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children brought to him to partake of his Divine benediction. Shews to the people the great danger of riches, and the rewards of a faithful adherence to him and his religion ; which he displays under the parable of laborers in a vineyard. Is applied to by Martha and Mary in behalf of their brother Lazarus, who is sick; upon whicla our Lord goes to Bethany. In his way he cures Bartimeus, a blind man, and dines with Zaccheus, a publican, at whose house he delivers the parable of the servants entrusted with their lord's money. He arrives at Bethany, and raises Lazarus from the dead, to the great astonishment of all the speetators. The news of this miracle reaching Jerusalem, the Sanhedrim form the resolution of having him put to death, upon which he retires, for a short time, to Ephraim, a small place belonging to the tribe of Benjamin. He leaves Ephraim, and proceeds towards Jerusalem, in his way to which he stops at Bethany, and sups with Lazarus, whom he had raised from the dead. During his stay, Mary testifies her obedience, humility and respect, by anointing his feet with odoriferous perfume, and afterwards wiping them with the hair of her head. Judas Iseariot 'repines at the loss of the valuable ointment, for wbich our Lord, after eommending Mary's conduct. rebukes him for his avarice. Our Lord makes his public entry into Jerusalem, amidst the universal acclamations of the people, and on his near approach to the city publicly laments its impending fate.

CHAPTER XI.- FROM PAGE 478, TO PAGE 514. Our Blessed Lord drives the dealers of several kinds out of

the temple, and at the same time cures many people of their respective infirmities. Acquaints his disciples with his approaching death, and testifies his resignation to it. Denounces a judgment upon a tig-tree. Argues with the chief Priests and Scribes in the temple, reproves them for their conduct, and delivers several parables on the occasion. Answers a captious question put to him by the Sadducees and Pharisees. Settles the most important points of the law. Exposes the vices of the Seribes and Pharisees, and foretels the judgment that will fall upon them. Commends a widow woman for contributing her mite to the public treasury. Prediets the destruction of the temple, and informs his apostles of the signs which should precede that event. Exhorts his disciples to watchfulness and prayer, which he enforces by delivering two parables; one of the wise and foolish Virgins; and the other, of the talents entrusted with diligent and slothful servants.

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