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leniency. I would say return to your allegiance, renew your support to the government, and become good citizens; but the leaders I would hang."

Nor is this a new-born sentiment in the heart of Andrew Johnson; for as long ago as the second of March, 1861, in a thrilling speech, which created an unparalleled outbreak of enthusiasm in the galleries of the Senate Chamber, he said:

Show me the man who makes war on the government, and fires on its vessels, and I will show you a traitor. And, if I were President of the United States, I would have all such arrested, and when tried and convicted, by the eternal God, I would have them hung !”

There is hope, therefore, in the bright beams of this Easter sun! Our new ruler knows how to deal with traitors!

Abraham Lincoln is dead: slain by the hand of slavery! He lived long enough, however, to see the promised land from Pisgah; long enough to witness the triu ph of that army and navy of which he was the commander-in-chief; long enough to walk through the streets of Richmond, clad in magisterial authority; long enough to insure for the American people liberty and union, now and forever, one and inseparable"; long enough to insure for himself a spotless record- —a deathless name. That which the poet sung of the Greek hero is peculiarly applicable to our departed leader:

"Thou art FREEDOM's now, and FAME's!"

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There is hope, I say, as well as sadness, in this hour;

the joy of our heart may have ceased; our dance may have been turned into mourning; the crown may have fallen from our head, but "THOU, O LORD, REMAINEST FOREVER; THY THRONE FROM GENERATION ΤΟ GENERATION. And, while God remains, truth cannot be shorn of its beauty or strength by any of the machinations of error.

On that dreadful Friday, when the enemies of Jesus nailed Him to the cross, they thought that they had silenced Him for ever; but there was never a greater mistake. They had only placed Him where His divine beauty could be more clearly seen, and where His divine power could be more widely exerted.

Every purpose of evil is

And so it will be always. certain to be overruled for good. No outrage upon religion, or humanity, is permitted to go unavenged forever. Four years ago the arch leader of the rebellion declared that the war should be waged on northern soil; that, within their own State lines, the people of the North should smell southern powder and feel southern steel. But God ordained it otherwise. His decree went forth that the power of injustice should be destroyed on the very spot where it had been exerted. And this latest crime of treachery and oppression, which has filled every loyal heart so suddenly with mourning, by God's overruling grace shall work out more perfectly the redemption of our land. Amer.

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LUKE XXIV: 5, 6.



THE voices still sound for the ear of faith; and he who hath that ear, let him hear what the spirit saith unto the churches to-day. It is our resurrection-morning, a time consecrated to gladness; and yet it finds a nation in tears. Our tower of strength is fallen. Bloody violence has invaded the high places of the land; and he who was in deed as well as in name the head of the people, more and more trusted, more and more loved, as he was better and better known, lies dead, country's martyr. Only on the last Thursday I tried to acknowledge, in a few earnest words, the eminent worth and high services of our noble President, and now he is no more with us on earth; and, saddest thought of all, the wrath of man hath wrought for us this woe. Let every believing soul exercise a high and serene and Christian trust, according to the great necessities of an hour which hath no precedent in our history, and be wise and calm and faithful in the persuasion, that, in

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