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sent to introduce his grace, who being A dreadful fire happened at Glasgow in brought to the door of the chapter-room, Scotland, which burnt with such fury, and was there received by the dukes of Kinęston spread itself in so terrible a manner, that and Porrland the junior knights, and conabout 200 families were entirely burnt out, ducted by them to the sovereign with the ac. and reduc'd to the utmost distress.

customed reverences; garter, carrying on TUESDAY, 13.

a velvet cushion the garter and George hang. His majesty went to the house of peers, ing to a blue ribbond, did upon his knee and prorogu'd the parliament to Auguf 3, present the garter to the sovereign, who after having made a most gracious speech to gave it to his royal highness the duke of both houses (which jie p. 280.) and pass'd Curaberland and the duke of Dorfer, the two the following bills, viz. An act for grant- senior companions, which they buckled ing to his majesty one million out of the about his grace's left leg, whilst the chanlinking fund for the year 1749, and for cellor read the admonition enjoined by the enabling his majesty to raise a further fum statutes ; and then garter having with like of one million for the uses and purposes reverence presented to the sovereign the thercin mentioned, GC.-An act for recti- blue ribbond and George, his majesty, arfying mistakes in the names of several of fined by his royal highness and the duke of the commissioners of the land taxi-An act Dorset, put it over his grace's left shoulder, to enable such officers, mariners and soldi. who was then kneeling, the chancellor in ers, as have been in his majesty's service since the mean time reading the his accession, to exercise trades.--An a&tio nition,

And his grace having kiiled the establish the method of proceeding to and sovereign's hand, and thanked his majesty upon outlawries for high treason, and mis- for the great honour done him, rose up and prision of high treason, in Scotland.-An saluted all the companions severally, who act for continuing, explaining and amend- returned their congratulations, bowed to ing several laws.-- An act for the more easy his royal highness, and withdrew, and speedy recovery of small debes within Then his grace the duke of Bedfurd, and the town and borough of Southwark, and the right hon, the earls of dibemarle and several adjacent and neighbouring parishes. Granville were elected, and received the -An act for making a free market for the enfigns of the order in like manner, and fale of fith in the city of Westminster, and withdrew. for preventing the forestalling and mono- Garter then called over the names of polizing of fish.-An act for the further en. the knights companions, and the procese couragement and enlargement of the whale. fion was made back in the manner before finery, and for the naturalization of such described, save only that the chancellor and foreign protestants, as Mall serve for the black rod went in their proper places. tiine therein mentioned, on board such

FRIDAY, 23. Thips as shall be fitted out for the said fil- Came on at the court of King's-Bench in ery. (See p. 275.) - Some road bills, and W fminster- Hall, a trial on an indiĉlment 9 private bills.

in the crown against ghn Murray, of THURSDAY, 22.

Brozigbron, Esq; for sending divers chal.. His majesty held a chapter of the most lenges to the Fight Hon. the eail of Tranoble order of the garter, in his palace at quair. Mr. Murray made no deience, lo Kensington, when his majesty was pleased was found guilty, and is to receive sentence to present the fix vacant garters, to prince next term, George, eldest son of his royal highness the

SATURDAY, 24. prince of Wales, the margrave of Anspacb Daniel Collyer, Esq; citizen and vintner, Brandenburgb, the dukes of Bedford" and and Tbomas Greer, Esq; citizen and fetcher, Leeds, and che earls of Granville and Albe- were chosen theriffs of London and Middiejen mark. We have already given an account of for the year ensuing. this august ceremony, as far as the election of

MONDAY, 26. the margrave of Arpacb, p. 252 ; and shall This day at ten o'clock, the knights of here add the rest, which is as follows. the Hon. order of the Barb, the heralds,

Garter then was commanded to bring pursuivants, and all the officers of that in his grace ele duke of Leeds, who being order, mct at the prince of Wales's chamber introduced by garter, kneeled down before near the house of lords, from whence the the sovereign, and, being knighted with procession began to Henry the VIIth's the sword of state, retired ; and the third chapel, in Weftminfter- Abbey, where the Scrutiny being collected by the chancellor, following fix knigh's were initalled, viz. Sir and delivered to the sovereign in the for. Peter Warren, Sir Edrward Hawki, (by his mer manner, the chancellor, by the so- proxy, Sir Charles Mollo; 'Srúba. Here'aril, Vereign's command, declared the duke of Sir Cbarlis Amand Puulet, Sir Juba Mi 11:17 Leeds duly elected.

a..d Sir John Savilla Upon which, garter and black rod were


June 5.

a son.

[Tbe rdecount of tbe wksle Ceren.uny fall Mr. Samuel Farrer, of the Bank of Engbe in our nix!.]

land, a person so well skill'd in the ma. MARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

thematicks, that he has left but few fu. IR

Perlor's, nor many equals. Benjild, of Harrow on tbe Hill 10. Rt. Hon. Sir George Dorvning, bart, Stroeber Kerr, Erg; to the Rt. Hon.

knight of the Batb, and member of parliaFean lady Ramsay, in Scor and.

ment for Dumtrieb in Suffolk. George Baker, of Elamore-Hall, near Charles llardy, Esq; who had a command Du bam, Eig; 10 Miss Judirb Routb.

in the royal navy, in which he behaved 8. Robert Burton, of Longror in Sbrop- with great bravery, in the reign of Q. Anne. mire, Erq; to Miss Hill, daughter of Tbomas 12. Mr. Benjamin Wilks, the ingenious Till Eiq; memb. for Shrewsbury,

author on a treatise on English insects. Lord Fane, to lady Juxion,

Tteopbilus Brady, Esq; many years an Cbarles Wbitwortb, Esq; memb. for eminent merchant at Legborn. Minebead, to Miss Sbelly.

13. Sir Jobr Norris, knt. member of 10. James Norton, of Bedfordshire, Esq; parliament for Rye in Sussex, and admiral to Miss Harnab Tiffin, an heiress.

of Great Britain, the oldest commander 12. Thomas Price, Esq; of Rumford, in the royal navy, having been in that ferto Miss Frances Payne.

vice above 65 years. 22. David Garrick, Esq; one of the pa. Ambrose Pbillips, Esq; register of the tentees of the theatre royal in Drury-Lane, prerogative office in Ireland, a gentleman to Mademoiselle Violerri. (Su p. 282.)

well known to the learned world by his Jobn Heatbcote, Esq; son of Sir John writings, viz. his pastorals, translations Heatboote, Bart. to Miss Yorke, the young

from Pindar, the tragedy callid Tbe Disest daughter of the Rt. Hon, the lord tress'd mober, &c. He was the last survivor chancellor.

of the excellent authors of the Tatlers, Spece May 27. Lady Hillsborougb delivered of a tators and Guardians. daughter.

Col. Gregory Bleak, lieut. governor of The lady of Sir William Yong?, of a Jersey, an old experienced officer, who daughter.

served in Flanders during all R. Anne's 28. The lady of Sir William Herbert, of wars, and also in the late war, when he

was wounded at the battle of Fontenoy, after 31. The lady of Henry Fownes Luttrell, which he was made lieut. gov. of Jersey, Esq; of a son and heir,

as above. June 1. Countess of Glencairn, of a ron, 23. Antbony Walburge, Esq; treasurer 2. Lady Fitzroy, wife of James Joffrey's,

of St. Tbomas's hospital, Esq; of a daughter.

25. Charles Erskine, Esq; councellor 3. The lady of Sir Peter Warren, of a at law. daughter.

27. Christopher Amyand, Esq; many years 18. The lady of Cadogan, Erq; of an eminent merchant of this city, a son.

28. Mr. James Newton, an eminent Lady Petersham, of a daughter.

bookseller in Lirzie-Britain, respected by 28. The lady of Sir William Irby, bart.

all who knew him. of a son and heir.

Ecclefiaftical PREFIRMINT S. DEATHS.

R. Hunt, to the rectory of Barley in Homas Master, jun. Efq;

member of parliament for the rectory of Berwick in Elmer, in York. Cirencesler.

fire.--Edward Jackson, M. A. to the vi. June 1. Robert Akeburs Esq; councellor carage of Buckland Brewer, with the cha. at law, at Ely,

pelries of Buckworthy and East Rusford in 6. Francis Lutterell, of Little Chelsea, Devonshire.- Josepb 'Wbreler, B. A. to the Esq; one of the benchers of the Middle

vicarage of Deu foury in Yorkshire Mr. Temple, and treasurer of the said society. Aynscomb, B. D. to the rectory of AllHon. Charles Bluere Wallop, Esq; second Saints in Lircbfield.-

George Molden, fon to the earl of Portsmoutb, equerry to M. A. to the rectory of St. Jon Maiber. his royal highness the duke, and memb. of market, or Maddermarket, in Norwicb. parliament for Newport in Hampshire, Mr. Sbute M. A, to the recory of Lorel

9. Hon. Cbarles Selwyn, Esq; member in Hampshire.--Mr. Powney, to the vica, in the last parliament for Ludgerfall in rage of Badcome in Nortbibamptorshire: Wiltshire, and a major in the foot guards. George Wakefield, M. A, to the rectory of

Charles Miller, Efq; one of the justices St. Nicholas in Nottingham.-Mr. John of the peace for Surrey.

Holland, to the rectory of Cowbam, alias Capt. Bezaliel Morrice, brother to the Covenbam, in Lincoln bire.- Jon Deale, late admiral Morrice, and author of several M. A. to the vigasage of Kirby super poetical pieces.

May 29. T

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Moram, in the archdeaconry of Ricbmond.
Mr. Aribur Sturt, to the living of Welsham

Perfons declar'd BANKRUPTS.
in Elex.-George Parry, M. A. to the
rectory of Vaynor, alias Faeror in Breck-

cestershire, chapman.-W. Najb, late nockshire.-Mr. Cbetquynd, to the rectory of of Rid Lyon-Atreet, Holbourn, victualler. Stokesly in Staffordsvire.-Charles York, Cutbbert Gillam, of St. James's Westminster, B. D. to the rectory of Prescot in Derbyshire. brewer.-W. Smilb, late of Bristol, glover. -Mr. Nowman, to the vicarage of Peele -Cba. Hugget, now or late of Witbam in cum Haky, in Derbyshire.—Mr. Tbirk, to Ellex, grocer and tallow-chandler.-Mau. the vicarage of Great Walıer in Bedford. rice Delamore, of Sutton St. Mary's, in Lin. fire.-Mr. Hume, to the rectory of Ber. colnshire, merchant.--Mildred Kidwell, late resfield in Cumberland.-Mr. Shipton, to of Marsham-freet, Westminster, apothecary. the rectory of Clayfield in Staffordshire. -Major Swanwick, of Glemsford, in Suffolk,

soap-boiler.-J. Earnshaw, late of Molloy, PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

in Lancashire, woollen-clothier.- Fobn kici, Brabam Caffres, Esq; made envoy ex- of Salisbury-Areet, in the parish of St.

traordinary to the king of Portugal. Martin in the Fields, fruiterer.--Tbo. RawJon Rullel, Esq; made conful-general in lins, in the parish of St. Brides, London, Portugal, in his room.- Henry Holmes, Esq; money-scrivener. - Ralph Loftus, late of made col. of the regiment of foot, late un- Wheeler-freet, Spittle-fields, distiller.Tbo. der the command of Lord Henry Beauclerk, Cope, of the Sirand, victualler.-Martin who resign'd. Thomas Brudenell, Esq; made Hines, now or late of Rorberbitke, diftillor. major to the second regiment of dragoon -R. Payne, of Bond-fables, in Feiter-Lane, guards; and Frederick Frankland, a capt, in

the said regiment.-Ricbard Middleton, of
Cbirk-Cafle, Esq; made recorder of Denbigb,

[The rest in our nex!.]
in the room of Sir Robert Salusbury Cotton,
bart. deceased. Duke of Marlborough,

SIR, Oxon, June 26, 1749.
made steward of the houshold, in the room AST week was publish'd here, a
of the duke of Devonshire, who resign'd.-
Cbarles Townshend, Esq; made a commiffio. ful company of barbers in ()xford ; occafion'd
ner of trade and plantations.—Sir Richard by a laic infamous libel, intitled, The Barber
Wrottefly, bart. made one of the clerks and Fireworks, A Fable, bigbly refl-eling
comptrollers of the board of green-cloth. on one of tbe bonourable members. By a Bar.
Ensign Thomas Philpot, of Conway's reg.

ber. It hath met with universal applause, made a lieut, in the said reg. and Edward and hath already gone thro' two edlrions, Tompkins, Esq; made enlign in his room.- I have sent you the introductory lines, Rt. Hon. Brabazon, earl of Bessborougb in which will serve to give your readers a taste the kingdom of Ireland, made a peer of of the whole. Great Britain, by the title of baron Ponsonby, of Syfonby, in the county of Leicefter.- 70s.

Jordan, gent. made consul in Gallicia and

Insult the noble name of ronsors >
Auftria. -Licut. gen. Sir Cbarles Howard,

Where, where's your spirit? none reply? major gen. Sir Charles Mordaune, and major

Fie, Arnald *, H-lm-, *, Kerby , fic. gen. Cholmondeley, appointed to be upon the

Ah, what avails the mighty knowledge staff, for Soulb Britain, and to review the

You've gain'd by Thaving of a college, several regiments quarter'd in England.

If when a scribbler dares to mock,
Tbo. Brereton, Esq; made one of the grooms

You'll not revenge a brother block?
of the bedchamber, under the Re, Hon. the

Well, I'll attempt it, tho' to rhyme
lord chamberlain of his majesty's houshold.
-Mr. Tbo. Neville, made one of the gen-

I ne'er try'd fince I ferv'd my time.

P'll teach the tellow how to joke,
tlemen ulhers and quarterly waiters in ordi-

But hold-what god muft I invoke ?!
nary under his lordihip.-rra, Young, Esq;
one of the clerks of his majesty's kitchen.

Apollo ? No, for, as I've heard,

Apollo never had a beard,
-Tbo. Wel, Esq; made se: jeant of all his
majesty's carriages, and over the yeomen

Whoe'er thou art, then, lend thine aida

Thou patron of the Thaving trade, pf the carriages, and yeomen riders.-Mr.

Whose deathless hand in heay'n above James Periman, made deputy paymaster

Trims the grey pate of father Jove.
of the troops at Gibraiter.-Mr. Fenton

Let wit in ev'ry line be seen,
Salter, deputy-paymaster of the troops in

Bright as the razor, and as keen :
Norib Britain.-Hon. Henry Bellendor, Esq;

Smooth let them run as oil, or rather,
gentleman usher of the black rod, had
the honour of knighthood conferrid on him

As soapy, Nippery, frothy lather.

PRICES by his majesty. (See p. 252.)

Three eminent barbers in Oxford. ş

WHAT'Shall a faucy rhyming dunce,

Days among



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40 and go and 60

BAN* (INDIA South Sea, South Sea South Sea 4perCent.4 per Cent. Bank An.f3per Cent. India BondsfB.Cir.pr Wind at Weatber Bill of Mortality from
STOCK.STOCK. STOCK. Annu. old Ann, new 1746.

1748. B. Annu.

præm. \ d. Deal, London. May 23, !) June. 27. 1353136 115

106 #1 106

104 104 1 100 $ 765 a 77 14 17 6 S. W. much rain


S Males 6513 189

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6 W.

Femal. 655

mych rain
3 136

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+ 17 6 N. E. cold rain


Males 11431

N. E. fair cool

Femal. 1230)

2273 136 1 188

106 i 105 1104 104 ICO 785 a 77 14 17 6

N. fair cool Died under 2 Years old 718

105 104

4 77 6 S. E. rain fair Between 2 and 5 - 197 187 1141113/ 105 }

104 104 99 765 a 73 4 17 6 N. E. clou.fair

5 and 10 – 85


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10 and 20 70 186 9 135 11441151 105 106

105 104,11 104 199 $ 100 739 a 76 14 17 6 N. by E. clou. cold

20 and 30

10 135
186 115

104 104 99 75$ a 74 4 17 6 N. fair cold

30 and 40 248 11 Sunday

S. W. fair cool

50 - 250 32 135836 186 115

105 & 104 104.1. 99 1745
4 17 6 w. by S. clou. cold

13 135 1186


104 10499 735 a 72 4 17 6 N. clou, cold

60 and 70 - 149 1011105

104 14

104 99

735 a 72 4 17 6 S. W. cold rain

70 and so
15 135 1861871 113411

99 708 a 72 4 17 6 N. W. cold rain

80 and 90 52
16 136 387 31132134

105 IOS 104 104 99 745, 14 17 6 N. fair cold

go and100 - 4 37 136 1 187

106 105 104

4 17 6 S.S.W. harrainallday

18 Sunday

W.S.W. frainallday

Within the Walls 137 19 136 1871864 114 106 105 104 104

765 a 74 4 17 6 N. W. fair 105

Without the Walls 528 20 136135 1864186 114

1061058 105 194 99

6 735 a 71 14 17

S. W.

fair warm
1861851 114

In Mid. and Surrey 1080
105 104


Š 728 a 73 4 17 6 w. by N. Imall rain

99 105

City & Sub, Weft. 108 1851 1852 114


6 W. S. W.
718 a 75 14 17

104 105 1041105
745 a 78 4 17 6 S. W, fair warm

104 Ž 104 1

78s a sos OW. N. W. fair lot Weekly May 30 -464
21 Sunday

S. by E, cloudyfais

June 6

785 a 79 5 0 S. W. fair

13 M443
271 336 1 1

106 105 105 1 101 7795 5

N. E, fair hot


105 105 1101

N. E. fair hot

27 -99 29

JO; 105 10)

S, W, fair

2273 30

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s. fair Wheaten Peck Loaf in d.

Wheat 265, to 28. por Qual,

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ROM Dresden we have an account, the prince stadtholder proposed, that field

marihal count Mauricc of Naljau, and count
on the 22d init. N. S. and from Dantzick, Grontsfeld, should be admitted into the col.
that of late several large remittances have lege ; upon which they were unanimously
arrived there from Paris, which were sent elected, and next morning they were intro-
directly to Milta, capital of Courland, in duced and took the oaths and their seats ac.
order, as was thought, to accelerate as well cordingly, in the assembly of the states of
as secure the election of a new sovereign in. Holland : And that the same day, viz. the
ta that duchy in favour of the said marshal. 24th, the states general approved and esta-
In the mean time, the Raffans seem to be blished the scheme for restoring the farms
taking measures to prevent or oppose that by way of collection ; tho' a general poli-
election; one column of their troops, re- tax, in proportion to people's revenue,
turned from Bobemia, having already taken would certainly have been less burdensome
quarters in that duchy, and the other two upon the poor, and less dangerous to the
in its neighbourhood in Livonia ; and at liberties of the people *
the same time they are making vast pro- From Paris we have had the following
parations for war in all their ports and accounts: That towards the end of lait
dominions upon the Balsick. On the other month, Mr. Yorke, the British minister,
hand, the talk at Paris is, that in case of waited on the marquis de Puyfieux, to de-
a rupture in the Norrb, marshal Bellise mand a final explanation on the subject of
will be sent with an auxiliary army of Tobago, when that minister made him the
soooo men, to assist the allies of France in

following declaration, " That the king his that part of the world.

master had seen with surprize, what an From the Hague we have had fince our alarm an affair of so little importance had last she following advices : That Medrs. given in England; that his most christian de Catwyck and Pautu returned from Norib majetty had never any design of making Holland chither the beginning of this month, a leitlement at Tobago ; that persuaded of after having executed the commission with the good dispositions of his Britannick which they were charged by the prince majefty to maintain peace and a good unstadtholder, for changing the magistracy derstanding between the powers of Europe, of the several towns in that part of the he would carefully avoid, on his part, province, by virtue of the power given to whatever might give the least disturbance his highness by the states in September last ; thereto ; and that tho' it be evident chat fo that the town of Dort is now the only France was in the possession of that ifland place that has not yet undergone a visitation towards the middle of last century, it Mould by virtue of this commission, and confo- nevertheless be disposed of as his Britana quently the only town where all the old nick majefty should think proper : That magistrates still continue in the exercise of before the ift of this month they had their office : That the earl of Holderness, launched at Bril, To:zlır, and Rocheforte 18 the embassador from Great Britain, with new men of war, from 70 to 80 guns ; his counters, and a numerous retinue, that they have since launched four of 70 arrived there on the 6th init. N. S. That guns each at Brift ; and that a vigorous on the oth his serene highness, the prince application is making by several rich perItacholder, and next day her royal highness fons, for having a company erected and the princess returned from Loo to their house employed to build thips for his majesty's in the wood near the Hague : That at service in Canada ; on which condition Amsterdam the mob had attack'd several they propose to build rovelve annually, at the meeting-houses of a new sect of religion same rates for which they are built in the lately set up there, called Hernbutiers ; upon ports of France, and to make his majesty which the magistracy of that city bave is. a present belides of a complete (ixty-gun sued an order, which forbids, under severe ship every year while that contract conti penalties, the holding of any such conventicles : That the Itales of Hollard have ap- It has not as yet been discovered, with pointed M. Prin to act provisionally as any certainty, what is become of the young penginary till their next ordinary meeting, pretender. Some accounts told us he had which will be next month: That on the pailed thro' Warsaw, and was arrived Izth, about ten at night, the fireworks for among his relations in Poland: Soon after the peace began to be played off ; and every we had a formal fory told us of his are part of them were executed with as much riving incog, at Venice; and since that Satisfaction as could be wished, and without we have been told of his going from War. she least blunder or accident : That on the faw with one of the Sobieski family to his 23d an extraordinary assembly of the college palace in the country, where it was fupa of the nobles of Holland was held, whea posed he would stay till September,

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See our lif, p. 242.

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