Ideal Commonwealths: Plutarch's Lycurgus, More's Utopia, Bacon's New Atlantis, Campanella's City of the Sun, and a Fragment of Hall's Mundus Alter Et Idem

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Henry Morley
G. Routledge and sons, 1886 - 284 страници

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Страница 202 - The End of our Foundation is the knowledge of Causes and secret motions of things, and the enlarging of the bounds of Human Empire, to the effecting of all things possible.
Страница 211 - We have three that bend themselves, looking into the experiments of their fellows, and cast about how to draw out of them things of use and practice for man's life and knowledge...
Страница 208 - We have also perspective houses, where we make demonstrations of all lights and radiations ; and of all colours; and out of things uncoloured and transparent, we can represent unto you all several colours: not in rainbows, as it is in gems and prisms, but of themselves single.
Страница 180 - Bensalem," for so they call it in their language, " have this, that by means of our solitary situation, " and of the laws of secrecy which we have for our " travellers, and our rare admission of strangers, we " know well most part of the habitable world and ;( are ourselves unknown. Therefore because he " that knoweth least is fittest to ask questions, it is " more reason for the entertainment of the time, that " ye ask me questions, than that I ask you.
Страница 191 - But thus you see we maintain a trade, not for gold, silver, or jewels, nor for silks, nor for spices, nor any other commodity of matter, but only for God's first creature, which was Light: to have light (I say) of the growth of all parts of the world.
Страница 203 - We have great lakes, both salt and fresh, whereof we have use for the fish and fowl. We use them also for burials of some natural bodies ; for we find a difference in things buried in earth, or in air below the earth, and things buried in water. We have also pools, of which some do strain fresh water out of salt, and others by art do turn fresh water into salt.
Страница 201 - The chariot was all of cedar, gilt, and adorned with crystal; save that the fore-end had panels of sapphires, set in borders of gold, and the hinder-end the like of emeralds of the Peru colour. There was also a sun of gold, radiant upon the top, in the midst; and on the top before, a small cherub of gold, with wings displayed. The chariot was covered with cloth of gold tissued upon blue. He had before him fifty attendants, young men all, in white satin loose coats to the midleg; and stockings of...
Страница 181 - But ere he came near it, the pillar and cross of light broke up, and cast itself abroad, as it were, into a firmament of many stars, which also vanished soon after, and there was nothing left to be seen but a small ark, or chest of cedar, dry, and not wet at all with water, though it swam.
Страница 173 - We offered some reward in pistolets unto the servant, and a piece of crimson velvet to be presented to the officer; but the servant took them not, nor would scarce look upon them ; and so left us, and went back in another little boat which was sent for him. About three hours after we had dispatched our answer, there came towards us a person (as it seemed) of place.