's-ftreet.

majesty. His grace married, in 1705, the 24. Thomas Rawlinson, Esq; to Miss Elizabetb Careau.

lady Mary Churcbill, fourth and youngest The lady of Edmund Brampton, Esq;

daugliter, and one of the co-heirs to his deliver'd of a daughter.

grace John duke of Marlborougb; by whom July 1. The lady of the hon. _Weni.

he had issue, first, Jobn, marquess of Mon

bermer, born Nov. I, 1706, and died wor:b, E!q; of a son. 6. The lady of Sir Pbilip Harcourt, bart.

Aug. 26, 1711; second, lady Isabella Monof a son and heir,

tague, married to William, late duke of The lady of Sir Edmund Tbomas, bart. of

Marchefter ; third, lady Elanor Montague,

born March 9, 1708-9, who died an in. 18. The lady of Jeffery Cbetwynd, Esq;

fant ; fourth, lady Mary Montague, married of a son.

to George, the present earl of Cardigan ; alío

George and Edward Cburcbill, marquesses of

Moribermer, who died infants. His grace
Illiam Curzon, Esq; only brother dying without illue male, the title is ex-

cinct. (See p. 297.)
July 1. William Jones, Esq; one of his 6. Sir Francis Lamman, knt. at his seat
majesty's justices of the peace for Middle. at Norrbaw in Hertfordshire.
fex and Weftminster, vice-president of the Mr. William Markham many years or-
Royal Society, whereof he had been mem- ganist of St. Michal's Crooked-Lane, master-
ber near 40 years, and one of the gover- of the charity-school of Bridge and Candle-
nors of the Foundling Hospital,

wick wards, and author of several books. William Jobafton, Esq; the oldest attor- 8. Francis Boreler, Elg; deputy groomney of the Exchequer.

porter to his majesty. 3. Francis Hole, Esq; one of his majesty's 11. Cbriftopber Lane, Esq; a captain in justices of the peace for the county of the 3d reg. of foot guards. Middlesex.

12. Ri. Hon. George lord Carpenter, 4. Mr. Fafepb Van Hacken, a moft ex- baron of Killaghay, lieut. col. of the first Pellent artist in painting,

troop of horse-guards, and fellow of the Lady Anne Paul, hier to his grace the Royal Society,

a nobleman of the striëteit


a lon.

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probity, and most exact economy : He Perfons declar'd BANKRUPTS.
is succeeded by his only ron George, now Illiam Cbeerbam, late of Soutbampton,
lord Carpenter,

17. Mr. Pbilip Hart, who had been of Lewes, in Selis, peruke-maker.Tbo. upwards of 50 years organist of St. An. Wbeat, of East Retford, in Noiting bamshire, drew's Underhaft, and above 20 years of mercer.mEdw. Owen, of London, dealer. St. Dionis Back Cburcb.

Joba Fiß and Thomas Fish, of Newcastle Sir Robert Cotron, of Great-Gedding in upon Tyne, linen-drapers. "Edr. Ricbarda Huntingtonshire, bart, aged 80, a descendant fon, late of Leadenball-freet, victualler. of the founder of the famous Cortonian li- Martha Lee, late of Ramsey, in Elex, wibrary.

dow, dealer and chapwoman.-. Fisher, 21. Pbilip Herber!, Esq; member of late of Queen-ftreet, Cbeapside, baker.parliament for the city of Oxford.

Micbael Èilior, of Newcaftle upon Tyne,

cooper and butter merchant.--Tbo. Denne, Ecclefiaftical PREFERMENT S.

of Queenbitbe, ironmonger. David Core TR. Atkinson, late master of the free. par, of Wellington, in Somerset hire, dyer.

school of Maclesfield in Cbefbire, -Jacob Cadilay, and Samuel Hall, of the presented to the vicarage of Thorp Arib, in Norrb Brembouse, in the parith of Sulcoates, Yorkshire.--Mr. Natbenie Foffer, to the in Yorkshire, common brewers.- Ja. Fise, rectory of Hetbe, in Oxfordfire.-Mr. Ed. of Blackbourn, in Lancashire, chapman. ward Hyett, to the rectory of Woolfnewion, --Peter Comerlan, of Burr-ftreet, by St. Cain Monmoutbfhire.Leonard Howard, D. D. therine's near the Tower, merchant.-70. to the rectory of St. George, Soutbwark, Stockwell, of Ramsbury, in Wilts, brewer.

Nerel Harris, of Bristol, ironmonger.
PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

W.Wycbing bam, of Lombard.Areet, horier.
OHN Ponsonby, of Hale, Esq; appointed


-Ann Fowke, of Sr. Martin's-lane, engine.

maker,Francis Smith, late of St. Paul'sHenry Ricbmond Brougbam, Esq; deceased, Churcb-yard, victualler.--Tbe. Basnet, of Rt. Hon. George lord Anson, made vice- St. James's, Wiffminster, coachmaker. admiral of Great Britain, and lieutenant Fra. Niwland, of Deptford, ropemaker. of the admiralty thereof, and also lieut, of John Jones, of Bristol, apothecary and mer. the navies and seas of Great Britain, in chant.- Ambrose Penfound, of Dartmouth, the room of Sir Jobn Norris, knt. de. Devon, merchant and scrivener. ---Ro. Bircb, ceased.-William Rowley, Esq; made rear- Jate of Salford, in Lancashire, woollen draadmiral of Great Britain, and the admiralty per.- Michael Longridge, late of Walibusle, thereof, and rear-admiral of the navies and in Noribumberland, ale and beer brewer and seas of Great Britain. - Sir Ckaloner Ogle, malifter.-Ri. Ufisdale, fate of Lincoln, innmade admiral and commander in chief of holder. Samuel Peter Lecbigary, and James his majesty's fleet, in the room of Sir yoon Lyz, of Exon, merchants.---Ed. Brannbile, Norris, deceased.--Hon, Sir Charles Hanbury of Lavenbem, in Suffolk, ftaymaker and Williams, knight of the Balb, and youn maltfter.-70. Hooper, of Turver-Hill, merAnfis, Esq; garter principal king of arms, chant.-Ro. Jobnjon, of Scarborough, flaxappointed his majesty's plenipotentiaries at dreffer.-Yohn Cook, now or late of Long the court of Anfparb, to invest the mar- Acre, ironmonger.- Jobs Cbrifiian Rubel, grave with the habit and enfigns of the of Londor, linen-draper.-Edward His, the mort.noble order of the garter. (See p. 252.)

eldest, late of Beamister in Dorset fire, -William Mount, Erq; of Tower-bill, maltster, Robert Harrow, of Cheshunt, in chosen treasurer of St. Thomas's Hospiral, Hertfordshire, dealer.-Thomas Heard, of in the room of Anbony Walburge, Efq; London, merchant.-- Thomas Peacock, now deceased ; and Dr. Adams, chosen physician, or late of Boston, buyer of wool, trader, in the room of Dr. Hall, who resign'd.- and dealer. - Jobin Gibson, of St. Paul, Laurence Stringer, Esq; made a caprain, Covent-Garden, upholder.- Jobn Mac Kaig and Robert Brown, Esq; a cornet, in Sir and ). Goodwin, of Mansfield in NotringbamJohn Ligmier's reg. of horse. -Capt. shire, linen-drapers and partners.--Samuel' Francis Strutten, made chief engineer at Black, of Romssy in Hampshire, linen-draper. Landguard Por!. Robert Barber, Erq; ap. -James Shrader, of St. Martin's in the pointed solicitor to the cxcise, in the room Fields, goldsmith. -- George Srovin, of Crowle, of Mr. Seiwyn, deceased.-Rt. Hon. 'the in Lincolnshire, grazier and dealer. -Stepben lord chancellor, chosen high steward of the Fry, of Friday-fireet innholder and carrier, university of Cambridge, in the room of Thomas Hill, of Primrose.treet, in the his grace the duke of Newcastle, now clan- parish of St. Borolph without Bifropsgate, cellor of that university, Melchior Gry hrewer.-Thomas Roberfon, of Coleman-freet, Dickens, Esq; made envoy extraordinary to carpenter.- Jobs bite, late of Caple-Cary, the empress of Rullia,

in Somerseifhire, serge-maker.-Nic. Grima foaru, of Blackburn, in Lancashire, chapmar


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