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Marcb 3o. M

the first fashion may eat, drink, swear, 2. Lady Kinlocb, in Scotland. talk scandal, quarrel, and shew their teeth, 3. Ibo. Foley, Efq; eldest son of the late without the least indecency, inconvenience, Tbomas Foley, Esq; auditor of the imprest. or hesitation whatever. He deals only for 5. Anh Windham, of Felbrigg, in Norfolk, ready money with the quality and mem- Esq; which county he represented in parliabers of parliament, but will give reasonable ment during part of the reign of Q. Anne. credit to citizens, tradesmen, and gentle. Mr. Robert Terril, one of the common. men of the inns of court.

council-men of Castle-Baynard ward. Enquire for the said Sieur Rocquet, sur- 7. Sir Charles Opoaldefton, of Cbedlingtos geon, at the bar of Old Slaugbter's coffee. in Oxfordshire, Bart. house.

Vivar REX, 10. Mr. Samuel Boyse, son of the late

Rev. Mr. Boyse, an eminent difsenting miMARRIAGES and BIRTHS.

nister at Dublin : He was the author of leR. Richard Stevens, an veral ingenious compofitions, both in profo

eminent foap. boiler in and verse. Tbames.freei, to Mifs llannab Sbeafe, niece 12. Cbarlotte, lady Lovelace. to Aleander Sbeafe, Esq; one of the direc- 13. Mr. Henry Silon, an eminent drugtors of the Bank,

gift in Ludgate-street and upwards of 30 Mr. Bond, son of Mr. Bond, merchant, years common-council-man of the ward of in Ladenball-freet, to Miss Cbirty, daugh- Farringdon within, ter of Mr. Thomas Chitry, an eminent whole- Sir Alexander Donn, of Newton, near sale grocer in Tbames-Atreet,

Kello, Bart. Berjamin Lane, Esq; of Hampstead, to Miss Sir Tbomas Wynne, Bart. one of the prin. Clarke, of Rid-Lion-Square.

cipal clerks of the board of green cloth, and April 1. - Cox, Esq; of a plentiful member of parliament for Caernarvon. estate in the Weft of England, to Miss Weft- 17. Rt. Hon. lady dowager Semple, in lev, daughter of the late Sir Robert Wefley, Scotland. alderman of London.

18. Tbomas Workbouse, Esq; counsellor af 4. Mr. J-bn Adolph Schroder, an eminent law, and steward of great Yarmoutb. merchant of this city, to Miss Anne Mig- Rev. Dr. Burrougbs, vicar of Cheneys in beil's, daughter of the late admiral Migbells, Bucks, suddenly.

Marber, Esq; of Toting, in Surrey, Jobn Way, Esq; counsellor at law, first to Miss Goodtuin, of Carsbalton.

commissioner, and receiver of the revenue, Thomas Orby Hunter, Esq; memb, for arising from hackney coaches and chairs, "Winchelsea, to Miss Ballenden.

and one of the commissioners of bankrupts. 13. Abraham Craifterne, Esq; an eminent 20. Thomas Lilly, Esq; in the commission and rich merchant, to Miss Colbourn, of of the peace for the city and liberty of Weft. Barb.

minfter, 17. Thomas Ryves, of Ranston, in Dorfer- Rev. Mr. Archdeacon Shackerley, shire, Esq; to Miss Abdy.

21. Mr. Salvadore, a very eminent and April 1, The lady of the Hon. George wealthy Jew merchant. Carpenter, son to the lord Carpenter, deliver'd of a daughter.

Abstract of the London WEEKLY BILL, 4. The lady of Sir Francis Parker, of a

from Marcb 28. to April 25. fon and heir


ŞMales 8. The lady of Sir Watkin Williams

Females 511

1004 Wynne, Bart, of a son and heir,

S Males

13. The lady of Sir James Afford,
Bart, of a son.

Died under 2 Years old 648 25. The lady of Mr. Bluert, of Devon. Between and


168 foire, daughter of Sir Thomas Webster, Bart.


59 of a son and heir.




203 Ieut, gen. Harrison, an old experien

223 ced officer,

195 Mircb 31. Mr. Davis, an eminent wine.

139 merchant, and one of the common-couri


81 cil-men of Walbrook ward.


90 April 1. Antbony Lucas, Erg; one of the

go and upwards 9 pommon.council-men of Castle-Baynard ward, and fome time fince high-theriff of

1979 Railand, hire.

AS Rev. Mr. Giffard, prebendary of Nor- [Promotions, Bankrupes, and Caialogue waist, and rector of Sroke, near Guilford, Books is our nexe.]


{Females 199;} 1979


JO 20

10 20

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S the affairs of the Nortb reem now parties to eclaircissements that may prove A

to be of the greatest importance, and equally falutary to both. I pray you take as there is nothing very material from any into consideration all the points I have just other part of Europe, we shall give our laid before you, and to employ your credit readers the two following pieces. The first and good offices for totally damping a fire, is a letter from the king of Pruffia to his which now lies (mothering under the ashes, Britannick majesty, as follows :

and which, if it kindles up, will spread

its fames from one end of Europe to the Letter from tbe King of Prussia ro bis Britan- other. nick Majesiy.

I am ready, and with pleasure offer, to

join in all the measures which your majesty Sir and Brother,

Mall judge capable of preserving peace ; OUR majesty's interest and mine being persuaded, that his most christian

are the same with regard to the majesty, who has the peace of Europe, and tranquillity of the Norib. Reports are spread the tranquillity of the Nortb, as much at all over Europe, that this tranquillity may heart as we, will powerfully contribute to be disturbed. For my part, I see no like. maintain it by uniting his efforts with ours. lihood of it; and it seems, that nothing The opportunity that presents itself to but reciprocal distrust, and ill-grounded your majesty, is one of the moft favourable suspicions, can hitherto have gained those for increafing the glory of your reign, rumours any credit.

maintaining the happiness of your domiBut as the smallest objects may, by in- nions, and giving reiterated and authentick creasing, become material, as one ought proofs of your sincere desire to preserve the to neglect nothing for the maintenance of

peace of Europe. peace, and that every thing becomes im. I am, with sentiments of the most pere portant to those who are fond of preserving fect regard, and sincereft friendship, it, I apply to your majesty, whom I know

SIR, to be in the same sentiments, to the end Berlin, March Your majesty's good brother, that, hy our joint endeavours, we may so

18,1749, N.S.

FREDERICK. much the more effectually contribute there. to. The suspicions which Sweden's neigh- The second is a declaration made by the bours entertain of her can rest only on two Ruffian minifter at Stockbolm to the Swedish objects.

ministry in these words : “ That the geThe first, which is manifestly frivolous, neral rumour of a design to change, after regards the dangerous projects which they the king's death, the present form of goseem resolved to impute to that power vernment in this kingdom, and to reagaint her neighbours. Your majesty's establim that of the preceding reigns, as discernment is too quick not to perceive also the resolution and invariable defire of the fallity of it at the very first glance. her im.perial majesty of all the Ruffias, to The other falls on the change of the present live in a good understanding with the neighform of government in Sweden ; a project bouring powers, particularly with the which they father on the prince successor, crown of Swedin, were the subject of the Methinks the declaration, which the prince dispatches he had just received from his and the renate lately made on this head to court : That if there was a defign to change the Russian court, is so clear, so positive, the present forni of government, and thereand ro prudent, that it leaves nothing by endanger hereafter the tranquillity of farther to be desired by the powers who the Norib, her iinperial majesty could not interest themselves in maintaining the pre- dispense with herself from taking cognizance sent government of that kingdom.

of an affair of so great consequence to all The defensive alliance I have made with the powers of the Norib, inasmuch as it Sweden, to which France has acceeded (and had been exprefly ftipulated in the VIIth of which count Keyserling, the Rillian mini- article of the treaty of peace concluded at fter at my court, law the original, copies Nifadt, that Ruffia should endeavour by whereof I also caused to be communicated all possible means, to prevent any alteration in due time to your majesty's miniftry at whatsoever in the form of government, London) does not turn upon innovations : universally approved and sworn to by the But it does not the less engage both France ftates of the kingdom: That this clause and me to maintain the succession actually has been confirmed by all the treaties fince established in Sweden, and mutually defend figned with Sweden ; and therefore her ourselves against any that would attack us. imperial majesty of all the Ruffias could

Gad forbid ! that I thould suppose such not hold, with indifference, such an alte. black resigns in iriendly powers, or dare to ration, much less permit it to be made ; suspect them of such dangerous projects. But but on the contrary, would find herself una I enim at your majesty to join your endea- der a necessity to take the properest measures vours with mine, in order to bring the two for preserving peace in the Norib. 66.

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Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer .

For MAY, 1749.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.)
Containing, (Greater Variety, and more in Quantity, tban any Monthly Book of the same Price.)
I. A Criticism on a famous Book lately pub- XVI. Courts of Conscience recommended.

lished, intitled, Letters on tbe Spirit of XVII. Queries in relation to the African
Patriotism, &c.

II. An occasional Animadversion

on the

XVIII. Novels and Romances censured. Mercurial Clepsydra.

XIX. Present Condition of the Durch. III. A Rhapsody to a Friend, to welcome XX. A Question in Natural Philosophy, with in the genial Month of May, &c.

a neat Cut.
IV. Luxury the Ruin of Liberty.

XXI. Account of the Duke of Argyll's Mo.
V. Some Thoughts on the Noribern Fishery. nument.
VI. Account of some of the principal antique XXII. Refolutions of the Afriran Company.

Pictures found in the Ruins of Herculaneum. XXIII. POETRY: The Fire-Side ; to a
VII. Of the inordinate Ambition of Younger Gentleman addresfing three Ladies at once;
Brothers, from the Remembrancer,

the new Masquerade Song ; on the Peace; VIII. The Whimsical Philosopher, Political Ode Chlorofis diéta ; Cupid caught ; the Critick, and Chimerical Projector.

two Welibnien, a Fable ; an Elegy ; Far IX. Philosophical Improvement of Rockets. Belinda, set to Musick, Cc. &c. X. Reflections on the late Fire- works.

XXIV. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : XI. Account of the Indians inhabiting the Duke of Modena arrives ; Sessions at the Country on the Wef of Hudson's Bay.

014- Bailey, &c. &c. &c.
XII. An Inquiry into the Nature of publick XXV. Promotions ; arriages and Births ;
Liberty, and how it is to be preserved.

Deaths ; Bankrupts.
XIII. A Description of Somerfiefhire.

XXVI. Monthly Bill of Mortality,
XIV. Of national Debts, and high Taxes. XXVII. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.
XV. Character of Mexnas.

XXVIII. Catalogue of Books.
With a new MAP of Somerset fhire, from an actual Survey ; the Head of Capt. Caram, and a

Front View of the Foundling - ilopital, of which he was the Projector ; curiously engraved
on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun, at the Rose in Pater-Nofter-Rou.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

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mient by the clauke since re her

or any fingle Month to complete Sets.

could in alte made; tellun nealuri


225, 226




An instance of great distress A "

234 intitled, Liters on ibe Spirit of pa- Courts of conscience recommended

225 triotism, &c.

199 Of the Marshal's Court, and other inserior Whether the Jacobites who refuse to take courts

the oaths, are to be called fools ibid. A censure on the present reigning taste for The revolution justified, tho' the question novels and romances, and how to cure relating to it requires a nice disquisi- it

226 tion

Extract of a letter from Rome, giving an How it was carried, and who were the account of some of the principal antique

protesting lords on that occasion ibid. pictures found in the ruins of Herculaneum Grotius's opinion about abdication ibid B.

227 Of the Yorkisis and Laneaftrians and their A question in natural philosophy 229 cale compared with that of the Jacobitis of the inordinate ambition of younger

200, 201 brothers, from the Remembrancer ibid. G. Whether the Jacobites who take the oaths A maxim of Sir Walter Raleigh 230 are to be called kraves

Account of Yobn of Gaunt, duke of Lan. The interest of the present royal family cafier

ibid. contider'd in relation to the Jacobiles Queries in relation to the African trade 201, 202

231 A defcription of Somersethire


Fair Bellinda, set to musick Bristol describir ibid.

232 Barb and Wells describ'd

An elegy

233 The boroughs and other market - towns The fire-lide,

ibid. 203, 204 On the peace

234 Mendip-Hills, and some surprizing curioris Ode Chlorofis dicta

235 ties

204 To a gentleman, who makes his addrefles The whimsical philosopher, political cri- to three ladies at the same time 236

cick, and chimerical projector 205 The new masquerade long, sung at RaneA general enquiry into the nature of pub- legb, by Mr. Beard

ibid. lick liberty, and how it is to be preserved On å lock of hair, given by a young lady 206 to put in a ring

ibid. That the nature of a government depends The two Welchmen, a fable,

237 on the nature of the people

207 Cupid caught, in imitation of Anacreon When a people is virtuous and brave, and

ibid. when felsith, corrupt and daltardly 207, On Shakespear's monument at Stratford 208

ibid. What is meant by an absolute, an arbitrary,

A song

ibid. a cyrannical, and a free government


209, 210 Transports sail for Nova Scotia ibid. An occafional animadversion upon the Mere Resolutions of the general court of the curial Clepsydra, by Robert Dougias, M. D. African company


Duke of Modena arrives in England ibid. Of rockers, and how they may be made of Sellions at the Old Bailey

ibid, great use in geography, navigation, and Description of the monument erected to the art military

the memory of the duke of Argyll 239 Of national debts, and high taxes

Acts passed

ibid. Present condition of the Duteb

Marriages and births

ibid. A rhapsody to a friend, to welcome in the Deaths

240 genial month of May, &c.

Ecclefiaftical preferments

ibid. Character of Mecanas, favourite of the Promotions civil and military

241 emperor Auguftus

Persons declared bankrupts

ibid, Some thoughts on the Nortbern fishery 217 Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. Luxury the ruin of liberty, and how all FOREIGN AEFAIRS

242 the antient free states fell by it

Catalogue of books

243, 244 Reflections on the late fire-works An account of the Indians inhabiting the N. B. We are not akvays displeased to

country on the West of Hudson's Bay, bear ibe judgment of our competitors come their manners, customs, way of living, mended ; for the merit attributed to be left language, religious sentiments, &c. 221 Gentleman's Magazine, on account of Rules

-225 for PREACHING, we refer tbe publick to our Their great affection for their offspring, Magazine for February, 1742. p. 96.

and an extraordinary instance of it 223 We bave received ebe letter concerning a barbour for ships is tbe Downs, and a foort geome

trical quifien.

upon Avon

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