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"Help our l' help our !” the silly Mowss can’ cry, “For Godis lufe, sum-body our' this bryme.' With that ane Paddok, on the wattir by, Put up hir heid and on the bank cowth? clyme, Quhilks be natur gowth? dowk? and gaylie

swyme. With voce full rawk, scho said on this maneir, "Gud morne, Deme 10 Mowss, quhat is your erand

heir ?" “Seis " thow," quod scho, “of corne yone joly flat,"? Of ryp aitis, 13 of beir,“ of peiss, 5 and quheit; 16 I am hungry, and fane 17 wald be thairat, Bot I am stoppit heir be this wattir greit; And on this syd I get na thing till eit,18 Bot hard nutis, quhilk with my teith I boir; War 19 I beyond, my feist wald be the moir. “I haif no boit,20 heir is no mareneir, 21 And thocht” thair ware, I haif no frawcht 23 to pay." Quod scho, “Sistir, lat be your havy cheir, 44 Do my counsall,25 and I sall fynd the way,

25 Withowttin horss, brig, 28 boit,20 or yit gallay,?? To bring yow our : saifly, be nocht affeird ! And nocht to weit 28 the campis 20 of your beird." 30 “I haif mervell,” 31 than quod the silly Mowss, “How thow can fleit 32 without feddir or fyn; 30 The rever is so deip and dengerouss, Me think that thow suld drowin to wed thairin. Tell me, thairfoir, quhat faculty or gyn Thow hes 35 to bring me our this wattir wan?” 38 That to declair the Paddok thus began:- 35 "With my twa feit,” 37 quod scho, "lukkin and

braid, 38
Insteid of airis,3o I row the streme full still;
Suppoiss the bruk be perrellus to waid,
Baith to and fro I swyme at my awin will.
I may nocht droun, for-quhy 40 myne oppin gill
Devoydis “ ay the watter I ressaif;
Thairfoir to droun forsuth 12 no dreid I haif."


“Gife I can any skeill of fysnomy,! Thow hes sum pairte of frawd and als ? invy.' “For clerkis sayis the inclinatioun

50 Of manis thocht persavis . commounly Eftir the corporall complexioun Till gud or yll, as natur will apply; A frawart? will, a thrawin 8 phisnomy. The auld proverb is witness of this lorum:' 55 Distortum vultum sequitur distortio morum.' “Na," quod the Taid, 10“ that proverb is nocht trew, For fair thingis oft tymes ar fowll fakin; '1 Thir bla berryis,'? thocht 13 thay be blak of hew, Ar gaddrit up quhen “ prumross is forsakin. 60 The face may faill to be the hairtis taikin: 15 Thairfoir I fynd in Scriptour in a place, 'Thow suld nocht juge a man eftir his face.' “Thocht 13 I unlusty 1 be to luk upone, I haif na wyt 17 quhy suld I lakkit 18 be; War "' I als fare as joly Absalone, I am nocht caussar of that grit 20 bewte. This differens in forme and qualite Almychty God hes cawsit dame Nature To prent and set in every creature.

70 “Off 21 sum the face may be rycht flurisand, 22 With silkin tong and cheir most amorus, With mynd inconstant, fals and variand,23 Full of dissait,44 and menys cautelus." “Lat be preching," quod the hungry Mouss; 75 “And be 20 quhat craft, thow gar 27 me undirstand, How thow wald gyd 28 me to the yondir land." “Thow wait,” 20 quod scho," a body that hes neid, 30 To help thame selff suld mony wayis cast; Thairfoir go tak a dowble twynnit 8 threid, And bind thi leg to myne with knotis fast; I sall 32 the leir 33 to swyme, be nocht agast.” “Is that thi counsale?" quod the silly Mouss, “To preif 34 that play it wer our perrellouss! “Suld I be bund 36 and fast, quhair37 I am fre, 85 In howp 38 of help? nay, than eschrew ws baith,89 For I mycht loss 40 both lyfe and libertie ! Gife" it wer sa, quha mycht amend my skaith ? 42 Bot gife" thow sueir 13 to me the murthour aith,"4



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1 help over ? did 8 over flood

8 which 7 dive, duck 8 hoarse 'in 10 dame 11 seest 13 oats 14 14 barley 15


16 wheat 17 fain 18 to eat

21 boat-man 22 though 23 freight 24 heavy countenance 25 advice 26 bridge 27 galley 28 wet 20 whiskers 80 beard 31 I have wonder 32 float 23 wade 34 device 35 hast 36 dark 37 feet 38 webbed and broad 30 oars 40 because 11 empties 12 forsooth 1 wrinkled "twisted mouth

40 hanging o loose-jointed, wobbly 18 rough

if I have any knowledge of physiognomy 8 envy * learned men say manifests itself o bodily temperament 7 perverse


9 lore frog 11 foully deceitful 12 these blueberries 18 though 14 when 15 token 16 unpleasant 17 knowledge 18 blamed

great 21 of flourishing 23 fickle 24 deceit 25 tricky means 20 by 27 make 28 conduct 29 knowest 31 contrive

32 shall

33 teach 34 38 bound 37 where 38 hope 39 confound us both lose 41 if 42 42 injury swear

44 oath

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80 need 85 over

prove, test

45 wide



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“Be it right or wrong, these men among

women do complaine, Affermyng this, how that it is a labour spent in

vaine To love them wele, for never a dele they love a

man agayne; For lete a man do what he can ther favor to attayne, Yet yf a newe to them pursue, ther furst trew lover

than Laboureth for nought, and from her thought he is

a bannisshed man."






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Persevand 18 this, the Mouss on hir gan* cry, 106 “Tratour to God, and mansworne

on-to me, Thow swoir 18 the murthour-aith "' saifly that I, But 'harme or hurt, suld ferreid 20 be and fre.And quhen scho saw thair wass bot do or dy, 110 Scho bowtit up and foirsit ~ hir to swyme, And preisit on the Taidis bak to clyme. The dreid of deid 24 hir strenthis gart

25 incress, And fandit 23 hir defend with mony mane; The Mowss upwart, the Paddok doun canpress, Quhile to, quhile fra, quhile dowk,28 quhile

up agane. This silly Mouss, this a' plungit in grit pane, Can“ fecht 30 als lang as breth wes in hir breist, Till at the last scho cryit for a preist."







“I say not nay but that all day it is both writ and

sayde That woman's fayth is, as who saythe, all utterly

decayed; But nevertheless right good witnes in this case

might be layde That they love trewe and contynew, — recorde the

Nutbrowne Maide, Whiche from her love, whan, her to prove, he cam

to make his mone, Wolde not departe, for in her herte she lovyd but

hym allone.” "Than betwene us lete us discusse what was all

the maner Betwene them too, we wyl also telle all the peyne

infere 11 That she was in. Now I begynne, soo that ye me



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Wherfore alle ye that present be,. I pray you geve




an care.

but' pety


7 shall 11 leaped

I am a knyght, I cum be nyght, as secret as I can, Sayng, ‘Alas! thus stondyth the case: I am a

bannisshed man.'” "And I your wylle for to fulfylle, in this wyl not

refuse, Trusting to shewe in wordis fewe that men have

an ille use,



1 without ? I would do 8 stared did 60 boath

8 without perceiving y device 10 crabbed 12 flood 13 float were gone

18 ducked 16 perceiving "7 perjured sworest 19 murder-oath 20 ferried 21 leaped 22 forced 13 attempted 24 death 25 made 28 moan now.

... now 28 duck 29 thus 31 priest 32 sighing thus

33 hawk

37 38 whisk, sudden movement

ere either 88 knew 89

40 caught

claw 41 afterwards 4 catch


16 loosed 47 both




30 fight 35 heed

34 bough

42 rapidly

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** glad


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Make you redy, for soo am I, all though it were

anoon; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you

alone." “Yet I you rede to take good hede, what men wyl

thinke and sey; Of yonge and olde it shalbe tolde that ye be gone away,

50 Your wanton wylle for to fulfylle, in grene wood

you to play, And that ye myght from your delyte noo lenger

make delay. Rather than ye shuld thus for me be called an

ylle woman, Yet wolde I to the grenewodde goo, alone, a

bannysshed man." “Though it be songe of olde and yonge that I

shuld be to blame, Theirs be the charge that speke so large in hurt

ing of my name; For I wyl prove that feythful love it is devoyd of

shame, In your distresse and hevynesse to parte wyth you

the same; And sure all thoo 1 that doo not so, trewe lovers

ar they noon; But in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you alone."

60 “I councel yow, remembre how it is noo maydens

lawe Nothing to dought, but to renne out to wod with

an outlawe; For ye must there in your hands bere a bowe redy

to drawe, And as a theef thus must ye lyve ever in drede

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and awe,

"I can beleve it shal you greve, and somwhat you

distrayne; But aftyrwarde your paynes harde within a day

or tweyne Shal sone aslake, and ye shal take confort to you

agayne. Why shuld ye nought? for to take thought, your

labur were in veyne. And thus I do, and pray you, loo! as hertely as

I can; For I muste too the grene wode goo, alone, a

bannysshed man."

By whiche to yow gret harme myght grow; yet

had I lever than That I had too the grenewod goo, alone, a ban

ysshyd man.”


"Now syth that ye have shewed to me the secret

of your mynde, I shalbe playne to you agayne, lyke as ye shal me

fynde; Syth it is so that ye wyll goo, I wol not leve ? be

hynde; Shal ne'er be sayd the Nutbrowne Mayd was to her love unkind.


“I thinke not nay, but as ye saye, it is noo maydens

lore; But love may make me for your sake, as ye have

said before, To com on fote, to hunte and shote to get us mete

and store; For soo that I your company may have, I aske noo more;

70 From whiche to parte, it makith myn herte as

colde as ony ston; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but y" alone."

1 those

1 one

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Loo! myn herte swete, this ylle dyet shuld make

you pale and wan; Wherfore I to the wood wyl goo, alone, a ban

ysshid man.”


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“For an outlawe this is the lawe, that men hym

take and binde, Wythout pytee hanged to bee, and waver wyth the

wynde. Yf I had neede, as God forbede, what rescous

coude ye finde? For sothe I trowe, you and your bowe shul drawe

for fere behynde; And noo merveyle, for lytel avayle were in your

councel than; Wherfore I too the woode wyl goo, alone, a

bannysshd man.” “Ful wel knowe ye that wymen bee ful febyl for

to fyght; Noo womanhed is it indeede to bee bolde as a knight; Yet in suche fere yf that ye were, amonge enemys day and nyght,

81 I wolde wythstonde, with bowe in hande, to greve

them as I myght, And you to save, as wymen have from deth many

one; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you

alone." “Yet take good hede, for ever I drede that ye

coude not sustein The thorney wayes, the depe valeis, the snowe,

the frost, the reyn, The colde, the hete; for, drye or wete, we must

lodge on the playn, And, us above, noon other rove ? but a brake,

bussh, or twayne; Whiche sone shulde greve you, I beleve, and ye

wolde gladly than That I had too the grenewode goo, alone, a banysshed man."

90 "Syth I have here ben partynere with you of joy

and blysse, I muste also parte of your woo endure, as reason is; Yet am I sure of oo : plesure, and shortly it is this, That where ye bee, me semeth, perde, I coude not

fare amysse. Wythout more speche, I you beseche that we were

soon agone; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you

alone.” “Yef ye goo thedyr, ye must consider, whan ye

have lust to dyne, Ther shal no mete be fore to gete, nor drinke, bere,

ale, ne wine, Ne shetis clene to lye betwene, made of thred and

twyne, Noon other house but levys and bowes, to kever your hed and myn. 1 rescue

“Loo! yet before ye must doo more, yf ye wyl

goo with me, As cutte your here up by your ere, your kirtel by

the knee, Wyth bowe in hande, for to withstonde your

enmys, yf nede be, And this same nyght before daylyght to woodward

wyl I flee; And if ye wyl all this fulfylle, doo it shortely as

ye can; Ellis wil I to the grenewode goo, alone, a ban

ysshyd man."

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“ Yef ye take hede, yet is noo nede, suche wordis

to say bee' me, For oft ye preyd, and longe assayed, or I you

lovid, perdee! And though that I of auncestry a barons dough

ter bee, Yet have you proved how I you loved, a squyer of lowe degree,

130 And ever shal, what so befalle, to dey therfore

anoon; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you

alone." "A barons childe to be begyled, it were a curssed

dede, To be felaw with an outlawe, almyghty God

forbede! Yet bettyr were the power ? squyer alone to forest

yede, Than ye shal say, another day, that be' my

wyked dede Ye were betrayed; wherfore, good maide, the

best red* that I can, Is that I too the grenewode goo, alone, a ban

ysshed man." “Whatsoever befalle, I never shal of this thing you

upbraid; But yf ye goo and leve me so, than have ye me

betraied. Remembre you wele how that ye dele, for yf ye,

as ye sayde, Be so unkynde to leve behynde your love, the

Notbrowne Maide, Trust me truly that I shal dey sone after ye be

gone; For in my mynde of all mankynde I love but you

alone." “Yef that ye went, ye shulde repent, for in the

forest now I have purveid me of a maide, whom I love more

than you, Another fayrer than ever ye were, I dare it wel

avowe; And of you both, eche shuld be wrothe with other,

as I trowe. It were myn ease to lyve in pease; so wyl I yf I

can; Wherfore I to the wode wyl goo, alone, a banysshid man.”

150 "Though in the wood I undirstode ye had a

paramour, All this may nought remeve my thought, but that I wyl be your; " by poor 8 should go

* advice


Yf I were sure they shuld endure; but it is often

seen, When men wyl breke promyse, they speke the

wordis on the splene. Ye shape some wyle, me to begyle, and stele sro

me, I wene. Then were the case wurs than it was, and I more

woo-begone; For in my mynde of al mankynde I love but you


“Ye shal not nede further to drede, I wyl not dis

parage You, God defende, sith you descende of so grete a lynage.

170 Now understonde, to Westmerlande, whiche is

my herytage, I wyle you bringe, and wyth a rynge, be wey of

maryage, I wyl you take, and lady make, as shortly as I

can; Thus have ye wone an erles son, and not a bann

ysshyd man."

Here may ye see that wymen be in love meke,

kinde, and stable, Late never man repreve them than, or calle them

variable, But rather prey God that we may to them be

confortable, Whiche somtyme provyth suche as he lovi

yf they be charitable.


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