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obey bave bad obe bappiness to be born in, and which the allignee's counsel inlisted be. by neve forgetting ibat great rule, that ibeir long'd to the bankrupe's estate : But several interest must always be the fume wiib ibat of aldermen and others, who are bankers, obis brave and free people.

explaining to the court how dangerous ic The city may a ways depend on my bearty would be to credit, if they "ere liable to good wishis for ibe welfare of gbeir trade and repay money which they gave their notes ibeir prosperity,

for to persons that left money with them, FRIDAY, 7.

not knowing whether they were bankrupts ; This evening there was a numerous the jury brought in a verdict for the defenmeeting of the most eminent merchants of dant. this city, when a letter from his grace the

WEDNESDAY, 12. duke of Bedford was laid betore them, to This day about noon, Richard Coleman, the the following purport : That as soon as brewer's clerk, for the inhuman murder of the declaration of the governor of St. Do. Sarab Green, near Naruirgron; G:bbons and mingo was known, relating to the settling Walker, the young watermen, for a robbery of the inand of Tobago, a courier was dir- on the river Tbames; and Rena and Doblins, patched to Ver swilles relating thereto, which for a highway robbery, were carried from was returned, and brought a declararion of the new goal in Soutkwark, and executed the said court, which utterly denies having at Kenning on-Commo". Coleman, at the any knowledge of the above- inentioned place of execution, denied the fact for governor's proceedings, and that they had which he suffer'd. (See p. 142.) dispatched orders to the said governor to A great number of disbanded soldiers, dets from such proceedings. (See p. 154.) discharged Colors, poor artificers, labourers,

Charles Alzill, Líq; was unanimoully &c. who had accepted of the land granted by chosen alderman of Candlewiik ward, in his majesty in Nova Scotia, attended on the the room of Sir Jobn Thompson, who had lords of trade and plantations at their office accepted of Brid e. ward without, vacant in Wbireball, and received orders for their by the death of Sir Edward Bellamy. (Sce being admitted with their families and effects p. 145-)

into the tranfports to fail in a fow days to SATURDAY, 8.

that settlement. (See p. 119, 18..) Eleven malefactors received sentence of His majesty gave a grant to the city and death at the Old Bailey, viz Jobr Murgit, libe ry of Wifi mimper, for all the ground for robbing Mr. M.Donald of 35. and some about the old bridge at Wifiminster, comhalfpence ; William Horner and Dominick monly callid the king's bridge, for the more Wbire, for housebreaking ; David Davis, conveniently erecting a fil-market. for assaulting and robbing Mr. Barıb. Flem

SATURDAY, 15: ming of a silver watch, c.W.M Laugblin, The anniversary of the birth of his royat for a robbery in Srepney - Fields ; Tbo. Kings- highness the duke of Cumberland was celemill, alias Staymaker, William Farrall, alias brated, who then enter'd into the 29th year Sbepberd, Richard Perrin alias Pain, and Richard Glover, for breaking open the cur

THURSDAY, 20. tom-house at Poole in 1747, and stealing The feast of the sons of the clergy was thereout 3 C. weight of tea; Josepb Waters, held at Mercbant-Taylors Hall. The collecfor returning from transportation ; and tion this year at St. Paul's and at the fealt Anne Vane, for being concern'd with 2 men amounted in all to 0751. is. 6d. in robbing Martba Perry, in Weft-Smiibfield,

TUESDAY, 21. of a scarlet cloak and us.

The general thanksgiving for the peace SUNDAY, 9.

was observ'd on this day, according to the The workmen work'd on this and the royal proclamacion. two following Sundays on the building for

WEDNESDAY, 26. the fire-works in the Green-Park, in order

Nine malefactors were this morning ex. to have it ready against the day appointed ecuted at Tyburn, who were all that were for playing them off ; and incredible num- condemn'd, except Glover, who was par. bers of people resorted to see it.

don'd, and Mugget, who died in Niat galt. MONDAY, 10.

Kingsmill and Farrall

, two of the smugglers, Came on a remarkable trial at Guildhall, werc afterwards hung in chains. before the lord chief justice Lee, and a spo

THURSDAY, 27. cial jury of merchants, wherein Mr. Jona- This night the grand fire-works were tban Eades, as assignee to Thomas Ling- play'd off. Berween 9 and in the pavillon wood, a bankrupt, was plaintiff, and Mr. on the right side of the machine took tire, Jobn Bland, an eminent goldsmith and and was burnt quite down ; but hy the banker, defendant: The cale being thus, great care of the people employed, it was that the bankrupt, from time to time, had prevenied sprearling to the grand part of the lodg'd money with the banker, and took edifice. his notes, from the year 1742 to 1748 ;

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of his age.



right-end, Religion, Corp.ncy, Honour, Cie. A Description of the MACHINE for the

ming. In the back front, Failfiiness, Fire-works, ibar were exbibised on tbe

Vigilance. On the attick above the cor278b 11.juni.

nice in the front, Fier, Ceres, D:798, HE machine was situated in the Grena T

Apollo. In the back-front, at the angles, Park, 500 feet from his majesty's were Mercury, Niinerva. library, and represen:ed a magnificent D-rick The picures in the front of the machine temple, from which extended two wings were 18, each painted double : They at terminated by pavillons. (See a beautiful first appeared as marble basso relievos, and View of this machine, in our Mag, for alter the fire-work was played off they December last.)

were removed by machinery, and discoThis machine was 114 feet high to the vered pictures representing the same subje& top of his mij:fty's arms, and 13 feet in colours, which were rendered transpaJong. I was invented and designed by rent by a great number of lampions. th- chevilius Servir.doni, and all the fram- The great picture over the cornice in the innas performed by Mr. James Morris, center of the machine was 28 feet by 1o. ma i«1 ca penter to the office of ordnance. It represented his majesty giving Peace to

Teornaments of this machine were all Britannia. The attendants on Peace weie in serie!, a.id it was adorned with frets, Plenty, Ricbes, Felicity, Trade and Come giinines, lustres, artificial flowers, inscrip

The attendants on Britannia were tio's, statues, allegorical pictures, &c. Liberty, Agriculturi, and the Arts and Sci

The in'cr ptions were as follows : On the pedcltal of Peace in the center, Pax On the right of this, below the entarain.c. 1. MDCCXLVII.--Peace restored blature, was a picture of 15 feet by 8, re. in the year 1748. In the frieze over the presenting the return of Neptune : He was center arch, Giorgius II. l'ex. Which ap- riding on the Ocean in a carr drawn by Seapeared transparent during the whole per- borses : His right-hand held a trident, and furniance of the fire-work.

his left supported a globe : He was conOn the lett- side of the machine, Redin. ducted by the Genius of Peace, and atteg ata Exrepe pace, securitałe foder um fta. tended by T130075, Sez. N'; mpbs, &c. Combilira, commercio feliciter refiituto, fub panion to this on the leit of the central Spiciis op'. princ. latatur' S. P. 2. B. arch, was the return of Mars : He was --To give peace to Europe, to secure the seated on a cair drawn by 3 lions, the faith of treaties, to restore and enlarge arms of England, and was conducted by commerce, is the auspicious work of a Fime, with an olive-branch, who proBritif king, the triumph of a British people. claimed the Peace. The carr was followed

On the right side of the machine, Hinc by the Army. principem bello accingit, libertati devotá, for- On each side of these 2 last pictures was titudo. Illine pacificum oftendit, saluti om- a festoon of arms and military instruments. gium consulens, clementia.-A prince never The medaillon on the right-hand was dispored to engage in war but from a for- Britannia joining hands with France : The titude sacred to liberty. Ever studious of legend, Concordia redux. Excrgue, Brit. peace from clemency intent on the publick Gall. Concord renewed. Britain, Franci,

Below this was the figure of Libiriy. On the attick in the middle of the back On the left was a medaillon representing front, Georgio II. Regiopl. uutiori falutis, la Britannia joining hands with Spain : The bertatis quindici, fundatori quietis, patri patria.. legend, Salus mutua. Exergue, Brit. Hisp. -To the guardian of our fafety, the al- Mutual Benifit. Britain, Spain. Below fertor of our liberty, the establisher of our this was the figure of Plenty. tranquility, the most gracious sovereign, The following pictures were not renand father of his people, George the second. dered transparent, viz. The Gerii of

The statues which alorn'd it were 23, Peace burning heaps of arms on each end viz,

of the machine. On the firft half-pace of the great stair- At the right end were 2 medaillons, one case on the right-hand was the figure of of duguftus : The other of Anicninus Piese Tame; on the left Isis, each reclining on At the left erd, 2 medaillons, one of

Vefpafian : The other of Trajan. UnderIn the center of the temple, seated on neath 2 Genii on each fide a globe, one an altar, was the goddess of P are, holding fitting with a book in his hand, the other an o ive branch, and supported on the right standing, holding parchments with seals by Mpume, and on the left by Mars. These

pendant, &c. 5 were cast in plailler of Paris. In the front were 4 Natuts, viz. Juffice,

Disposition of tbe Fire-work. Tvperance, Fortitude, Prudence. On the After a grand overture of warlike infru,



an un.

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ments, composed by Mr. Handel, a signal fire was 30 feet in diameter, and was was given for the commencement of the moved by 12 fires. On each side of this, fire-work, which opened by a royal Salute was a cascade of 24. feet high, of mutaa of 101 brass ordnance, viz. 71 6 pounders, tions each, viz. 1. Four falls of fire of 8 20 12 pounders, and 10 24 pounders. feet each. 2. A magnificent jet de fru of

The falute ended, the firework began to 40 feet high. 3. A pyramid of 30 feet display itself as follows :

high, composed of wheels with bright I.

planes in their center, which terminated 120 large honorary rockets. 96 rockets by projecting 100 illuminated globes from in two fights. 12 mortars which air bal. as many pots de brins.--I mortar of 9 tons. 12 Caduceus rockets. 12 girandole cylinders with one large air ballon in each. rockets. -- Fired together : Two regulated 600 rockets in 2 flights. pieces, each consisting of 4 mutations, viz.

1. a large fixed sun. 2. a star of fix 140 large fountains, which form'd all
points, and between each point a ray. the outlines of the machine, and play'd
3. a star of ten points. 4. a compound 30 feet high ; at the same time the vales on
figure consisting of points and rays. Four the pavillons appear'd in fire. 400 pots
large double wlieels moved by 4 fires.- de brins. 192 rockets in four flights.
Twenty tourbillons.


68 pyramids of brillant fire, fupporting
120 large honorary rockets. 96 rockets fixed funs of a red fire, plac'd on the prin-
in two flights. 14 mortars with air bal- cipal lines of the machine. 8co pots de
lons. 12 caduceus rockets. 12 girandole brins, 192 rockets in four flights.
rockets.-Fired together : Two regulated

VII. pieces confifting of vertical motions com- 130 pots d'aigrettes wi' h 260 gerbes, municating to fixed fires, each having 4 mu- which fired together and form'd lemicircutations, & c. 1. a vertical fun, which com- I ar arcades with jets riting betweru. There municated to, 2. a fixed star of six points, extended along the principal lines of the with fix lucid Nars at the interior points of machine, and terminated with 130 explothe great star. 3. a large vertical sun moved fions of serpents, rains, and stars, 1200 by double fires, which communicated to, pots de brins. I mortar of 9 cylinders, with 4. a beautiful figure composed of a great one large air hallon out of each. 288 number of brillant stars. Four large double rockets in six flights. wheels moved by four fires.- Twenty tour.

VIII. billons.

24 figured pieces on the terraces and top III.

of the machine, viz. 10 stars of 8 points, 120 large honorary rockets. '192 roc- with a fixed fun with curved rays beh nd it, kets in 4 fighis. 4. mortars with air bal. These fired together, and afterwards comJons. 12 mortars with air ballons illumi. municated to 10 double wheels. 4 pieces nated. 12 caduceus rockets. 12 girandole of a complicated form, confiiting of diarockets.--Fired together : Two regulated gonal wheels, and vertical glubes. 2 large pieces, each consisting of a large brillant quadruple wheels movid hy fix fires euch, wheel, whore center was composed of a 4 large double wheels moved by fires, fteddy white fire ; from whence proceeded with planes of bright fire in "heir Cerier. Six Arcbimedean screws, that form'd as 4 fingle wheels mov'd by one rre, with many cones. Above there were ten wheels bright planes as before. 1600 pois de bringe of Frueli, that turn’d vertically and hori- 384 rockets in 8 Aights. zontally, so as to form one vast globle of

IX. fire, on the area of which were several 19 large sheets of tire from the principal small globes of a very white fire. Four large parts of the machine, composed o gerbes, quadruple wheels moved by & fires.-Twen- and from each arose a large nuntun. ty-four tourbillons.

pots de brins. 384 rockets in 3 ü ghes. IV. 120 large honorary rockets. 96 rockets 100 vertical suns, that cover'd the front in 2 flights. 400 rockets in 2 Aights. 13 of the machine. sono marrons in battery, mortars with air ballons illuminated. which continued bring to he end of the caduceus rockets. 12 girandole rockets. fire-works. 2800 pots de brins. mortar -Fired together, three regulated pieces : of 9 cylinders, with one larse air ballon That in the center was a machine, from out of each. 480 ruckets in ten flights. whence the fire issued out, and retired

XI. within, 12 times alternately. When with- Fired together : The grand sun on the out, it formed a glory : When within, it top of the machine, composed of a circles composed a star of 8 points, and then of rays, whose diam rer of fire was changed to a royal brillant wheel, whose fect. In its center appeared VIVAT




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REX in bright fire, and all its rays veral scaffolds as can be done with safety ;
terminated with reports. On each side where they will be ready to assist all per-
of this, and firing at the same time, 3 fons of quality and distinction; and to
circles of rays į their diameter of fire prevent imposition, he engages to perform
50 teet each, and their rays likewise ter- the following chirurgical operations, at the
minated with reports. Behind the Itatue lowest prices, viz.
of Peace a large Glory; a figured piece For carrying off and bleeding a dead
composed of wheels, within the apertures corpse (he reserving the corpse for anato-
on each fide the temple, with the cyphers mical le&ures) 5. — For ditto, returning
of G R before them. Two large crees of the cerpfe to the relations, 25. 60.-Cut-
fire on each terrace 40 feet high, which ting off a thigh (leg included) 1l.'15.-Ditto,
terminated with reports ; and on each leg below the knee, 1os. 60.-An arm
pavillon a pyramid of fire, composed of close to the Ihoulder (wrist, hand, finger's,
gerbes o feet high. These terminated by and thumb includud) 11. 15.--Hand, foot,
explosions of stars, rains, and serpents from thumb, toe, or finger, each, 55. -

- For 50 pots d'aigrettes.-576 rockets in twelve clearing out a bruised cye, and replacing a fligh's. 3200 pots de brins.

right Paris brilliant black, blue, or (quintXII.

ing one, in the socket. N. B. To be put A grand girandole from the top of the in red-hot without loss of time, or blood, machine, conllting of 6oco rockets headed 1l. 15,-For repairing the bridge of a broken with ftars, rains, and serpents, which nose, with a right Frencb enameli'd case of form'd one fight.

any complexion, los. 60.-litto, beauti. XIII.

fully inoculated, with an artificial (mallThe machine became illuminated; the pox, los. 63.-Teeth por dozen, il. 15.allegorical pictures, which appeared in Ditto, single, 25. 6d. banto relievo, were removed by machinery, He harh also brought over with him, a and discover'd the same subjects in craní. quantity of Kever.buller cotton for the ears, parent colours, and the area before the which will entirely prevent an: ill confemachine was beautifully illuminated with quer ces which may otherwise arise from the variety of designs. These continued burn. noise of the cannon ; absolutely necefTary ing a considerable Time,

for ladies, gentlemen, and officers of the

fleet and army, not used to sudden and An Abstract of the Number of Pieces fired on frightful explosions. He also sells a most ibis Occasion.

agreeable volatile falt, highly useful for such Sky-rockets: Honorary 482.-Caduceus gentlemen of the train, as cannot bear the 48.-Girandole 48.-In Aights 10072.- offenfive smell of gun-powder. And he Total from 4 oz. to 6 lb. wt. 10650. will extract grains of gun-powder out of

Air ballons 87.-Tourbillons 88.-Re. ladies faces, necks, arms, or other parts gulated pieces 21.-Figured pieces 30.- of the body, at the most reasonable rates. Pots d'aigrettes 180.--Pots de brins 12200. N. B. The raid Sieur Ruquet fells, -Cascades 21,--Vertical funs and wheels wholesale or retail, all sorts of legs, arms, 136.-fxed funs 71.–Fountains 160.-- eyes, noses, or teeth, made in the gen. Gerbes 260. Lances 3700. - Marrons teelest manner, and as now worn by peryooo.

Sons of rank in France : He repairs and All the various parts of this great work beautifies, in a surprizing manner, any old, were performed by the direction of Cbarles decayed, or lost parts of human bodies; Frederick, Esq; comptroller; and Capt. fills up the wrinkles and furrows of old Tbomas Desaguliers, chief fire-master of age, as well as the marks of the small.pox, his majesty's royal laboratory.

with a new invented paste ; and sells The fire, with its innumerable commu. artificial breals for ladics, either German. nications, were executed by the royal train plumps, Frencbaretoneties, or English primis of artillery, and the Signori Gaetano Rug. kins, equal, if not superior for complexion, gieri, and Gioseppe Sarli of Bologna.

Softness, and elasticity, to natural ones.

He rectifies all bad shapes, by a new me. A frw Days before this Exbibition of obe

thod of making a gentle incision to the Fire-works, ibe following bumorous Piece

bone, and filing off the protuberant parts. appeared in Piinl.

He also cures effectually the most stinking An Account of tbe famous Sieur Rocquet,

breaths, by drawing out, and eradicating Surgeon, juß arrived from Paris.

all decayed teeth and pumps, and burning HIS is to give notice. That the Sieur the gums to the jaw.bone, without the

least pain or confinement ; and putting in Paris, and hath brought over with him their stead, an intire set of right Africa's 50 aflifant surgrons, who will attend at the ivory teeth, set in a rose colour'd enamel, ensuing royal fire-works, as near to the le- so nicely fitted to be jaws, that people of

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Sold by R. Baldwin Jun'at the Rose in Puter Water Row.

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Engrava for the London Magazine 1749.

A Perspective View of the EDIFICE for the Fire Works , that were exhibited at the Greve in PARIS,'

mFeb.12.1749, N.S. with the two Fire Yew Trees and the

Buildings adjacent.

1.Seyne River. 2. Church of Nostre Dame

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