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100 The Monthly Catologue for February, 1749. CONTROVERSY and DIVINITY. of Horace imitated. To Lord Hardwicke, Disertation the

price is. Cooper.

25. A poetical Essay on the Peace. By Tus Christ, by Jofepbus. Oxon. price 15. Pbilerene, price 6d. G, Woodfall. Rivington,

26. Graccbus. A poetical Character,
2. A Conference between a Papist and a price 6d. Cooper.
Protestant concerning Religion, price 15. 27. A Criticism on Mabomet and Irene,

price 6d. Corbet.
3. Reasons and Arguments to support a
Jate Petition to Parliament, concerning the

Regulation of the Clergy, pr. 6d. Oswald. 28. The Grounds and Rudiments of Law

4. Social Bliss confider'd. By G. Arcker, and Equity, alphabetically digested. Folio, price 25. Rose.

prigs. Browne, Davis, Millar. 5. A plain Account of the People callid 29. The Law of Nature and Nations, Methodists. By J. Welley, M. A. pr. 3d. From the Latin of Baron Puffendorff

. By Trye.

Bafil Kennet, D. D. Edition 5, with Bara 6. The Manners of the antient Christi.

beyrac's Notes. Folio, price il. 155. ans. By 7. Wesley, M. A. Trye.

30. The present Practice in eccleliaftical 7. The Communicant's Affisant, with Courts.

In two Vols. 8vo. price jos. an Appendix, price is. Kent.


31. The Report of the Proceedings

gainst Sir John Cope, &c. pr. 55. (See p. 75.) POETRY.

32. The whole Proceedings against the 8. The Munchers and Guzzlers Diary, seven Smugglers at Cbicbefier, price is. 6d. &c. price 6d. R. Baldwin, jun.

Cooper, 9. The History of Tom Jones, a Found- 33. The Trial of Jon. Brooks and Ja. ling. By H. Fielding, Esq; In 6 Vols. Grierson, Clerk, for an Affult on Mary price 18s. Millar. (See p. 51.)

Redding, price 3d. Cooper. 10. The Memoirs of another unhappy 34. Miscellaneous Reflections upon the old Gentleman, price is. Ccoper.

Peace, price is. Roberts. 11. Lerbe rehears'd; or, a critical Dir. 35. A Letter to a Friend concerning the course of the Beauties and Blemishes of Treaty at Aix-la-Chapelle, price is. Webb. that Performance, price is. Roberts.

36. An occasional Letter concerning the 12. Epistles for the Ladies. By the Au- Treaty at Hanau in 1743, pr. Is. Brion. thors of the Female Spectator, B. 4. 37. The National Interest of Great Bria Gardner.

tain considered, Part 2, price 15. Sandby. 13. Remarks on the Diversions of the 38. Some Account of the Roman History Town, price 6d. Dodd,

of Fabius Piftor, pr. 6d. Cooper. (See p.71.) 14. Irene. A Tragedy. By S. Jobrfor, 39. A Letter to a Member of Parliament price Is. 62. Dodjiy. (See p. 91.)

in Relation to the Bill for punishing Mutiny 15. The Triumph of Peace. A Masque. and Desertion, price 6d. Webb. By R. Dodfley, price 6d.

40. A Letter to Author of an Exa. 16. Four Pastorals, viz. Spring, Sum- mination of the ciples of the two mer, Autumn, Winter. By Tbo. Wrigit, Biothers, price is. Keitb. B. A. price is. Waller.

41. A Copy of a Letter from a Lady at 17. An Elegiack Poem to the Memory Paris, about the Manner in which Prince of Dr. Watts. By Thomas Gibbons, price Edward was arrested, price 6d. Webh. 60. Oswald, Buckland.

42. Laws and Arguments in Vindication 18. Poems, never publish'd together of the University of Oxford, price 6d. before. By H. Price. Price 4d. R. Bald. Corbet, win, jun.

43. Reasons of the present Judgment of 19. CI. A. Popi Messiah, Ecloga Sacra the Univertity of Oxford, concerning the Lat. Carmine donata. Ab R. Onely, A. B. solemn League and Covenant, June 1, price is. Cooper.

1647, price is. Cooper, 20. A Larin poetical Translation of Mr. 44. An Essay on the Increase and De. Pope's Temple of Fame, and his Messiah, cline of Trade in London and the Out.ports, By Uper Gabagan., price is. 6d. Dickenjena price is. Dodlley. 21. A Sacire on all parties.

A Poem, 45. A reasonable Recapitulation of enorprice 15. 60. Owen.

mous Crimes and Grievances, pr. is. Webb. 22. Ifis. An Elegy, written in the Year HISTORICAL and MISCELLANEOUS. 1748. By Mr. Malin, price 6d. Cooper, 46. An Account of a Voyage for the Dir(See it at large, p. 88.)

covery of the North-West Passage. By a 23. The Convent. A Tale, pr. id. Clerk of the California. Vol. 2, and last, Cpeper.

pre pso R. Baldwin, jun, 24. The first Epistle of the second Book

(The reft in our next.]

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T. Danilo
Or GENTLEMAN's Monthly Intelligencer.

For MARCH, 1749

To be Continued. (Price Six-Pence each Month.) Containing, (Greater Vanery, and more in quantity, bam ary Monthly Book of 16 fame Pritso) 1. The IDEA of a PATRIOT KING. XVI. Total of Ships and Vessels taken dur. II. The JOURNAL of a Learned and Poli- ing the War with France.

tical CLUB, Gc. continued : Containing XVII. New Settlement in Noria Scotia. the SPEECH of Cbryfippus, in the De- XVIII. Of the Articles of War, framed on EATE on the Question relating to Pawn. the Muliny Bits. broking ; and the SPIECU Of 2. Bætius XIX. Admiral Bifurver's Proceedings in Suica, against Hawkers and Pedlars,

the East. In dies. III. Account of the Giants Carfeway in Ire- XX. County Aflize, land.

XXI. Latin Translation of the Inscription IV. Rise and History of Muriry-Bilis.

for the Duke of Argy!l. V. A particular Relation of the Siege of XXII. POETRY: A Pintoral on the rea'h Pondicherry.

of a young Lady ; the Mistake ; on reVI. Pleasant Story of K. Charles II. and M. ceiving a Watch from a Lady at Parting ; St. E urethont.

Life, an Ode ; written at Mr. Pope's In. VII. Of our old English Constitution.

terment; to a friend under Affliction ; VIII. Abstract of a Pamphlet in relation to Character of Sir John Barnard, by Dr. the Treaty of Hanau.

Cobden ; the Lover's Absence, a new Song, IX. Exposition of the King of Prufia's Mo- fer to Musick, s. s. Er tives.

XXDI, The MovTHLY CHRONOLOGER : X. Cato's excellent Character,

Acts passed ; Smugglers condemned ; Ma. XI. The one Thing needful for obtaining lefacters executed, &c. &c. &c. Places.

XXIV. Promotions ; Marriages and Births ; XII. Oliver Cromwell's good Policy.

Dcaths ; Bankrupts.
XIII. Important Advices from Barbadocs. XXV. Prices of Stocks for each Day.
XIV. City Address.

XXVI. Monthly Bil of Morality.
XV. A necessary Caution in relation to the XXVII. FOP EIGN AFFAIRS.
Cambrick Afis.

XXVIII. Catalogue of Decks. With a beautiful View of Greenwich Park, the Ranger's House, and Flumplead Ilonse : Also the North Prospect of Wifiminfter Bridge, with the Abtey, &c. all neatly engraved on

Copper. MULTUM IN PARV 0. LONDON: Printed for R. BALDWIN, jun. at the Rofe in Pater-Noir-Rozes Of whom may be had, compleat Sets from the Begining to this Time, nestly Bound, or Setch'd,

or any fingie Month to complete Sets.

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104, &c.

107, 108

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THING A of a PAT283L0T

Admira! Boscarven's proceedings in the 103-107 Easi - Indies

ibid. That a Patriot King ought to espouse no A particular account of the fiege of Ponparty 103

139 The evil of governing by party, in a state The liege raised

131 united

104 Character of Cato, the hero of Addison's The evil of governing by party, in a fate celebrated tragedy

ibid. D. divided

The noble and sublime answer which Lu'The manner of publishing acts of parlia- can makes him give to Labienus, about ment in former times 107 consulting oracles

132 A caution in relation to the cambrick afts, Further account of mutiny-bills 133 with an abstract of them

Of the articles of war framed on them ibid. Total of all the French, Spanish, and reu- Pleasant story of K. Charles II. and M. St. tral ships, that have been taken, &c.


134, 135 during the late Frencb war

108 Who were the Cabal in his reign, and the The Journal of a learned and political power they assumed

124 Cius, &c.

109-117 The one thing needíul for obtaining places SPEECH of Cbryfipp:s, in favour of the

135 question relating to pawnbroking

Cromwell's good policy

ibid. E, What is meant by usurer and extortioner POETRY. The lover's absence, a new ibid. song, set to musick

136 What the necessities of the buyer, or bor- A pastoral on the death of a young lady ib.

rower, may proceed from ibid. E. On receiving a watch from a lady at partThe taking of an interest for money lent, ing

137 juftified

Written at Mr. Pope's interment 138 Several observations about the natural in- To a friend onder affliction

ibid. terest of money

Life, an ode

139 How the legal interest Mould differ, accord- To the memory of Wm. Redford, Esq; ibid. ing to the difference of the fums lent

On the report of a Bririjis fleet being to ibid. G. be sent to the Balick

ibid. Of lending upon personal security

The mistake

140 How this matter stood before the establish

Another tranllation of Gabagan's distich ment of our publick funds, and how it

ibid. is at present

113 To Thomas Hill, Esq; on his being elected How this affects our trade and commerce member for Sbrowsbury

ibid. ibid. On the motto under the Arms of Sir Peter How the increase of the property of fo- Warren's chariot

ibid. reigners in our publick funds may affect On the supporters to his arms ibid. the nation

114 Character of Sir Jobn Barnard ibid. SPEECH of Q. Bæbius Sulca, against the The MONTHLY CHRONOLOGER laws for licenting hawkers and pedlars Earthquake in Scotland

ibid. 115 Smugglers apprehended

ibid. Grievances from hawkers and pedlars, and Princess of Wales delivered of a princess ibid.

the advantages they have above the fair Smugglers condemned for murder, &c. 142 and settled trader ibid. Malefactors executed

ibid. How this may affect the landed interest, City address

ibid. the publick revenue, the private pur- Mutiny bill parred

ibid. chalers, and our trade and manufactures Cambrick act commences

143 in general

116, 117.
County assizes

142, 143 Account of the Gianis Causeway in Ireland Important advices from Barbadoes

143 117 King of Prullia's motives for keeping his Design of a new settlement in Nova Srotia army in readiness to march ibid. for our disbanded soldiers and seamen Translation of the inscription designed for

119 the duke of Argyll's monument. 144 The encouragements given them to settle Marriages and births

ibid. there


ibid. Of our old English constitution

Ecclesiastical preferments

145 Rise and history of mutiny-bills 122, 123 Promotions civil and military

ibid. Abstract of a pamphlet upon the subject Prices of stocks ; wind, weather of the dispute about the treaty of Hanau, Monthly bill of mortality

ibid. and who were the true authors of its FOREIGN AFFAIRS

147 being rejected 124-128 Catalogue of books

148 Consequences of rejeeling it

128 Amicus may be affined, that what he so obligingly proposes, Mall be complied with the fitft Opportunity:- We thank R:ricola for the Continuance of his Favours, are much obliged to bim for his Hints, and shall cake Care to improve them,


120 I21


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