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Printed for R. Baldwin jun"at the Rose in Pater Noster Ron

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- James Peneroy, for a rape on the body of navy, victualling and transport bills, &Can infant between 9 and 10 years old. An act to enable the bp. of Lordon, or his Kat berine Conway, for uttering a forged fucceffors, to demise or sell the mansionwill, knowing it to be so.--And yoba house, called London-Ilouse, for the benefit Rogers, for robbing Joseph Oors and Mary of the fee of London.--An act for remedyHoward in the fields near Ilinglon.

ing inconveniences relating to the statutes We had terrible accounts this month, of Huc and Cry. An act for encouraging from W Amoreland, Northumberland and York- the people called Unitas Fratrum, or United Jhire, of the distemper among the horned Brethren, to settle in the American colonies. cattle raging violently in or about those -The act for more ctfecually preventing parts.

the importation and wear of foreign eniSir Jobr Phillips, of Pembrokefnire, bart. broidery, brocade, $C.-The act or apabout this time founded a fellowship and plying part of the personal estate of the late scholarship in Pembroke-College, Oxford, bp. Burnet, for purchaling lands in perpe(where he had his education) for the bene.. tuity in Scotland, for several charitable uses fit of his country; and Wiliam Howell, in his will mentioned. --The act for more M. A. was admitted the first fellow on efl'ectually preventing frauds and abuses in that foundation, and William Rogers scholar. the manufacture of ha's, as also in the

The following is an account of the ele- woollen, linen, sustian, cotton, iron, lezgant and magnificent monument, that has ther, furr, hemp, flax, 'mohair, and uik been some time erecting in-Weftinßer-Ab- manufactures, in act for amending, bey, and is now finith'd, in honour of the explaining, and reducing into one act, the late duke of Argyll. See p. 95, 96.)

laws Ic!ating to the ravy. --The act for a On the front of the pedestal, in basso fund to provide for the widows and chile relievo, appears Liberty seated in her tem- dren of the ministers of the church of ple, and two Genii offering the sword and Scotland, &c. - The act relating to the lean Thield of the deceased duke to the goddess.

ting of horses or furniture to persons riding The pedestal is supported by two grand

poit.--And co several road and privaię bills. figures ; on the right side, that of Eloquence,

SATURDAY, 27. with the works of Demoliberes, Ca far’s Con- Their royal highnetles the prince and mentaries, and the emblems of Justice lying princess of Wales, some others of the royal by ; on the left side, that of Pallas, with the family, and a great number of nobility and einblems of Wijdom and Valour. The cor. gentry, were at the new chapel at the nice of the pedestal is ornamented with Foundling-Hospital, to hear the several pieces various trophies, alluding to his grace's of vocal and instrumental mulick, com different titles, honours and employments. posed by Mr. Handell.-Three days belore, Above is placed a Sarcopbagus of black and it was signified to the committee, that his gold marble, on which rests the statue of majesty intended to give 20001, towards the duke, supported hy a figure representing supporting and promoting that charity. See History, whose left hand points to a book, the first institution of this hospital, and in which is recorded, Born Vader the 10. Capt. Coram's speech at the first general MDCLXXX. died O&ober the 4. MDCCXLIII. meeting of the governors and guardians, while the right hand is employ'd in writing in our Magazine for 1737. p. 627, 623. It upon an obelisk the following inscription : was for some time kept in H21901-Garden, till

Briton, behold! if patriot worih be dear, the spacious fabrick was erected in Lanie'sa A shrine that claims thy tributary tear ; Conduit Fields, of which we have given Silent the tongue, admiring senates heard ; the front view, as also the effigies of Capt. Nerve less that arm, oppofing legions fear'd; Corom, in our Magazine for this month. Nor leis, O CAMPBELL ! thine the pow's

TUESDAY, 30. to please,

Was celebrated the birth-day of their And give to grandeur all the grace of ease. royal Highnesses the princelies Amplia and Long from thy life, let kindred heroes Caroline, when the former entered into tlie

38th, and the latter into the 36th year of Arts, which ennoble Nill the noblest race. Others may owe their future fame to me,

MARRIAGES and BIRTHS. I borrow immortality irom ihee.

April 28. Aceb Dobyns, of Burgi, in Lin, John Duke of ARGYIL and gr.

confoire, Erq; to miss Black. FRIDAY, 26.

well, daughter of the late Sir Henry blackThe royal asent was given by commif. well, Bart. fion to the following bills, viz. An act for 29. Mr Jobri Coulsor, of Soutlwark, an the better securing the duties upon coal, eminent brewer, to miss dind ca berina cuim and cinders, exported.--An act to Lane, prevent mischiefs from keeping or carrying May, a. Hɔn. Richard Barry, Líq; mem. too great quantities of gunpowder.---An ber for Win

gan, to miss liyde in Irlande act to charge the linking fund with the pay- 5. Mr. Mirm idurjord, a coal-scachant, ment of certain annuities, in discharge of

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her age.

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Everal letters from Dresden by the last poral in writing relating to the taxes to be ,

established in lieu of the abolished pachts, just received an express from the primate of in the preamblo of which he complaineck Poland, with an account, that the states of heavily of their delays ; and he concluded Courland had agreed to elect marshal count with observing, that there were but twa Saxe for their duke, and waited only for liis methods for answering the end propoied. majesty's consent to proceed to the electi- The first, by the introduction of a general on in form. And to this the same letters polltax on families, accordir.g to every add, that upon receipt of this advice, or- one's consumption, retinue, calling, and ders were issued to the troops of Saxony to means. The second, by levying by means hold themselves in readiness to march on of collectors, the imposts which were for. the first notice. If these advices be con- merly farmed out to the pachters. firmed, we may look upon a war in the From Paris we hear, that the dauphiness north as unavoidable ; for the Rifians will has again miscarried ; that the count de certainly oppose this election by force of Maurepas, his majesty's minister and secre. arms, if they have any hopes of being sup- tary of state for the marine, has been dia ported by their allies; and it seems to be as vested of all his employments, and banished certain, that the election will be supported to Bourges, and M. Rouille appointed to sucby Sweden, Poland, Pruffia, Saxory, and, ceed him in the department of the marine ; if necessary, the whole house of Bourbon. and that his majesty has from the ift of

Towards the end of last month, the January next abolithed the tax called the ftates of Holland and Weffriesland published tenth penny, or 25. in the pound, and estaa placaert, importing, That having con- blished in its stead a tax called the twensented by their placaert of July last, that the tieth penny, or 1.. in the pound, which is provisional tax appointed, to supply the pro- to continue as long as the publick necesity duce of the abolished farms or pachts, Mould

shall require. fubrift but for one year, in hopes, that by From Madrid we are advised, that the tha: rime other taxes might have been in- king of Spain has made a new regulation in troduced; but as this has hitherto been his houshold, by which the number of of round imposible to be effected, their noble ficers is very much reduced, and all the ad. and great mightinesses find themselves un- vantages formerly accruing to them under der a necessity, for several reasons, to pro- the name of perquisites, are entirely cut long the provifional tax to the end of the off current year *. And by the said placaert it The Algerines and other Barbary pirates is ordered, that two thirds of the arrears seem of late to have gathered fresh spirits, of the faid tax for the whole year, begin- and have sent out such a number of pira, ning the int of July, 1748, and ending the tical ships and Noops, that they have not urt of July next, Mall be paid on or before only taken a great number of Italian (hips, the ift of August, and the other third by but keep the whole coait in a continual alathe ift of September ; and that the tax for rum, that divided country not being able the other six months, which begins the ist to enter into any general concert for its own of July, and ends the last of December, defence; but what is most extraordinary, Thall be paid at two terms, one moiety by thefe pirates had the prefumption to seize the first of November, and the other by the upon the Britijh packet-boat from Lisbor, first of February next.

called the Prince Frederick, and to carry her As the republican or antistadtholder party to Algiers, where she was detained from in Hollard, are daily religning or forc'd to he rzih of March till the 4th of April, and resign their posts, M. Gillis, the grand pen- all the money and jewels taken out and fionary, on Saturday the 3d inft. N. S. de- confiscated, under pretence of its belonging fired leave to relign, which was immedi- to Jews and Portugieze. ately granted ; but no one has as yet been April 23, N. S. Prince Charles of Lorraine appointed in his room. And M. Van Cii. governor and general of the Auftriar: Nerber.. ters, reigning burgomaster of Middleburg in lands, arrived at Bruffels from Vierna ; and Zealand, has since resigned that office, has since been complimented by deputies which he had filled upwards of so years.

from the several provinces. May 14, N. S. The prince stadtholder, Since the young pretender's departure accompanied by her royal highness the from Avignon, as mentioned in our Magaprincess, and the young prince and princess, zine for Marcb laft, we have had no authenset out from the Hague, for their palace of tick accounts of himn ; but advices from Ger. Log in Guelderland, where they are to stay many say, that he palled incog, through for some rime; but his serene highness, Leipfois to Berlin, in his way to. Peland, some time before his departure, deliver'd to where he is to be married to a rich hei. the assembly of the states of Holland a pro- reis.

CON * Secour Magazine for July lafl, p. 335.

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21. A Differtation on the Book of Job. CONTROVERSY, DIVINITY, PHILOSO

By Jobr Garnel, B. D. Cooper.
HE Claims of Church Authority

Historical, Mathematical and Miscellaneous. TR

consider'd, Sc. In Answer to Mr. 22. Miss Scrope's Answer to Mr. CreliMudge's Visitation Sermon, pr, 15. Noon. aveil's Narrative, pr. 25. 6d. rew'd. R.

2. A Letter to the Lay. Expositor ; con- Baldwin, jun. cerning his Exposition of the Orthodox

23. An historical View of the NegotiatiSystem of Civil Rights and Church Power, ons between the Courts of England, France, pr. 68. Noon,

and Bruffels, from 1592, 10 1017. By Tbo. 3. Two Differtations on certain Texts of Birch, M. A. pr. 6s. Nillar, Scripture, against Mr. Chubb's Exceptions. 24. A generant Chronological History of By Fof. Tucker, M. A. pr. 15. Trye. the Air, Weather, Seasons, Meteors, &c.

4. A plain Account of the Ordinance of for 250 Years paft. In 2 Vols. 8vo. pr. Baptism, pr. is. Owen.

125. Longman and Millar, 5. A Protestant's Reasons why he can- 25. A View of Paris, in French and En. not turn Papist, pr. 3d. Oliver.

glijn. pr. 6s. Brindley. 6. A Collection of genuine Letters relat- 26. Tobago ; or, a Geographical Descriping to the most important Doctrines of tion, Natural and Civil History of that Christianity, pr. is. 6d. Owen,

Iland, pr. is. 6d. Reeve. 7. Some Remarks on a Pamphlet, enti- 27. An Account of the Life of Mr. Bere tled, Tbe Entbufu m of Methodists and Pa. tertor, pr. 61. Robinson. pilis compar'd. Ly G. Whitepeld, pr. 6d. 28. A Panegyrick on the Newronian PhiRcbinson.

losophy. By B. Martin, pr. 15. Owen. 8. An Introduction to the Religious Stu. 29. The Operations in Surgery of Mons. dy of Nature, pr. 15. 6d. Payne.

le Dran. By Tbo. Gulaker, with Remarks, 9. An Attempt to prove, that no Time Plates, &c. By W. Cbefelden, Esq; pr. 59, ever was, or will be, ro convenient as at rew'd. Hitch and Dorsley. present, for introducing a further Refor. 30. The firit Book of Justinian's Instimation into our national Church, Univerfi. tutes, with an English Version and Notes, ties and Schools, pr. is. Buurn.

pr. 35. 60. in Boards. Millan. 10. The History, or Book of Job, pa - 31. A new Translation of the Duke raphrased, with explanatory, miscellancous, de la Rochefoucault's Moral Maxims, pr. 35. and practical Observations, in 4to, pr. 56

Millar. Tewed. Balduin, jun.

32. A Collection of Moral Precepts and 11. A Free Answer to Dr. Middleton's Sentiments. In Latin and English. By ). Free Enquiry into the Miraculous Powers. Stirling, D. D. Edit. 2. pr. is. David on. By W. Dedwill, M. A. pr. 25. Birt.

33. An entire new Short-hand Book. By 12. The Spirit of Prayer ; or, the Soul Mr. Annet, pt. 25. 64. Woodfull, Baldwin, rising out of the Vanity of Time, into the jur. Riches of Eternity. By W. Law, M. A. 34. The Cellar Book; or, the Butler's pr. is. Innys.

Aliftant, pr. is. 6d. D.djley. 13. A Differtarion on Prophecy, by the 35. * A New History of England, by Lord Bishop of Clogber. pr. gs. Dod. Question and Answer. Adorned with Cuts.

14. Remarks on a very extraordinary The 7th Edit. pr. 35, 6d. Baldwin, jun. Sermon, preached at St. George's, Sourbo 36. * A New Roman History, by Quer. qark, Marcb 19, 1748.9.

tion and Ansner. Adorned with Cuts. 15. Reflections upon Catholicons, or The Third Edition, pr. 35. 6d. Baldwin, Universal Medicines. By Thomas Knigbr, jun. M.D. Osborne, pr. 25,

37. The Naturalift : Wherein the great 16. A Summary of Natural Religion, Importance of the Knowledge of Nature, By Jobn Barr, Rector of Oumby. pr. 54.

and the unhappy Consequences of neglect. Dodjley.

ing it, are confidered, pr. 1s. Orven, 17. Dr. Rulberforib's System of Natural Philosophy, in 2 Vols. 4to. Innys.

Law, Political, and Heraldry. 18. Medica Sacra : five, de Morbis In. 38. London and Middlesex illustrated fignioribus, qui in Bibliis memorantur, by a true and explicit Account of the Commentarius. Auctore R. Mead, pr. 36. Names, Rehdence, Genealogy, and Coat 6d. Brindley.

Armour of the Nobility, principal Mer19. A Modeft and Impartial Reply to the chants, and other eminent Families : All Second Series of Falls and Arguments, &c. blazoned in their proper Colours, withi Reprice is. Roberts

ferences thereunio. By John War burichi, 20. Theological Lectures at Westminster. Esq; Somerset Herald, F. R. S. No. I. pr. dbbey. By J. Heylin, D. D. in 4ro, pr. Is. To be concluded in three Numbers., 205. Tonjon.


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on the Pav'd-Stones, Moorfields, to miss for Montgomery fire and Sbropshire,
Mitcbener, daughter of the Rev. Mr. Mit. 30. John Wbite, Esq; high sheriff of Bedo
cbener, rector of Woolffon, near Coventry. fordshire, in 1741.
(See p. 238.)

May, 2. Ricbard Harringten, Esq; one of
Capt. Jeffreys, of the horse-grenadiers, the agents of the Leeward Ifands.
to miss Privereau,

Sir Edward Lawrence, of Sr. Ives, in 9. Neuman Philips, of Baritead in Surrey, Huntingdonsbire, Bart. Esq; to miss Fornerau, of Richmond.

4. The lady Dorot by Hooper, one of the Herbert Croft, of the chancery.office, daughters of Antbony Abley Cooper, second Esq; lo miss Young, of Midburft in Suffix, earl of Shaftsoury. an heiress.

Robert Cater, Esq; fon to the late Sir Ro. 13. Mr. Richard Hamilton, an eminent bert Cater, knt. and alderman of London. surgeon in Bloomsbury-Square, to miss Ni. 8. Ricbard Grabom, Esq; comptroller of cbo!fon.

Westminster-Bridge, and F. R. S. James Parril, of Montserrat, Efq; to Lady Jane Comptor, ffter to the earl of miss Huddlefon.

Nortbampton. 14. Henry Gore, Esq; a capt. in Flem

13. Rt. Hon. James Butler, lord Visc. ming's reg. to Mrs. Nesbit, of St. James's- Mountgarret, first viscount in the Iris parPlace, a widow lady of 20,000l. fortune. Jiament, and a branch of the Ormond fa.

Henry Leicftir, of Stamford-Hill, Esq; to mily. miss Ameria Sioper of Clapton.

77. The Rt. Hon. the countess dowager 16. Hugh Slater, of Fenchurcb - Street, of Sunderland, and wife of Sir Robert SutEsq; to miss Anne Helf, only daughter of lon, knight of the bath. the late Sir Jacob Je'f, knt.

18. Eliakim Palmer, Esq; an eminent Mr. William Pindar, an eminent linen- Wes-India merchant. draper in Corrbill, to miss Baker of Worcester, Ecclefiaftical PRETERMENT S. Rev. Dr. Lille, late publick orator of the

R. Elpbinftone, presented to the lie Low-Layon, in Flex, a 20,onol, fortune. wickspire. - Mr. Robert Robinson, to the

24. Abrabam Atkins, of Clapbam, Esq; perpetual curacy of Sbeen, in Staffordshire. to miss Crawley, of the same place. --Charles Plumptree, M. A, to a prebend in

25. William Yalden, of the Middle Temple, the cathedral church of Norwicb.--Mr. Erq; to miss Mosely, of Elsex-freet.

Forbes, to the rectory of Stanton, in Nero 26. Rev. Mr. Arıbur Johnson, of King- tingbamshire.-Dr. Samuel Nicholls, affiftant: freer, Hanover. Square, to miss Venables.

preacher at the Temple-church, to a preApril, 29. The lady of Sir Michael Har. bend in the cathedral church of St. Paul's.top, deliver'd of a son and heir.

Mr. Charles Cburch, to the vicarage of May 1. The lady of Wm. Folkes, Esq; Bellor, in Kent.Tbomas Price, L. L. B. to diughter of Sir W. Brown, of a son and heir.

the rectory of Norton Davie, otherwise 5. The lady of Jobn Gibbons, Esq; of a Greens Norton cum Wbitclebury, in Nor. son and heir.

thampton bire.-Mr. Dudson, to the rectory Countess of Nortbes, of a son.

of Shakerby, in Hampshire.--Mr. Hume to the 9. The lady of Sir Humpbry Bludworib, rectory of Hallicombe, in Sbropshire.-Mr. hart. of a daughter.

Arcber, to the rectory of Wickbam-bridge, 10. Rt. Hon. the lady Windfor, of a in Bucking bamshire. Mr. Brets, to the daughter,

rectory of Marrin cum Bury, in Cumberland, 12. The lady of the Rt, Hon, the earl

-Edward Bennet, M. A. to the vicarages Brooke, of a ron,

of Kirby and Walcon, in Efix, together 14. The lady of Sir Thomas Egerton, with the commissary ship thereto annexed. bart, of a ron.

-Mr. Burdieu, to the vicarage of Prea 15. The lady of the Hon. William Monck.

scot cum Awicb, in Dor serfire. Mr. tor, Esq; son to the lord Galway, of a son. Arthur, to the living of Belfond, in Dor.

16. The lady of Charles Gore, Esq; felshire. -Mr. Cartwrigbt, M. A. to the memb. for Hertfordshire, of a son.

rectory of St. Martin's, Worcefier.-Ricb. The lady of — Coulson, Erq; of a son and ard Wynne, M. A. to the living of Denbury, heir.

in Devon, The lady of the lord Elphinfion, of a son. PROMOTIONS Civil and Military.

The lady of William Ferrer, of Brayfield, OHN Sbakleton, Erq; made principal pain. in Bucks, Esq; of a son and heir.

ter in ordinary to his majesty, in the The lady of Sir Afiles Stapylton, bart. room of William Kent, Esq; deceased.--Serof a daughter.

jeant Silk, late of first reg. of foot-guards, DEATHS.

who had a hand shot off at the baltle of April 28.

IR Malis Ryal, knt.

Pontenoy, made lieut. of a company of inva.
Edavad Pryce,

of lids at Portsmourb.-Dr. James Pringle, made Gumcy, Esq; in the coa!miffion of the peace


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