Voyages and Travels: Ancient and Modern

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P. F. Collier, 1910 - 394 страници

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Страница 136 - ... besought almighty God of his goodness to give him life and leave to sail once in an English ship in that sea.
Страница 223 - General made divers speeches to the whole company, persuading us to unity, obedience, love, and regard of our voyage ; and for the better confirmation thereof, willed every man the next Sunday following to prepare himself to receive the communion, as Christian brethren and friends ought to do. Which was done in very reverent sort, and so with good contentment every man went about his business.
Страница 390 - Ewaipanoma : they are reported to have their eyes in their shoulders, and their mouths in the middle of their breasts, and that a long train of hair growetb.
Страница 322 - I will hasten to the end of this tragedy, which must be knit up in the person of our General. And as it was God's ordinance upon him, even so the vehement persuasion and entreaty of his friends could nothing avail to divert him of a wilful resolution of going through in his frigate; which was overcharged upon the decks with fights, nettings, and small artillery, too cumbersome for so small a boat that was to pass through the ocean sea at that season of the year, when by course we might expect much...
Страница 228 - And about six of the clock we came to her and boarded her, and shot at her three pieces of ordnance, and...
Страница 319 - At which very instant, even in winding about, there passed along between us and towards the land which we now forsook a very lion to our seeming, in shape, hair, and colour, not swimming after the manner of a beast by moving of his feet, but rather sliding upon the water with his whole body, excepting the legs, in sight, neither yet diving under, and again rising...
Страница 374 - I could have returned a good quantity of gold ready cast, if I had not shot at another mark than present profit.
Страница 370 - ... volumes of Herbals ; we relieved ourselves many times with the fruits of the country, and sometimes with fowl and fish. We saw birds of all colours, some carnation, some crimson, orange-tawny, purple, watchet...
Страница 331 - It became not the former fortune in which I once lived to go journies of picory; and it had sorted ill with the offices of honour, which by Her Majesty's grace I hold this day in England, to run from cape to cape, and from place to place, for the pillage of ordinary prizes.
Страница 222 - ... of one man. So that the cause being thoroughly heard, and all things done in good order as...