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Ultimate Triumph of Christianity, The,

Address from the General Conference What Women have done for the World.

assembled at Liverpool to the Mem- By Leo Grindon, 4, 55, 106, 164, 212,
bers of the New Church in the United 256, 306, 377, 425, 475, 571
Kingdom, August 1880, 421

World's Future, The, 11, 69, 116, 174, 221
Address the General Convention of Worship and the Origin of its Modes, 22

the New Jerusalem in the United
States of America. By the Rev.

Chauncey Giles, 492
After-Gleams, 137

* Blessed is she that Believed,” 323
American Convention and its Theologi. Sermon delivered by the Rev. W.

cal School, the Urbana University, Westall before the General Conference
and the Academy, The, 394, 534

of the New Church assembled at
Authority of “The Word,” The, 436 Liverpool, August 1880, 486
Creation, 331

Opening the Eyes of the Blind Man at

Epiphany, 1

Bethsaida, 267

First few days after Death, The, 125 Samuel : A Sermon to the Young. By

Four Seasons, The-

the Rev. W. C. Barlow, M.A., 581

Winter, 64

The Divine Story of the Plague of

Spring, 132

Locusts, 388

Summer, 184

The Tay Bridge Disaster and Modern

Autumn, 522

Sadduceeism. A Sermon by the Rev.

Gleanings, 89, 408, 452

J. F. Potts, B.A., 80

Humanity of the Bible, The, 517

Hymn-Book, The New, 591

Incarnation, The, 586

Periodical Literature.

Lord's Prayer, The, 157, 205

Agnosticism and Women, 280

[Suggested by the Letters of John Arthur's Magazine, 87

Ruskin, D.C.L., to the Clergy, which Creeds of Early Christians, The, 442

appeared in the Contemporary Review Evolution, viewed in relation to Theo-

for December 1879]

logy, 445

Magazine, The, 594

Father Cruci's New Translation of the

Omnipotence and Faith, 49

Gospels, 445

Recent Scriptural Examinations, The, Lord's Sonship, The, by Rev. John


Pulsford, 279

Reflections on the Thirty-seventh Psalm, Man a Distinct Race, not a Distinct


Species, 281

Sensitive Plant, The, 438

Men and Women, 28

Sheol, 316

Middle State, The, 280

Swedenborg Society, 333

New Church Magazines, 532

Testimonial to the Rev. R. Storry, 139 Origin of Religion, and its Primitive

Theology and Religion, 253

Type, The, 529

God's Love to Man, and Man's Love Proclamation of Cyrus found in the

to God, 301

Ruins of Babylon, A, 86

Love to the Neighbour, 373, 469 Purchase in the Church, 85

Two Books, The, 555

Religion and Morality, 445

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