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martyr, to bear them from his palace-home to the dark and narrow house. In such a moment, of so great solemnity and tenderness, let the sacred fires of patriotism blaze up bright and aloft in millions of hearts ; let hand clasp with hand in a solemn league and covenant of loyalty, and all true souls renew their vows of devotion to the country which he loved, and lived for and died for; and make that country, in its unity, its grandeur, and its peace, a fitting monument to his memory, worthy to record his earthly fame, and acceptable to the contemplation of his glorified spirit.




GREAT lives are never finished; least finished when the grave relieves them of their mortal part. Their biographer only drops his pen at the open sepulchre, because eye hath not seen, nor ear heard, nor the heart of man conceived the glories that succeed; or because his search is baffled as he seeks to trace the growing influence of these ransomed lives upon the thoughts, the habits, the principles and actions of an attentive posterity. Modern scholars have sought to discover a philosophy of history which should introduce into the reading of the history of man the precision of natural science, and enable them to predict the future as they review the past. Race, climate, physical environment, all external conditions of the human lot, and each new discovery of human wit, have been ascertained to affect the history of man; but no sufficient philosophy of human history has been reached, where the most potent factor in the problem refuses to be classified. The great man is the controlling power, and he cannot be anticipated. Guizot calls the appearance of a special great man, at a special time, 28


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