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death of Abraham Lincoln, through agencies not less malignant, may be overruled to the good of our deeply afflicted country? Called from us at the culmination of his fame, he may be more to us in the coming years, than he could have been had he still tarried in the flesh. He died as a martyr dies.

"The voice at midnight came;
He started up to hear:

A mortal arrow pierced his frame;
He fell, but felt no fear.


"His spirit, with a bound,

Burst its encumbering clay;
His tent, at sunrise, on the ground,
A darkened ruin lay."

Bowing here, at the altar of God, shall we not renew our zeal in the great cause of liberty and righteousness? Standing upon those principles, which are the foundation of our national edifice, shall we not hold ourselves ready for every needed sacrifice, of time, of ease, of resources, of sweet life itself, if we may perpetuate the blessings which have been transmitted to us? Especially should you, young men, and particularly those of you, who, through liberal culture, are seeking fields of widest usefulness, enter in at the open door of opportunity, which the new order of things proffers you. A nation waits your service. Our country calls for help. “The Holy sanctions the call. In patriotic devotion, then, consecrate yourselves anew to the good of man and the glory of God.

One of Israel'

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THE event which calls us together is unprecedented in the history of our country. It seems almost incredible that in this nineteenth century of the Christian era, and in this land of free self-government, so horrible a deed could have been perpetrated, as that which has taken from us, almost in an instant, our beloved and honored President. War is bad enough. It is tolerated by welldisposed men, only as a painful necessity. The nature and condition of mankind at present are such, that, so far as we can judge, certain evils cannot be removed without it; and, as we have lately had abundant opportunity to prove, individuals may be actively engaged in it without any revengeful or unkindly feelings. Yet, war, at best, is bad enough, and every good man must rejoice when its ends have been successfully accomplished, and a genuine peace is the result of it. But there are no terms too scathing to designate the bloody work of the assassin. It seems to be the very sum and substance of human wickedness. The blood

* Delivered Wednesday, April 19, 1865.

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