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that students would be able to give Parthia her proper place in their thoughts, unless her history were collected and put forth in a readable form with some fulness. He has, therefore, employed most of his leisure during the last two years in writing the present work, which he commends to students of the later Greek and Roman periods as supplemental to the modern Greek and Roman histories in which those periods are commonly studied.

The Parthian Chronology depends very much upon coins. In preparing this portion of his work the Author has been greatly indebted to aid kindly rendered him by Mr. R. Stuart Poole and Mr. Gardiner of the British Museum. The representations of coins in the work have been, with one exception, taken by the Author from the originals in the National Collection. For the illustrations of Parthian architecture and art he is indebted to the published works of Mr. Ainsworth, Mr. Ross, the late Mr. Loftus, and MM. Flandin and Coste. He feels also bound to express his obligations to the late Mr. Lindsay, the numismatic portion of whose work on Parthia ? he has found of much service.

Canterbury: December 1872.

History and Coinage of the Parthians, published at Cork in 1852.



Reign of Phraates II. Expedition of Antiochus Sidetes against

Parthia. Release of Demetrius. Defeat and death of Sidetes.

War of Phraates with the Northern Nomads. His death and

character . . . . . . . . 90

Accession of Orodes I. Expedition of Crassus. His fate. Retalia-

tory inroad of the Parthians into Syria under Pacorus, the son of
Orodes. Defeat of Pacorus by Cassius. His recall. End of
first War with Rome

. . . . . 150


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