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(Ee) “ A writer there present."] See a very curious « Letter, wherein part of the entertainment untoo “ the Queenz Majesty at Killingworth Castl, in War. " wick-Thear, in this Soomerz Progress, 1575, iz fig. “ nified, &c.” izmo. bl. let. The orthography of this writer (whose name was Ro. LANGHAM, as appears from fol. 84.) is not followed in the Text, being not that of the age he lived in, but the peculiar result of his own ignorance or affectation,

(Ff) “Little Miscellanies named GARLANDS, &c.”] In the Pepyfian and other libraries, are preserved a great number of these in black letter, 12mo. under the following quainc and affected titles, viz.

1. A Crowne Garland of Goulden Roses gathered out of England's Royall Garden, &c. by Richard Johnfon, 1612. [In the Bodleyan Library. ]-2. The Golden Garland of Princely Delight.--3. The Garland of Good-will, by T. D. 1631. -4. The Royal Garland of Love and Delight, by T.D.-5. The Garland of Love and Mirth, by Thomas Lanfier: -6. The Garland of Delight, &c. by Tho. Delone.-7. Cupid's Garland set round with Guilded Roses. 8. The Garland of Withered Roses, by Martin Parker, 1656.

g. The Shepherd's Garland of Love, Loyalty, &c.

-10. The Country Garland. -Il. The Golden Garland of Mirth and Merriment.-- 12. The Lover's Garland. 13. Neptune's fair Garland.-14. EngJand's fair Gariand. --15. Robin Hood's Garland.

-16. The Maiden's Garland. ----17. A Loyal Garland of Mirth and Pastime.

-18. A Royal Garland of pew Songs.

&c. &c. &c. This fort of petty publications had anciently the name of Penny-Merriments: as little religious tracts of the same fize were called Penny GODLINESSES : In the Pepysian Library are multitudes of both kinds.



2. The aged Lover renounceth Love

173 3. Jephthah judge of Israel

176 4. A Song to the lute in muficke

180 5. King Cophetua and the Beggar-maid

182 6. Take thy old cloak about thee

188 7. Willow, Willow, Willor

192 8. Sir Lancelot du Lake

198 9. Corydon's Farewell to Phillis

204 The Ballad of constant Susannah

e ibid. 10. Gernutus, the Few of Venice

206 11. The falfonate Shepherd to his Love, by Marlow 216 The Nymph's Reply, by Sir W. Raleigh

219 12. Titus Andronicus's Complaint 13. Take those lips away

226 14. King Leir and his three daughters

228 15. Youth and Age, by Shakespeare

237 16. Tbe Frolicksome Duke, or the Tinker's good Fortune 238 17. The Friar of Orders gray




249 266 268

1. The more modern ballad of Chevy-chas

Illustration of the Northern Names 2. Death's final conquest, by Shirley 3. The Rising in the North 4. Northumberland betrayed by Douglas 9. My Mind to me a kingdome is 6. The Patient Countess, by Warner

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7. The

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7. The golden Mean

303 8. Dowfabell, by Drayton

304 9. The Farewell to Love, by Fletcher

10. Ulyfes and the Syren, by Daniel

11. Cupid's Paftime
12. The character of a happy life, by Sir H. Wotton * 319
13. Gilderoy. A Scottish Ballad

14. Winifreda +

15. The Witch of Wokey
16. Bryan and Pereene. A West India Ballad, by Dr.

17. Gentle River, Gentle River. Translated from the

18. Alcanzor and Zayda, a Moorish Tale

The Glosary
Additions to the Esay on the Origin of the English



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* The Unfading Beauty, fee in Vol. 3. p. 246.

Jemmy Dawson, Jee in Vol. 2. p. 378.

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Í never heard the old song of Perciò and Douglas, that I

found not my heart moved more than with a trumpet: and yet it' is sung but by some blinde crowder, with no rougher voice, than rude ftile; which beeing fo evill apparelled in the duft and cobweb of that uncivill age, what would it work, trimmed in the gorgeous eloquence of Pindare

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