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tern of population, 54. Vin-
dicated from the charge of
pleading for murder, 55. From
those of retractation and incon-
sistency, 62.

Man, Isle of, account of the pror
duce of. the Herring-fishery
there, 36 note.

Maple-tree mode of procuring
sugar from, 26.

Marcet, Dr. on the waters of the
Dead Sea, 155.

Masts for ships, obs. on the num-
ber of, 65—6 (..

Meadows, benefit* of irrigating
them, 42.

Meridian, arc of, particulars re-
specting the measurement of,
in Lapland, 459.

Midwifery, obs. on the practice of
by females, 209.

M'tM' and Volunteers, their mili-
tary value discussed, 73. Dr.
A. Smith's remarks on the
former controverted, 74.

Mhk, annual value of the sale of
that- commodity in London,

Miser, ludicrous, anecdote of,

Missionaries in India, result of
their labours, 315, 317.

Monday, Richard, a parish found-
ling, poetical story of, 174.

Montalembert, Marquis de, re-
marks on his system of fortifi-
cation, 49,

Montesquku, compared with Cor-
neilie, ?3^.

Morland, George, the painter,
indebted for bad habits and
excesses to the mistaken con-
duct of his parents, 3,9.
Sketch of his misetable career,

Mulatto?*, degraded condition of
that class of human beings in
Jamaica, 355.

Muscles, question respecting the
safety of eating them, 480.


Naples, miserable situation of pub*
lie affaiu there described by
Lord Nelson, 300. Statement
respecting the annulling of the
treaty of, 308.

Nasmith, Mr. on peat, and it*
u*es, 36

Nee.rham, Marchamont, anecdote* /
of, 69

Nelson, Lord, discussion of his
character professional and per-
sonal, anecdotes of, and par-
ticulars of his death, 193—308.
His conduct at Naples discus-
sed, 309—311.

News-papers, origin of, ^(j.

New Testament, gratuitous edition
of, piepared in England for the
French emigrants, 249.

Newton, Sir Laac, curious bio*
graphical particulars relativfftp,

Notre Dame, at Paris, account of
that church, 487.


Oil, story of sallads dressed witk

Castor-oil, 24.
Orthodoxy in religion, discussion

of what it is and how to be

attained, 375.
Oxford, University of, generoutry

prints an edition of the Hew

Testament for the French

Emigrants, 249.


Pantheon, at Paris, account ofi


Paris, its annual consumption of

provisions, 137. note.

churches of. See Churches.
Parish Register, a poem, extract*

from, 173.
Peat, ohs. on, and on its uses, 36.
Pepys, Mr. on a new Eudiometer,

J53. On the quantity of

parbon in carbonic acid, 154.

f Perspicuity,'

Perspicuity, strongly recommended
in discourses from the pulpit,

Pleading, in law-courts, remarks
on the licence assumed in, *>6.
Plomb'tcres, account of that town,

'3 •-

Poa Slpina, that grass recom-

'mended for upland pasture-
grounds, 41.

Polyphemus, one of the crustaceoua
tribe of insects, described, 475.

Potisonly, Miss. See Butler.

Pipes, origin of the secular pow-
er of, 515, 518.

Population of France, 127. Of va-
rious English towns, &c. 420.

Potttry, account of that art, 266.

Pride, representations of the dif-
ferent sorts of, and sonnet on,

Prince Edward's Island, account
of, 25.


Raynal, Abbe, anecdotes of, by
Mrs. Chapone, 247.

ft coding, the knowlege of the art
of, allowed to the lower orders,
but writing and arithmetic de-
nied, 413.

Revelation, Christian, evidence of
examined, philosophically, his-
torically, prophetically, inter-
nally, and from the testimony
of the Jewish scriptures, 407

Revelling, Sir Ph. Sidney's re-
marks on, 441.

Revenue, and national debt, of
France, stated, 128.

Richardson, the novellist, accused
of inconsistency in his Clarissa,
and defended, 464.

Rings. See HerschcL


St. John's, or Prince Edward.'*,
Island, account of, 25.

Saint Omer's, letter from, wn'ttea

by Morland the painter, 561.

St. Vincent, Earl or, his private
letter to Earl Spencci, after the
battle of 14 Feb. 1797. 298.

Sales, nullity of, for inadequacy of
price, provisions relative to, in
the Code Napoleon, 454.

Sovinies, a tale, 541.

Schroder, M. on the planet Ves»
ta, 160.

Scriptures, the diligent perusal of
them recommended to the stu«
dent in theology, 374——^79.

Scudery, Geo. brother of Made-
moiselle, anecdotes of, 67.

Seeicr, archbishop, anecdote of,

Semple, Major, generously relieved
by Lord Nelson, 302.

Servelus, Michael, particulars of
his life, writings, and death,

Session, Court of, in Scotland, dis-
cussion respecting a reform of,

Shakspeare, faults of, compared
with those of Corneille, 528.

S*9» 513-

Sheep-farming, on the introduction
of, into the Highlands, 43.

Sheep, paperson the diseases of,43,

Simpson, Thomas, on- the equi-
noxes, compared with Professor
Robertson, 146.

Singers, Mr. on grasses fittest far
culture in Scotland, 39. On
irrigation, 41 — 42.

■ on sheep-farming, 43.

Slaves, ncgroe, behaviour of the
Jamaicans towards, 356.

Smith, Dr. Adam, his remarks on
Militia and standing armies con-
troverted, 74.

Song, for a dinner at Edinburgh,

Sennets, by Di. Cartwright, 183,

Spa, account of a fair incognita
met thetc by Mrs. Carter, 233.


Spring, poetically hailed, 287.

Statue of James II. at Whitehall,
much praised, and its obscurity-
lamented, 34.

Stomachs, of different animals,
comparative observations on,

Style, Mr. Fox's opinion of, for

historical compositions, 189,
Sugar. See Maple.


Tavistock, Marquis of, sonnet
to, 183.

Theology, students in, excellent
advice 10,372—373.

T'tnea, a disease of the skin, de-
scription of, 506.

Tin-mine, account of, 155.

Toleration, and establishments,
good reflections on, 283 —

Topography, books of, or Gazet-
teers, account of, 417. Plan
of a new topographical dic-
tionary of England, 429.

Tragedy. See Drama.

Training men for boxing or run-
ning, its good effects on their
health, 169.

Transit, a ship with four masts,
account of, 63.

Tulip-tree, a tale, 441.

V and U.

Vauban, Marshal, his systems of
construction for fortifications
erroneously given by Professor
Landmann, 258.


Vesta, observations on that new
planet, 160.

Vosges, tour in, by a British pri-
soner, 131.

Urethra, strictures in, observa-
tions on, 49, 51.


Warburton, Bishop, droll anec-
dote respecting, 236—237.

Wars, their political and com*
mercial evils, 348.

Water, boiled, or distilled, pro*
posal for churning if, in or-
der to impregnate it with air,

West'Indies, trade with highly-
favourable to our maritime in-
terests, 346. Large propor-
tion of their provisions suppli-
ed fr»m America, 347.

Westminster election, expencesof
Sir Francis Burdett's commit*
tee for, 437.

West-winds, ode to, 289.

William III. remarks on his con-
duct respecting the treaty of
Limerick, 204.

Witnesses, three heavenly. See

Wollaston, Dr. on Fairy, rings,


Woman, remarks on, by Sir P.

Sidney, 442.
Woodlands, near Lanchester,

Durham, poetically celebrated,


Tarrovt, or Milfoil, recommend-
ed for culture in pasture lands,



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