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CONTROVERSY and DIVINITY. 28. The History of the Stadtholdership, Pbiomacbes; or, Deilm reveald, price is. Payne. los. Millar,

29. An Account of the most remarkable 2. An Essay on Atheism and Deism, price Places and Curiofities in Spain and Pertugal. Is. 6d. Carpenter.

By Udal ap Rbys, pr. 4s. Osborre, 3. The Enthusiasm of Methodists and 30. Geography made easy. By the Rev. Papists compar'd, price is. Knaplon.

Mr. J. Garnier, price 53. Nourse. 4. A Letter to the Rev, Mr. 7. Jackson, 31. The Continuation of Mr. Rollin's Ro. price is, Manby.

man History. By Mr. Crever, Vol. 13. price 5. Mr. Wbijton's Account of the exact 55. Knapron, Time, when miraculous Gifts ceas'd in the 32. An historical Account of a new Church, price 6d. W bifton.

Method for extracting the foul air of ships. 6. A Letter to Dr. Middleton, price 35. By S. Sutton, Edit. 2. price 35. 6d. Brindley. Robinson.

33. A new medical Dictionary. By J. 7. Remarks on A Vindication of the Prin- Barrow, Chemist, price 6s. Longman, Hicb, ciples and Practices of Proteftant Di l'enters, and Millar. price is. Cooper.

34. Observations on a particular Kind of 8. Micab v. 2, and Marrb. ij. 6, recon. Searlet Fever, that lately prevail'd in and eiled. By Jul. Bate, price 6d. Cooper. about St. Alban's. By Natb. Coston, M. D.

9. An Exposition of the Orthodox System pr. 60. Manby. of Civil Rights and Church Power, &c. 35. A Treatise on Foreign Vegetables, price is. 6d. Roberts.

improv'd for the Materia Medica of S. F. 10. Occasional Thoughts on moral Sub- Geofrey, M. D. By R. Tbickness, M. D. price jects, price is. Cooper.

5s. Clarke, Davis. 11. A Letter to a Lady on the Sacrament, 36. The Use and Abuse of Physick, price price vs. Sandby.

60. Robinson. - 12. An epistolary Conference between a 37. The Philosophy of Common Sense. Rev. Nonjuror, and a loyal Oxonian, price. By the Marquess d'Argens, 2 Vols. price 6s. 6d. Noon,


38. An Essay on Design, price is. 6d. 13. A general History of the Stage. By

Brindley. W. R. Cberwond, price 3s. Owen.

39. Tjocratis Opera omnia, Græce & Latin 14. The Travels and Adventures of a ne, ex Éditione, Gul, Battie, M. D. 2 Vols. young Gentleman, price 35. Freeman. price 125. Davis, Wbiston, Dodd.

15. The Amours of Don Carlos, price 25. 40. A certain Method of curing conFreeman.

tinued Fevers, by the Help of a new Fe. 16. Memoirs of the young Prince of An. brifuge, price is, stitched, zs. bound and namaboe, price 1s. Reeve,

letter'd. Vokes. 17. A new Tale of a Tub, price 6d.. POLITICAL, and on TRADE. Dodd.

41. Some Considerations upon Taxes, 18. A critical Examen of Irene, price 1:. &c. price 6d. Owen. Grifficbs. (See p. 91.)

42. A Letter to G. Heatboote, Esq; on 19. The amusing Instructor, price 25. his late Resignation, price 6d. Ward. Owen.

43. An Antidote to expel the Poifon, 20. An Efray on Satire. By J. Browne, &c.

c. price is. Roberts. M. A. price is. Co per.

44. A short Narrative of the Proceedings 21. Deity. A Poem, price is. Corbet. of the Committee appointed by the Ad

22. A new Translation of Homer's Iliad. venturers to prosecute the Discovery of the Book.l. By H. Fitzcotton, Efq; price 6d. N. W. Passage, price is. 6d. Robinson. Owen, .

45. Considerations on the Revival of the Historical, Medicinal and Miscellaneous. Royal British Affiento. By M. Poffletbrei:c,'

23. Letters on several Subjects. By the Esq; price is. Knapton. late Sir Thomas Firzosoorne, Bart. Vol. 2. 46. A genuine Copy of the Trial of the and fast, price 4s. Dodfley.

reputed Author of a late Examination, &c. 24. Observations on Man, his Frame, his pr. Is. Freeman. Duty, and his Expectations. By D. Hartley,'

SERMONS. M. A. In 2 Vols. 8vo. price rcs. 6d. Hitcb. 47. A Sermon preach'd before the House

25. Dr. Harris's compleat Collection of of Lords, on Jan. 30. By the Bishop of Voyages and Travels Edit. 2. with great Bangor, Dodd. Additions. Nunb. 140. which finishes the 48. - before the House of Commons, on Work, with a copious Index, price ss. the same Occasion. By A. Ellis, D. D. 26. The Universal History, in 8vo. Vol.

Woodfall. 20, and last, price gs. in Boards.

49.-before the Lord-Mayor, on the same 27. Memoirs of the City of Bristol. By Occasion. By Tlomas Wing field, M. Ao A. Hooke, Esq; Numb. 1. price is. Hodges,


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T. Dunia
Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For A PRI L, 1749.

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each month.)
Containing, (Greater Variery, and more in Quantity, than any Monthly Book of ibe leme Pone.)
J. The IDEA of a PATRIOT KING. XV. The Pensylvanians praised for their voi.
II 'Three Letters of Sir Thomas Fitzofoorne, versal Toleration,

viz, on Portrait Painting, on Metaphors, XVI. Trial of English and Saxor Cannon at
and against Vifitors by Profession.

III. The Journal of a Learned and Poli- XVII. Bank and East-India Directors chosen.

tical CLUB, 6c. continued : Containing XVIII. City Congratulation to the Prince
the SPEECHES of L, Vecurius Pbile, and and Princess of Wales, on the Birth of a
C. Petillius, on the Petition against Haw- Princess, with his Royal Highness's An.
kers and Pedlars.

IV. Account of the Iand of Tabago, and XIX. An Account of the famous S. Recquer,
of the French settling there,

surgeon, just arrived from Paris.
V. Proclamation of the Marquis de Caylus. XX. POETRY : The Painted Lady ; to a
VI. A Draught of Tobagy, Barbadoes, &c. Lady who asked him to describe the Plea.
VII. A Description of Nova Scotia, with an sure of loving her ; on apposing the late
Account of its present Inhabitants.

Mutiny-Bill ; Amor vincit omnia ; Rea.
VHI. Remarks on the Cambrick Act.

fons for taking Physick ; the Spaniel's La. IX. Case of General Ingoldsby, with Remarks. mentation for the Loss of his Master; X. Copy of Col. Cossley's Letter to him.

Prologue and Epilogue to the new TraXI. Ceremony of Opening the Ratcliffe Li- gedy of Merope, &c. &c. brary at Oxford.

XXI. The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER : XII. Abftract of some Pamphlets relating to Sellions at the Old-Bailey ; Malefactors the Navy. Bill.

executed; a remarkable Trial, Sc. &c. XIII. A Description of the grand Machine XXII. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ;

for the Fire-works, with their Disposition Deaths ; Bankrupts.
in playing them off.

XXIII. Monthly Bill of Mortality.
XIV. Our antiene Constitution, and present XXIV. FOREIGN AFFAIRS.

XXV. Catalogue of Books.
With a new and beautiful Map of Nova Scotia, and a Perspective View of the Edifice

for the Fireworks at Paris ; both neatly engraved on Copper.

LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rose in Pater-Nofer-Row.
Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Beginning to this Time, neatly Bound, or Stitch'd,

or any fingle Month to complete Sets.

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Ccount of the island of Tobago 151 Praise of metaphors which imply allusons

ibid. c.

with advices of the French settling in Other instances of impropriety in meta-




ibid. F. 176

Proclamation of M. de Caylus in relation to To what writings they should be confined


ibid. G.


A draught of the islands of Tobago, Bar- Another letter of the same author, against

badoes, &c.


visitors by profession


Meeting of the merchants on the occasion Abstract of some pamphlets relating to the


154 navy-bill


Case of Gen. Ingoldfey, with remarks ibid. A description of Nova Scotia


Copy of Col. Cossley's letter to him 155

of the French inhabitants there 183

Ceremony of opening the Ratcliffe library The Pensylvanians praised for their univer-

at Oxford

sal toleration


The IDEA of a PATRIOT KING Remarks on the cambrick act ibid.

Our antient constitution, and present de-

How to conduct himself with regard to generacy


ibid. Poetry. The painted lady, a tale 186

Even in the greatest extremities ibid. To a lady who asked him to describe the

After a contrary conduct in former reigns pleasure of loving her


Reasons for taking physick


A digression, applying this to the case of The spaniel's lamentation for the loss of

the Jacobites

ibid. E. his master


The petition of justice B- s's horse to On oppoling the late mutiny and desertion

his grace the duke of N-- бо Е. bill


The JOURNAL of a learned and political To a certain atheist


Club, &c. continued

161-171 To the memory of Gershom Lloyd, Esq;

SPEECH of L. Viturius Pbilo, in favour of


hawkers and pedlars

161 Amor vincit omnia, an epigram ibid.

When the licensing of them began ibid. Prologue and epilogue to Merope, a' new

The true causes of the decay of the shop- tragedy


keepers business


The multitude of taxes a grievance ibid. E. Malefactors executed

190, 191

Story of an old farmer

ibid. G. Trial of English and Saxon cannon at

Other objections against hawkers and ped- Windsor


lars answered

164, 165 Bank and Eas- India directors chosen ibid.

Our method of taxation censured, and the City congratulation to the prince and prina

mischief it does to commerce 165

cess of Wales, with his royal highness's

Several observations upon trade and com- answer



166 Sessions at the Old-Bailey


Our many natural advantages, and how A remarbable trial


they may be lost

ibid. The duke's birth-day celebrated ibid.

SPEECH of C. Perillius against hawkers and Feast of the sons of the clergy ibid.


767 G.

Thanksgiving for the peace


That the suppressing them would be at. The grand firo-works played off ibid.

tended with no inconveniences, but le. Description of the machine, with the de.

veral advantages

169 corations and inscriptions


Of the black-alt, and the reason of it 170 Difpofition of the fire-works, and the or.

Hawkers and pedlars declared vagabonds der in playing them off 192, 193

by an act in Q. Elizabetb's reign ibid. D. Abstract of the number of pieces fir'd on

A letter of Sir Thomas Firzosborne on por- the occafion


trait painting

171 An account of the famous Sieur Rocquel,

Another on metaphors

173 surgeon, just arrived from Paris.


What renders a metaphor perfect, and Marriages and births

fome instances of bad ones ibid. Deaths


Which are the moft pleasing, and some ex- Monthly bill of mortality


amples of such

Mr. Addison praised on this account

We bave received the latter figued Florella Pittorosque, which came too late for this



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As we gave some Advices in our laf, p. 143,

new colony, from the subjects of that

kingdom ; and Lewis XIV, out of his of ibe French beginning to settle in To

great generofity, from a desire of Thewing bago, and as ibis Affair bas fince made a

his affection to the Dutch, and from a great deal of Noise, we fall lay before our

principle of indulgence to men of noble Readers some Papers relating to ir ; and

dispositions, created M. Lampfir, baron of fball begin witb ibe following succin&t Ac- Tobago, with all the privileges of a baron count of bar Island,

A of France, and assigned him also a fair coat HE inand of Tobago lies of arms, sprinkled plentifully with Flowerin 11° 15' N. lat. and is de-Luces,

the mort to the east of all Upon these encouragements the two T

the islands called Antilles : brothers proceeded, and entirely at their It is about 12 leagues in own charge, and by their prudent managelength, 4 in breadth, and ment, from a waste and desert country, in

30 in Circumference. It the short space of 11 years, rendered it originally belonged to us, for in 1628, we the most flourishing, for its fize, of all the find that K. Charles I. granted it, together B Leeward islands ; they called it

, from one with Trinity-Ifand, Barbuda, and St. Ber- of the largest ifles in the province of Zea. nard, to Pbilip earl of Pembroke and Mont- land, New Walcheren ; raised a very good gomery ; but it does not appear, that ever town, and a strong fortress called Lampfinany settlement was made thereon, in con- berg, and two other good forts, Beverin sequence of this grant. In 1642, or there- and Bellevifte ; and, which is very amazabouts, the Durch from Flushing sent a ing, they settled, during their adminiftraconsiderable colony thither, who fixed tion, 1200 white people in that illand, themselves very commodiously; and tho' C where they succeeded in railing all the at first they found the climate fickly and un- commodities that are brought from the wholsome, yet, by degrees, as they cleared Weft-Indies, viz. tobacco, sugar, ginger, it, the air agreed with them better, and indigo, cotton, callia, cacao, rocou, fur. they began to extend their settlements. tick, citrons, oranges, anana's, C. And The Spaniards however, from the inand of befides these, they had some very valuable Trinity, in Conjunction with the savages commodities, which were not in the other from St. Vincent, fell upon the Dutch, inands ; such as an excellent kind of falfamurdered them to a man, and destroyed


fras, a kind of wild mace and nutmegs, their plantations : After which the inand and a great quantity of gum copal. lay for several years desert.

They raised befides, all sorts of grain About the year 1664, M. Adrian Lamp- and provisions, in quantities sufficient for fin, a Dutch Eaft- India director, and his their own use, and for exportation to the brother M. Cornelius Lampfin, burgomaster other islands. But in 1678, marshal d'Efirees, of Flufbing, one of the deputies to the by the express command of his master, ftates-general from the province of Zea- Lewis XIV, failed with a great fleet to land, formed a design of re-settling this destroy this very sectlement, notwitlist ind. iland entirely at their own expence. M. E ing it had been made under his protection, Cornelius Lampsin, after obtaining a license and by his encouragement ; for, it seems, for that purpose from the states, w applied it is one of the privileges of the barons of himself to the crown of France, in order France, to be beggared and destroyed whento prevent, if posible, any dar.ger to his ever tikir grand monarch pleases ; which April, 1749.


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152 Account of Tobago, and the French settling there. April with some difficulty was accomplithed, for could not venture into it that night. In the Durch defended them elves obitınalely, the mean time, the Frencb commodore fent but after two hard-fought gener:l engage- a boat on board, with his second captain, men's they were defeated, or rather over- with compliments, and to know if he powered by numbers, and the colony to. wanted any assistance. He told him he tally ruined.

did not, but defired to know what buliners By the treaty of Nimeguen this isand was those thips had there. The officer told restored to the Dutch, and some, tho' but A him, they were settling the inand, as it faint, efforts were made for repairing a belonged to them, and they were sent from few of their serilements ; but lying as it Breft for that purpose. Upon which capt. did in the neighbourhood of St. Vincent, Tyırell told him, he would loon be in, and Atill in the posterion of the natives, who drive him away from thence for attempting are ravages, they gave them so much dira it. Night coming on, the English thips turbance, that the Dutch were forced to kept their wind, to be ready to go into the quit it, and it has since remained desert; bay the next morning, but they fell to leeand by reason of its Gluation seldom visited ward, and so were obliged to go into, and by Europears. It is easy to perceive from B anchor in the next bay to leeward's but hence, that the Dutch may plead a title to the French, suspecting he was come to atit against Fr.19ce, and that under the au. tack them, kept a watch upon our ships, thonty of treaties ; but if one may venture that when they got under rail, they had to speak truth, it would be a difficult task notice, so that they got under fail in the for either nation to make ciile to it, lince night, and ran away, it is thought, to Marit was firit claimed, and posterion taken tinique, to acquaint their general, and get for the crown of England. Afterwards further orders, and more forces. They the duke of Couvlard, at a very great ex- C have two batteries with 8 cannon each, pence, made a setrlement upon it, and which, Tyrrell says, have 100 and odd rolthac he might have a clear title, procured a diers in them, but don't think they have grant of it from K. Cbarles II. He was any great number of inhabitants as yet in dispofleffed of it by the Durch in the first the island ; and therefore at that time, had war, in favour of the Zealanders before. he power to act according to his inclinamentioned, who, for the sake of being tions, he could have drove them off, and better supported, put themselves likewise taken away their guns ; but he believes under the protection of the crown of they will soon bring on much larger forces, France ; and this was the source of the D and more families to settle. pretensions of that crown, which, if jur. Capt. Tyrrell brought with him from To. used by any thing, it must be by the sub- bago M. Caylus's insolent proclamation pubsequent conquest ; and yet nothing is lished there, afTerting their incontestable clearer, than that this destroys all claim of right not only to that island, but to St. right, as again the title by conquest is de. Vincent's, St. Lucia, Dominico, and almost stroyed by the treaty beforementioned ; all the Caribbee islands, and forbidding any and consequently, the right to the island of Englishman and others from those iNands, Tobago remains in the same fituation with E which he will defend and protect against respect to all other powers, save France and all powers whatever ; a copy of which Holland only, as before the Zealanders at. proclamation goes to the board of trade, tempted to settle it, that is, it belongs to and duke of Bedford, with an address from the dukes of Courland, as a fief held by the legislative of this inand, by a vefTel them from the crown of Great Britain. taken up and sent express, praying his ma

jesty's interpofition, and saving his sugar Copy of a Letter from Barbadoes, dated Fcb.

8, 1948.
Dear Sir,

Capt. Tyrrell fails in a week with the

other Tips (except the Richmond) for AnINCE my lait to you of the 23d of rigua; so the French will have nothing to

hinder their progress, and settling that the ships under his command. On his as- island, till directions come from England. rival, his excellency called the council,

I am, &c. which fat yesterday, and capt. Tyrrell made his report to them, that he had with the

The following is the Proclamation mentioned

above, squadron been round the island o: Tobago; in one of the bays called Great Bockl y Bay, G ORDINANCE OF rbe General of she French he discovered to thips, which he took Windward Mands in America, of the to he Freerd men of war, ftanding into 7th of Dec. 1748, N. S. it ; the Chefter field run upon a rock, how- Ilarles de Tbebieres, de Levi, de Peftel, de ever foon got off, and stood further in ; Grimoard, marquis of Caylus, knight but finding it very Moal water, and not of the order of Sr. Jobn of Jerusalem, and one pilot knowing the way into it, he


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