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dorf's Annalen" (Ergänzungsb. iii. 1877, p. strument for measuring inaccessible heights 1). Many substances have their electric con and distances, and for levelling. To be able ductivity affected to a remarkable extent by to measure the width of a river, or the height the presence of impurities, even when these of a tower to the very top of the weathercock, are present in only minute proportion. Mat- is a manifest advantage, which is further inthiessen showed that copper, for instance, has creased by the instrument being provided its conductivity lowered 40 per cent. by pres

with a scale, on which the measure can be ence of a mere trace of arsenic. In like read off in feet and inches, or feet and decimanner Kohlrausch has found it necessary to mals. To give a clear idea of the construcpay scrupulous attention to the purity of the tion, diagrams would be necessary; and it water which he examined, and indeed the dis must suffice here to say that it combines adcrepancies among the results of previous in- justing screws, spirit levels, reflecting mir. quirers may probably be explained by inat rors, and a telescope. tention to this point. Having prepared the liquid in as pure a state as the resources of OBSERVATIONS OF THE PLANET Mars.-By the laboratory can permit, Kohlrausch tested a method known to astronomers, observations the conductivity by examining a shell of this of the planet Mars can be made available for water enclosed between two hemispherical determining our distance from the sun. Sir vessels of platinum nearly fitting one into the George Airy speaks of this method as “the other, and serving as electrodes. On passing best of all;" and as Mars is this year in the a current of electricity through this arrange most favorable position for these special obment, it was found that the pure water offered servations, a private expedition is to be sent remarkable resistance; in fact its conduc to St. Helena or to Ascension to make them. tivity was only Tło of that assigned to it by Pouillet. Rain, which is, of course, the purest natural form of water, conducted elec. tricity twenty-five times better than the arti

VARIETIES. ficially-purified liquid which served as a standard.


God, Osiris, the Lord of Truth, sits on a lofty On

thronc, wearing a mitre of gold with long looking at a map, one often feels a desire to

feathers attached to each side, and balancing tell off-hand the distance between two places.

either way; he holds a sceptre, the crosier of Among the instruments recently exhibited at Falmouth, England, Morris' Patent Chartom authority, and the Tau cross, or emblem of

life ; and the flabellum of justice rests upon eter, which may be carried in the pocket as

his shoulder. Mystic serpents are in the easily as a watch, will enable any one to get the desired information. The works of the inexorably calm, as Rhot-amenti, or judge of

canopy above him. He is mild-faced, but chartometer are moved by a wheel projecting the unseen life, of the hidden being : he is on one side. To measure any distance on a

the great prototype of the deity known to the map, we are told it is only necessary to hold

Greeks as Rhadamanthus. Before the divine the instrument upright, and run the wheel along the line between two places, or the judge are placed sin offerings, and near him

are seated the four mediators, or daimonic course of a river, or the sinuosities of a coast, and the indicating fly denotes the number of genii of the dead. Beneath his footstool is

the dark cavern of descent to the world of miles or parts of a mile. The distance is shown

chastisement. The deceased man holds up at once, without the trouble of calculation,

his hands in prayer, and is supported by the which is an important advantage. A Patent

sister goddesses, Isis and Nephthys, the spirMeasuring Instrument, by the same maker, is

its of the upper and lower heavens respecdescribed as 'somewhat similar in character, being run along the surface to be measured.

tively; each wears on her head the emblem of It measures up to one hundred feet; and is of (the Cerberus of the Greeks), guarding the

truth. In front of the judge is the dragon the size of an ordinary watch.'

mouth of the regions of death, and taking the THE “METROSCOPE."- Another measuring part of accusor or diabolos. Ranged around instrument likely to be useful to engineers, ar the Judgment Hall are forty-two assessors, chitects, surveyors, and travellers who require whose prerogative it is to examine the pristo measure the heights of buildings, trees, oner and report, each having his special procliffs, or hills, in some instances difficult of vince and function. A large pair of scales is approach, has been described by Mr. Laslett in the midst, presided over by attendant at a recent meeting of the Institute of British deities. In the one scale is placed the conArchitects." It is the 'Metroscope,' 'an in duct or character of the deceased, typified

by the heart (or the funeral vase that held very character of which commended it to his it); in the other is the ostrich feather, or the favor, and spoke to the child with such enfigure of the Goddess of Truth-Thmei, the couraging kindness that his mother visited Greek Themi, the Hebrew Thummim. A him a few days afterwards to thank him for small weight is moved along the beam, to his notice of her boy. Madame Beauharnais make a balance, and so determine how much was handsome and pre-eminently graceful the heart falls short of its standard. Horus, and attractive. She had shared her husband's the redeemer and divine son, takes the sup- prison, but had been released at the fall of pliant shade by the hand, and pleads his Robespierre ; since which event she had been merits before the calm Osiris. Thoth, the on terms of the closest intimacy with Barras. deity of letters, as recording angel, inscribes Her graces now made a deep impression on on his tablets the actions of the deceased, and the young general, whose previous circumpresents them before the judge. The door of stances had not thrown him much into the so. entrance is guarded, retreat is impossible; ciety of ladies of high breeding. After a short the trembling creature is before the tribunal acquaintance he sought her in marriage. She of infallibility, with his heart all open to view, hesitated. Some of those who envied him had and his every action weighed in the balance. fixed on him the nickname of the General Osiris was president over judgment rather Vendémiaire ; as if the only triumphs which than judge ; the recorded actions spoke for he was qualified to gain were over citizen sol. themselves ; there was no impugning facts in diers. And there were not wanting friends of the pure spiritual light; the conscience of her own to ridicule his somewhat wild appear. the awakened spirit saw itself in the true bill ancc; his meagre face, and long hair hanging of the jury, and in the verdict of the balance. down on his shoulders; and, what was a Dublin University Magazine.

greater objection still, his evident poverty. NAPOLEON's First MARRIAGE.—The Direc

But she, too, was ambitious : he had an entory was established. It had now to reward

thusiastic way of talking which persuaded her its champion. Barras, having become chief that he was capable of great deeds; and Bar

ras promised her that, if she would consent to of the directors, resigned his military appointment, the command of the Army of the Inte

marry him, he would procure for him as her

husband the command of the Army of Italy. rior, as it was called ; and procured it for his recent coadjutor. But such a post, which

His argument prevailed; the lady consented;

the Director kept his promise ; the marriage must either keep him out of actual warfare, or confine his energies to civil contests, if any

took place on March 9th, 1796, and, two days more should arise, was far from satisfying the afterwards, the young commander-in-chief ambition of Buonaparte. It was equally far quitted his bride's arms to commence a cam. from meeting the requirements of the State.

paign which was to lead to the attainment of The Republic was at war on all sides ; in Ger

a loftier destiny than either of them had as yet many, in Spain, and in Italy. In the other ventured to expect.-Church Quarterly Review. quarters it had not been unsuccessful ; but in

WHAT THE OWL KNOWS. the North of Italy a series of disasters had be.

NOBODY knows the world but me. fallen its arms, and the feeling of dissatisfac

When they're all in bed I sit up to see; tion with its general, Schérer, was universal. I'm a better student than students all, A change was evidently required there ; and For I never read till the darkness fall; Buonaparte, who was perhaps alone in his per

And I never read without my glasses,

And that is how my wisdom passes. ception how grand a field for exertion and distinction was open in that country, con

I can see the wind. Now who can do that?

I see the dreams that he has in his hat; ceived an earnest desire to obtain the com

I see him snorting them out as he goesmand, for which the experience of the state Out at his stupid old trumpet-nose. and character of the adjacent districts, which Ten thousand things that you couldn't think, he had acquired while serving in the Alps,

I write them down with pen and ink. was some recommendation. And while his

You may call it learning-I call it wit. mind was full of this hope, chance threw him

Who else can watch the lady-moon sit in the way of a lady who had great influence

Hatching the boats and the long-legged fowl,

On her nest, the sea, all night, but the owl ? with Barras. Among the victims of the "Ter- When the oysters gape to sing by rote, ror" had been a General Beauharnais. He

She crams a pearl down each stupid throat. had left a widow and two children; and,

So you see I know-you may pull off your hat, while Buonaparte was General of the Army of Whether round and lofty, or square and flat : the Interior, his son, a fine boy of twelve years You can never do better than trust to me ; old, came to him one day to beg that his

You may shut your eyes as long as I see. father's sword might be returned to him.

While you live I will lead you, and then-- I'm the owl

I'll bury you nicely with my spade and showl. Buonaparte complied with the request, the -Good Things.


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