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predmetom for outward ornament natural in

hogy and bears of present modes in female

sity and tastelessness of the age, in this
men det har desses of men, in the way of parallel.(5)
sani haritrary pringing from female prejudice on

1-) Tree sexual characteristics:-(7) High im-

the party atravagance. - (8) Love of dress, as

se da prova discrimination with regard to men on

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liarity expressly condemned in Scripture.-(5) Author-
ship:-claims of Women in this respect.—(6) Theatrical
talent.-(7) Woman concluded to possess less mental
strength; opinions of female writers as to this point.—(8)
The true sphere of Woman is of the heart.

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-Lazatalie want of female discrimination in an

e aprete sex.–12: A description of 'women's
** Man of real merit described. –(4) Comparison

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