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for the other? I wou'd lay out all my Poetry in Love ; an Original for a Lady, and a Translation for a Waiting-Maid! Alas! what have I to do with Jane Gray, as long as Miss Molly, Miss Betty, or Miss Patty are in this World ? Shall I write of Beauties murder'd long ago, when there are those at this instant that murder me? I'll e'en compose my own Tragedy, and the Poet shall appear in his own Person to move Compassion : *T'will be Gir more effectual than Bays's entring with a Rope about his Neck, and the World will own, there never was a more miserable Object brought upon the Stage.

Now you that are a Critic, pray inform me, in what manner I may connect the foregoing Part of this Letter with that which is to follow, aecording to the Rules ? I would willingly return Mr Gay my Thanks for the Favour of his Poem, and in particular for his kind Mention of me; I hop'd, when I heard a new Comedy had met with Success upon the Stage, that it had been his, to which I really with no less; and (had it been any way in my: power) should have been very glad to have contributed to it's Introduction into the World. *His Verses to Lintot * have put a Whim into my Head, which you are like to be troubled with in the opposite Page 1: Take it as you find it, the Production of half an hour t'other Morning. I design very soon to put a Task of a more serious Nature upon you, in reviewing a Piece of mine that may better deserve Criticism; and by that time you haye done with it, I hope to tell you in person with how much Fidelity I am

Your, &c. * A Receipt to make a Miscellany.

Those Verses will be found in our second Volumc.

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