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Страница xii - He began on it, and when first he mentioned it to Swift, the doctor did not much like the project As he carried it on, he showed what he wrote to both of us; and we now and then gave a correction, or a word or two of advice ; but it was wholly of his own writing. When it was done, neither of us thought it would succeed. We showed it to Congreve, who, after reading it over, said "it would either take greatly or be damned confoundedly.
Страница 133 - Tis thus in friendship ; who depend On many, rarely find a friend. A Hare who in a civil way Complied with ev'ry thing, like GAY, Was known by all the bestial train Who haunt the wood, or graze the plain. Her care was, never to offend ; And ev'ry creature was her friend.
Страница 134 - your back ascend, And owe my safety to a friend. You know my feet betray my flight ; To friendship every burden's light." The Horse replied: " Poor honest Puss, It grieves my heart to see thee thus; Be comforted ; relief is near, For all your friends are in the rear.
Страница xii - This piece was received with greater applause than was ever known. Besides being acted in London sixtythree days without interruption, and renewed the next season with equal applause, it spread into all the great towns of England; was played in many places to the thirtieth and fortieth time ; at Bath and Bristol fifty, &c.
Страница 70 - His now forgotten friend, a snail, Beneath his house, with slimy trail, Crawls o'er the grass ; whom when he spies, In wrath he to the...
Страница xii - The person who acted Polly, till then obscure, became all at once the favourite of the town; her pictures were engraved, and sold in great numbers; her Life written, books of letters and verses to her published, and pamphlets made even of her sayings and jests. Furthermore, it drove out of England (for that season) the Italian Opera, which had carried all before it for ten years.
Страница 5 - Thy fame is just," the sage replies ; ' " Thy virtue proves thee truly wise. Pride often guides the author's pen, Books as affected are as men : But he who studies nature's laws, From certain truth his maxims draws ; And those, without our schools, suffice To make men moral, good, and wise."SECTION III.
Страница 1 - A Fable or Apologue, such as is now under consideration, seems to be, in its genuine state, a narrative in which beings irrational, and sometimes inanimate, arbores loquuntur, mm tantum fertf, are, for the purpose of moral instruction, feigned to act and speak with human interests and passions.
Страница 102 - IN other men we faults can spy, And blame the mote that dims their eye ; Each little speck and blemish find, To our own stronger errors blind. A Turkey, tir'd of common food, Forsook the barn, and sought the wood ; Behind her ran an infant train, Collecting here and there a grain. * Draw near, my Birds...
Страница 21 - He wrings his hands, he beats his breast: By conscience stung, he wildly stares, And thus his guilty soul declares : " Had the deep earth her stores confined, This heart had known sweet peace of mind.