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pr. is.


25. The polite Tutor, tranflated from

the Freneb of Bellegarde. Corbet.
the most eminent Persons who have

26. London and Middlesex illustrated. No. flourished in Great Britain, and Ireland.

II. (which compleats the Whole) hy Jobs Vol. II. complete.

Warburton, Esq; Somerset Herald, F. Ř. S. 2. An Introduction to Hiftory, antient pr. is. 6d. Printed by C. and 7. Ackers, and modern, pr. 25. Rivington.

in-St. Jobn's-Street į and Sold by R. Bald. DIVINITY and CONTROVERSIAL.

win, jun. 3. Free and candid Disquisitions relating

27. Considerations upon the White Her. to the Church of England, pr. 45. Millar.

ring and Cod Fisheries, pr. Is. Cooper. 4. A new Translation, by S. Boyce,

PHYSICK, and SURGERY. A. M. of a Demonstration of the Existente

28. A Differtation on Hernias, or Rupof God, pr. 2s 6d. Sandby.

tures, by G. Arnaud, pr. 55. Millar. s. The new Practice of Piety. Hodges. 29. Various ironick and serious Discourses

6. Dr. Middleton's Free Enquiry, Edit. on the Subject of Physick, pr. 45, 6d, Owen.. 3. Manby and H. Cox.

Poetry and ENTERTAINMENT. 7. Meditations on various Subje&s, pr.

30. The Works of Micbael Drayton, Esq; 33. 6d. Buckland.

Folio, pr. il. gs. in Sheets. Dorfly. 8. A Dialngue concerning the Sin of

31. Gidion, or the Patriot : An Epick Lying, pr. 6d. Buckland.

Poem, in 12 Books, pr. 35. 6d. stitched. 9. A Defence of the Letter to the Rev.

39. Remarks on three Plays of Ber Mr. John Jackson, pr. 15. Manby and H.

Jobnfon. Hawkins, Cox.

33. Q. Horatii Flacci Ars Poetica : Epis. 10. The Expediency of improving the

tola ad Pisones. Dodfley. publick Liturgy, pr. 2s. Griffitbs.

34. Solomon and Abra, or Love Epilles. 11. A Profesion of Faith, wrote by

Griffirbs. Pietro Giannone, pr. 2s. 6d. G. Woodfall.

35. An Ode occasioned by the Death of Law, POLITICAL.

Mr. Tbomson, By Mr. William Collins 12. Standing Armies standing Evils, Manby and H. Coxi

36. Little polite Tales, Fables and Rida 13. A loyal Citizen's Address to Parlia

dles, in easy Verse ; with other Lessons of ment, pr. 6d. Corbet,

Morality equally inftrudive and entertain14. A Case of Conscience, humbly put ing for little Masters and Mifres, adorned to the Vice-Chancellor, &c. pr. 6d. Cooper. with Sculptures, pr. 6d. Buldwin, jun. 15. A compleat alphabetical Abridgment,

and Nicolson. of the Statutes now in Force, relating to 37. An Ode to Garrick upon the Talk the Stamp Duties, pr. 15. Gibbons,

of the Town, pr. 6d. Cooper. (Sce p. 282.) 16. Observations on the last Session of

38. Poems on several Occasions, by Mr. Parliament, pr. 15. Carpenter.

Henry Jones. Dodfiey. 17. A second Letter to the Author of

SERMONS. an Examination of the Principles and Con. duct of the Two B-rs, p. 6d. Millan,

39. The Sermons on several Subjects of

S. Clarke, D. D. in 11 Vols. on a fine Pa. MISCELLANEOUS.

per and Elzevir Letter, pr. 1!. bound in 18. A Letter to the Editor of the Letters Calf. Knapton. on the Spirit of Patriotism, &c. pr. 6d. 40. A Sermon on the Death of Dr. Watts Roberts.

By Dr. Milner. Noon. 19. Marci Tullii Ciceronis Epistolarum 41. —on the Death of his only Son, ad Farmiliares Libri 16. Edidit & Com- By J. Pites. Buckland. mentario anglico illustravit Jobannes Ress, 42. --before the Synod at Dumfries. A. M. in 2 Vols. 8vo. pr. 125. in Boards. By David Imprie, A. M. Oswald. Dodjiey.

43. before a Congregation of Black 20. The Polite Arts, or a Differtation on Slaves in Maryland. Oliver. Poetry, &c. pr. 25. 6. . Ofoorn.

44. -at St. Margaret's, Westminster, 21. The Husbandman, and Gardener's on Sunday, April 9, 1749. By Septimus useful and neceffary Companion, pr. 450 Turton, L. L. B. pr. 60. Corber, Hodges.

45. at St. John's, Hackney, on the 22. Oratio in Theatro Sheldoniano ha. publick Thanksgiving, April 25. By RoGita die Dedicationis Bibliotheca Radcli- bert Wrigbe, D. D. pr. 6d. Hawkins.. vianæ, à Gulielmo Lewis, M. D. pr. 1s. 46. mat Little Wild Street, on the Rivington.

fame Occafion. By Joseph Stennett, pr. 6d. 23. An Epiftle to Florio at Oxford, pr. 1$. Ward. Brindley.

47: -at Wetbersfield in Essex, on the 24. Lettres d'Aza, ou d'un Peruvien, Death of the Rev. Jobs Harrison, M. A pr, 254

By Tbomas Davidson, pri 6d. Ofwalde

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T. Davila
Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For JULY, 1749.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of the im Price. ) 1. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- XIII. Ceremony of Installing the Duke of

tical Ć LUB, &c. continued : Containing Newcaftle in the Chancellorship of the
the SPEECHES of Bojorix, Julius Florus, University of Cambridge.
T. Sempronius Graccbus, and Servilius Prif- XIV. Vast Improvement of Philadelphia in
cus, on the Motion for granting 10,000l. Penlytania.
to reimburse the City of Glasgow the Sums XV. Curious Structure of the Eye, with the
extorted from them by the Rebels.

Direction of that of a Fish.
II. Memoirs of the Life of the late Duke of XVI. POETRY: Ode performed in the

Senate-House at Cambridge, at the Duke of III. Protest in relation to a Road-Bill.

Newcastle's Installation ; Charity, or 1 Cor. IV. Summary of the most important Af. xiii. paraphrased ; on Mr. Stanley, the cefairs in the last Session of Parliament.

lebrared blind Organift ; Epilogue to the V. An exact Account of Sums granted, and Town ; from Anacreon ; Ode occasioned Ways and Means for raising them.

by Mr. Weft's TranNation of Pindar ; a VI. An Essay upon Vifion, addressed to the new Song, sung by Mr. Lowe at Vaux. Royal Society.

Hall, set to Musick, &c. &c. VII. A Meditation on the Death of the late XVII. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : Duke of Montagu.

Court-Martial at Portsmoutb ; Riot in the VIII. Abstract of Mr. Dodwell's Free Answer Strand; Sessions at the Old-Bailey ; Mato Dr. Middleton's Free Inquiry.

Jefactors executed, &c. &c. &c. IX. Rise and Condition of the three piratical XVIII. Promocions ; Marriages and Births ; States of Barbary.

Deaths ; Bankrupts. X, A Geometrical Question solved.

XIX, Prices of Stocks for each Day. XI. Description of the grand Dutch Theatre XX. Monthly Bill of Mortality, for the Fireworks.

XXI. FOREIGN AFFAIR S. XII. Ceremonies at the Installation of Knights XXII. Catalogue of Books.

of the Barb.
With an elegant VIEW of the Grand Theatre for the Dutch Fireworks ; as also of the Duke
of ARGYLL's Monument in Wefimirfer. Abbey : Both neatly engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-Nofter-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sess from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Pound, or Stitch'd,

or any single Month to complete Sets.



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325, 326

duke of Argyll

295 Account of his family

ibid. His early entrance upon a military life ibid. Kemarkable itory of him while in the Durcb service

296 In great favour under Q. Anne ibid His behaviour during the war, particularly at the battle of Malplaquet

ibid. He commands the king's forces against the rebels in 1915

297 His behaviour in relation to the adminiftra.

rion in that and the present reign ibid. A meditation in the fields, on seeing the

duke of Moniagu's herse setting forward

for his interment in the country ibid. B. Ceremonies observed at the installation of the knights of the Batb

298 Defcription of the grand Durcb theatre for the fireworks

300 The JOURNAL of a Learned and Political CLUB, &c. continued

301-317 Debate on the question about granting to

his majesty 10,000l. for reimbursing the City of Glasgow the sums extorted from them by the rebels

ibid. SPEICH of Bojorix against the question

301 The behaviour of the city of Glasgow at

the revolution, and in the two late rebellions, compared with that of other places

ibid. &c. The loyal and zealous behaviour of Newcafile in the last rebellion

302 The sufferings of Glasgow in that rebellion,

compared with those of other places 303 Of the consequences of agreeing to the motion

ibid. SPEECH of Julius Florus, by way of answer to the foregoing

305 The merits and sufferings of Glasgow dirplayed

ibid. cc. That an invasion with a small number of

troops, is more to be dreaded than one with a greater number, and a remark

able story to that purpose Case of Newcastle and other places

307 Case of Carlisle

308 SPEECH of T. Sempronius Graccbus against the motion

309 The relief proposed examined on the foot

of justice, compaffion and gratitude 310 SPEECH of Servilius Prifcus, by way of answer

313 The lords protest in relation to a roadbill


Abstract of Mr. Dodwell's Free Answer

Dr. Middleton's Free Inquiry 318
An eifay upon viñon, of a curious question

in opticks discussed, and addressed to the
royal society

321 Admirable structure of the eye

ibid. Account of the dissection of a filh's eye

322 A fummary of the most important affairs that happened last fesfion of parliament

324 Account of the controverted elections 325 Resolutions of the committee of supply,

with an exact account of the sums grant.

ed, and for what purposes How they ought to be distinguiihed

325 Resolutions of the committee of ways and

means for raising the supply 327 Rise and condition of the three piratical ftates of Barbary

ibid. A geometrical question folved

328 POETRY. Ode performed in the fenate.

house at Cambridge, at the duke of New.

caftle's installation as chancellor 329 Epilogue to the town

33 A country quarter (effions

ibid. On Mr. Stanley, the celebrated blind or : ganist

ibid. Charity, being a paraphrase on 1 Cor. xiii. 331 An ode to solitudo

ibid. A new song, sung by Mr. Lowe at VauxHall Gardens

332 An ode occasioned by reading Mr. Weft's tramlation of Pindar

333 From Anacreon

ibid. On the late duke of Montagu ibid. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER 334 Vaft improvement of Pbiladelpbia in Pen. sylvania

ibid. Court-martial for trying the men belonging

to the Chesterfield man of war. ibid. Riots in the Strand and Old-Bailey ibid. Malefactors executed

334, 335 Ceremony of installing his grace the duke

of Newcastle in the chancellorship of the university of Cambridge

ibid. Sessions at the Old- Bailey

335 Marriages and births

336 Deaths

ibid. Ecclefiaftical preferments

337 Promotions civil and military

ibid. Perfons declar'd bankrupts

ibid. Prices of stocks ; wind, weather

338 Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. FOREIGN AFFAIRS Catalogue of books



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N. B. The Pastoral ca ?k Death of Adonis shall be in our mexr. A also tbe Remarks on the Queries in relation 11 Eletricity, and the Recenti for the Slaggers in Horses: We beve received fume Gearrierrical and Djalling Richirrs.

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Printed for R. Baldwin jun: at the love in Pates Hautes I

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