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The Said Thomas Charinton assigned over his right in the Said fifty acres unto Nicholas Cossin ffrenchman. Octob 27 1640

Laid out for Nicholas Cossin, ffrenchman a parcell of Land lyeing on the East Side of the mouth of the Creek called Wicklif's Creek, containing in the whole fifty acres or thereabouts.

15 June 1640. .

Edward Packer and William Nanfin demand one hundred acres of Land being in part of the Land due to them for transporting themselves into the Province at their own charge in the year 1637. 234 Oct 1640

Laid out for Edward Packer and William Nanfin a parcell of Land lyeing on the East Side of the Creek called Wickliff's Creek, Containing in the whole 100 acres or thereabouts.



The Pritchett or Prichard family appears to have been of considerable antiquity in Wales, having an unbroken male descent from the Princes between Wye and Severn, a dynasty that lasted from Caradoc Vraich Vrais, A. D. 520 to the death of Bleddyn the last Prince, in 1190 (Cambrian Journal). The Genealogist, N, S., Vol. 8.

JOHN PRITCHETT? (Chemist), the progenitor of the Dorchester county branch, was in Maryland in 1669 as is shown by the following records of land grants, rent rolls and wills. He was probably the son of John Pritchett who was a witness to a receipt given by Margaret Brent, January 21, 1647 (Md. Arch., 4, 449), but as yet positive proof is lacking. John Pritchett the witness, died intestate in 1657. (Ibid., 10, 552.)

In 1669 Joho Pritchett? bought land called “ Apes Hill ” at mouth of Hunger river, Dorchester county, containing 50 acres for 3000 pounds of tobacco. (Land Records Dorchester county. Old Book No. 3, p. 156.)

In 1697 John Pritchett (Chymist) purchased land from Wil- . liam Hopper, 50 acres more or less by patent, and another tract called Longacre and Bettys Chance, containing 110 acres on Charles Creek, another from Ferguson, Ship Carpenter, all that · part called Elinborough containing 100 acres. (ibid.)

“ This indenture made Eight day of June 1710, John Pritchett with Abigail his wife of the County of Dorchester in the province of Maryland of the one part and Henry Lake, Blacksmith of the other part, in same county. Witnesseth that the said John and Abigail Pritchett for and in consideration of the sum of six thousand pounds of Tobacco to them paid in hand for parcel of Land being partly belonging to a tract of Land called Longacre and partly to a tract of land called Bettys Chance. Beginning at a marked white oak standing near the head of Charles Creek being the bounded tree of the land of Richard Kendall and running from thence south west eight perches to a marked oak standing by Hunger River running from thence up the river bounded therewith Two hundred and eighty seven perches to the head of a small creek running up by a point commonly called Long Point and from thence north east to Charles Creek and from thence running up the Creek bounded therewith two hundred and Eighty seven perches to the first marked post containing one hundred and ten acres (110).”.

Signed John Pritchett

Abigail X Pritchett (Ibid., Old Book, No. 6.)

The following entries may be found in the Rent Roll book of Dorchester and Somerset Counties, in the possession of Maryland Historical Society.

“50 Acres. Rent 0-2-0. Apes Hill surveyed 10 March 1672 for Richard Mockins the upper side of the Straights of Hunger River. Possest by John Pritchett A 16 by seven Downward.

“70 Acres. Rent 0-2-9. The Hope surveyed 17 Nov. 1677 for Timothy MacNamara on the east side Hungor River by the upper straights in possession of John Pritchett

“ 150 Acres. Rent 0–4–5. Longacre surveyed 13 Aug. 1678 for Andrew Jusloy on the east side of Hungor river the west side of Charles Creek sold to John Pritchett by Henry Lack but not yet made over.

« 50 Acres. Rent 0–6–0. Horseley down surveyed 28th Dec. 1679 for George Hopper on the south side of North East branch of Charles Creek in possession of John Pritchett.

“50 Acres. Rent 0-2-0. Ringwood surveyed 20th Feby. 1680 for John Pritchard on the north side of a small Bay called Roboby Bay.

"100 Acres 0-4-0 at. rent Ebenborough surveyed 29th April 1682 for George Ferguson on the West side in fox Creek in Ash Comos Marsh in possession of John Pritchett.”

The date of John Pritchett's death is uncertain. His will made in 1711 and probated in 1723, bears the following note: “The above will was found in August 1723 among some papers and ordered to be recorded by the Court at Annapolis, A. A. Co., Md.” The will mentions the following nine children by name and devises “ Apes Hill,” “Horsey Doron” (Horseley Down ?], “ Edinborough,” and “Hope." To his wife Abigail he left her thirds only.

John Pritchett and Abigail, his wife, had issue :


EDWARD PRITCHETT, died 1760 or 1761.

2. v. LOTT PRITCHETT,' married Ann , died 1777.

vi. PHILLIS PRITCHETT. vii. MARY PRITCHETT, married Henry Fisher. viii. JANE PRITCH ETT, married Leake. ix. MARGERY PRITCHETT.

Zebulon, the oldest son, having received the home plantation “ Apes Hill,” the other sons divided the real property as required by the will, the division being recorded in Old Book No. 9, at Cambridge, Md. Lott Pritchett's part included two tracts “Donbar” and “ Holydown ” [Horseley Down ?).

Edward Pritchett's will, made October 21st, 1760, probated February 6, 1761, is as follows:

To brother Lot Pritchett 8 pistoles and 1 English Guinea to Edward the son of Lot; to Edward, son of Plumback, 8 pistoles ; to Evans Pritchet, 1 five pistole piece; to Henry Fisher, son of Henry Fisher, 1 four pistole piece; to William Prichet, son of Zebulon, 3 English Guineas and one Buckancer Gunn ; to Jates Pritchet, son of Plumback, one pistole; to Thomas Prichet, son of Plumback, one English Guinea : to Benjamin Todd, son of Benjamin Todd, one English Guinca ; to Levin Prichet, son of Plumback, a tract of Land called the Hope Lying to the southward of bounded pine Tree not to be sold or mortgaged out of the name Prichet; to Arthur, son of Plumback, a tract of land called Ringwood being a part of my now dwelling plantation, also a tract of land called Prichets Meadow containing 40 acres also part of the tract of land called the addition to the Hope that lyeth to the northward of the bounded pine, being the devision between the two brothers Levin and Arthur and the heirs of their bouy-in case of their death without male issues these lands to go to Thomas Prichet ye son of Plumback and to his heirs; to Edward Prichet, sou of Edward, deceased, 2 Guineas to be paid when he is 16; all not before mentioned to brother Plumback and his 2 sons Levin and Arthur, in case one should die Jates to have one equal part. Executors Plumback and two sons Levin and Arthur.

be .

In 1743 Lot Pritchett, Planter, purchased a tract of land called Northampton (L. R. old book No. 14); and in 1747 he purchased from John Stafford a tract called “Stafford's Oughtlett,” containing one hundred acres. (L. R. Old book No. 14, p. 176.)

Abstract of Lot Pritchet's will made February 18, 1775, probated March 27, 1777.

“I give and bequeath to my son John Pritchett one tract of land called Canterbury Contain ninety-seven acres of land more or less, likewise one tract of land called Pritchett's Desire contain Ten acres ..... part of a tract called Robin Hood......

“I give and bequeath to my son Edward Pritchett part of a hundred acres of land called Robin Hood, likewise one hundred acres of Land more or less part of a Tract of land called Staffords Outlott to him and his heirs forever. likewise one mare colt named Fly.

“My will and desire is that my wife Ann Pritchett shall have the use of my dwelling plantation during her life, likewise all my movable estate during her life, and after her death to be equally divided between all my children.” Lor PRITCHETT? (John) and Ann, his wife, had issue :


They had other children but their names were not mentioned in their fatber's will.

May 20, 1778, the Council of Maryland issued to Edward Pritchett a commission as second lieutenant in the lower battalion of Militia in Dorchester County (Arch., 21, 97), and on the 19th of June, 1778, it was ordered that the Treasurer of the Western Shore “pay to John Smoot three Pounds eighteen shillings and nine pence for the rise of Edward Pritchard.” (Arch., 21, 140.)

EDWARD PRITCHETT 3 (Lot, John,') by his will made August 18, 1795, probated at Denton, Caroline County, January 8, 1796, left to bis widow Prissilla the whole of his estates during her widowhood; to his sons Collison and Edward, his dwelling plantation (about 100 acres) and about 33 acres of “Staffords Outlet"; to his son Lot fifty-four acres of land being part of “ Dawsons Hazards"; to his daughters Araminta, Ann, Nelly and Prissilla all of his moveable estate to be equally divided between them; to Abraham Pritchett, “one horse colt and suit of good close and three months schooling if in case he stays with my wife till he is of the age of Twenty one."

Edward Pritchett's married Prisilla (Collison) Minner, (widow) the daughter of William and Prissilla Collison ; they had issue:

4. i. COLLISON PRITCHETT, born 1789, married Ann Peters. ii. EDWARD PRITCHETT, Jr., married 1st. Nancy Wheeler, Jan. 12, 1813 ;

2d. Sarah Hubbard, July 28, 1825; 3d. Riity Hignutt, Jan. 21, 1832. iii. LOTT PRITCHETT, married Hester Shanahan (widow). iv. ARAMINTA PRITCH ETT, married William Vickers, Jan. 16, 1800.

ANN PRITCHETT. vi. NELLY PRITCHIETT, married Andrew Shepherd, Jan. 18, 1810. vii. PRISSILLA PRITCHETT.

COLLISON PRITCHETT* (Edward, Lot, John,') married Nancy or Ann Peters, daughter of James and Sarah (Hignutt) Peters, February 27, 1809. He died intestate on the Stafford Outlet” farm where he was born, August 27, 1830. Collison Pritchett and App (Peters) his wife, had issue :

i FOSTER PRITCHETT, born 1808, married Sarah Hickey of Kent County,

Delaware, and had issue. Died Dec. 21, 1884. ii. ELIZA ANN PRITCHETT, born 1810 ; died in infancy. iii. PETER BAYARD PRITCHETT, born 1813; married Sarah Ledenham,

January, 1848, and had issue. Died Nov. 3, 1880. iv. EDWARD PRITCHETT, born March 11, 1816; married 1st. Lavenia E.

Palmetry, Feb. 20, 1842, and had issue ; 2d. Wilhelmina Tatman,
Dec. 21. 1858, and had issue. Died July 30, 1883.

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