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A FIELD-FLOWER. Unknown the region of his birth,

The land in which he died unknown: ON FINDING ONE IN FULL BLOOM, ON CHRIST- His name has perish'd from the earth, MAN-DAY, 1808.

This truth survives alone:

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Yon gloomy ruffian, gash'd and gored, With moonlight-softness Helen's charms
Was he, whose fatal skill

Dissolve the spectred gloom,
First beat the plough-share to a sword, The leading star of Greece in arms,
And taught the art to kill.

Portending Ilion's doom.

Behind him skulks a shade, bereft

Of fondly-worshipp'd fame; He built the Pyramids, but left

No stone to tell his name.

But Homer;—see the bard arise;

And hark !-he strikes the lyre;
The Dardan warriors lift their eyes,

The Argive Chiefs respire.

Who is the chief, with visage dark

As tempests when they roar ?
The first who push'd his daring bark

Beyond the timid shore.

And while his music rolls along,

The towers of Troy sublime,
Raised by the magic breath of song,

Mock the destroyer Time.

Through storms of death and seas of graves For still around the eternal walls
He steer'd with stedfast eye;

The storms of battle rage:
His path was on the desert waves,

And Hector conquers, Hector falls, His compass in the sky.

Bewept in every age.

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He from the depth of cavern'd woods, Back to the deep he roll'd the waves,
That echoed to his voice,

By mad invasion hurl'd;
Bade mountains, valleys, winde, and floods, His voice was liberty to slaves,
And earth and heaven rejoice.

Defiance to the world.

Though charm'd to meekness, while he sung, And still that voice o'er land and sea
The wild beasts round him ran,

Shall Albion's foes appal;
This was the triumph of his tongue, The race of Alfred will be free;
It tamed the heart of man.

Hear it, and tremble Gaul!

Dim through the mist of twilight-times

The ghost of Cyrus walks ;
Behind him, red with glorious crimes,

The son of Ammon stalks.

But lo! the phantoms fade in flight,

Like fears that cross the mind,
Like meteors gleaming through the night,

Like thunders on the wind.

Relentless Hannibal, in pride

Of sworn, fix'd hatred, lowers; Caesar,--'tis Brutus at his side,

In peerless grandeur towers.

The vision of the tomb is past;

Beyond it, who can tell
In what mysterious region cast

Immortal spirits dwell?

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From earth to heaven it swells and shines,
The pledge of bliss to man;

It tells me of moments of innocent bliss, Time with eternity combines,

For ever and ever gone o'er; And grasps them in a span.

Like the light of a smile, like the balm

a kiss, They were,—but they will be no more Yet wherefore of pleasures departed complai

That leave such endearment behind BOLEHILL TREES. Though the sun of their sweetness be stri

in the main, Now peace to his ashes who planted yon trees, Their twilight still rests on the mind.

That welcome my wandering eye!
In lofty luxuriance they wave with the breeze,

And resemble a grove in the sky; Then peace to his ashes who planted them On the brow of the mountain, uncultured

trees! and bleak,

Supreme o'er the landscape they rise, They flourish in grandeur sublime, With simple and lovely magnificence pleas Adorning its bald and majestical peak, All bosoms, and ravish all eyes: Like the lock on the forehead of Time. Nor marble, nor brass, could emblazon bi


Like his own sylvan trophies, that we A land-mark they rise ; – to the stranger In graceful memorial, and whisper his name


1 And scatter their leaves on his grave All night on the wild heath delay'd, 'Tis rapture to spy the young beauties of


Ah! thus when I sleep in the desolate tori Unveiling behind their dark shade:

May the laurels I planted endure, The homeward-bound husbandman joys to On the mountain of high immortality bloom,


Midst lightning and tempest secure! On the line of the gray evening-scene, Then ages unborn shall their verdure admin Their branches yet gleaming with purple And nations sit under their shade.

and gold,

While my spirit, in secret, shall move on And the sunset expiring between.

my lyre, Aloft in their branches display'd.

The maidens that gather the fruits of the


Hence, dream of vain glory!—the light dr While weary and fainting they roam,

of dew, Through the blue dazzling distance of noon- That glows in the violet's eye,

light explore In the splendour of morn to a fugitive vice The trees that remind them of home: May rival a star of the sky; The children that range in the valley suspend But the violet is pluck'd, and the dew-com Their sports and in ecstasy gaze,

is flown, When they see the broad moon from the The star unextinguish'd shall shine;

summit ascend, Then mine be the laurels of virtue aler. And their school-house and grove in a blaze.! And the glories of Paradise mine.


METHOUGHT I lived through ages, and beheld Dreary and hollow moans foretold a gale; Their generations pass so swiftly by me, Nor long the issue tarried; then the wind That years were moments in their flight, Unprison'd blew its trumpet loud and shrill;

and hours

Out flash'd the lightnings gloriously; the The scenes of crowded centuries reveal'd:

rain While Time,' Life, Death, the world's great came down like music, and the full-toned actors, wrought

thunder New and amazing changes:--these I sing. Rollid in grand harmony throughout high Sky, sun, and sea, were all the universe;

heaven: The sky, one blue, interminable arch, | Till ocean, breaking from his black supineness, Without a breeze, a wing, a cloud; the sun Drown'd in his own stupendous uproar all Sole in the firmament, but in the deep The voices of the storm beside ; meanwhile Rodoubled; where the circle of the sea, A war of mountains raged upon his surface, Invisible with calmness, seemed to lie Mountains each other swallowing, and again Within the hollow of a lower heaven. New Alpe and Andes, from unfathom'd valleys I was a spirit in the midst of these, Upstarting, join'd the battle; like those bons All eye, ear, thought; existence was enjoy- of earth,-giants, rebounding as new-born


From every fall on their unwearied mother. Light was an element of life, and air I glow'd with all the rapture of the strife: The clothing of my incorporeal form, Beneath was one wild whirl of foaming A form impalpable to mortal touch,

surges; And volatile as fragrance from the flower, Above the array of lightnings, like the Or music in the woodlands. What the soul

swords Can make itself at pleasure, that I was; of cherubim, wide brandish'd, to repel A child in feeling and imagination,

Aggression from heaven's gates; their flamLearning new lessons still, as nature wrought

ing strokes Her wonders in my presence. All I saw, Quench'd momentarily in the vast abyss. (Like Adam when he walk'd in Paradise,) The voice of Him who walks upon the wind, I knew and named by secret intuition. And sets his throne upon the floods, rebuked Actor, spectator, sufferer, each in turn, The headlong tempest in its mid-career, I ranged, explored, reflected. Now I sailid, And turn'd its horrors to magnificence. And now I soared ; anon expanding, seem'd The evening-sun broke through theembattled Diffused into immensity, yet bound

clonde, Within a space too narrow for desire; And threw round sky and sea, as by enchantThe mind, the mind perpetual themes must

ment, task,

A radiant girdle, binding them to peace, Perpetual power impel, and hope allure. In the full rainbow's harmony of beams; I and the silent sun were here alone, No brilliant fragment, but one sevenfold But not companions; high and bright he held

circle, His course; I gazed with admiration on him, That spann'd the horizon, meted out the There all communion ended; and I sighd,

heavens, In loneliness unutterable sigh’d,

And underarch'd the ocean.
To feel myself a wanderer without aim,
An exile amid splendid desolation,
A prisoner with infinity surrounded.

Next morn, in mockery of a storm, the


And waters skirnish'd; bubble-armies fought Once, at high noon, amidst a sultry calm, Millions of battles on the created surges, Looking around for comfort, I descried, And where they fell, all covered with their Far on the green horizon's utmost verge,

glory, A wreath of cloud; to me a glad discovery, Traced in white foam on the cerulean main For each new image sprang a new idea, Paths, like the milky-way among the stars. The germ of thoughts to come, that could

not die. The little vapour rapidly expanded,

Ages again, with silent revolution, Lowering and thickening till it hid the sun, Bronght morn and even, noon and night, And threw a starless night upon the sea.

with all Eagerly, tremblingly, I watch'd the end. The old vicissitudes of Nature's aspect: Faint gleamd the lightning, follow'd hy no Rains in their season fertilised the ground.

| Winds sow'd the needs of every kind of plant

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